Fall 2011 Week Four – The Short Version

Short because after those first three weeks, there’s not much new to say—the shows are going to be consistently awesome/bad now, so no point in talking about every single episode unless something special happens. Also, I’m prepping for Nanowrimo 2011 so blogging isn’t at the top of my concerns right now. Here’s the short version:

Shows I dropped:

Last Exile – Ginyoku no Fam (ep 2): I find it ceaselessly ugly and boring. Hate to say it, but I don’t get what some people are finding to like about this show. Not even Toyosaki Aki is doing it for me here.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! (ep 4): There’s little visually happening except fanservice that isn’t attractive. The dialog can be okay but eh—don’t care enough to continue. I feel like there’s nothing here I can’t get in the package that is Gintama.

Guilty Crown (ep 3): I had my fun but yeah, this show is as stupid as Fractale.

Shows I didn’t drop:

Ben-to (ep 3): Dialog and directing are constantly exciting and everything else falls into place with that.

Fate/Zero (ep 4): Omo mentioned “DBZ formula,” which is a good way of putting it. For that kind of fighting it’s of course top notch—but that kind of fighting is usually something I endure in anime, not look forward to. But I’m not ready to fault this show with anything yet.

Mashiro-iro Symphony (ep 4): It continues to feel like a harem show with the spirit of Hidamari Sketch living inside of it. Only problem is, what’s up with character personality whiplash? Reign that shit in.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (ep 4): Rika is overpowered—she’s way too good for this show, and I suspect will dominate every scene she’s in. As an aside. Hanazawa Kana had just a couple of lines in this ep and all of those were amazing. But I’m surprised I even remember that after the GUNDAM X UNIT02 SEX SCENE.

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (ep 3): Ghostlightning is certainly right that this episode proves the show good. I still won’t be into it until it moves along, which it’ll surely do now.

Working’!! (ep 4): Was I wrong that this season is something different? It’s seeming more and more like the same old Working, though at least it still hasn’t been about Inami and Takanashi’s relationship yet.

Un-Go (ep 3): This show is always straddling a line between totally fascinating and totally awkward/unapproachable. As a result I find myself saying “this show is so well-directed” and then in the next scene, “what the hell’s up with this directing?” I dunno but I’m still interested.

8 thoughts on “Fall 2011 Week Four – The Short Version


    I picked up the BokuTomo manga (not novel, because I detest novel fan-translations) prior to watching the anime, and Rika became my favorite girl the very instant she showed up. Expect more craziness in the weeks to come!

    re: Last Exile Fam

    I adore the world-building of the show, something I really appreciated in the previous show. I think I like this show’s pair of protagonists better.

    • I don’t appreciate the world building because I find the world ugly. When I saw Fam’s hometown was the only time I thought “oh, maybe this could be an interesting world” and then they left there to spend an ep and a half over a damn ocean, so I stopped caring. I realize you mean more in a political sense, but those are things I don’t care about.

      • I think many of the people liking Fam (like myself) are those who’ve watched the first Last Exile. It’s part nostalgia (the original had a really dragging middle), and part attraction to the setting, which is very unique.

        Oh, and the Miyazaki-esque focus on flight and sky vistas. Breathtaking.

      • Well for a good part of the first series Claus was pretty much dragged along by the massive conflict going on around him and Lavie. If not for their connection to Alvis (they pretty much become her surrogate parents), they probably wouldn’t be anywhere NEAR the Silvana.

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