The First Fullmetal Alchemist Adaptation Had A Shitty Ending

…especially compared to FMA Brotherhood, which had the best and most satisfying final arc I’ve seen in anime (just a bit better than Eureka Seven’s). But that’s hardly surprising, because Brotherhood is a vastly superior show in every regard; and that’s not surprising either, because that’s the whole reason it exists. I joked once that Brotherhood gave me an excuse to not finish the original show, but I never actually took it off of my on-hold list and, having waited until Brotherhood was far from my mind (over a year), I finally put the nails in that coffin.


Here’s information: I never finished FMA before watching Brotherhood, so I didn’t go into Brotherhood with the same feelings about the show that other fans did who already knew one version of the story. Instead, I went into finishing FMA that way. However, it’s not as though I’m experiencing FMA for the first time: I was a big fan of this show when it was airing on Adult Swim in 2005, and had seen the first half (26 episodes) back then. Unfortunately, my family moved before the second half began airing, and we couldn’t afford cable anymore, so I never saw any more of the show. Besides watching the first ten episodes in Japanese a couple of years ago, I didn’t ever watch more of it until Brotherhood. Now, I finally borrowed the DVDs from a friend and marathoned the show in the past two days. It’s worth mentioning that I was already spoiled to a lot of the plot points, but I didn’t know how all of it comes together or anything.

Because my thoughts on this shitty ending are so jumbled and plentiful, I’m going to spew them in a somewhat disorganized matter. Starting with what’s on my mind at the moment, there’s Dante, the completely worthless main antagonist.

Dante first appears and is apparently killed unassumingly right at the point where the anime starts to seriously deviate from the manga’s plot (AKA when it starts getting shitty). I already knew that she was going to be the big bad, but I think that even if I hadn’t, all the scenes wherein the homunculi insist on calling her “that person” and needlessly hide her identity would’ve pissed me off. One of the things I hate the most in anime is when the plot revolves around a mystery that’s only a mystery because it’s a mystery—i.e. there’s no discernible reason why the homunculi don’t call her by name when talking about her. From a plot standpoint, it only serves to throw off whether the ringleader is Hohenheim or someone else. However, it’s revealed to the viewer that Dante is the big bad almost right after Hohenheim appears; the “that person” dialog only starts effecting Ed and Al’s ideas about their dad after the fact. There’s no mystery, but the potential for maybe some character development? Nope; by the time Ed gets to confront Hohenheim about it, he already knows that Dante is the villain, and the conversation ends up being, “were you and Dante just fucking around?!” “No.” “Oh, okay, then.”

Dante ended up in Lyra’s body, which was a truly terrible idea. My guess is that when the character Lyra was first introduced early in the show, the writers hadn’t yet planned on making her Dante’s vessel. That she was a named character at all means she was likely to return at some point, because FMA just works that way, but I imagine that if they knew she’d be harboring the big bad inside of her, they’d have hired a voice actress who could properly play a villain. Instead, her voice is Kakazu Yumi, who’s only role I’ve ever heard is fucking Anzu from Yu-Gi-Oh, and who’s completely average and boring as Lyra. Never once did Lyra-Dante seem like a threatening or imposing villain in anyway. This might’ve been on purpose, which would be just as stupid.

Take it, bitch.

What I find most insulting about Dante as a villain is that she’s probably the stupidest major character in the series. Maybe that was the point—after all, this show tries so hard to be grimdark (I call the result grimdork), so it wouldn’t be surprising if “dumbasses create the world’s problems” was the inspiration for her character. Ed’s best line to her is “enough with your sophistry!” and God, was I with him on that. Her reasoning about life being unfair, and therefor equivalent exchange doesn’t exist blah blah, made no sense in the scientific framework of the law itself and really amounted to the kind of ideas some jackass teenager would have about “omg life is so unfair.” What I wanted Ed to point out was that the law of equivalent exchange has effects that go beyond the individual—that it operates on a universal principle and not a personal one—but instead he just said how he prefers not to think the way that she does and to believe that effort will yield reward, which is okay but doesn’t really put her in her place.

Dante is never shown doing anything significant on her own, and in the final episodes, she stands around and watches as her plans are foiled. Someone explain to me why she didn’t just have Gluttony eat Al as soon as she captured him? Especially if she really intended, as she says, to hop into Rose’s body and have sex with Ed; wouldn’t it be better to inhabit Rose’s body before Ed gets there? Actually, I don’t even know why she needed Gluttony to eat Al. It seemed to come out of nowhere while she had Al apparently disabled, laying on the transmutation circle. This raises another question: if Al was disabled, why does he get up when Ed dies? None of this is explained at all, so it just seems to happen. Dante wastes too much time and apparently her body is too weak to defeat Ed on her own, so she has her homunculus buddies take a fucking eternity to get it done, which of course pisses off Al enough to foil her plans anyway. All of this is fucking stupid and poorly thought out, even more on the part of the writers than on Dante her fucking self.

After this, Dante is like, “well shit, guess I gotta hurry and get another philosopher’s stone made before my fucking body dissolves” which seems fairly unlikely to begin with, but then she gets killed in a way so confusing that I had to check the FMA wiki just to make sure she wasn’t actually alive and to return in the movie. Minutes before, Gluttony had been stopped from eating Al by way of Al dissolving his bottom set of teeth, which implied that Gluttony could no longer eat. However, Gluttony managed to get into Dante’s elevator (through the floor while it’s ascending; no fucking idea how that works) and looked hungry. The only thing we see is Dante clap her hands, and then the elevator opening, empty. Now, one would assume that since Gluttony’s jaw had not apparently come back, he’d have a hard time eating her, although in retrospect, the fact that he ate through the floor proved that he wasn’t incapable (SO WHY NOT EAT AL?!). On top of that, the whole clap thing implies that Dante was about to protect herself with some kind of alchemy, but we have no idea what she did. Her body may have been deteriorating, but she was still a pretty strong alchemist and Gluttony was plenty fucking slow and retarded, so what happened? If she was going to get eaten, why leave it so ambiguous? And moreover, WHY WAS THE ELEVATOR EMPTY?! Did Gluttony decide, “aw hell, I’ll jump back down this elevator shaft”? I know that Gluttony shows up again in the movie so none of this makes any sense.

The whole idea of the other side of the gate being our world is fucking retarded. I don’t understand why this idea was necessary and it seemed to come out of nowhere at the end of the show. What fucking luck, too, that Ed ended up with his dad. This could be justified if we knew that Hohenheim had been there for a while and had time to look for him; it also might explain how he’s so important that Churchill calls him for council. I’m guessing all of this will be explained in the movie as some kind of time difference between the two sides of the gate, because otherwise, Hohenheim should’ve only been on Earth for like a couple of days, maybe weeks. That wouldn’t make much sense, though, since it’s obvious that the two dimensions are meant to overlap in time-frame. I’d have to watch the movie to find out, but since I already hate this whole idea to begin with, not to mention hate everything I’ve read about the movie, I really don’t want to.

There’s no good reason for Ed and Al to have been separated by alternate dimensions in the end, which, as I understand it, is also how the movie ends. The mechanics of human transmutation in this case are left ambiguous enough that the writers could come up with whatever they wanted, so they went with something as grimdork as they could get away with. This sentiment permeates the worst parts of the finale.

This eyepatch fucker fails harder than Char.

I’m putting all the blame for this on Aikawa Shou, who wrote most of the episodes, including the final twelve. I’m blaming him because I’ve seen his brainchild Neo-Ranga, which like FMA is a great show that ends in a complete fucking trainwreck of fail xanatos gambits. He also wrote a lot of Martian Successor Nadesico, which ended this way as well, only with far less shittiness. I don’t know why Aikawa seems to favor the shittiest endings imaginable, but he’s writing Un-Go (also by Bones and directed by Mizushima Seiji), so be ready for it.

The grimdorkness comes from the show’s desire to be cynical and “adult.” This is best represented in the part of the finale which I hated most—Roy Mustang’s story. Towards the end, Mustang’s crew seemed to be pulling off something similar to what they did in Brotherhood, which is an uprising and overtaking of the government. Instead… honestly, I’m not all that sure what the fuck they did. As I understand it, his team staged an uprising to distract the military or something while Roy moved in to kill King Bradley. How this makes any sense, I do not know, especially since it had to result in deaths among Mustang’s ranks.

What Mustang tells Ed in episode forty-eight is that he’s going to give up on trying to become the Fuhrer in order to kill King Bradley, simultaneously getting his revenge for the death of Maes Hughes (this is also stupid, because while it’s true that Bradley was a part of Hughes’ death, it’s not as though he actually killed him) and stopping Bradley’s plans. I have no idea why Roy had to do this, nor why he had to do so immediately. I don’t even know how he was planning to do it, since Bradley is immortal and it’s by pure chance that Selim happens to deliver his weakness at the end (and then is strangled to death in the name of extreme grimdorkness). Also, why does Roy have to give up his dream in order to accomplish this? We’re told that it’s because if he attempted an assassination, there’s no way he can have a military career. But… he does stay in the military. One would assume that if it was known he killed Bradley, then he’d be executed or something; instead he becomes a regular soldier in the movie and goes to a faraway outpost. WTF? If no one knows he did it, then why did it matter? He was a brigadier-general, just a step below the Fuhrer himself! Not to mention that because of his decision, power gets passed to a council and the military corruption is presumably never exposed. We’re even told by Sheska that the country is still at war. What in God’s name happened to Roy’s resolve? Why did he come so far to turn back when he was closer than ever? None of this makes sense and is a complete desecration of his character. The biggest insult is Ed and Mustang seeming to conclude that giving up their ambitions is the “adult” thing to do. SO. MUCH. FAIL.

Like with Ed and Al, Mustang’s ending was as grimdork as it could get away with, but it clearly wanted to be even more grimdork, what with Roy Mustang getting shot in the fucking face.


Gentlemen, let me tell you of Frank Archer-bot: the stupidest thing that ever happened in Fullmetal Alchemist. Frank Archer was a mildly interesting mid-series antagonist with a calm, collected nature and dark ambitions. He didn’t ultimately accomplish much except trap three of the show’s strongest characters in a room surrounded by weak-ass chimeras, then escape with ease (the second-stupidest thing that ever happened in Fullmetal Alchemist). Archer died when Scar turned the town of Lior (then full of soldiers) into a philosopher’s stone contained within Alphonse Elric (great episode). It seemed pretty clear that he was dead—maybe I saw it wrong, but I seem to remember him dissolving into pink dust along with everyone else. Everyone in the show seemed to believe he was dead, too. However, some time later, we’re told that he’s still alive and see a brief flash of him covered in bandages, half of his body (including his fucking head) gone, screaming. In the second-to-last episode, Frank Archer is revealed to have been revived with the shittiest automail the world has ever seen. This includes an arm that has an elongated shoulder for no apparent reason and is also a gun; a leg that isn’t really connected to his hip, causing him to limp awkwardly while he walks; and a small, retractable turret gun that comes out of his mouth. Frank Archer was revived as this hideous monstrosity for one purpose—to kill Roy Mustang.

Izumi Curtis keeps Archer busy while Ed escapes the headquarters where they didn’t find King Bradley. When Roy Mustang breaks into Bradley’s house, someone in the house calls the headquarters, and for whatever reason, the message is given directly to the unstable, barely able to walk, insane canon man Archer, who’s like, “I’ll be on my way,” than starts slowly limping out of the compound. One would assume that even if the Fuhrer’s house was just a ten-minute drive from the headquarters, it probably took Archer a good ten minutes to navigate his way to a car, and another ten to reach the house—but actually, Archer ends up crashing into another car, which has a fleeing family Bradley inside. This is what gives Selim the opportunity to run back to the house with his father’s skull, but it’s clear that Archer asks for one of the cars in the Bradley entourage so he can reach the house. If Archer took a car, then why did Selim beat him to the house by such a vast margin? Whether Archer took one or not, why didn’t he notice Selim heading for the house? If he walked, that had to take another twenty minutes. How fucking long were Roy and Bradley going at it?

After some kid-strangling and King-burning goes down, Roy leaves the house and comes face to face with Archer. Archer pulls a gun on him, and the camera cuts away to Riza Hawkeye catching up. She then shoots Archer to death from behind, only to find that Roy was already shot in the face. Why he couldn’t blow Archer to smithereens in time, we’ll never know. Considering that robo-Archer did nothing except for kill Roy and then die, he clearly was brought back for no other purpose. But Roy survives anyway, so the entire fucking existence of robo-Archer was meaningless. All it accomplished was giving Roy a motherfucking eyepatch.

Here's something nice.

Beyond this point, my complaints about the ending are much more general, and some apply to the whole show, albeit more extensively in the later half. My biggest annoyance was the quantity of scenes wherein a character managed to survive or even die simply because people stood around for too long. Take the aforementioned chimera scene, wherein Roy could’ve easily blown all of the chimeras to smithereens even while Archer was still unlocking the cage, but instead spends enough time standing around for Archer to escape. Another is a scene wherein Greed is running from Lust and Gluttony—they and two of Greed’s pals are in a room together; Lust and Gluttony just stand in the doorway while the chimera guys give a minute’s worth of self-sacrifice speech and Greed escapes. They wait until one of the chimeras delivers an embarrassingly shitty line (“I’m transmuted from a  dog, so I have a strong sense of loyalty”) and charges at them before Lust kills both chimeras instantly with her finger blades. Greed, of course, is long gone. Almost every fucking scene involving the homunculi is like this because the homunculi are obviously overpowered, so there’s no reason for them to fail except by shitty writing and directing.

I don’t even want to talk about episode thirty-five. That was by far the shittiest episode of the entire show, which is kind of shocking after “The Other Brothers Elric, Part Two.”

If I wanted to be a huge dick, I’d also start complaining about how this show is overrated for its animation, which was nothing special except for that one fight with Greed; but I won’t get into all that. It’s not like I hate this show—on the contrary, there’s a ton about it to like, and if it weren’t for Brotherhood, I’m almost certain that I’d consider it rewatchable, what with my love for some of the main characters. (I even think that some of the later episodes were pretty decent (late thirties, early forties).) But that’s the thing—Brotherhood makes it unnecessary. It has the original FMA’s success to thank for that. Had FMA not been rampantly successful both in Japan and the West, it wouldn’t have gotten a remarkably well-budgeted sixty-four episode masterpiece of a repeat adaptation. I’m very thankful for that (lol secret late Thanksgiving post).

Edit: Something I forgot: WTF was up with Rose in the last few episodes? We never learn what kind of hypnosis bullshit Dante was using on her, and she just snaps out of it after Ed gets killed, long enough to yell “Edward!”—and then she isn’t even fucking on-screen until the resolution.

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    • Trust me, the 2003 series is not bad at all, in some respects it’s definitely better than Brotherhood. But if you don’t like unhappy or bittersweet endings then don’t bother. Does not mean it’s not good.

  1. Well…..apparently I have completely forgotten the entire first series of FMA. I can’t remember Dante at all. Was Frank Archer really in the anime? Because I don’t remember ever seeing that thing. Well it did have a shit ending I agree on you there, and Brotherhood kicked more ass than Bill the Ass Kicker anyway.

  2. Why oh why did you have to remind me of Frank Archer? I tried so hard to forget about that thing. And Dante would probably have only been mildly annoying if they hadn’t dropped a bus on Greed so quickly to try to weakly hide the fact that she was the big bad. As for the dimension jumping, I kind of expected it.. I was only really bothered by them dropping a zeppelin on Ed.. in fact they dropped a lot of things on people in this show, both metaphorically and literally.

  3. “Almost every fucking scene involving the homunculi is like this because the homunculi are obviously overpowered, so there’s no reason for them to fail except by shitty writing and directing.”

    Pretty much. The way they’re supposed to be killed is a cool idea in theory, but an awful idea in practice. The one that pops to mind immediately is when Pride is killed near the end of the series — so stupid, so convenient, so rage-inducing. Ugh.

  4. Angsty, grimdark melodrama, that’s why! It’s the same reason for the Rose rape story and that silly Hughes-ghost-waving scene; they served no other purpose in the story other than to say ‘bad things happen, now cry bitch!’ If the plot had to be rearranged and subsequently make no sense in order to accomplish this, then by golly, then that’s what’s going to happen!

    I actually genuinely loved the show during my first viewing as a teenager, but maturing tastes, coupled with reading the manga, have shown up the second-half for the emotionally manipulative drivel that it is. A real shame, as there are nuggets of gold amongst the coal.

    As for Archer… oh boy! I suspect he was included in the show because the studio realised too late that they had butchered Kimblee’s personality and wanted a character similar to his manga counterpart. Of course like many characters in the second half, little thought was put into giving him actual defined role. As for his robo-rebirth, who knows what they were smoking when that idea was green lit.

  5. Thank you for this post, 21stcenturydigitalboy . Thank you so very much. I had half a dozen nerdgasms while reading it, and I’m still high from the aftermath so please bear with how unintelligible this post may be. You have four thumbs up (and I specifically learned to thumbs up with my feet to do this) and my eternal gratitude for writing this. From now on, I’ll be sure to link people here the next time someone tells me that “the Rose rape story serves to depict the horrors of war” or something along those lines.

    P.S. Avoid the movie like plague. It’s marginally more grimdorky, has Mustung acting emo most of its duration (umm… wasn’t he aiming for the Fuhrer’s position to set things right?), dragon Envy, and another retarded conclusion. It also has horrible, no, the worst CG I’ve ever seen in an anime, barring, maybe, Utawarerumono. Maybe. That, with a movie budget.


    …Whoa. That was a lot of emotion there. Thankfully, wordpress doesn’t have emoticons, at least.

  6. Honestly, the second half was so jumbled I could barely follow it. The entire last episode was a piece of shit, no doubt. the show didn’t accomplish anything and there was no progress, the last few episodes created new questions and the ending left these and earlier questions with no sense of closure, or more like it just was a horribly thought out ending that whoever wrote it had some serious adhd our something.

  7. This is beautiful! Litereally it is. I’ve never read anything that made me laugh so hard! :D Now if only you can introduce this to two douchbags who absolutely desipse Brotherhood, that would be the best thing EVER! They obviously like how that Frank freak has half his dick cut off and replaced by a piece of shit automail. And Dante, that fucking bitch, WORST rival in the history of anime….just her storyand everything…NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, but this is awesome. :)

  8. I totally agree with all this! The end is playing treacherously with emotions, and that many pieces of stinky shit are included in it…But I still love most of the anime, that’s all. It makes things even worse :(((

  9. No doubt the ending sucked. Loved the series until the conclusion. Never did watch more than 3 minutes of brotherhood. Couldn’t get over Al’s voice, I loved the voice actor in fma but couldn’t even listen to it for 3 seconds in fma:b

  10. Really shocking ending ! I keep asking “What the F*** was that ?” – Can’t imagine such a nice series ruined up in a pile of shit !

    I prefer to imagine the ending this way ” All the Hermanculus were destroyed, both Ed & AL’s
    old fag dad & Rotten flesh bitch Dante were killed & The Philosopher’s stone was destroyed for good. Al & Ed were together and accepted their life the way they were since there is no way to get back there body parts. Power alteration in Army brought peace in the country ( for a while lets say) ”


    • I prefer to imagine the ending as: Pride raped Roy Mustang with a vengeance, Selim revealed himself to be another homunculus and raped Wrath to death with his shadow tentacles for being such a shitty child homunculus compared to Selim in FMA:B, then King Bradley and Selim Bradley took turns raping Villain Sue Envy with their homunculus powers until he died because he’s an annoying little shit, then Winry came out of nowhere and kicked Dante’s head off like a football, causing it to fly through the ceiling and into the stratosphere. Hohenheim apologized for being such a piece of crap compared to his manga counterpart, and all the remaining characters ate ice cream while they watched Winry mudwrestle Rose for the right to challenge Hawkeye for the Amestris Womens’ Mudwrestling Championship.

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  14. You really don’t know what good plot quality is, it seems. You sound just like most other shonen fan brats who wouldn’t know what originality and maturity is if it bit them in the ass. Brotherhood was too out there with things that were too fantastical to believe, and we were NOT watching another DBZ show, mind you. It doesn’t have to be ALL fantastical!!! At least the first FMA anime had a whole amount of realism that can draw in a more MATURE audience, not like the silliness and over-the-top scenes in Brotherhood (and not the mention that the amount of ridiculous humor in Brotherhood was too much and ruined moments, I don’t care HOW similar it is to the manga). And not to mention, the Brotherhood villain was a typical over-powered villain, only to have been defeated by a kid who just regained his weak arm. Really? How was Ed able to pull out that freaking screw lodged into his muscled left arm with his SCRAWNY, newly-regained right arm?! There are WAY too many inconsistencies in Brotherhood, too many that I have little time to list. The first FMA of course DID have its flaws, but you are mistaking its element of suspenseful themes with that of flaws. There does NOT need to be a reason for EVERY little action, all that should matter is if it makes SENSE to the overall mood of the situation. And not EVERY single detail needs to be explained, don’t act like it does. It’s up to the viewer to make up their own conclusions, not everything will be handed down to us on a platter. If you wanted a show like that, then it’s probably because you make analyses for things with your own brain. Is everything in life explainable or supposed to be? No, so why expect an animated show to give you all the answers to the plot? Because it’s not real? If you want complete fantasies with Disney endings then please, by all means, stick with shonen crap. Your harsh criticism of the first show does not lessen its quality, because EVERYONE can interpret the plot’s little events differently.

    • Typo correction

      “If you wanted a show like that, then it’s probably because you ‘CAN’T’ make analyses for things with your own brain”

      There, FIXED.

      • I agree, this review had the traces of a shounen fanatic who cannot appreciate the originality of the series and its differing themes. I just found the end of Brotherhood to be too idealistic and happy-go-lucky.

        Plus, the only reason Brotherhood’s Wrath died was due to A FUCKING BEAM OF LIGHT! And then you criticise the Fuhrer’s death in the 2003 anime.

        And I don’t care whether it was true to the manga or not, as the liberties the 2003 anime took were, in my opinion, better than Mr. Ambiguous Dwarf in the Flask that Spawned from What? How did the alchemists of Xerxes do it? So please, if you make a review, make to analyze the show that you say is so much better in the same way that you pick apart the one you deem inferior.

        Not that I hate Brotherhood, as I found it to be very entertaining as well. I just found that it became a Let’s Fight 7 Homunculii in Order to Progress to Supar Over the Top Fight with God-Like Villian. Not that there’s any problem with that either, its just that I expected something more complex than “Beat the crap out of him while he stands there and brags about his godliness.”

        In the end Brotherhood is mindless fun (which is good) while the 2003 version has more drama (which I prefer). In my opinion, they really can’t be compared in terms of better or worse, it’s just what you like more: shounen epic fights or emotionally gripping drama, wherein I side with the latter.

        • Exactly. I can’t say much in response to this because you are absolutely right. All I can say is Brotherhood scored big points in action and badassery while 2003 scored more points in pretty much everything else, especially in depth and philosophy. And I prefer the second themes better, as I feel that they are more mature and make the viewer think, and I like how they don’t try to explain everything little thing (but important things are always explained). Brotherhood is definitely more for younger audiences. It might give lots of explanation for things, but the one major explanation about the dwarf’s coming to existence was not explained, which I found really weird, seeing as how Brotherhood gave answers to things 99% of the time. However, I won’t say that the plot sucks, far from it actually. It just would have been nice to see a bigger series that could have combined both series in some way, but retained more maturity and believability.

          • Yeah, because something that’ fantasy has to be believably, realism isn’t always necessary. And just because Brotherhood doesn’t have pointless angst and melodrama doesn’t means it’s for younger audiences. And the fact that you think constantly being serious means mature makes you sound like an imamature brat wanting to be mature.

            • Takes an immature person to accuse another of being one, and it seems I’m right once I saw you call me an ‘immature brat’. Pot meets kettle. You can stick with your childish shonen show with a warped sense of being a ‘good fantasy’, and I will stay with my more mature show. Realism is good to have in fantasy, but I never claimed it was mandatory 100% of the time. But when you put 2003 and Brotherhood side by side, it’s obvious to even an idiot which is of more moral quality. What FMA 2003 taught was actual adult-like life lessons, while Brotherhood struck me as the typical, shallow-filled action story with a pseudo-intellectual, typical ‘good vs. evil’, with the cliche good ending of the protagonists living happily ever after. It felt almost like a freaking Disney plot. Brotherhood had a more one-dimensional atmosphere in the plot and the characters, and the interesting side stuff and additions don’t really make up for that. The fact that you are getting so offended, sounding like a child no less, seems to prove that you in fact have no real arguments to counter mine or others like mine. Realism without Fantasy is boring, but Fantasy without Realism is blind.

              • Your logic falls flat because you did the exact same thing so pot call kettle indeed.
                You can stick with your wangsty, mawkish whine show, with tons of plot holes, while I’ll stick with my show with a consistent plot, better written characters, and an overall tighter story. You see the problem with you 2003 elitist is that you only think emotionally and not logically. 2003 can be emotional all it want but if the writing isn’t consistent and falls apart when you think about it, that just a sign of a badly written show. Only a child let there emotion judge everything. And it seems you just blind if you taught Brotherhood was all good vs. evil. One of themes of the show is Family & playing God.

                Father longs for the love of a family. Hohenheim outright explains this when he calls Father out on creating his homonculi as a surrogate family for himself.

                Envy reflects the same issue, cherishing the fake recreation of a family that they have greatly, and going on at lengths about, “Oh, you humans and your LOVE for each other and your AFFECTION and FEELINGS and IT’S A WEAKNESS, I DON’T NEED THAT, I’M GREAT, THANKS FOR ASKING!!!”

                Of course he melts Greed down without a second thought; he no longer envies human relationships. That desire exists within Envy. The entire point of externalizing his sins was to remove them from himself, to “purify” himself.
                Father’s also briefly more sociable and downright friendly shortly after reabsorbing Greed than he ever is at any other point in the series, because during that time, he values Ed and Al as the children of someone he considers a friend. He hardens back up after he creates the new Greed, purifying himself of what Greed later goes on to exposit as the greed of friendship.
                Father, whole and embodied, desired to create a family for himself. Father, stripped of all his pieces, doesn’t give two shits about the family he’s created because every emotion that would lead him to care about them exists in one homonculus or another.

                So one dimensional? it’s clear you weren’t paying attention to the story at all. I practically had to spell out for you.

                And honestly? I would take the so called Disney ending. because it provided closure emotion and was overall a beautiful ending. I can’t say anything about that 2003 because of that real world nonsense in Germany & randomly evil Nazi that was brought out of nowhere trough sheer Ass Pull.

                In fact 2003 falls apart slowly after episode 25 and it’s quality get’s worse as it proceed after 34 with nothing barely happening in till the character return to Lior, an uninteresting Big Bad with a uninteresting death, and the ending to both the show and the movie with that real world nonsense in Germany & randomly evil Nazi that was brought out trough sheer Ass Pull.

                Brotherhood on the other hand stays consistent with it’s quality and had an overall tight closure to it’s plot with the events that carried on staying strong and just as consistent to it’s story. It helps that author knew what she was doing from the very beginning.

                • I like both series. When I prefer a lighter watch, I go for Brotherhood. BUT since I , (personally, that is. As in, my personal preference) go for depth and realism (because I am a philo major, so I may be biased) I still prefer the first adaptation. The only disappointing thing about the first adaptation is that it is, i admit, quite rushed and jumbled at the second half. But as a story, as a whole, I prefer the FIRST series. =)

                  So its a matter of perspective. Depending on the person’s POV, mood, etc.

                • Y’know, I’ve noticed most people who prefer Brotherhood and hate on Dante is because they are too busy focusing on who she is rather than what she stands for.

                  Dante is the antithesis of Edward in every way. To go with the consistency argument, FMA 2003 has a consistent theme on the Equivalent Exchange philosophy. Dante’s existence is to defy this philosophy. She isn’t some Big Bad that is trying to become all powerful a la cliche Shounen-style. She is just another normal human, What makes her intimidating isn’t because she has amazing power, but that she is extremely devious and is completely uncaring about life. That’s what makes her such a good villain for Edward. She is the complete opposite of him and everything he believes in.

    • THANK YOU. To the dumbass who posted this “review’ you prefer an ending where Roy Mustang uses the souls of the people he murdered to heal himslef and his buddies? Okay.. *white fart detected*

  15. I honestly think your explanation is not the best. I do not agree with your opinion, I love the Fullmetal Alchemist series way better than brotherhood. It’s ending was sad and brotherhood’s ending was completely expected. I for one like a more unexpected ending than one that’s just.. I don’t know… Kind of stupid and expected… Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of stuff from Brotherhood than the regular one, like how greed is made. I just like the regular one a lot better.

    • Brotherhood was based of the mangas by Hiromu Arakawa (which I have read) and was how she wanted it to go ALL along. From the moment she designed the characters it was her story and she wrote the ending, the way she wanted, because it was her manga. Saying it was a bad ending when it had been planned and made to fit her story all along form the beginning is pretty rich, considering the 2003 anime’s ending was never meant to be the ending, and didn’t fit and had plot holes for that very reason. It is basically fanfiction animated.

      • So I guess that means the writers for the original are better at philosophical and deep writing while the original writer is only good at cliche, predictable plots?

        Just because someone came up with something doesn’t mean no one else can make a better version.

          • Brotherhood definitely had plotholes too, and other contrived BS. You wonder why Dante didn’t just use Alphonse from the start? Why didn’t Father just use five regular alchemists to activate his transmutation circle by force the way he did to mustang? Like, seriously, if you can force somebody to open the gate for you, then why drag your five greatest enemies into your lair where they can easily stop you? Dante wasn’t a great villain but she’s definitely more interesting than father, and had a better connection with the elric brothers and hohenheim. I just wish they’d had more time to flesh out Cos! before releasing the movie. Apparently, there was going to be an entire extra season explaining what would happen, but it was cut short to begin work on Brotherhood.

        • Get the fuck out of here you stupid-ass fucking bitch nigger. This shit was fucking shit you faggot bitch. Whining like a little bitch about killing isn’t fucking philosophical. Nihilism is a philosophy, but saying stupid shit like “nothing matters” is just angsty teenage bullshit that only appeals to other faggot teens.

  16. Shut up okay. I get it you didn’t like the ending. But Rose had her soul taken over by Dante. Meaning barely any emotion. The emotional surge of Ed’s death shocked her out of it. There was no way Dante could heal herself without a stone. Dante is a much more competent villain than Father. The thing that makes FMA better than FMAB is not only it’s depth and philosophy but it’s handling of characters. Not including Ed and Al there are over 50 supporting characters. As in characters that have a somewhat important role towards the main characters,whether good or bad, and appear in more than 2 episodes. And none of them are over or underused. Over 50 of those. Considering that and and high range of emotions and depth carried in each of those characters, you were looking in the wrong place for an expected and complete happy ending like in Brotherhood.

    • Did you even watch FMA: Brotherhood? Did you even read the manga? Dante a more competent villain? That’s a laugh. She’s a scorned hag who was eaten in an elevator by a fat retard that she created for no apparent reason. She had no reason to name the homunculi after sins, unlike Father who created them and named them after the sins he was attempting to expel from himself. There’s also no explanation given for why the homunculi loosely embody the sins they were named after. And “depth”? Wangst is no substitute for depth. All the best characters of the manga weren’t even in the 2003 anime. No Olivier, no Ling Yao, no Greedling, no May Chang, no Fu, no Lan Fan, no big ass Sloth who actually acted like a Sloth and gave Major Armstrong a reason to exist in the story, no General Grumman (whoop de do he was onscreen for 2 seconds in FMA’03), no Raven, no immortal legion, a shitty boring version of Selim, no gold-toothed doctor, no Führer candidates, no Briggs men, no Miles, no Buccaneer, no Gorilla and Lion chimeras, a lame, generic sociopath version of Solph J. Kimblee who’s not a fraction as deep as his manga counterpart, and a pointless version of Greed who didn’t do jack and never developed as a character because he didn’t have Ling Yao. And a shitty version of Hohenheim who isn’t even fit to hold Manga Hohenheim’s jock. The ’03 version of King Bradley is just a cowardly puppet; the Manga version is a badass grandpa who despite his inability to regenerate, was like the Chuck Norris of homunculi. His final battle with Scar was exactly what both characters needed in the storyline. What revenge did Scar get on Bradley for the genocide of his people in ’03? None. What revenge did Mustang get on Envy for the murder of Maes Hughes in FMA’03? None. He didn’t even bother trying to find the killer, didn’t even care to see to it that justice was served for his friend. FMA’03 Mustang was a whiny turd with no redeeming qualities. I don’t need a black and white fairy tale, but I at least like heroes to have some likable characteristics and to at least try to act heroic every once in a while. Back to my point about Scar and Mustang’s battles with homunculi in the manga: None of the villains’ actions in FMA’03 had any consequences. They were a bunch of karma houdinis, especially Villain Sue Envy. On top of that, the ’03 Wrath is a wangsty, whiny little shit who cries out for his mommy more than half the time he’s onscreen. What’s the point? We already have a whiny, one-dimensional mama’s boy in Gluttony. Now we’ve got two Gluttonies, except the second one looks like Lust had a baby with Envy, and sounds like a bag of cats falling down an endless flight of stairs. The Manga Selim/Pride is a child homunculus who doesn’t piss and moan, and is terrifying to the main characters in his ability to strategize and cut through chimeras like a knife through butter. FMA’03’s child homunculus doesn’t strategize and doesn’t maul people, he just pussy aches about Sloth being dead. Which, again, we already had with Gluttony pussy-aching about Lust. So we’ve got 7 homunculi, and two of them are just copies of two other ones, so it’s more like 5. I also find it weird that FMA’03 fans would boast about how much more “realistic” ’03 is than the manga, considering it’s a fantasy show about a one-legged boy and an empty suit of armor in a country that doesn’t exist, in another dimension in the year 1914 that’s somehow tied to the 1930s in the real world. First of all, if you want realism, watch Cowboy Bebop. And if you want Nazis and zeppelins, watch Hellsing Ultimate. I like FMA’03 and the manga/Brotherhood for their story, not for the “realism.” And yes, I do actually like FMA’03 overall. It’s a great anime in the first half, a decent anime in the second half, and only really sucks in the final two episodes. However, manga/Brotherhood is consistently great from start to near finish, until the Ass Pull moment when Ed trades his alchemy to get Al back. WTF? Al was dead, there’s no bringing dead people back! Also, the hand to hand fight scene at the end of Brotherhood where everyone stood around and cheered on Ed like it was a schoolyard brawl was a load of crap, but it was fleshed out better in the manga in which it’s explained that they stood around because they were injured or out of ammo. But despite those issues, the ’03 anime still isn’t that good compared to Brotherhood.

      • I couldn’t agree with you any more. However, the reason why Edward was able to bring Al back was because he never died. Al’s body and one of Edward’s leg was used in order to pay the toll to see the truth, even though at the time they were aiming to bring their mother back. Edward gave up his arm in order to be able to transmute his brother’s soul to the armor. Both Al’s body and Ed’s body parts are at the Gate. Halfway through the show, Edward develops a theory that his growth is stunt and he eats/sleeps more, since him and Al are connected from the human transmutation, in order to keep Al’s body at the gate stable. It’s a little far fetched even silly, but hey it’s at least an explanation given. So from my understanding, Ed was able to bring Al back because his soul returned to his body and he was never dead to begin with. BUT as for the whole cheering on, that made me mad, why the hell did they not help a homie out? But I guess since Ed just lost his brother and was on a rampage he was venting out his anger on Father. Overall, I love the show so my opinion is high of it.

      • Buddy ol’ pal, you’ve got it all wrong, I like brotherhood, but FMA 03 has a lot more going on than you give it credit for. Saying that Bradley in 03 is a cowardly version of his Brohood counterpart? The man killed his own son for christ sake, and took on one of the best alchemists in the world, and he would’ve won if it weren’t for his pride getting the better of him. 03 Scar and Mustang didn’t need revenge for closure with the people ruining their lives, they sought better actions. Roy didn’t hunt his killer in 03 because he was mature enough to know Hughes wouldn’t want that. So instead he sought to kill Bradley and change the country for the better. Scar sought a philosophers stone and wasn’t nearly as much a hypocrite as he was in Brotherhood because he wasn’t a murderer before claiming his revenge on state alchemists.

        Also, Brotherhood kinda sucked for the first 18 episodes until they killed lust because the writers rushed it to get to new material. We barely got to know Hughes, Nina, Ed and Als mother, or anyone in those first few episodes because their stories were rushed to make way for Fort Briggs, which I’ll admit from Briggs onwards is a solid 8-9/10 anime. It has plotholes thoughout, both versions have them (03 has mecha archer which was infinitely retarded, Brohood has the Ed and Al plot armor that was beyond stupid where the homunculus can’t hurt them.)

        As far as the homunculus and why they’re named after sins is concerned, each make little sense. The reasons for naming the homunculi after sins in 03 doesn’t make sense. But in Brotherhood, Christianity never existed, so the seven deadly sins shouldn’t exist either, so why are they named after things that shouldn’t exist in their world? Neither makes sense but both have their pros and cons. 03 fleshes out its homunculi more with personality and depth and motive, and brotherhood has homunculi that are more fitting for their namesake.

        And as far as the “2003 is more realistic” argument, it’s more realistic in the sense that the characters handle situations the way real people would in their fantastical world. Because despite their world being fantasy, they’re still human beings and behave like real people do rather than how standard anime heroes do. This makes their morals and motives less black and white, and thus the story is more suspenseful.

        Ultimately I’d say both anime are good for what they’re trying to accomplish. Both have plotholes, flaws and the occasional hiccup but that doesn’t detract from two excellent animes.

  17. So, it has been concluded, the only reason for Frank Archer’s existence is to give Roy and eye patch.

    Brotherhood was so much better, however to me it probably seemed even more so, as I actually watched the entirety of brotherhood first before even looking in to the original series. My friend recommended brotherhood, and the only reason I watched the original series was because I missed fma and wanted to see more.

    In brotherhood, I think all the characters are important and have a reason to be there, so you will see them in the earlier episodes, and then turn up later and make you go ‘oh, I remember them’ just in the nick of time, to do something that really fitted their character.

    I also felt the whole alternate universe thing was kind of, I don’t know, it just seemed quite ‘silly’ to me and seemed out of place. I just think it was really not needed and didn’t fit with fma. It is hard to explain, but it just seemed really ‘off’ and weird and just… not meant to be there.

    Brotherhood was based of the mangas by Hiromu Arakawa (which I have read) and was how she wanted it to go ALL along. From the moment she designed the characters it was her story and she wrote the ending, the way she wanted, because it was her manga. Saying it was a bad ending when it had been planned and made to fit her story all along form the beginning is pretty rich, considering the 2003 anime’s ending was never meant to be the ending, and didn’t fit and had plot holes for that very reason. It is basically fanfiction animated.

    I share your opinion, although I enjoyed the majority of the 2003 series, Brotherhood completely blew it out of the water. I know not everything gets a happy ending and I am fine with that, as many animes I loved didn’t get a happy ending, however I think Ed and Al really deserved one. If brotherhood didn’t have a happy ending I would have probably cried a lot, but I wouldn’t be mad, because the story of it was so amazing.

  18. I’m sorry to say, but this blog article is just riddled with nitpicks and excuses for Brotherhood. And the other commenters arguing FOR Brotherhood also have missed the mark it seems. Brotherhood fans like you are so blinded by the fact that while, yes, FMAB is much more faithful to the manga, you fail to see how better the quality and substance (and originality) of FMA03 really is. And, like you, many Brotherhood fans are extremely pissed at the ending of FMA03 that you take out your frustrations on the show based mainly on the ending and not really much else. That’s not a valid reason to bash the first anime.

    Let me get out of the way that FMA03 was MEANT to be different, said by the creator HERSELF to the people making FMA03 to go astray from her intended story. Keep in mind that back THEN, she still didn’t even reach the point in her manga that introduces Ling, so FMA03 was made during a time when there’s was little story to flesh out. And yet, FMA03 did a splendid job of going it’s own way. Most of the reasons and ‘arguments’ I see from fans like you for trying to ‘prove’ Brotherhood being ‘superior’ more or less go like this: because FMA03 isn’t like Brotherhood or the manga, it sucks. Does it, really? NO. And I’m not saying FMA03 doesn’t have flaws. Emphasizing the good things doesn’t ever mean something doesn’t have flaws. So regardless of how much hostility I witness from many Brotherhood fans, you guys are so wrong and so blinded by your zealous fanaticism of something declared to be close to ‘the original source’ that you fail to see which has the better quality. As some others said in the comments said, Brotherhood was just another cliché shonen trope of a show with too much slapstick humor in between action scenes. Because of this, it VERY hard to take the characters I’ve known from FMA03 seriously in Brotherhood. I’m sorry to say, but Brotherhood insults the intelligence of the viewer.

    Here’s a link to a video explaining in general terms some of the reasons why FMA03 has better quality than Brotherhood could never emulate:

    Now, let me give you a list for why FMA03 is BETTER in quality and substance than Brotherhood, and has superior morals. This list will try NOT to insult Brotherhood, however it will PROVE my overall argument. (Note: I will be using FMA1 and FMA03 interchangeably, just keep in mind that they are the same thing)

    1. FMA 2003 gave its male leads (Ed and Roy) emotional vulnerability. Since Brotherhood worked the positive angle, the misery moments guys like Ed and Roy went through were infrequent and toned down. (i.e. they didn’t complain a lot about their circumstances.) The positive angle’s great, but what FMA1 did was give a human voice to very human characters. Ed and Roy and other characters take time to grieve over what’s happening to them. “Move forward” they indeed still say, but they also have a human balance of getting caught up in their own pain. Sometimes it’s hard to move forward even when you want to.

    2. FMA 2003 dares to ask whether equivalent exchange is the way of the world. In Brotherhood/manga, it’s pretty clear that it is. What happens here is that because of all the horrible things that sometimes happen to the characters, fate looks cruel in both versions. But in the end, FMA:B’s/manga’s characters earn back for what they put in. Roy getting his eyesight back? Roy loses an eye and gets demoted at the end of the 03. Once again, talk all you want about the positive angle, but this is the real angle. Yes, maybe fate was at the other extreme and was overly cruel. But FMA1 tries to depict a world in which things aren’t fair. And with extraordinary circumstances comes extraordinary unfairness.

    3. FMA 2003 created Homunculi in a way that ties them to alchemists. FMA1 hit harder on various themes, including horrible things alchemy is capable of, and the fact that no matter what everyone’s intentions are, if destruction follows, it’s still an evil deed. The Homunculi were created with the best of intentions and they still caused such evil. It’s easy to blame them, or only blame Dante, but Homunculi were used in the 03 to illustrate that everyone was to blame for the terrible things that were happening. FMA:B had its reasons for having the villain it did (I’ll rant on that later), but FMA1 didn’t blame something supernatural for what humans are capable of doing themselves: genocide and widespread destruction and bloodshed.

    4. Religion is adequately blamed while alchemy is also viewed as a religion. I don’t know…FMA:B viewed alchemy positively in general, like a gift. That’s why we have Ling’s quote about how Ed looks like he’s praying when he transmutes. It’s like alchemy’s another gift from God, and alchemy and religion aren’t that far apart. What FMA:B does is highlight how alchemy can be used for good more than the terrible things it can do; FMA 2003 takes the other road and emphasizes that religion—or alchemy, as that’s the subject of the series—can be used for great evil.

    5. It took just a few volumes of FMA’s manga and created an entire story from what little material and themes it had to explore. FMA1 delved deep into equivalent exchange, religion, the emotional wreck you could become if you experienced what any one of these characters did, the Homunculi having human traits—a theme FMA:B later explored—while emphasizing their desire to become human because they weren’t that far off anyway, etc. This anime has been called a fanfic in a negative connotation, but I think it’s a fanfic in a positive connotation. How hard is it to write something based on only a little information? The 03 was never trying to guess where Arakawa would go; it was trying to go somewhere else. And it did.

    6. It takes characters that end up playing minor roles in FMA:B/manga and expounds on them. Sheska, Rose—hell, even Hughes lasted longer. All three of these characters have pretty large roles in the plot, giving them some of what the manga did not. It’s like those fanfics that want to explore minor characters BECAUSE they were never big. This is the same thing.

    7. It takes the FMA universe and essentially makes it godless. That’s what I got from it, anyway. It’s not called “Truth” in FMA 03. It’s called “The Gate”, this thing that’s so indifferent and unfair that it doesn’t even bother to communicate with humans. It just takes and humans keep giving to the void. That might not be the FMA manga fans know, but it IS a pretty relevant theme for the how many millions of miserable people out there?

    8. It more directly parallels the relationship of Ed and Al with Scar and his brother. Of course, FMA:B did this too, so no shots taken. However, the parallel Scar himself drew ended up being his motivation. Granted that his motivation killed a lot of people—motivation doesn’t automatically equal GOOD THING. Just means that Scar emotionally connected to the bond the Elric brothers shared, and that was the only thing in the world that gave him hope and happiness.

    9. It uses the Philosopher’s Stone as a way of illustrating mankind’s selfishness. I’m still working on what FMA:B used it for, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who analyze that. I do know the Stone is partly thematic material though. And the Stone bypasses equivalent exchange; Ed and Al’s continued pursuit of it, even after they know how it’s made, displays the selfish tendencies of human beings. And until Ed realized that using that Stone only resulted in evil, he WAS giving to the void. Ed and Al thought their pursuit of the Stone was enough work for equivalent exchange to be fair and get their bodies back. But the Stone itself is a symbol of getting without giving, taking without earning, and hurting other people for personal gain. Until Ed offered himself instead, he had no reward in his pursuit.

    10. Another point on the Stone: Ed is more morally ambiguous about it in this version. He’s as tempted by its promise as he is horrified by its origins. Even Al is drawn to it eventually. People—even people who try to live up to being noble, upright people, like Ed—aren’t inherently unselfish, and FMA1 forces them to weigh their human nature against what is right.

    11. The music. Okay, this is getting almost too close to the art argument…while I can’t talk about music like an expert, I can talk about how it affected my experience personally. FMA:B’s music is powerful and plot/action-driven. It has emotional pieces, and overall its music fits the anime it was made for. So does FMA1’s music, and in my opinion FMA1’s music draws you towards the characters more than towards the events. It takes more time to dwell on the grief and sad moments of the characters, and when there’s a dark shroud settling over the lives of these characters, the music REMAINS dark/sad/ominous. It doesn’t offer this ray of light until there actually IS a ray of light coming. And all of this is a nonexpert opinion, but it’s wholly my experience with FMA1.

    12. Embarking on a different route, FMA1 explores the dark side of human imperfection. I’ll get to the part about humans being human being a good thing, but it’s also got a lot of nasty stuff to it. Sins are actually shown for what they are because FMA1 isn’t trying to emphasize that imperfection makes us human; it’s only emphasizing what some of that imperfection is running around and doing—namely, killing thousands of people and hurting scores more.

    13. FMA 03 gives Lust character development. Other than Sloth and Gluttony, Lust is the only intelligent Homunculus in FMA:B/manga who is not given any sympathy. FMA1 says thank you very much and gives her a storyline anyway.

    14. Roy is exposed for being a dick. You HAVE to be a pretty big dick to kill so many people. You have to let go of a lot of your sympathy to do something like that. I’d guess this is the part of FMA1 that manga fans despise most. Well, in the manga, Roy STILL killed thousands of people. And I did read the Ishval volume—he’s not whining and barely able to look at somebody when he kills them. He’s cold. What FMA 2003 does is continue that character he showed in Ishval—he wants to redeem himself, and YES, that’s a HUGE reason why he’s trying to reach the top. I know we like to believe in heroes who have no selfish motivations, but this hero DID have selfish motivations. FMA1 brings that out, and if it’s not pretty? A mass murderer isn’t a role model and even if Roy chose the right path in FMA:B, it was redemption. Not an example to follow. Do I love the concept of his character? Absolutely. Do I think he’s a normal guy who is a victim of that war? Hell no. Believing in Roy as a completely unselfish and wholesome individual is almost the same to me as believing that Bush was one—as he sent people into a war based on pride. Bush had good intentions too. Just sayin’.

    15. The parallel world allows FMA to parallel even further some of the European history it is based off of. Nuff said.

    16. The relationship between Izumi and the boys is explored more. Just saying; I fell in love with that relationship in the 03 because they just had more scenes together. HEARTSTRINGS.

    17. The relationship between Ed and Al is deepened. Two brothers who would die for each other in a heartbeat. Story’s been done before (and wherever it has been done I am likely to watch or read it). But the circumstances have probably never been so drastic, where they share a bond deeper than blood because they’ve been through hell—almost literally. The first anime focuses more on Ed and Al’s relationship.

    18. I love my canon pairings, but FMA 2003 explores the idea of several non-canon pairings, if only in hints and subtext. Once again, enough said. It’s kind of nice when those ships the fans might’ve liked even from the beginning of the manga get some coverage. How much fiction actually gets a second chance to look at alternate pairings? FMA1 is a rare opportunity for non-canon fans.

    19. I am quite convinced Arakawa incorporated a twisted version of a lot of the things FMA1 did into the manga. Roy loses an eye in the 03…Roy goes blind in FMA:B. Ed dies by being stabbed in the gut in the 03…Ed nearly dies by having his abdomen punctured with a pole in FMA:B. Winry ends up traveling with Ed and Al, south in FMA1, and north in FMA:B. Riza nearly loses her mind when she thinks Roy is dead after Roy kills Bradley; Riza breaks down when Lust indicates Roy is dead in FMA:B.

    20. FMA1 explores automail just a bit in “Her Reason”. Winry wants Ed to appreciate automail and later explains it’s an extension of him. I don’t say that BECAUSE I’m an EdWin fan. Looking back, things like this helped make me a Winry AND an EdWin fan. Winry is so passionate about her craft that she wants to make an arm that is so good, it becomes a part of Ed…where he doesn’t even miss his old arm. Alright, give Winry flak all you want. But the boys’ quest looked about as impossible as Zuko looking for the Avatar (sorry if you don’t understand that reference). And she just wanted to help them any way she could. Funny how Winry’s storyline is smaller in the 03 and they still gave her little things like this.

    21. In some ways, the military’s cruelty is explored more. I already mentioned that Roy is exemplified as a coldhearted bastard, but the military’s continuing abuse of the Ishvalans is emphasized as well. Not even to mention the storyline where Rose is raped and has the child of an Amestrian soldier.

    22. The past literally haunts people. Mentioned this before because it’s about the Homunculi, but what better way to bring out the grief the 2003 intended to emphasize than to have mistakes literally following you? This really isn’t even worth a comparison to FMA1’s counterpart and inspiration. When I’d only seen the 2003, I thought this was just such a brilliant plot device. I still think so.

    23. It emphasizes Ed and Roy’s relationship. Two disclaimers: That relationship can be interpreted any way you want in either version, and secondly, I do in fact love the trust they had between them in FMA:B/manga. That pulled at my heartstrings. But what the 03 did was bring out some of Ed’s inherent distrust in the military and in Roy. Roy, bastard I think he is, did have good intentions..but sometimes it was hard for him to manifest those good intentions because he had goals of his own. Goals that would help people eventually, but another discussion, that. The distrust, the fact that Roy was so willing to sacrifice to help Ed—and in the manga he was too, but this fact is made clear by FMA1—Ed looking to Roy as an example (for better or worse), maybe as a father figure…I just loved some of the moments they had.

    ..And honestly? Once people get over themselves and realize that someone who commits mass murder might just be a bit of a jerk, I’m just saying, they’d see the brilliance in either interpretation of his character.

    24. It took more time to bring out the fatherly role Hughes had in Ed and Al’s life. This has more to do with how much time Hughes was allotted in each series than it does with what actually happened. They had time to insert more moments between the two.

    25. Following up on Hughes, it makes you look at Hughes for being a good person rather than a good soldier. Hughes never fought in the Ishval war. He stayed at home. Good fighter? Well yes. He fought Homunculi. But even better is the emphasis placed on his relationships and his loyalty to what is right.

    26. It emphasizes Scar’s guilt. “A mind who inflicts suffering cannot rest.” Again, one theme that severely diverges from FMA:B/manga is the idea that redemption isn’t possible sometimes. It DOES become possible for some characters, but not all of them, and not in a very picture-perfect way. I understand what the manga was trying to do and I fangirl over it as much as I do the 2003, but sometimes, redemption doesn’t happen.

    27. Winry’s mini-speech on what happened to her parents. “I’d imagine the people who killed my parents as demons…but now I know the man who did it and I respect him somehow.” Besides emphasizing a depth I think the manga/FMA:B implied in Winry (she sees horrible things and is able to know the gray area and see past her own feelings to understand greater things), this speech brings out the gray area when it comes to interpreting people and actions. And…what greater controversy among the fandom is there than how we interpret Roy and his actions?

    28. It is character-driven. That’s not to say that FMA:B/manga’s characters were bad in any way, but they were shaped by the circumstances around them. In FMA1, it’s more like the other way around: FMA’s characters, with all their sins and some of their nobility and selfishness and sacrifices (oh no here come the feelings)…they shaped the plot themselves for the most part. And because the plot moved more slowly, we got to look at these characters in slow-motion, frame by frame, emotion by emotion, action by action.

    29. Ed and Al’s fight over Al possibly being fake is dragged out longer. Once again, premise is important here: FMA:B/manga was emphasizing that unselfish people resolve conflict and grief quickly. FMA1 takes almost the opposite stance; people who are in that much pain will have a harder time getting past that and any conflict that comes up. Ed and Al’s argument is a good example of this.

    30. Ed actually gets a chance to make the Philosopher’s Stone. This is one temptation Ed never faced in FMA:B/manga, so it was an interesting exploration of human selfishness and human nature. What would Ed do if he had the chance? Especially when circumstances seem hazy and we’ve got condemned prisoners as ingredients? (Hey, if Roy isn’t deserving of death just because he did good things after doing bad things then this is also a moral gray area.)

    31. Al is used against Ed. We know Ed and Al’s bond is deep, and we know the military liked to use Ed’s ties to family/friends against him. So why does that never happen in the manga? Well, I suppose Al isn’t a pacifist in the manga. That’s one reason. Another is that Ed was deemed more important to the villain’s devices in FMA1 than Al was (both of them were critical to Father’s plan in FMAB/manga by contrast). But it sure made for a heartwrenching storyline because Ed’s closest bond is used against him.

    32. Following on that, Al’s blood seal is vulnerable. Okay, okay, reason with me however you want here. I don’t quite understand how that seal could be invincible when Al gets buried in snow, etc. in the manga/Brotherhood. (I could use some guidebooks to how alchemy is supposed to work before I make an absolute determination here.) But it does seem entirely possible that Al’s blood seal would be his kryptonite.

    33. Ed’s attitude toward the rest of the world is revealed clearly. Early on in the manga and Brotherhood, Ed, of course, had this attitude where he didn’t like accepting help and he really didn’t have a lot of trust in anyone but he and Al. Ed later changes his mind, but the 2003 continues the idea that Ed only fully trusts Al. “We’re all we’ve got”, he says after dealing with a serial killer. Time and again, when Ed encounters the things he does in FMA, he has two choices: move forward and accept that evil can happen while people are still good, or become jaded and cynical toward the world. In FMA:B/manga, he did the former. In the 03, he does the latter.

    34. Winry being captured by Barry the Chopper heightens the feeling Ed has—that his loved ones will be used against him if he is too close to them. This continues throughout the series, such as when Ed keeps Hughes and Roy/gang out of the loop to protect them. Winry is used as a hostage in the manga/Brotherhood, so I think this is especially relevant that she is nearly killed. Even though EdWin is far from canon in FMA1, there are still things like this that emphasize how close Ed is/was to her—and why he thought he had to sever his ties.

    35. PURELY referring to what the characters look like…Al resembles his mom. I mean, Trisha was only the impetus for all the boys’ struggles in the first place. One of her sons looking like her isn’t so bad, is it?

    36. Nina Tucker is referenced more throughout the series. For something that affected Ed and Al so much, I’m just glad that they’re so emotionally tied that they hammer Nina’s story home time and again.

    37. Hughes’s funeral scene and the aftermath. I’ll grant this might be preference, but I liked several things about the way it was done in FMA1: the music being played hints at cruel fate (once again a theme unique to the 03 and not anything the manga was obligated to do)…and for all the criticisms I do have (gasp—I have criticisms for this series? I’m an objective being? NO WAY!) for Hawkeye’s character in it…speaking from a Royai perspective, I love that Riza automatically understood what Roy meant about rain. She didn’t even hesitate. She just knew to acknowledge rain, and that might be one of the only moments I liked Hawkeye in the 03. (Hawkeye in general was better in Brotherhood, IMO. But again, that’s still based on premises that don’t have to start a war…)

    38. Following up on Nina’s story, I thought the confrontation between Ed and Shou Tucker was more emotional. From the music used to the way Nina confronted Ed to, hell, even maybe the lighting in the room, I just got more feels from that version. Not saying the confrontation isn’t feel-worthy no matter which you watch, but I think it’s fairly agreeable that FMA1 heightened the grief in that scene.

    39. Ed and Roy go back and forth on the principle of vengeance. This is human nature. We might know what’s right and want to do it, but that which we hate, we do. That which we want to do…we don’t do it. Because desires and pain get in the way, and Ed and Roy certainly had their fair share of desires and pain (and guilt).

    40. It epitomizes humanity without downplaying humanity’s faults. I understand that FMA:B was trying to say that sometimes your faults are a good thing (i.e. Greed is also hope, wrath is understandable, etc.). But once again, sometimes those faults are very, very bad. As in causes destruction and takes from innocents bad.

    41. Ed’s speech about how “We’re only human”. “We couldn’t even save a little girl!”—enough said. Emotional moment that brings out Nina’s death and brings out just how horrible the Elrics’ circumstances are. Ed also says “we’re only human” in the manga/Brotherhood, but this is fleshed out more.

    42. Tucker brings out that Ed’s obsession with alchemy is about more than redemption or bringing someone back/restoring their body. Ed wants to put his mind to use—even doing sickening things. And alchemy is a science that can—and did, even in the manga—drive people insane. So FMA1 brings out Ed’s insanity with scenes like the one where he contemplated making the Stone.

    43. FMA1 treats alchemy like a religion. Alchemists worship this science like it can do anything, and they justify themselves by saying they worked and equivalent exchange takes effect. But sometimes alchemy ends up being this craft to work miracles when someone doesn’t want to do things the hard way. FMA1 strives to bring out that side of alchemy—the side that makes it an idol that PREVENTS you from moving forward rather than allowing it. (Some themes I’m going on about are present to some degree in both versions, but depending on what you’re talking about, generally one version expounds and the other limits said theme.)

    44. FMA1 leaves the serious moments alone. FMA 2003 had plenty of comedy, and although a lot of people say it downplayed what comedy it did have to be depressing, I must disagree. FMA 2003 never interrupted serious, sober moments with something funny. Now I’m not saying that’s always a bad idea to do it—a lot of anime/manga does the same thing. Puts anything positive on that negative spot to erase it. But I’m just saying…some people prefer to contemplate those sad/angry/serious moments without a gag interrupting.

    45. Ed is confronted with the idea of killing and actually has to do it. He is in both versions, but the difference is that clearly evil people were asking him to do it in the manga/Brotherhood. It’s slightly more ambiguous when he has to confront Greed or do things that any ordinary soldier would be called upon to do—without a corrupt government run by hideous immortal beings.

    46. Continuing the emphasis on parallels between religion and alchemy, Cornello is dead serious when he confronts Ed about his mistakes. Whatever Cornello is doing, it appears that he genuinely believes Ed has insulted God, and this sets the stage for a comparison and clash of science vs faith and the point where alchemy makes the two collide.

    47. It uses equivalent exchange to justify vengeance. Sounds ridiculous until you realize that a murderer is punished with death in most cases in our system…why couldn’t it be extended the way Scar used it?

    48. It made Al’s pleas to Ed—after Ed was ready to let Scar kill him—more serious. They were pretty serious in both versions, once again. But the way the dialogue is phrased and the downsizing of funny expressions makes this scene very poignant to me. (Remember, I’m attached to all of this. This is not a debate I’m trying to score points in just because I might be able to.)

    49. Izumi wisely asks the Elrics whether their pursuit of restoration is the attempt to fix one mistake with another. For a long time in both series, Ed and Al were still after human transmutation. FMA1 does ask some logical questions about their journey and what they find on it.

    50. Izumi’s relationship with her son is explored. Obviously this is impossible in FMA:B/manga, so no fault to it. But quite a moving storyline, especially considering the Homunculus she created is Wrath. He acts like her in temperament, only to a bigger extreme, and he has alternating moments of wishing to acknowledge her as his mother and shunning her.

    51. It shows flashbacks of the military’s chimera experiments. This adds to the ghastly horror that is 1. the military’s cruelty and lack of morals, even among humans as much as among Homunculi, 2. the plight of the hybrid human-animal species that are introduced in FMA.

    52. Following on that, FMA1 makes Shou Tucker a chimera. Besides that it makes you question equivalent exchange and whether that’s fair trade, what irony.

    53. Immortality is the endgame for the villains. I think that’s interesting because Ed and Al were trying to defy the natural order of things by reversing Trisha’s death. This is only an extension of that idea, and immortality is a subject I love to see covered when resurrection and supernatural beings are being introduced into the story.

    54. It lets Sheska and Winry use some logic. Besides that I like someone as smart as Sheska having a bigger role, she and Winry figure out a huge military secret all on their own. That suits what is supposed to be above-average intelligence for both of them.

    55. Hohenheim is brought down to the level of a human. He makes the same mistake in both versions, but in FMA:B/manga that mistake is almost this deal where his absence allowed his boys to grow and save Amestris. In FMA1, Hohenheim is shown to love his boys while being a sinner who is as prone to mistakes as the next man.

    56. For people who really hate the downplaying of Royai, they sure had some cute moments in the 2003 together. Roy putting glasses on Hawkeye and noting how nice she looks, for example. Little things FMA1 indulged.

    57. Speaking of little things, how about the smile newly christened state alchemist Edward gives Winry when she asks if she can buy things? FMA:B/manga did have moments where they made it clear Ed cares for Winry, but sometimes it’s the moments that come when nothing bad is happening and things look kind of peachy.

    58. Ed’s “Even when our eyes are closed, there’s a whole world out there that lives outside ourselves and our dreams” line. Ed emphasizes a lesson he learns in both versions to some extent: The world is bigger than his desires, and until he realizes that and acts that way, he’ll never truly earn anything.

    59. “Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world’s one, and only, truth. But the world isn’t perfect, and the law is incomplete. Equivalent Exchange doesn’t encompass everything that goes on here, but I still choose to believe in its principle, that all things do come at a price, that there’s an ebb and a flow, a cycle, that the pain we went through, did have a reward, and that anyone who’s determined and perseveres, will get something of value in return, even if it’s not what they expected.”

    Okay, so this is a quote from 03, but has much meaning that Brotherhood FAILS to keep consistent within itself. So what if this last point is based on sentimental value? Tell me how that’s not positive as a sharp contrast to all the grief in the series. Tell me how that’s not deep when people realize that the way of the world might not be input equals output but that hard work and blood, sweat and tears DOES amount to something. After all the HELL they went through and they can still say that? That’s remarkable and if you think about it, it’s only a deeper expansion of Ed’s “Fullmetal heart” quote. (Or I suppose vice versa since I don’t think it’s ridiculous that Arakawa might’ve taken inspiration from the above quote.)So…if we just like the 03 for sentimental value, I just wrote 59 paragraphs more or less on that. So if it’s sentimental, it’s not shallow.

    I could give a total of 101 arguments, but I’m pretty sure this post is long enough as it is. That, and I’m doing my best to not just say what I liked but what is actually relevant to fans of either series.

    Not that I expect anybody on here to read this without spite or anger, but I recommend this read also to those who defend FMA03 anyways, it might further help their arguments should they encounter any Brotherhood fans in a debate. But these are fundamentally different shows and, believe me or not, I’ve defended BOTH of them from people who want to stick their noses up at either. However, most of the times I have seen Brotherhood fans bashing FMA03 so mercilessly that it’s more fit to take the side of the underdog in this case, especially when I KNOW the better-quality underdog is unjustly underrated and the other show is over-hyped and overrated. Taking one comment, like mine, as a reason for bashing FMA03 is really not worth it. This isn’t the damned civil rights movement. Nor is there any logical reason to get political over this either, like I see some Brotherhood fans pointing out about FMA03 having ‘Nazis’ within the Shamballah movie. Keep your political interests and biases to yourself, thank you.

    And if it is? Well…there’s 59 more reasons why we have rights too.

    I might return to post more reasons, but as I said before, these 59+ reasons are enough as it is for now. I might repeat a lot but bare with me, because many points needed to be repeated to fit the dialogue.

    • You are a joke. You copy and paste those argument from some person on tumblr. I recall reading the exact same arguments.

    • And that so called video you use as evidence is completely straw manning Brotherhood fans. Hard to take that video seriously if he has to degrades other fans to prove his point.

      Really, make your own arguments. -_-

      • Wow, no ACTUALY refutation, how am I not surprised? Just a bad excuse of backlash full of anger.

        You haven’t refuted anything worthwhile, you’re just a typical raging Brohood fan with no valid reasons to counter. That’s why you’re pissed off, and that’s why you’re jumping on 03 fans such as me and others like a dog with rabies. You have all bark and no bite, nothing worth of value in your refutations. It’s all fueled by emotions.

        By the way genius, how the hell do you know that person on tumblr isn’t me as well? Have you ever thought of that? Are you omniscient, like ‘God’, or just trying to be a smart arse? Before you call someone else on ‘using someone’s arguments’ be sure to know who you are talking to. It’s really funny though, how you actually remembered this response from my tumblr or, if you just discovered it recently, you actually looked on google to find it. Are you really that pissed off by this and have nothing better to do than to rage?

        I’m sorry, but YOU are the joke. And so is this blog post. I honestly expected better from Digibro, but apparently him and others (like you) prefer mediocre content.

        • Probably because most of it is completely inane.

          For example:

          “4. Religion is adequately blamed while alchemy is also viewed as a religion. I don’t know…FMA:B viewed alchemy positively in general, like a gift. That’s why we have Ling’s quote about how Ed looks like he’s praying when he transmutes. It’s like alchemy’s another gift from God, and alchemy and religion aren’t that far apart. What FMA:B does is highlight how alchemy can be used for good more than the terrible things it can do; FMA 2003 takes the other road and emphasizes that religion—or alchemy, as that’s the subject of the series—can be used for great evil.”

          FMA:B covers how alchemy can be used for evil up, down, and backwards. the BBEG is planning on killing millions for his own personal gain. Is that not evil enough or something?

          You could have 1000 points, but if they are all this garbage it doesn’t mean much at all.

      • Also (since you posted two replies to mine, I guess it’s fair for me to do the same, as I have some afterthought I forgot to add in before), the video you said that is ‘straw manning’ you guys, is actually not. He’s generally talking about Brohood fans like YOU, those who DON’T want to see past the flaws of Brotherhood (the ‘true to the manga’ show) and yet you criticize FMA03 for the most stupidest and insignificant reasons. FMA03 didn’t have a license to cater to fans nor to make them happy, it was to tell a well-rounded story (with elements OTHER than just action), which Brotherhood just lacked MORE on. Brotherhood is good for it’s action, FMA03 is good for pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE. That’s what OUR general message to you guys is.

        First off, you hypocrite, don’t accuse others of ‘straw manning’ when you played the same game by straw manning some other poster on here. All you seem to be on here for is picking up fights with us because we see both animes for what they are and like the other anime more than your favorite one. AND you haven’t actually refuted ANY points of us 03 fans with GOOD, valid points. Sure, some may criticize you for being ‘shonen fanatics’ (which is kind of a baseless assumption, I will agree), but I’M responding to this blog with actual points.

        • All I got from your paragraph is you simply making straw-manned arguments as well as assumption from person who you know nothing about. And notice how in those two comments the only thing I said about Brotherhood is how that video IS straw manning Brotherhood fans. So you really can’t just assume you know everything about. You just made an ass out of yourself.

          And for the love of good, stop with the condescension! Making yourself sound arrogant like you won something make you seem like a idiotic blowhard. All you did was just voice your opinion, and then treat it like it some fact. That something I expect from stupid you-tubers.

          You really are joke, poor stupid and unfunny one. But I guess that’s how you 2003 fans are.

          • Wow, you are such a dense…IDIOT! I was trying to be AS NICE as possible to you before, but apparently you’re so THICK headed and such a brainwashed otaku that I now realized you can’t be taken seriously. Are you REALLY the best Brotherhood fans have got? And here you go again calling me something that would better fit the likes of you. You’re a FOOL. Straw man or not, it’s quite clear what type of person you are, someone who can’t listen to reason.

            The video was describing fans like YOU, smart ass, NOT the fans as a whole. YOU’RE the type of fan he’s referring to, the type of fan who thumps on the word-of-law while disregarding QUALITY. And you don’t have any valid arguments AGAINST our points. All you do is ignore, your brain somehow can’t possibly compute properly or something and DEBATE like a normal person.

            Compared to you, yes, I can speak ‘arrogantly’ because I KNOW what good quality is and what isn’t. Plus I have reasons to back things up. YOU on the other hand only responded in the comments out of rage and fan retardedness I see so much and so constantly in the anime community. It’s the same shit different person, and this time the person is you.

        • And if you really are the same person from tumblr, prove it. Send me a link and prove on your account you are same person. Otherwise you’re just a liar.

          • AGAIN you do NOT counter my points because you KNOW they have validity and I’m right. You’re really a piece of work, aren’t you? I don’t even know why I bother with a low-brow, individual like yourself. You’re not possible to have a calm discussion with, all you do is ATTACK with thinking. It’s because of you’re fanaticism and your mediocre taste. You’ve convinced yourself that you like the better of the two that you won’t change your mind when evidence proves otherwise.

            I don’t need to prove SHIT to you, do you understand? It doesn’t matter WHO the messenger is, what matters is the freaking message. Apparently, you’re so DENSE that you can’t even counter one fucking post. All you are here for is to get a reaction out of me. You’re just a bag full of air, with NOTHING good to provide to the conversation.

            Oh, and yes, I’M STILL WAITING ON A GOOD RESPONSE.

              • Man you sound like such an emotional stupid creature.

                Word of advise? Quit acting like a god damn retard and talk to me like you actually have some god damn sense. I’m not going to take you seriously if leave long winded paragraph that’s full of nothing but stupid and cliche insults based off biased assumptions seriously a brainwashed otaku? You really do sound like a stupid youtuber.

                That’s partially why I didn’t read to your reply because it filled with nothing but personal insults. Sorry but if all I see is you capitalizing your insult, I won’t and nobody for that matter is going to want to read that. Quit taking it so seriously and having that stick far up your ass. This is going father than just watching an anime show, You’re over all being a rude and unpleasant person.

                You want me to give you decent reply? Stop acting like a total ass shat. Don’t expect a civil discussion with a person if you’re going to be a complete asshole about.

                Ease with the insults and then’ll we’ll talk otherwise I really don’t want to continue a conversation with such an ill emotional mannered child.

              • And also you using capitalizing makes you look incredibly stupid. If that’s your way of conveying your point, or to be taken seriously please stop it.

                It only gives the opposite effect.

            • But you know what’s really dense and pathetic? The fact that you would leave such long ass reply on some article that’s like three years old. because I honestly doubt the person that even made this article even cares anymore. And the longer and longer we go through this stupid drivel with you i’m starting to realize how stupid and pointless this debate.

              It also hilarious how your stupid puny brain truly try to past off your preference that you like in the first anime as so called objective statements. That pretty much proves your too stupid to tell from fact & opinion. Which makes you sound like uppity moron. Which again makes you sound like some deluded fan with a God Complex. In the end, I can go out on a limb and stay where both acting stupid, but your acting far more stupid and emotional with your dumb assumption. Claiming many false and untrue statements about me constantly. That by far has to easily be your most noticeable flaw in general. And it seems your just to dense to realize & admits this as well. Your other flaw is you don’t know when to shut your damn mouth. like seriously you must love to hear the sound of your own fucking voice.

              And lastly you claiming I actually have to state reason why I prefer Brotherhood, like I have to give reason to like one for the other, this all goes down to preference in the end. It’s pointless to debate why something better than the other because it’s entirely subjective in total. But unlike that stupid video you showed me at least not trying to state my opinion as objectives.

              But hey there’s no point in getting trough that thick skull of your because your god damn mouth is bigger than your brain you have that stick in your head far to shoved up in your own ass, that just talking to you is so annoying.

              So because I really can’t stand you I be dropping out if this pleasant conversation and be on with my life. You can continue to whine and bitch about why you claim your show is better. But I won’t care, that’s the main reason. Not that I can;t come up with an defense I just don’t care or have the energy and compassion to.


              You’re next comment will consist of trash like that nothing but mindless assumption. So i’ll be the mature one and let this conversation die right here now. Something your ignorant ass is too stupid to do.

              • Simply remarkable, I come back days later from vacation and this idiot still hasn’t responded to ANY of my points! LOL I honestly didn’t expect otherwise, since he’s just a dense fantard of less quality material.

                Your response again is another TL;DR pointless response full of repetitive rhetoric, and is only full-on emotional response, unlike my first comment which gave ACTUAL arguments for why Brohood is shittier than FMA03. It’s really hilarious how you actually think you don’t deserve to be talked down on and have people get mad at you, but since you’re such a dense fantard you can’t notice anything outside of your comfort zone.

                I won’t even bother responding with any ounce of an argument anymore because it’s quite clear you’re nothing but a shonen TROLL. I call you a TROLL rightly, because this idiot refuses to counter my arguments and you’re only responding to get a reaction out of me, but you fail to see that since YOU responded first out of full rage that YOU are at fault. You could have simply looked away and ignored my post IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE ANY ARGUMENTS, instead you reacted like a petulant child. I shouldn’t have bothered at all trying to prove anything, but I didn’t know you would be this much of a numb skull. You still have NO valid arguments to counter the 59 points I’ve posted, NOR do you have any actual points to counter any other FMA03 arguments I’ve seen on here, and therefore your comments are ALL invalid. LOL stay mad like the stupid little prick that you are, it still just means that I’m right and you’re wrong. You have NO ounce of thought in that primate-like brain of yours. You remind me of a monkey, who only shouts as a half-assed response but has no higher intelligence for any higher thought or reason, in other words you’re not even worth being taken seriously or seen as a threat in ANY debate.

                As for any other 03 fan who sees this twat’s responses, don’t bother responding to him. As you can see, he has not responded nor is willing to respond to the arguments I’ve made, claiming they are not ‘mine’, as if that’s a valid excuse to push those points on the wayside. It’s obvious he exudes stupidity and might result in lowering your own IQ if you give him enough attention. I won’t bother giving anymore attention to this retarded Brohood-fanatic of a blog anymore. I can’t force every Brohood thumper to see the light, if many are like David here then they’re all lost fan brats for all I care.

                • I’m personally standing clear from the debate between two FMA Adaptation because I find them both to be great show and there both great at what they do.

                  But Anon, it clear as day that David didn’t respond to do because you’re simply not a pleasant person to talk to. You act like a complete asshole and you’re entire reply consist of you patting yourself on the back claiming your right when in the end of the day you’re acting like a total big headed jerk who CLEARLY loves to hear him or herself talk.

                  Like seriously, nobody going to talk to a condescending unpleasant person or prove them wrong if there being a complete asshole during a debate, it’s uncivil.

                  That’s not how you have a civil debate, your reply quite frankly is childish all you are doing is writing overly long an tedious paragraph to the guy and making baseless assumptions and rude statements off a person you don’t even know off of one show.

                  That’s pretty stupid imo. While David argument weren’t great, your behavior wasn’t any better.

                  Long story short, you can’t expect David to give you a proper reply when you’re acting like a complete pigheaded dick.

                  That’s my two cent.

    • Lol bro did you really take the time to share 59 differences you saw in each show? And What makes you think your opinions will change the mindset of all of these people who are for FMAB…. I don’t know why everyone is trying to put in their 2 cents in here but it’s actually making me laugh. It’s so funny to me when people find it necessary to share their voice with others in a persuasive aspect. It’s a fucking blog man. Their opinions aren’t going to change. It’s like children fighting in this blog lol “My toy is better, no mine!” Ahhhh such banter.

  19. In my opinion they are completely different shows. The first one left me scarred for life, i was definitely too young for it, but i believe it to be a masterpiece. The second one is great, but its a much more predictable show, don´t get me wrong, i love it, but the first one made me grieve, made me cry, i loved all those twists and bittersweet notes at the end. Nowadays as an adult i would MUCH rather watch the first one all over again.

    • Yeah, i agree. They are two different shows for different audience. FMA1 has deeper philosophical depth. I watch them both for balance. =) While FMA1’s story (at the end) is rushed, In general, as a story, it has more potential. This is my view as a Philo Major, that is. =) FMA1 also got me into Physics. (modern physics) because it parallels the current science.

      • First 25 episodes, sure it may leave an impact but for overall philosphical depth for the whole series? I’m sorry but FMA just screams pretension. When you’re talking about humanities, keep it simple. No emotion involved, focus on the observations and inferences. That’s what i liked about FMA:B, they’ve kept it simple(for the most part) on the ramifications of one’s actions. The consequences, the growth, redemption, and the fall one one person/homunculi for wanting something doing and any means to achieve that something.

  20. Both of the series definitely played with my emotions a lot and I am more for Brotherhood. I just have to say, not only was that one of the funniest things I have read in a long time, but it was probably one of the truest too.

    With Fullmetal Alchemist being one of my favorite series, I often don’t want to say things to put it down, but that doesn’t mean I won’t.

    The Archer-Bot 3000 was the worst idea for anything that I have seen in a long time and whoever got that bright idea was probably smoking something that my father hasn’t even heard of yet. Archer himself thought –you know, when he was still a real boy– wasn’t a half bad idea at first. I feel like they just put him in the original series to make up for the original Kimblee, who’s personality in this had already been slaughtered far beyond repair.

    As for the Führer scene, when Selim brought up the skull almost as if he was offering it to Jesus Christ himself, that was just to horribly convenient to be convincing.

    Don’t even get me started on Dante. In fact, I won’t get started. I will just state that this “Father” was a way better villainous protagonist.

    What’s been said has been said; that’s as far as I’m going to go for now. Brotherhood has its flaws too, I just believe that these were much easier to point out– a lot for the sake that this ending was way worse.

  21. The commenters here are definitely among the most pretentious, whiny little brats I’ve ever witnessed, and I’m refering to those arguing on both sides. Simmer down and just accept you have different opinions to one another. More than anything, just don’t be a dick

    • The amount of yes in these comment is astounding. Both series have pros and cons and everyone doesn’t need to be bashing on each other.

  22. Just finished FMA and its movie. I feel torn. In my opinion everything leading up to Hughes’ death was perfect. The episode where he dies and the 2 after that are for me the crown jewels of FMA 03′. Those episodes were some of the most emotional I’ve seen in a while. Then the earlier episodes were just so dark and disturbing, I loved them. After Hughes’ death I was ready to watch the elrics do some serious ass kicking. And then from that point on it falls off a cliff. Dante’s death was not satisfying at all because A. you don’t see it and B. you dont fucking see it. How is it possible that you dont see the demise of the evil mastermind? I also hate how they made the “Gate” a portal between two alternate universes. It made the ending way more convoluted than it needed to be and at certain points it was difficult to follow. I hated envy, he didn’t get a satisfying death. I hated wrath, he didnt get a satisfying ending. The only “sins” i liked were lust and gluttony. One dies in the most bullshit way and the other turns into a mindless eating machine because dante pressed his tongue? What? Then the very very very ending of it all where they decide to go to 1920’s Germany instead of staying with their friends and family was just the absolute slap in the face. Its like it was all for nothing. One big waste of time.

    I just needed to vent because I can’t stand when shows are split in half like this. One really really really good half. And one garbage half that undoes almost everything the first part did. Now I don’t know if I even want to watch brotherhood because what I really want is a story that leads up to hughes’ death and then ends in a satisfying way.

    • Brotherhood won’t satisfy you with hughes’ death. It’s done in a very fast way, not as emotional as the first one. But Brotherhood has a satisfying ending.

  23. How anyone can justify that ridiculous FMA ending is beyond me considering how implausible and unrealistic those last few episodes were. I loved the series while watching it despite the horrendous Archer-bot or Mustang relinquishing his goal of Fuhrer status in order to kill Bradley or even the entire Dante situation but by the time I watched the last episode I found myself believing it less and less. none of it really tied up and I wondered weather they had bitten off more than the could chew without having the time or the energy to cleanly tie it up. I can hardly get my head around the Al-dies-for-Ed-dies-for-Al situation. It was all very messy and lacked planning. Don’t get me wrong I’m no stranger to a Sad ending, but this was just bad… really bad. It really cant be put any other way and theres little I can do now but put my faith in Brotherhood. I do not expect any ending to be perfect, but I do expect something believable and better executed than the garbage I was delivered.

  24. The 2003 series might had an awful ending but in general it had some nice points too. In fact the episodes with Izumi Curtis were far better in the 2003 series than Brotherhood. Plus the story with Maes Hughes’ death that was an important part in the story was better constructed on the first series. My only complain about the first series was the ending and why they didn’t continue a second season. The vow that they meet again would be a very nice second season idea.

  25. Omg rose wasn’t there when she ran out of time to change bodies and she hasn’t had another philosopher stone to change into rose b4 ed was with them, cause you know philosopher stone actually meant something on 03 and it wasn’t a fucking candy that literally half of the characters on one scene at some point of the series had in their pocket like they did on stupid brotherhood. Father is like 1 million times worst villain than dante, at least her wad obsessed with human desires like inmortaly and beauty, fucking father wanted to be bad because of YES jesuschirst someone realize already that brotherhood was “I have to surpass 03 somehow” attempt of the mangaka using fucking Disneylike ending and above average shonen fights :S

  26. The original fma is actually my favorite show of all time. Brotherhood falls in top 8 or 9. I see why people prefer brotherhood. It’s the entertaining, fun adventure, with great world building, but I prefer the original. I felt it showed the darker aspect of the characters. Brotherhood just puts everyone into a good or bad category.(granted in brotherhood some do change from bad to good) I see some of your points (even if I don’t agree) but, you really hated episode 35? I thought it was one of the best episodes because it gave lust more of a purpose and made you really fell for her. I get where your coming from, but your not going to change opinions

    • Really? I thought world building was one of Brotherhoods weaker aspects. I liked the character interactions between everyone, they just feel real. To me scenes from FMA and FMAB just kind of meld together into one, but I much prefer the homunculus of FMAB. Pride was way to grimdork in the original (DIgi, thanks for my new favorite word) and his death was legitimately funny.

      Pride: “Son why have you come here?”
      Selim: “Well, you said that this artifact was very important, so I came back to give it to you.”
      Pride: “…”
      Pride: “Fuck you Selim.”
      -snaps neck-
      Selim: “…Fuck…you…too…bitch.”
      Roy: “Fuck you pride”
      Pride: “SHIT”

  27. This is really such a cringy comment section. While personally, I do prefer Brotherhood, as for me, 03 just simply wasn’t as interesting, but dear god. Every FMA 03 fanboy is spamming “Lel pretentious shounen fanboys. They dont (the lack of an apostrophe is purposeful) even know what good anime is, those plebians!” And every Brotherhood fanboy is making sure to tell everyone how pretentious 03 is, and then constantly reply to valid criticisms of Brotherhood with “Whatever, at least it isn’t pretentious! I’m going to ignore all your points now!”

    • Agreed on the comments’ cringe. Both series are great. ’03 is fresher in my mind, so I remember the great moments while acknowledging it wasn’t the best show it could be. I could list things wrong with Brotherhood, but it’s still got enough improvements over ’03 to be comparable.

      Between the two of them you could get an amazing show. Which makes me wonder how much better the manga is than Brotherhood.

  28. I personally prefer neither of the versions. While I have to agree that 03 handled Shou Tucker and Nina, Hughes and Lust better. I agree that Brotherhood’s ending made much more sense and was generally much better (in my opinion). Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we should enjoy ourselves. And not argue about nonsense.

  29. I have to agree with you that the 2003 version was not nearly as good as the 2009 version. There were too many odd, inconsequential characters, including the bizarre Frank Archer, the story veered off so drastically from the manga (which was where I started enjoying the series) I am not one of the lil’ shounun boys, and if I happen to watch something that originated as a book or manga, then I would like to see the animated version stick with the actual story. Roy and Ed giving up on their ambitions was the final blow for me. Ed was so admirable because he never gave up,not matter what he was facing, and Roy had dreams of making Amestris into a corruption free country, probably eventually a democracy and an overall better place to live. Hoenheim was treated poorly too, at least in the 2009 version he sacrificed himself for the greater good and had a reason for living as long as he did.

  30. I think the fact that people are still arguing (though needlessly) after well over a decade on a years old article shows the staying power of FMA 2003. It didn’t have a full source to follow yet it still attained countless fans and critical acclaim which is quite a feat especially when many other series descend into a filler hell until given the next chapter or just prematurely end.

    So no matter how much diehard Brotherhood fans hate it FMA 2003 will never be ignored, disregarded or even universally hated. It earned it’s deserved praise as well as beloved status and will hold onto it regardless of “the source” just as it did during its original run. Plus its the one that has Brajta, its always gonna be cherished.

  31. Jesus fucking Christ I agree with you completely! what the hell was the alternate dimension bullshit and where did it come from?? Like everything is “normal” and suddenly they’re just like “ah yes and also here is the other dimension” ?????? I hate the ending so much. So so much. All of it. Oh god.

    Also I haven’t seen the movie. Anyone who has know if it’s any good? Did it fix the god awful ending? And for Pete’s sake did Al and awe get reunited because that’s all I care about at this point!

    I liked the 2003 series (what the hell eas the Tucker abomination though?!) but the ending was shit, the end

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