It May Be 2012, But I’m Finishing the Fall 2011 Season Here and Now

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So ends the first and last season that I’ve ever blogged from start to finish. I may have missed a few weeks, but what’s important is that I covered the first episodes, last episodes, and many in-between episodes of these shows, and that’s more than I could ever say about a season before. My off-puttance of these final episodes wasn’t only caused by my current gaming addiction—a little over a week ago, I got sick and had a hard time trying to watch anything. Even now, I’m still hard of hearing in my left ear for reasons unknown to me, which is dampening my viewing experience. Nonetheless, I’ve persevered to arrive here tonight.

A disclosure: I haven’t watched the last three episodes of Mashiro-iro Symphony, nor the last two episodes of Working’!!. The reason is that I don’t give a shit about said shows and am not up to watching them. I’ll finish Working’!! because my little brother will make me, but I don’t intend on returning for a third season if such a thing comes to pass. That out of the way…

After all the rum I drank last night, the phrase "release the kraken!" is nightmare fuel.

Fate/Zero (S1 Conclusion): This show was all the A-class entertainment I expected it to be. Rider rode away with the show in terms of dialog and character presence, but that’s not to forget how interesting Kotomine, Kiritsugu, Archer, and others have turned out to be. Plus all that suit-wearing Saber. Fate/Zero doesn’t have the exciting, fresh, masterpiece quality of Madoka, but it’s so fucking good and well-made that certainly deserves hearty recommendation. Take this chance to get all of your friends into it before the show returns in April.

Ben-to (Conclusion): I had a ton of fun with this series. The first half was definitely better than the second, but the show still ended in a very satisfying way, and very much deserves a second season. It had the kind of cool and spicy bombast that you can only get from shows like Durarara!!, and while it’s nowhere near that level of greatness, it’s still very worthwhile. Yarizui Sen saved it in terms of characters, stealing the best dialog in the ending while still sick and bedridden.

Un-Go (Conclusion): At the very least, Aikawa Sho didn’t fuck up the ending like he almost always does, albeit it would’ve been pretty impressive to screw this one up. Un-Go was consistently interesting and somewhat entertaining, and the conclusion was satisfying. I just never cared about anything in the show and can already barely remember most of it (I finished this show a week ago).

Sorry it’s so short and sweet, but that concludes my Fall 2011 coverage. I will not cover Winter 2012, nor do I even know what I may or may not watch.

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