Pick the Next 5 Shows I Watch And I’ll Do Some Shit

I’m not feeling Winter 2012. I like Nichibro and Kill Me Baby, along with some 3-minute shows, but comedy just isn’t a genre that grabs me by the balls when it isn’t Gintama (much as Nichibro thinks it is). Symphogear and Lagrange are fun action and fanservice shows respectively, but I don’t give a damn really. “Another” just reminds me that PA Works is an offshoot from Bee Train. So that leaves me with Nisemonogatari which I may or may not watch weekly.

To make up for this season that I probably won’t keep up with anyway, I wanna watch some backlog shows. I have an assload of them taking up literally all of my harddrive space and I’m an indecisive fuck, so I want you guys to vote on them. I’ll watch the top 5 voted shows and I guess post on them or tweet about them or something. I probably won’t drop any of them since I actually planned to watch them already.

POLL CLOSED: I can’t figure out how to actually close a poll so here’s just the results at the time that I closed it.

Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzoo 0.4%

Aria the Natural 4.45%

Astarotte no Omocha 3.64%

Crest of the Stars 6.07%

Darker Than Black Ryuusei no Gemini 5.26%

Eat-Man 0.81%

Figure 17 3.24%

Fushigiboshi no Futago-hime 0.81%

Great Teacher Onizuka 9.31%

Hayate no Gotoku 4.05%

Heartcatch Precure 3.24%

Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu 2.43%

Hime-chan no Ribbon 0%

House of 5 Leaves 3.64%

Idolm@ster 5.67%

Idolm@ster Xenoglossia 1.62%

Index S2 4.05%

Key the Metal Idol 1.21%

Kodomo no Jikan 3.24%

Letter Bee Reverse 0.81%

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Strikers 3.24%

Mouryou no Hako 4.45%

Natsume Yuujinchou San 2.83%

Planetes 8.1%

Princess Tutu 6.48%

Star Driver 6.88%

Suite Precure 1.62%

Vampire Princess Miyu OVA 0.4%

Yu-Gi-Oh! 2.02%


Tempting though it is to follow Omo’s advice and watch Hime-chan no Ribbon just because it got no votes, I’ll just stick to the rules and watch the following: Great Teacher Onizuka, Planetes, Crest of the Stars, Princess Tutu, and Star Driver.

13 thoughts on “Pick the Next 5 Shows I Watch And I’ll Do Some Shit

  1. Agree with lostty, San is great if you’ve watched and liked Zoku and s1, though you probably know it already. Also voted for Crest of the Stars and GTO, which are plain good, Darker than Black, which is good enough, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, since I tried watching it but dropped it for reasons I’ve forgotten, and it could probably spawn some interesting posts.

  2. GTO – Cause how can you have not?
    Crest of the Stars – Cause I want to watch it
    Planetes – Same as above
    Index S2 – Cause I wanna see how your opinion compares to mine and everyone else’s.
    Kodomo no Jikan – Cause duh

  3. I will gladly confess to not having seen GTO anime. The manga is where it’s at. Forget all the other GTO adaptations because they’re all watered-down on the violence and sexual content. Actually, I take that back just a smudge, I watched almost all of the live action GTO, which was amusing for entirely different reasons.

    If I were you i would pull a troll and just watch Himechan no ribbon since nobody has voted for it. To be honest nothing on your list is really all that bad, so it doesn’t really hurt to watch any of them. Well, “hurt” in that if I were you I wouldn’t mind watching any of them. You might have different reactions :3

    • I’ve already seen like 25 eps of the GTO anime and I like it well enough. The thing to remember is that these are all on-hold shows so I’ve seen at least 2-3 eps of all of them. But sure maybe I’ll check out the manga, since I know plenty of people love it.

      Hime-chan no Ribbon is awesome. I’ll bet sds would’ve voted for it if he came through.

  4. Heartcatch Precure and Suite Precure!!!!! It takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth it – especially Heartcatch, the best of the franchise.

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