The Courage To Watch Nisemonogatari 2

If I ever felt like a show as going to give me heart problems, I certainly felt it watching this. The -monogatari franchise still feels to me like the “old friend” that I described in my Finish or Fail post on the show two years ago, but like an old friend, our relationship has only grown in inside jokes, collective laziness to get anything done, and perversion. This has become the anime equivalent of watching porn with a friend.

The porn starts with HOLY SHIT 1080p?! When did this become a thing that occurs with current anime?! Holy balls! Face-melting gorgeousness. And what occurs in this glorious 1080p episode? Almost constant sexual tension, nudity, service, my god, I honestly felt like I was watching porn. This goes beyond the impossible with animated fanservice to a level tread only by the likes of Seikon no Qwaser, and it achieves this without even showing any tits. You see, in a show like High School DxD, which we would all call a “fanservice show,” the service amounts to cuts of boobs or someone faceplanting into some girl’s panties, etc. Hardcore fanservice shows might sometimes entertain longer stretches of perversion, like a “perverted scene,” such as what occurred sometimes in the more service-heavy episodes of Ben-to (which sucked).

But here’s the thing: Nisemonogatari has these shows beat on so many levels. This is a FUBU otaku show with gorgeous character art and designs, directed by a guy who once took two years off from his career to make a bunch of trippy porn OVAs, now handling what must be the highest budget he’s ever even come close to having. This episode contains not sexual moments, but sexual situations, which are long, and which are as gorgeous as they can be, plus as perverse as they can be without a bunch of gross moaning (which lesser shows would have to resort to) and people actually having sex (porn).

What else do we get from this episode?

1. The super-nicely-animated Araragi Karen. Yes, her selling point right now is actually that almost everything she does is something that makes my eyes cum (without having to involve my dick). That and already having a Kitamura Eri performance than I like more than any other I’ve heard from her. (Did anyone else think she sounded strangely like Tamura Yukari?) Being as Karen is already A. always fun to look at, B. fun to listen to, and C. says fun things, she’s already a solid Fun Character.

2. Kanbaru! I forgot how much I loved you!!! Here’s something that doesn’t feel true: I haven’t watched Bakemonogatari all the way through in two years. Because I rewatched bits and pieces since then, I forgot about this, but I remembered it harder than ever by realizing that Kanbaru is so awesome and I didn’t even remember it. Additionally, wow, it somehow feels like I haven’t heard Sawashiro Miyuki in a while. I think I’ve been dropping all her shows or she hasn’t been playing characters I was interested in. She was my favorite seiyuu for quite a while, and now I remember why.

3. Speaking of my favorite seiyuu, Hanazawa Kana is still playing some *ludicrously* hot loli in this show whose sexual lust factor went skyrocketing through the roof. Wait a minute, was that a porn version of Renai Circulation playing while she was trying to rape Araragi on the twister board? Yes, yes it was.

Yes. It. Was.

18 thoughts on “The Courage To Watch Nisemonogatari 2

  1. Look, anyone who’s still trying to rationalize this as anything more than softcore porn is only fooling themselves. It’s stylish softcore, but softcore nonetheless. There’s no need to tart it up any more than it tarts itself up – it’s just porn for the discriminating viewer who need more than Sekirei offers them.. be that teasing pillow talk that would make Holo blush, or teaching the audience with sexy loli Twister matches they don’t actually get to see.

        • Okay. I just haven’t seen anyone who was tarting it up as you say. the consensus, as far as my blog and twitter feed goes, seems to be that this ep is pure smut.

          • I haven’t tried finding anyone who’s tarting it up, actually, I didn’t mean to imply that. It’s probably just the limits of my ESL catching up with me as I continue to tart up my English (even after so many years it’s still easy to convey the wrong message when I try too hard). I guess I should have said “if anyone’s still trying to..”

            Next time I should just repeat what ghostlightning says :)

  2. When I heard Yukari Tamura in Ben-To, I initially thought that it was Eri Kitamura. The 2 have pretty similar voices, I think. Tho perhaps Kitamura hasn’t exhibited quite the same range.

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  4. 1. Fantastic style.
    2. Beautiful fight scenes.
    3. Interesting premise.
    When it stops fucking around, it’s actually quite good. It’s a shame it can’t stop fucking around.

    • It’s all the fucking around that gives impact to the dramatic parts of the show, though. Like in Mayoi Snail, the trick is in creating the feeling that this character has been talking to Araragi for a while, and then revealing, oh shit, turns out Senjougahara can’t even see her, now suddenly our perspective on what’s been happening changes. The show, and really the entirety of Nisioisin’s writing, hinges on things like this: he likes to give you a lot of dialog or happenings, then twist the meaning of it all into something else later on. It’s about “payoff” really, and without that, the show would indeed be a shameless amount of fuckery. But without all the fuckery it wouldn’t be as interesting to see the results.

      • There’s no thematic coherence to it, though. It’s one thing to give you a bunch of useless dialogue and then PLOT TWIST and now everything falls into place. But the dialogue is just as useless after you know what’s going on.

        • Well, let’s keep in mind that we’re not quite at the place yet where the “twist” would occur. Still early. Though I’d say that there has been a common thread tying most of the conversations together so far.

  5. Only two episodes in, featuring at least 2/3 of what made bakemonogatari exactly what it was (but as per the point of this post, MORE OF IT), and it’s just fucking around? People have no god damn patience. Just enjoy the smut while the thing sets itself up.

    • Yeah, Bakemonogatari fucked around too. That doesn’t make it a good idea to do so. Bakemonogatari would have been loads better without half the nonsense.

      >implying you can enjoy pedophilia

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