One Thousand God Damn Anime

I have reached 1000 total entries on MAL, and since I only have one thing listed as “plan to watch” due to the site’s incorrect episode counts and airdates regarding Thermae Romae, this means that I’ve effectively “seen 1000 anime.” What a fun thing to be able to say! In the conventional sense of “seen” meaning “completed,” I’d only have 467 shows, but in any case I’ve seen at least *some amount* of 1000 anime. Pretty rockin’.

I was lucky enough to realize with two entries left to go that I was coming up on this benchmark and thought, why not make the last two something special? That’s not as easy to do as if I were reaching a benchmark number of completed shows—in this case, the last two entries had to be things which I’ve never seen before, so I couldn’t know as much about their quality, unless they were tie-in movies or something. Which one of them is.

For my first choice, I headed over to the Top Anime list on MAL and decided I’d watch the first thing that wouldn’t require me to watch something else first (i.e. no Clannad After Story when I haven’t finished Clannad). This brought me to One Piece: Strong World which I’ve conveniently had on-hand for over a year now. So I watched that, and it was pretty bitchin’. Funny thing about One Piece is that I’ve only scratched the surface of the TV show and manga, but I’ve seen almost all of the movies. It’s a franchise that I’d love to get into, but I can’t get past the shitty animation of the show nor the shitty scans of the early chapters of the manga. One day.

Then to cap off the grand, I thought I’d watch Video Girl Ai, in honor of 2DT leaving the blogosphere (also because I saw his avatar while I was trying to think of a show). So I watched the first episode of this rom-com about girl Ranma having been mysteriously separated from normal Ranma and sent to help some poor guy with his girl problems. After that… I put the show on hold!!! Hahahahaha!!!


15 thoughts on “One Thousand God Damn Anime

  1. Did you google your “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” ? Or is it original if I may say so?
    Also: Congrats!(?) How much time does that represent?

  2. I’ve only recently got back into One Piece. Like you, the animation scared me away, but I quickly got over it and even started to like it. This is the second time I’ve heard mention of Strong World in two days, so I guess I’ve got to watch that.

    The show/manga is arguably my favorite one in existence. The plot-line is outstanding in my opinion. Def worth getting into, but I’ve found it’s really tough to stop watching.

    Video Girl Ai was outstanding too. The manga was better, for the usual reasons that manga is always better than an OVA (length, completeness, etc).

    • My BFF has been reading One Piece every week for as long as I’ve known him (nearly five years) and we watched some 48 eps of the show together years ago. Besides the bad animation, there’s also the fact that new eps are only osmething like 15 minutes of actual footage with an assload of stalling in many forms as they adapt one chapter per episode. My BFFsy tells me not to watch the anime, especially since Oda’s artwork is so fantastic and much better than the show’s anyway. It’s just that the part I’m on has shit scans! But I think maybe I’ll just buy all those collected manga volumes some day.

      • The only reason why the latest episodes are in that way is obviously because of the lack of chapters to animate. I totally agree that the latest anime episodes are very slow compared to the manga, but if they seriously went with normal pacing, the anime WILL catch up with the manga in less than 20 episodes. This is a series where it’s almost impossible to make filler that’s part of the one piece world as that would involve tinkering with the behind the scenes dynamics of the show, and what Oda has planned out for the future.

        Other long running shounen series like Gintama don’t have that problem because making hilarious fillers for those are very easy.

    • I’ve been doing something kind of epic with finish or fail though it doesn’t involve writing and therefor will be epic to no one but me until it’s finished LOL

    • Haha I should’ve known I could count on you to enjoy that! The inspiration was that I felt like a supervillain for putting my 1000th show on hold. Literally two minutes into Ai ep 1, everything in this post entered my brain, I knew I’d put it on hold, and I knew I’d post on it this way.

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