Inescapable Anime Fandom

I consider myself a man of broad tastes, though if you ask me what I’m into, I will invariably answer “anime.” Because clearly, I’m more into anime than anything else—I run an anime blog, not a music or film or game or book blog. Yet there’s an extent to which I think my anime fandom isn’t so much more massive than my other fandoms as it is more inescapable and easy to be a fan of. This is caused by my social life, really.

Whereas I know a shitload of anime fans, a million sites and places where I can go to talk about whatever anime related subject I want, and easily locate fanworks, I can’t do that for anything else. I don’t know where to talk about movies or games or music, etc.

It’s not that those are hard to find, it’s that I’m picky. There are only a handful of anime-related sites I actually read and only a certain number of friends I have that are anime fans. But I love reading/talking to all of them, and they weren’t easy to find. I’ve been a member of the anime fan community for some ten years now. I’ve graduated up from being a forumite to being a blogger and social interactor to narrowing down my social circle into just people whom I like.

I can’t go and join some forum for some fandom, because I will hate it. I hate forums. I wouldn’t even want to go back to reading blogs, really. Because in the end, what I really like isn’t talking about anime so much as talking to people whom I like, and anime is just what I talk to them about… the consequence is making my fandom expand even more.

I’ve ended up limiting myself to discussing my other interests with anime fan friends who happen to share those interests. I can talk music and movies to otou-san to an extent. I have friends with whom I can talk video games. But I couldn’t do something like run a blog and have a readership from the ground level of those things. If I started, say, a My Little Pony blog right now, only my little brother would be reading it until I established a new readership, then spent years thinning it into people that I like.

All of this is why my side blogs never survive or thrive. There’s no reason my manga and music blogs coudln’t have been updated with as much frequency as this one, but it was never as fun because hardly anyone was reading them.

But maybe I’m about ready to undergo the process again. After all, I’m getting pretty bored with the anime fandom, and some of these fandoms are just dying to be expanded. (Just as likely, I’m too lazy to try.)

8 thoughts on “Inescapable Anime Fandom

  1. The main I follow anime blogs more than game or book blogs is that you guys are more fun. All of the lit blogs I’ve seen are entirely SRSBSNS, and all of the game blogs are either too srsbsns or not srsbsns enough. I need balance.

    It’s a damn shame, too. I’d like to see intelligent literature or music or videogame bloggers that could take themselves less seriously.

  2. ‘Because in the end, what I really like isn’t talking about anime so much as talking to people whom I like, and anime is just what I talk to them about…’

    this.very well noted and phrased. same reason why i just can’t stay on forums too long.

  3. It’s oddly fitting to see this right after reading the final 2DT post.
    You’ve definitely made yourself seen in the anime fandom. You’re on numerous blogrolls and Tokidoki Balloon even had a thread on /a/. I, myself, have been greatly influenced by the things you write about on your blog, and seeing you at the Gintama panel and singing Os-Uchuujin were some of the highlights of my Otakon!
    If you feel tired of writing about anime, then please go ahead and move on to something else. It might take a while to gain a steady fan base again, but I think it’s worth writing about something you enjoy.

  4. This is actually a really keen post. I’m a similar boat–or so I’d like to think–where I have fairly diverse interests and hobbies beyond anime. However, I only blog and tweet so extensively about anime, not because I’m limited by my social circles I think, but more simply by the general popularity of other stuff. It’s pretty much impossible to break into the film writing scene… There are hundreds of professional writers, editors, bloggers, reviewers, sites, TV shows… on that. Comparatively, anime, as more of a niche, new thing, is much easier to establish myself as a unique voice.

    Anyway, good luck on any new projects. ^ ^

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