Brony Media Overview [Tons of Embeds]

Image by Paradise Wonder

My quest through Equestria Daily‘s media section is finally over after more than two months. I only made it back through June 2011, but due to a series of events, I lost my place, and EQD’s page system makes it difficult to go through their archives. Besides, the further back I go, the less high-quality media there is, and these days so much is produced that I hardly find time for my archive plumbing. Therefor, I’m calling it here.

I’ve listened to several hundred songs, watched at least a hundred PMVs, a few dozen animations, YTPs and flash movies, not even getting into the dozens of games I’ve played and thousands of images I’ve looked at. I’ve gotten deep into brony media culture, and I’m only going deeper. Here are my findings at current depth.

Amazing as Equestria Daily is, the site is unreliable. After all, it’s a blog, not a database, and only wants to be as much. My tastes don’t always agree with those of the EQD review staff. They post up plenty of shit PMVs and tons of generic electronic music that has little in the way of pony—not to say that their tastes are generally bad, just that I intook more than enough crap that I didn’t care for, while finding other stuff that I did looking on my own.

(Totally not butthurt because nothing I’ve submitted to EQD has ever made it :p)

Nevertheless I can’t discount how valuable it is to have a site that delivers large amounts of worthwhile content to an incredibly wide audience. I only hope that a good portion of that audience goes to find things on their own as well. This might be an insane demand actually, because I know firsthand that keeping up with EQD alone is incredibly time-consuming (even if, like me, you don’t read any of the fanfics they post). You probably have to be a jobless, schoolless pony fanatic like myself to intake as much pony as I do while accomplishing anything else.

There are no words to describe the whole of pony media, except that all of it contains pony (and even then, that assessment is questionable at times). Pony media spans every medium and genre, and probably creates a few of its own. There’s pony stuff that I like in every form, and getting into all of it will be a nightmare.

This post will contain a list of each song, video, etc. that I’ve downloaded or favorited on sites like youtube, deviantart, fimfiction, etc., largely without comment. I’d like to say things about them all, but it will be just gushing unless I could dedicate a full post to each item.

Here is a bit more than the tip of the iceberg of all the pony stuff I like. I’m sure I’ll eventually make a full-on canon of all things pony which I enjoy in the future.

In order to keep this list from getting too crowded, I’m limiting it to one item per artist. You’ll see something like “JHaller’s x, x, and x,” while featuring the work which I like most. Everything is largely out of order, but I tried to position the best stuff at the top of each category.

Digibrony’s Brony Media Top Picks


Everything by SoGreatAndPowerful (featured: A Sorceress Girl)

TarbyRocks’ Born Cross Eyed

JackleApp’s I Love Everything (featured), Coolness That Defies Gravity, and My Destiny is a Rock

PinkiePieSwear’s Sunshine and Celery Stalks (featured), Trixie’s Good Side, and Giggle at the Ghostly (Simply Joy)

H8_Seed’s Neverending Strife

Mic the Microphone’s Sonic Rhyme-Boom

Prince Whateverer’s HeLuna

CombatF0rk’s What About Us

SandJosieph’s Gloomy Town (ft. SiminaCindy) (featured) and Daddy Discord (ft. Lenovran and SiminaCindy)

And The Rainfall’s At the Gala (Rainfall Mix)

Glaze’s Rainbow Factory (featured) and Love Me Cheerilee

MandoPony’s Student of Celestia


Blaze’s Love Me Cheerilee Remix (first pony song I ever liked :3)

Bronified’s Pinkie’s Brew (ft. The Living Tombstone) and all of his other songs

Vafrous Coyote’s For Luna

Jcarlson04’s Sweetie Bot’s Big Race (featured), The Orphanage Song, and Princess of the Night (extended)

IBringDaLulz’s Ponies and Stuck Here On The Moon

Hergest Ridge’s What Would Twilight Sparkle Do? and The Apple Farmer Song

Swagberg’s Pony Swag (ft. Maros)

Mogul Dash’s Rejected (ft. Cyril and Replacer)

Replacer’s Cerulean Blue

Joecoolman26’s Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme (Power Metal)

ElectroKaplosion’s The Downfall of Harmony

Warbalist’s Luna Writes In Her Die-Ary

SimGretina’s Art of the Dress (Trance Dance Remix) (best. video. ever.)

NeedsMoreDjent’s Of Great And Powerful Things

ClaireAnneCar’s Evil Enchantress Rock

Vivix’s I Remember You


Tommy631’s Sinewaves Are Magic


Parnas1us’ Appletastic Spring


WorkingOrder’s Friendship Is Awesome

(click to watch)

MysteryBen27’s Rhythm Is Magic Series (Featured: Remix Apple Apple Apple)

Skaijo’s Friendship Is Magic Bitch (featured) and sequel

alfa995’s Derpy Cardcaptor

Dx11’s Trixie: Alone

(click to watch)

FiMFlamFilosophy’s Rainbow Dash Presents: Rainbow Fun Factory



JHaller’s Dr. Adorkable – Twilight’s Freeze Ray (featured) and all of his other PMVs

LimeLassen’s Lazy Ponyday

kiwipoo2’s Pony Mead

FluttershyElsa’s Pony Polka Face

Bareodin’s Beer!

ThrashChrist’s Enter Sandman


Comedy/Repurposed Footage

SherclopPones’ Friendship is Witchcraft series

Kilobitebrain’s Pinkie’s Drunk Kitchen

Viraus2’s Twilight Chappelle Gets Racially Profiled

Mic the Microphone’s Dethklok: The Battle For Best Pony

mide25’s That Crazy Nastyass Pinkie Pie

JHaller2’s The Ponydocks

Babbercosplay’s Tengen Toppa Pony Lagann

ZerilaFFXI’s Canterlot!

Tumblrs (click images to go)

 DocWario’s Ask Pia Ikea

Egomanic’s Moonstuck

SpeccySY’s Ask Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie

UC77’s Ask Hot-Blooded Pinkie Pie

Lolover’s Sketchy Twilight Sparkle

=the-sweet-queen’s Ask Filly Twilight

Illustrators (click images to go)










TheSlorg’s The Day My Beard Turned Into Pinkie Pie

angelofrombelow’s The Great and Powerful Trixie Falls In Love With A Pinecone


Mad Brochacho’s On the Docks

What The Actual Fuck? (you’ve been warned)

The Grand Gallopping Collab

Ponykart Update Video 2

FifthPlaceLosers’ One Direction

HotDiggetyDemon’s Pony.MOV series (featured: Magic.MOV)

One Terrible Writer’s Jack/Off (NSFW)

Sleepless Brony’s Getting To Know Him (NSFW)

And that ends this collection of pony stuff! Sorry to end it in such a dark place lol. I may just update this post later and turn it into a full-on pony canon, or I may do it somewhere else, who knows.

11 thoughts on “Brony Media Overview [Tons of Embeds]

  1. Good gravy look at all the embedded videos. I actually hadn’t realized until I read the essay you linked in the previous post that the series is done by none other than Lauren Faust (of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends) – which made a lot of things click into place in terms of all the reviews I’ve heard about MLP’s snappy writing and colours. Personally I’m hoping for another original project from her in the future; hopefully she isn’t too much a victim of success.

    • Well, Lauren stepped down from MLP after season 1, and has already done shorts for DC called Super Best Friends Forever which are also cool She’s definitely trying to do as much as she can.

  2. Found a few in here that made me giggle or the music is really awesome.

    that Bamboodog picture looks like a bubblegum crisis shoutout. even if he says it isn’t on his profile i can’t get the image out of my head! haha

    why are so many videos of that see-saw thing??? am i missing something here or are they just replaced videos?

    • Apparently the videos i had posted have randomly been replaced with that. I have no fucking idea why.

      Oh shit now I know. I pulled the video links out of my favorite videos playlist. For some reason, with my having edited that playlist a lot recently, it has replaced the links with the latest thing I added. This will need major fixing.

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  5. I find this deeply depressing. I myself attempted a remarkably similar endeavor, and never finished despite devoting every spare waking moment for several months to it. I kept working on it far after any sane man (obsession or not) would have long quit, and only surrendered when I suffered a multiple-month setback after my flash-drive fried. Judging by the time you posted this, I stopped around the time you started.

    Would you care to explain exactly how thorough you were? I’m trying to figure out if you had a more efficient method of combing the archive, or are you a faster reader, or…?

      • I spent all my spare time sorting through EqD’s archive even on school and work-days, which amounted to over 14 hours every single day… and I worked on it at least two months longer than you did.

        I just can’t understand how you would have more or less finished an archive trawl when I couldn’t. Heck, just keeping up with new posts consumed a significant portion of every day.

        • Well, I didn’t necessarily listen to every song all the way through. Obviously if I didn’t care for it, I stopped it and moved on so that I could go throguh quicker. And since I’m pretty picky about music, I probably stopped a pretty big percentage of the songs. I also probably skipped most PMVs within a few seconds, since I don’t care for them in general. Maybe that’s how?

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