I Love My Pink Gay Elf

This is Chris Chiaki, my pink, canon gay, high elf archer. He’s one of my alt characters in the massive multiplayer RPG, Tera Online. He is fucking fabulous.

A lot has been said about the character designs in Tera Online—thankfully most of it positive. Reading complaints about the designs, I’ve never seen the word “sexist” used, which gives me hope that people do in fact know the difference.

Tera is a gigantic ball of smut. Characters are designed on the principle of maximum fanservice. Most of the females don’t usually wear pants, nor much of anything, especially at higher levels. Male Castanics look like Korean boy band members with their chests and abs always showing. High Elves are pretty as all fuck and get ultra-gay outfits. For guys who aren’t secure enough to RP a gay man or a woman, there’s also the Aman and Human males, who look more like what you’d expect male characters in games to look like (Devilman and Chris Redfield, respectively).

I love this about the game. A year ago, when my friend showed me videos of the Korean version, I saw that there was an all-loli race that didn’t wear pants, and had animal ears and tails (i.e. they’re Strike Witches), and I was sold. Elins actually wear pants in the Western version of the game, but I don’t mind because it’s part of why Elins get the most adorable and fashionable outfits.

I’ve seen complaints here and there about the flashiness of the armor and that’s fair. You can’t please everyone. Some of those people seem like stuck-up douchebags snobbing their nose at what they deem themselves too good for, but there really are genuinely some people aesthetically opposed to the game. Whatever. I don’t like how the characters look in WoW, which is why I always played Undead. Finally I have a game where I feel good playing all of the races (except Popori, fuck them).

Top-rated comment in a Reddit discussion about the female designs.

I’ve been playing the ever-loving shit out of this game for a few weeks, which means I’ve got a laundry-list of complaints about it. However, I only whine because I care, and I genuinely love the game. If I didn’t, the shitty stuff would make me stop playing. But the one thing I never have a problem with is its visual presentation. A huge part of what makes Tera captivating is its gorgeously designed world and epic sense of scale. For instance, the experiences of flying into each of the three major cities for the first time were among my favorite moments in video games, because the city designs floored me in ways no other game has accomplished.

That I get to explore those cities as a glorious gay elf and an adorably badass Elin is the icing on the cake.

16 thoughts on “I Love My Pink Gay Elf

  1. holy shit balls that game looks PRETTY. Almost makes me want to try it…

    Chris Chiaki is certainly fabulous! and normal humans looking like Chris Redfield is AOK WITH ME! *drools*

    • Chris Chiaki is fabulous as fuck indeed. One of the cool things about Tera is that it doesn’t have separate chest and pants armor, it comes as one item, so your characters never look mismatched. I can’t understate how much this does for character fashion. Also, for enough in-game gold, any piece of armor can look like any other piece of armor, so you can always dress your best.

      (By the way Chris Chiaki is named after the main character from Garzey’s Wing just thought I should mention.)

      As for Chris Redfield, uh… sure if you like biceps the size of refrigerators nailed to a brick shithouse, I guess that’s fine.

      • hehe yeah i figured it was from Garzey’s Wing XD I totally agree with the armor bit. I never understood why some games would make them look different or just plain ugly. who wants to start at their ugly ass characters all day while playing. midas well make them pretty as fuck imo if you really want people addicted!

        and as for Chris Redfield uhhh yeah I do like <3 XD

    • But Tera is the MMORPG that plays like an action game! Although don’t let En Masse’s motto “true action combat” fool you, this isn’t Devil May Cry. Still, combat is pretty fun. As an archer, it feels like playing a shooter game in the vein of like Resident Evil where you’ve gotta kill all the shit before it gets close to you. It can be quite a rush, especially when you say fuck it and fight giant enemies solo. This has that Dark Souls element of, if you’re really that good of a player, you can take on anything regardless of level or gear. (It will just take forever.)

    • Screw that, play SWTOR instead and get on the ebon hold server. I actually think i’m the only player on there right now :(

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