Some Hard Thinking After Five Years of Anime Blogging

I must’ve come to certain conclusions after doing this for as long as I have.

I’ve wanted to write this post forever—doubly so after ghostlightning did it. Being the extreme person that I am, I wanted to go all-out and make some ridiculous list of attractive anime characters which didn’t skimp on details—but I’ll never actually write it. Plus, doing so many characters washes out the impact of how hot they are.

A surprising (read: fucking huge) amount of deliberation went into picking the hottest female characters. Which girls have I found hot in the past? Do I still find them hot? How hot are they in comparison to my number one choice (the only one I was already sure of)? It actually helps that I’m doing this post after having majorly taken a step back from anime watching, because I can’t go on what I’ve watched recently, nor specific hot scenes that could cloud my judgement. I have to instead consider the character in a sort of void space—in my purest idea of them—and decide how much I want my dick in that.

Anyway here’s the three hottest female characters animated in the past five years.

by yoshikawa kazunori

Number Three: Kanbaru Suruga, Bakemonogatari (2009)

Kanbaru is one of the few anime characters with whom I’d be good friends in real life, and is the kind of girlfriend I dream of having. She also has a lean, muscular body that she seems so… in control of (phrased as creepily as possible.)

art by kasai shin

Number Two: C.C., Code Geass (2006—2008)

We all agree on this, right? I’ve looked at some “hottest anime girl” lists, and C.C. is always there. Understandably so: she does little of anything in the show except show off her fucking perfect ass. I’ve talked a lot about Kallen’s tits over the years, but ever since C.C. caught my eye in a TV rerun, I haven’t looked away.

(Also if you know where to find full versions of those images, please share.)

by mikage sekizai, because there’s no official art of her alone!

Number One: Hiiragi Kagami, Lucky Star (2007)

Kagamin is easily the hottest anime girl, and before anyone opens their mouth to say “loli” this or that, you shut the fuck up. I went to college with a number of girls who looked like her and all of them were hot as fuck. There are a number of things that let me know Kagamin is truly hot. No matter what she wears, it’s hot. No matter how she styles her hair, it’s hot. She has sex eyes. Basically, she’s perfect.

Plus she has hot friends.

Wait, Digibro, I thought you were a huge lolicon?

As ghostlightning explains in his post, any character can be dolled up to look hot. Lolis and moe girls are hot in the hands of otaku, but usually they’re more cute and adorable. I had considered some of my favorite lolis for the list, but when I thought about, “do I actually want to fuck this character?” I was like, “not really.”

8 thoughts on “Some Hard Thinking After Five Years of Anime Blogging

    • Is it though? I think these girls are all about the same height, all pretty thin, so they aren’t covering wholly different body types. Kanbaru is set apart by being muscular and C.C. is set apart by having bigger tits, but in neither case is this radically different from the other two (C.C.’s tits aren’t huge, Kanbaru’s muscles aren’t huge).

      Kagami and C.C. both have captivating eyes and straight, candy-colored hair. Kagamin and Kanbaru are both handsome and boyish at times, with Kagamin loving to wear male-ish clothes and Kanbaru often seen in similar. That last Kanbaru image, with her in the suspenders and tie, is something you could easily see Kagamin wearing.

      And perhaps more importantly, all three characters are from shows with excellent character design and often beautiful character animation. Each of them gets to look great for a great percentage of screen time.

      So I think they have more in common than not.

  1. They have more in common than not because they’re anime girls (thin, more or less same height) but within anime as such they’re pretty different I think. Not that that’s a bad thing..

    • It’s reasonably surprising because I’ve rarely talked about Code Geass at all, and even more rarely talked about C.C. (if ever). I certainly felt awkward putting her on the list, but again, when it came down to it, I really wanted this to be the three girls I most want to shag. An obvious choice from me like Furude Rika of Higurashi falls apart under that particular scrutiny.

  2. Two schoolgirls and an immortal witch. Wait a second…

    On a more serious note it’s interesting to see that the progression of your list actually goes through a bit of an aesthetic evolution – from “fairly defined facial features” in the case of Subaru to “mostly abbreviated facial features” in the case of Kagami.

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