What Do We Stand To Gain From The Berserk Movie?

I’m drunker than glothelegend so bear with me here.

I’m extremely familiar with Berserk, having watched the (first half of) the anime and read the manga, then watched the anime again, so I know this story (one of my all-time favorites) like the back of my hand. Going into this movie, my expectations weren’t high. I’d seen previews and found the style of character designs awkward, and I didn’t understand why we were revisiting the Golden Age arc again. It’s already been done by the original anime, and people have wanted a continuation of the story forever.

But I’m not one to snub my nose at HD remakes. There’s nothing that a fan stands to lose from the existence of such things. Don’t like the remake? Well, the original is still there. Maybe just be glad that the new one has something you might like in it. I went into the first Berserk movie asking myself, what does this add to the franchise as a whole?

Because indeed, I don’t think this is a “replacement” for the anime or the manga. I would not recommend watching just the movies on their own. As a Berserk fan, there’s nothing to lose, but just as any fan of the anime should definitely read the manga because it has more of the plot, and any fan of the manga can do no wrong to watch the anime, if you watch this movie, you owe it to yourself to partake in the original anime and the manga, because the movie cuts too much out.

In just over an hour, this movie covers about ten fucking episodes of the anime (not including the first episode, which isn’t covered). I’m not sure how much of the manga this is, but it’s probably something like six volumes (we must skip the first three and a half because, again, those aren’t covered here). There’s certainly a lot of useless shit in the show, where episodes feel a little longer than they may have needed to be (usually while enemies talk about how awesome they are for minutes on end), yet this movie happens so fast that it doesn’t give time to endear one to the characters or get sucked into what’s happening, or get wrapped up in Griffith’s enigma.

But maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’ve seen Berserk too many times, and am interpreting it as a fan would, not knowing how it would appeal to new hopefuls. Also, I was slamming shots the whole time, so I could barely even see by the end of it.

Anyway, there’s something to gain here. It’s in the massively enhanced realism. One of the biggest drawbacks of the original show is that the battles suck a fat cock. We just see a bunch of shots of dudes killing dudes, with spacial relationships constantly changing while people stand around talking about what’s happening. The new movies bring the world and the scenes to life better than the show or manga could. It has the sense of “if this had really happened, this is what it really would have looked like.”

I enjoyed this aspect a lot, because it seemed to fill in the gaps in my imagination about what had happened in the story. For instance, in both the show and manga, all we ever see of the first battle where Guts kills whats-his-fuck is the fight itself, whereas in the movie, we get a better idea of the fact that a whole battle happens, and there’s shit like siege weaponry employed.

That said, it’s not like the new battles are necessarily interesting. The movie has realism, but it isn’t well-directed or particularly interesting to look at outside of being a re-imagination of Berserk. Moreover, the entire movie is in CG. At first, I found this incredibly awkward, and I’m still not sure if I just got used to it, or got so drunk that it stopped being as apparent to me. The CG is what allows for these big-scale fights and for the realistic movements, but it is smack dab in the middle of the uncanny valley; weird as fuck.

Fans of the series probably won’t be impressed by this movie because all it adds is a small bit of visual enhancement while cutting even more from the story that had already been problematically cut from the anime. When I’d heard there would be three movies, I thought it would mean that they were going to cover everything, not that they were going to make the movies ultra-short, which makes no sense.

But again, I’ve lost nothing. At worst, I’ve gained. Just not a whole lot.

10 thoughts on “What Do We Stand To Gain From The Berserk Movie?

  1. Yeah. If the movie sucks, just drink a bit more so it gets better after a while ^__^
    (Not that I support alcohol and drugs).

    I have seen the original Berserk anime, but to be honest I am not qualified enough to talk about it so I leave this discussion *which version is better* to the fans.

    • Which version is better isn’t a discussion worth having… ideally, you should just watch or read them all. The manga has the complete story, so it is absolutely necessary. But then, the anime also gives color and voice and life to the manga, which gives it its own value. And the new movie provides some realism and a look into what the events really should have looked like in the anime.

      If the movie covered all the ground that the anime did and had the same gritty artstyle that the anime did then it would probably be worth asking whether its better or not, but as it stands, just watch them all for best effect.

      • Okay, it’s always nice to hear your great opinions. It’s a pity that so many details and more subtle things get lost everytime the producers try to adapt something. I think my favourite manga Mahou Sensei Negima (next to OnePiece) is a good example. Did you know it is a pretty well researched story taking clues from the harem and shonen-genre ?
        Most people who only saw the anime versions (nothing against Shaft and Shinbo) think it’s just a shitty harem story, but it’s much more than that. But at the same time I can’t blame them for thinking so.

        Dear Berserk Mangaka, stop fapping to Idolmasturbator *Cough* and finish the god damned story !

        • Yeah, I’ve long considered trying to read Negima for that very reason, since I’ve repeatedly heard that it’s a pretty great shounen. It’s just a matter of getting through the dumber early parts. At least I do like Akamatsu’s designs, though. If it actually had full nudity it would probably be easier for me lol.

          • Yeah, I am a great Ken Akamatsu fan. He is by no means the most original guy on this planet (I have heard a rumour that he got beaten up by this guy who drew Video Girl Ai because Ken stole many elements from this manga), but he really knows how to write interesting and developing stories.

            Regarding the humour and fanservice in Negima, it’s pretty goofy, but I think it mirrors my personality pretty much, ha ha !

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  4. I can’t believe I waited all this time for a continuation of the berserk anime and they covered the same shit but in lesser quality and I’m sick and tired of people complaining about the original anime when it’s not to far off from the manga hell it follows the manga closer than these bull crap movies

    • the anime was the first i had seen, then i went out of my way to buy the books from a little manga shop for a lot of money, 15 years ago grabbin off the internet wasn’t an option for me, and i just watched the first two of the new movie’s and there great, when a books made into a movie it’s new, when a movie is remade or the same old story is being told by some one else its going to be different, if you want the same old story then read it again, if your already a fan your gonna wanna see it, and it may inspire some new fans to check out the old, at the end of the day its a new persons take on guts , griffith,, and a great story,,
      If your going to let good books ruin great movies,,, quit reading ,

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