A Forced Interrogation.

I’ve been called for interrogation by animekritik as part of some anime blogger circle thing. It’s the first I’ve heard of it, which makes me wonder—is that because it’s only just begun, or because I’m so out of the loop?

Whatever the case, my first thought upon reading the rules in ak’s post was, “he’s gotta pick me!” I guess I consider myself a HIGH-PRIORITY BLOGGER in ak’s eyes. I was only third on his list though, so WHATEVER man.

On the real though, it’s a little nostalgic. It’d be a lot more nostalgic if I hadn’t been tagged by one of the two bloggers I actually read, though. I can’t be all, “OMG, other people read me and are interested in my opinion!” Instead it’s like, “glad to know I can still count on good old AK to make me feel connected to someone.”

There’s just a handful of you, but ya’ll are enough to keep me writing!

1. DREAM: You go to the bathroom and hear the sound of water.  You open the door and to your utter amazement __________ is using your shower and smiling at you.  [Fill in the blank with an anime character of your choice]

Hmmm. Okay. Knowing the way my dreams actually play out, it would probably be a loli that I have mixed feelings about (coughRika), making me wake up half-happy and half-having a meltdown over whether or not I’m a pedophile. Let’s say this isn’t a realistic dream, but actually a dream that if I woke up from, I’d be fucking depressed about it.

Any of my three hottest anime girls would be ideal in this situation. All three of them, I could do anything with. If it’s an all-out dream where I can do whatever I want, or if it’s more like a, “my dream of an ideal life,” where I have to be all reasonable and shit, all three of them fit. Waifu/girlfriend material and wank fantasy material alike.

For the sake of consistency, I’m going to choose Kagamin to fill in the blank.

2. NIGHTMARE: You go to the bathroom and hear the sound of water.  You open the door and to your utter amazement __________ is using your shower and smiling at you.  [Fill in the blank with an anime character of your choice]


(Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?)

3. Why do anime characters have such big eyes?

They all got mad surprised when they saw my big-ass DICK.

4. What anime series, if mentioned in a conversation as “a good show” or “a fun show” or “actually OK” or “not that bad”, will most likely make you throw up because of the horrible taste the person speaking evidently has?

I try not to be like this, but I don’t know how I’d deal with the situation anymore because it’s been a long time since I’ve had it. Back in high school I’d talk to people who’d seen a few shows, and their favorite would be some random-ass, thoroughly generic shit like UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie which I haven’t seen but don’t even need to. Those situations usually made me berate them about it.

Recently, I looked at a friend’s MAL, and they gave Kai Doh Maru a 5/10. I screamed, “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU,” at my computer screen. This bitch gave lower scores to perfectly good shows, so showing any forgiveness to that bullshit was unforgivable.

5. Does watching anime in the nude enhance your viewing experience in any way?  How so?  Explain in detail and/or with pictures.

Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve watched anything in the nude. If I did, I don’t remember what show it was. But I’m not the type to sit around naked anyways. I like having a shirt on.

Now it’s my turn to ask five questions of five bloggers. Since ak has already participated, and has already tagged ghostlightning, my options are limited. I guess I could tag ghost anyways because then he could answer both of our questions (assuming he even has time or inspiration to participate). I also don’t know who else has already been tagged by others and not gotten around to posting.

I’m just gonna tag five people whom I know haven’t posted a response yet. And if you’re one of those five people and don’t want to make a post, or if you’re not one of those people and want to answer anyway, leave your response in the comments!

I choose you, ghostlightning, otou-san, schneider, chii, and summersatellight!

1. Right now, how connected do you feel with the anime blogosphere? Do you feel like you are a part of the community, or an outlier? Do you feel relevant?

2. The era of blogs may be coming to an end. New social media services are coming which will combine the best functions of services like blogs, tumblr, twitter, and reddit. What would be the ideal form of social media service to you? Do you like the current model of blogs, twitter, and tumblr, or are you super excited to ditch that noise?

3. With the exception, perhaps, of SummerS, we’ve all been watching anime on a weekly basis for years on end now. All of us have probably found a certain groove (like mine of watching fucking nothing). Are you satisfied with the way you watch anime now? If you had a different lifestyle, would you change the way that you watch anime, or is the way you watch more based around what shows are on the air? (To rephrase: do you wish you could watch more shows? Do you think you’re already watching too many? Etc.)

4. Getting into the really important question: what would you like to see from me in the future? All five of you are long-time readers of my blog, and some of you have read me very consistently. Chii, for instance, reads just about everything I put out, and Schneider has read a lot of my fiction and non-blog work which I haven’t even shown anyone besides him. All of you must enjoy something about my writing, or enjoyed something about it in the past. This isn’t me asking for advice on how to be a better writer: I’m asking, what do YOU want to see me write about? What, if I posted it, would make you really glad to see me writing something like that?

5. What has got you by the balls right now, in life? It doesn’t have to be anime. For instance, I know that while ghosty is still watching and blogging anime, he’s putting more energy into playing Mass Effect as Jerrid Messa and probably rebuilding his house after the recent flood. Much in the way that video games are currently the major driving force of my energy right now, what is the major driving force of yours?

Wow, those were unexpectedly great questions. Now I actually am really excited to see them answered!

22 thoughts on “A Forced Interrogation.

  1. 1. I don’t want to do the whole blog post thing, so I’ll just post it here (sorry AK):

    I still talk to some folks more than once a week via twitter, so I suppose that’s something. WRL is relevant in that it is still featuring shows that people are watching and discussing. Robot fans don’t have much choice when it comes to anime blogs you see.

    2. I don’t know, but years ago lolikit and I were talking about an ability by any anime blog to pull relevant discussion from everywhere and nest them in some kind of frankenstein monster comments section. That would be Ideal for me, as a selfish content maker.

    3. I’m watching 3 or 4 shows on a weekly basis, and catching up on 2 that are still airing. I don’t feel I’m watching too many. I have, however, cut down on rewatching. I spend that time playing Mass Effect LOL.

    4. I want anime analysis. I’m easy. Just talk about shows. That’s all I want from anime bloggers.

    5. Mass Effect and work. I played the first game on the XBox360 back in 2007 and was not able to play the sequels since my console died. I only was able to get a computer powerful enough to play the sequels last July. But I replayed the first game at Veteran and blew through Veteran and Hardcore in the sequel and have just started ME3. I will play all the games from the very start on Insanity after ME3, maybe as Char Shepard.

    • I know you want anime analysis, but what shows do you want from me? I could finish my Lain and Madlax post series’ and I doubt that would do much for you. The only show I’m watching now is SAO which you aren’t.

        • If something catches my attention then I’ll go for it. I don’t know why, but this season completely failed to grab me in any significant way. Even the one show I like enough to play catch up with isn’t really that good.

          EDIT: The fall chart actually looks pretty promising. Maybe you and I will bond over Robotics;Note since it looks like the robots are fairly giant. I’m likely to blog it if it’s even slightly like Steins;Gate, and you’ll be dead by then so you’ll need somewhere to read about it. Hmmm

  2. I am much too college to read and respond to these things in any depth. In fact I’ve been avoiding all but a few peoples responses. But I will let you have an idea for a post I thought about doing at some point. Basically it is this: AKB48 had a different more accurate anime before AKB0048, it was called Idolm@ster. Delving into AKB48s catalog, personalities, and culture I’ve noticed a few similarities.

    The main ones that come to mind are the athletic competition between Idol groups really happened between AKB48, Exile, and…I can’t remember the third group. It wasn’t really impressive or anything but like Idolm@ster Perfume was there (though the anime only mentions them as “Barium” and “Necchi’s thighs”) actually they were the award presenters at the competition.

    The other big one is the big fruit commercial the girls did where they all dressed up in fruit outfits. AKB48 totally did that with Asai vegetables and vegetable outfits. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pizw3Wf8MHM

    There might be more but yknow it’s a starting block. You can do a bunch of AKB48 research. Watch hours of AKBingo! and DERO! like I have.

    • Well, there’s a few things about this. Firstly, I didn’t finish Idolmaster or AKB0048. I watched about 5 episodes of each. Second, I have no interest in the real AKB48, and I don’t even like their music. So not only do I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I also have no interest in researching or posting about these things. You’ll just have to get around to making the posts yourself!

      • No.
        Also I have very little interest in their music as well.

        I like their personalities for the most part. (manufactured or not)

        GL can have this post if you don’t want it.

          • I just mean he’d more likely call AKB0048 the more proper adaptation. Now that I think about it though there’s no way GL has time to make this post. He’s already planned out literally all the posts for the rest of his blog’s existence.

          • I’m ready to have this argument. The AKB anime is a lot like the AKB live action drama Majisuka Gakuen which is about a bunch of female gangs in an all girls school battling it out and shit. It’s AKB in that it has AKB characters and random allusions to the group itself. More of a spinoff really. Im@s though is more similar to the actual AKB story in some respects with some direct relations to real life AKB events like the vegetable girls.

            Anyway, it’s weird having a proxy argument with someone who probably hasn’t even read this post and isn’t arguing with me.

            You should go watch AKBingo! videos. I’m telling you man. Do you watch MLP for the toys? You don’t need to watch AKB for the music. It also gives you a little window into Japanese variety television since AKB members go on ALOT of programs.

  3. 1. I feel a latent connection with the blogosphere. As ghost commented above, the way to a vital connection is engagement with current shows. Since I’m not watching any, I don’t have that connection. Yet I feel that if I picked up a show or two in the fall I could immediately get back in the conversation. So it’s a mellow, happy feeling of expectation.
    2. I feel the best blogging format would be, to take a page from FDR, the “fireside chat” (robe, cigar, wine).
    3. I just wish I could tell anime studios what to make.
    4. An admission that it is ridiculous to even fantasize about Kagami and Konata being lovers and a public apology for having held on to the notion for so long.
    5. Work, sadly. Whoever invented the concept deserves to be shot.

    • Okay, so. KonaXKaga. I can’t deny that I no longer support this ship. I would much rather Kagamin be my waifu, and I’d take Konata as well if I couldn’t get her. It isn’t too difficult still for me to imagine them together, but the notion doesn’t entertain me as much as it used to.

      I don’t think it’s ridiculous to have the fantasy because frankly, it’s fucking hot. But I will apologize for ramming it down your throat, only to go back on it later.

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