[Podcast] Digibro Never Shuts Up, Episode 1

As explained inside, I decided to do a podcast because I have a tendency to go on long rants and tangents all the time, and my friends said I should try to capture these on recordings. Now that I have the equipment for it I want to give it a shot, especially because there are certain things that I feel come off as too wooden and lifeless in my writing, compared to how they are in my speech.

What’s in the episode:

00:00 – Opening Song: On the Yacht With You by Trial of the Golden Witch

00:27 – Introduction

01:34 – “The Emo/Country Conundrum”

13:20 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

28:33 – A Ridiculously Long Discussion About Anime DVDs

01:05:41 – Closing Song: Beef Lo Mein And You by Trial of the Golden Witch

If you want to be a guest on this show, contact me! I hope to do an episode a week.


10 thoughts on “[Podcast] Digibro Never Shuts Up, Episode 1

  1. Tiny nitpick: Adult Swim didn’t start on Saturdays with all the anime. (In fact it wasn’t called Adult Swim till they started airing Family Guy and such american cartoons) It was first called Toonami the Midnight Run and it aired I think every day. I know because it was my most common source of getting into trouble with my parents. They even would disconnect the cable at night and lock the door to the main hookup…not like that stopped me or anything though.

    • I remember midnight run, which had Gundam Wing uncut on it. I also remember Cowboy Bebop starting a little before [AS]

      However, the way I remember, it was adult swim when they had CB and YYH and all those, and at the time they had the clips of an actual pool, with a voice saying “all kids out of the pool! This is adult swim!” This was about a year before they opened up the Sunday lineup, with stuff like Sealab 2021 and Harvery Birdman Attourney at Law. I don’t remember Family Guy even being on the initial Sunday lineup.

      EDIT: Wikipedia agrees with me. AS started in 2001, Family guy joined in 2003 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adult_swim

      It does say I’m wrong about Sunday coming later though

  2. I found your thoughts about the American DVD market interesting, because most licensed anime in America are also released here in Germany. Pretty funny that you call the people from Funimation assholes (not that I like this company or anything), but I am glad though they released these cheap complete boxes.

    And according to your definition, most deathcore bands could be kinda considered emo :D

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