Digibro Never Shuts Up, Episode 2

Featuring regular guest and friend of the show, Brandon Tolentino!

What’s in the episode:

00:00 – “These fars from the mic”

00:13 – Analyzing mine and Brandon’s favorite music lists
Part One – Introduction 00:13
Part Two – How it began 01:35
Part Three – Methods of creation 04:23
Part Four – What makes Brandon’s a good list/list evolution 14:01
Part Five – Why Brandon’s list shocked me/what it consist of 19:00
Part Six – My favorites list defined 23:48
Part Seven – Reapplying to Brandon’s favorite movies 39:00

42:05 – Trapped in the Closet

52:30 – Closing statements/meta

54:38 – Ending Song: Blurghabuur by Trial of the Golden Witch

Once again, if you’d like to be a guest on this show, just let me know!

9 thoughts on “Digibro Never Shuts Up, Episode 2

  1. ef was really good, huh.. but melodies was kind of meh. i gotta watch the rest of trapped in the closet. i think i’ve seen the first 10. i actually used to play it on my walkman and stuff.

    • Yeah I hated melodies, dropped it halfway through. You can find some angry rants about it on here if you look, but I’m sure they’re hardly worth it. Trapped in the Closet is wicked fun, I wouldn’t mind having some of the better parts on my ipod.

      • oh, but the thing about melodies is..right in the last episode or the next to the last there’s some scenes with chihiro that kind of make it worthwhile to watch. maybe kind of like geass r2 is not so good but all in all its existence makes geass as a franchise more complete, more perfect, than if it never happened..

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