Digibro Never Shuts Up, Episode 3

Split into two parts because of filesize.

Brandon Tolentino joins me once more, since I haven’t had time to talk to anyone else! This is the kind of meandering ramble that I expected to come out of this show, and it clocks in at an hour and a half. Because it travels between so many random topics on the way to the point, I’m not going to write a detailed list of events.

What’s in this episode:

00:00 – Opening Song: E30 by So Great And Powerful

00:38 – A long-ass conversation about how tastes evolve and change, and how this effects analysis, reviews, and perception. Includes me singing old pop songs, talking about Opeth and live-action TV shows, and a bunch of other shit.

Around 18:00, Deadbeat by A Place To Bury Strangers Plays

1:22:40 – Ending Song: E48 by So Great And Powerful

If you want to be a guest on this show, contact me!

7 thoughts on “Digibro Never Shuts Up, Episode 3

  1. And just the other day I was commenting to GL how I liked how you made little lists with the times so that we could pick and choose which parts of the podcast we wanted to check out..

    • LOL. Yeah those are standard practice for podcasts AFAIK, but in this case it would’ve been a lot of work and listening to the podcast a third time, which I don’t want to do. The list will be back next time when I talk with Baka-Raptor.

      Anyway I just recommend listening to it in bites if need be.

  2. Similar to your Opeth experience, I was getting into Meshuggah’s music when I was 17/18. I remember browsing several music forums and they all said they made some groundbreaking metal albums. So I downloaded some of their music and was like “There is no way I can get into this kind of music”. The vocals were harsh, the rhythms were off all the time and there was no real structure for me. So I started out with the lighter stuff and started to compare each of their album with each-other, till the point I started to love their music. Funny enough, I could never get into Tool’s music, although they are best friends with Meshuggah and King Crimson/Rovbert Fripp.

    Regarding GameGrumps: I think JonTron’s point was that there was no real use in analysing a game like Kirby, because it is a very simple plattformer for children while Arin was like “No way. You can analyse EVERYTHING !”. Doesn’t matter though, because JonTron is still fucking funny and I could rewatch his channel all the time.

  3. It’s funny when you were first describing Opeth, because if you remember when you got me into Agalloch, I could not stand screaming vocals and I said I only enjoyed the music. After getting Limbs and Falling snow stuck in my head, it’s what broke my musical barrier in life.
    I’ve really come to love Opeth, but our favorites are a little different there. Morningrise and Orchird are my top cd’s – but I do need to hear the new one.
    Lol’d heartedly at “Look at this photograph”
    chridt this was long

    • the new one is not very good. It’s not really an Opeth album persay, feels more like one of the more out-there King Crimson albums. It’s not bad but it’s hard to listen to.

  4. Okay so, I’ve already told you about MovieBob’s “The Game Overthinker” show like four times now, but uh yeah it is a SOMEWHAT in depth commentary show on video games. He rarely talks about individual games, though, just general things about the industry or the community.

    Even though they’re more thorough and it seems that he’s actually taking his time and saying everything he wants to say in them, the videos aren’t very dense. They always take a while to get to the point, and stretch it out a bit for comprehensibility.

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