Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 4, with Baka-Raptor!

(Split into two parts because of filesize.) This time I am joined by longtime friend of the site, Baka-Raptor of Baka-Raptor! I ask him some questions about sports and why no one at work wants to shut up about them, and then we discuss some other stuff and talk shit about ghostlightning and other bloggers. Lots of fun!

What’s in this episode:

00:00 – Opening Song: Raptors of the Arctic Desert by Trial of the Golden Witch

00:26 – Introduction

02:22 – Shit-talking culture, in the context of football (and shitty anime blogs)

15:16 – Geographic location and its effect on experience (as applied to sports)

20:56 – The US anime industry is not the NFL

23:08 – Location and experience as it applies to anime and other things (and tying this into episode 3 of this podcast)

28:37 – Revisiting the points of episode 3, and how this applies to baka-raptor and ghostlightning

31:16 – Talking about Hourou Musuko and some favorites

34:11 – K-On!! and Mass Effect and how me, Baka-Raptor, and ghosty like things

43:52 – Talking shit about ghostlightning (Baka-Raptor’s lack of trust)

51:39 – Shit-talking as a way of bringing up negatives in a non-serious light, and friendship

1:01:45 – Why I don’t talk about porn anymore

1:04:23 – Metaaaaa (the section where you all get mentioned!)

1:18:41 – What’s up in Baka-Raptor Land?

1:28:27 – Closing statements

1:29:17 – Ending Song: Seth Rogen is the Only Good Raptor by Trial of the Golden Witch

If you want to be a guest on this show, contact me!


17 thoughts on “Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 4, with Baka-Raptor!

  1. What the fuck LOL

    There are conversations I don’t want to have. I avoid them. I’m not going to be useful, entertaining, or any good at all so I avoid them… also, there are shows, topics, or parts of topics I just don’t care about (Kurenai).

    Baka-Raptor would have more fun reading my Gundam posts because I go all out the way he likes it. Gundam AGE blog series is the best place.

    Also, my battles with Rankafags (too much shit threads to go through though).

    Digiboy is out of context with a few things.

    Lakers are going through shit but things are looking up. When Baka-Raptor’s boy Nash returns to the lineup we’re gonna run teams over.

    • The way you write isn’t meant to cover a show in its entirety. You’re not concerned with “everything about this show,” you write about things in the show. Bringing up the negatives and fully realizing your opinion of the show isn’t important, because you aren’t writing reviews. Keeping focused is a strong point of your blog, and you don’t have the benefit of an audience who won’t scream for three hours about how you’re wrong about something you don’t care about.

      All of this I should have said, but didn’t think fast enough, since I was taken aback by Baka-Raptor’s distrust, and was more attempting to understand him than to correct him.

      • I do like Nash, but I’m a Kobe fanboy. I like Kaiji but I’m a Basara fanboy.

        You seem to mean I use appreciate exclusively for things I don’t like. Sure, that happens, but it’s not at all common… like say, I appreciate the illustration style of Kaiji without liking it beyond how it holistically fits with the experience of watching the show. But in itself I don’t like it and it’s ugly.

  2. Man so much to cover.

    In terms of shit-talking culture. My home is Durham, NC home of the Duke Blue Devils. My current institution of higher education is University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The very last line of our alma mater reads “go to hell Duke” (formally, colloquially it changes depending on who we play). So yeah but since I don’t care about football I really only get to shit-talk about 4 or 5 months per year during College B-Ball season. I was raised as a Duke fan because Coach K went to our church and most of the people in our Private Catholic school were Dookies. Later my sister went to UNC and I went to public school and switched allegiances because all the Duke fans at Riverside were the children of well-to-do Duke professors, doctors, or other faculty and that was not my parents. My parents were sort of Duke’s govt friends across the street working at the VA hospital there. So I was became a Carolina fan and I haven’t looked back, because really Carolina is the team of the people yo.

    “Hands down the best stand-alone show the season.” Posted May 7, 2011 by Thoughtcannon in reference to Wandering Son. In the same season that everyone was losing their shit over Madoka. I’d like to rewatch it sometime.

    I’ve spoken a bit about my feelings toward K-On! and K-On!! but here’s me trying to articulate my feelings. I was mostly ambivalent about K-On-single-exclamation-point, I too felt it was mostly trying too hard at the beginning but as it continued it became somewhere around watchable and maybe even good. The weird thing about the second season is that it improves on almost every aspect of the original. Animation, character development, and especially humor are greatly improved. The characters seemed to originally be based off cliche’s in season one but somewhere in the intervening time b/t S1 and S2 they grew into more than just the sum of their quirks. They were charming, funny, and moving at times. I generally chock this entirely up to execution. Consider the opening scene of season one where Yui hits like every dojikko-moe cliche in about a 2 minutes versus the almost contemplative moment of Yui strumming her guitar with her face obscured in the opening moments of season 2. For those who were watching, but kind of ambivalent this was a watershed moment where our enjoyment simply took off from there. There’s just so much more effort put into the second season that it almost retroactively makes the first season more enjoyable. As a result you become more invested in the characters and it all GOES somewhere. It’s not static, there is development being made in some smallish steps. There is nostalgic fleeting feeling to all the goings on towards the end of the season. All the main girls sans Azusa are graduating and it will be hard to be all tea and cakes and games once they are all in college. There’s a feeling of finality in the changing of the seasons and in the changing of the opening theme, there are cathartic moments where the characters finally embrace the notion that their high school years are officially over. Yet it never becomes completely bogged down in drama like other KyoAni shows.

    I check Baka-Raptor’s site sometimes just to see if he has posted something that I missed cause it didn’t come through my reader. So yeah I suppose you could say I am waiting in the wings. I used to read everything you posted. Less so these days though since its less about anime. I have no time to make posts myself and watch far fewer anime.

    Seconded JOOOOOOOJOOOOO!!!! and Hunter x Hunter. Shinmaru’s blog was one of my favorites but now that he’s bedded down with Scamp I have to follow thecartdriver and it’s quite hard for me at times to agree with Scamp but moreso with this new writer Inushinde who is like what Scamp was 2 years ago when I stopped reading him. Shinmaru’s taste in anime is thus: he likes fun shows. Not necessarily the “best” show or most artistic show in a given season but generally he likes fun shows that have crazy premise or execution and contain tons of energy. This is also my general attitude toward the anime I like. I’ll always prefer and earnest really energetic anime with fun ideas over a slow burning, thoughtful, or avante garde show. I still really like these, but my favorite will always be the balls to the walls crazy shows. I believe Shinmaru and I are alike in that sense. Also he’s the only person I know whom I have over an 80% compatibility with on MAL. That makes us totally BFFs right?

    Speaking of enigmas like Omo here’s a statement I haven’t thought of in awhile. What happened to lelangir?

    • I don’t remember at what times I got around to watching Madoka and Hourou Musuko or at what speeds, but I certainly know that I enjoyed Hourou Musuko more even back then. I put both on my canon eventually, but Hourou Musuko I’d always intended to, whereas Madoka was more of a thing where I became interested in the idea over time. I actually suspect I’ll remove it after rewatching, though.

      I agree with absolutely everything you said about K-On!!. Still doesn’t mean I’d suggest it to Baka-Raptor though since one of the best moments in the show involves crying.

      Yeah, I completely abandoned Shinmaru after he joined the Cart Driver. I have no interest in even accidentally reading some shit by Scamp and that other dude. I really can’t stand their style of writing at all.

  3. This was a cool podcast. I enjoyed it.

    I’ve definitely experienced the whole “watched it, wrote about it, never want to talk about it again” phenomenon. I wrote an infamous review of Clannad: After Story. Every 3 weeks, someone new will discover it, get offended and comment, demanding I back up my viewpoint. I’m so sick and tired of talking about that show by now.

    “kinda gay”. 10/10 description

    Being 5 years behind on your gaming saves a lot of money. Mass Effect 1 & 2 are pretty fun. Being able to punch people in the face mid-dialogue was a revelation. (Always pick female Shepard.)

    Baka-Raptor for me has always been a “speak truth to groupthink” type blogger. I value that honesty about what you actually felt watching any given show, which is why it’s basically the only blog I check for.

    Re: your shit-talking friend: I believe the term is “can’t handle the banter”.

    Shout out for Ashita no Joe! Everybody watch that shit. We’re gonna get this thing done someday, I promise.

  4. It took me a while but I listened to it. These podcasts are quite interesting. I find myself listening to them while I work on the computer and stuff. As I listened I had a lot of different comments but didn’t jot them down and now I can’t remember.

    I have to say I used to be a huge sports fan in my teens, but then I moved to Asia and it was so hard to actually watch games on TV over there (I’m sure it’s easier now, I’m speaking of last century and stuff) that I gradually stopped caring. The only stuff that I still watch when I can is sumo and gymnastics, though both are utterly corrupt these days.

    • It’s always nice to know you’re listening, ak. Do you ever have that feeling when a certain person reads you, and you feel like they must be getting something or understanding it a little more than others probably are? I tend to feel that way when I know you and ghostlightning and some other guys read my stuff, just makes it feel that much more like I’ve reached someone. Especially if you actually find an hour and a half of me rambling interesting.

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