Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 5

This episode came out so well, I didn’t even have to edit it! Tonight, Brandon Tolentino joins me for a cultural exchange. He introduces me to the world of American comics, and I introduce him to the world of anime and manga! The irony that he’s Asian isn’t lost on me!

The whole episode is very focused, so I didn’t write a program (sorry ak). There is a point around 20 mins in where I spend 10 minutes talking about Akira though, so if that gets boring, just skip to 30 minutes in. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

7 thoughts on “Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 5

  1. I enjoyed this a lot. It seems that Brandon is much more open to talk with now after several podcasts. Do you guys plan to talk about videogames (aside from Mass Effect) and more movie stuff in the next eps ?

    • We haven’t pre-made any plans for podcasts, usually we just go with whatever I come up with to talk about at the time. Brandon has played a lot of games but doesn’t really talk about them much, so I don’t know. Movies, though, are his element, so it’s very possible we’ll get into them at some point.

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  3. That intro is fucking awesome. Ashita no Joe reference also awesome. I’ll be on Skype the next couple of days, so we can plan out a future podcast maybe.

  4. Akira is definitely one of the first anime I saw, if anything because it was prominently displayed on the shelves in my local video rental shop (wow, I haven’t been to a rental shop in ages).

  5. 47:00
    Grandad uncle combination… some CN exec must have listened to this podcast and rolled with it. You monster, Tolentino, do you realize what you’ve done??

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