Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 8

Another regular ep with me and Brandon Tolentino. We talk about The Hobbit movie at length, and continue to discuss our ongoing cultural exchange. At the end I somehow end up giving a ten-minute history lesson about Noitamina.

What’s in this ep:

Opening: Goblins Dance by Ensiferum
0:33 – Introduction
1:20 – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
16:45 – The past 2 weeks
21:40 – The Cultural Exchange status
22:20 – Describing the Virginia Beach area/Local Heroes
32:46 – Manga issues
34:45 – The bar for entry with comics
38:35 – Shaders everywhere!
40:45 – Runaways
44:00 – Blood: Night of the Beasts
45:00 – Show, don’t tell
48:36 – Money effecting media experience
54:45 – Whole new avenues of anime for Brandon
56:13 – A bunch of facts about NoitaminA
1:12:16 – Our schedules
1:15:30 – Ending: Outrun by Trial of the Golden Witch

8 thoughts on “Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 8

  1. Dear God, over an hour long? I think I can confidently say that no one, aside from the hosts, has ever or will ever listen to this from start to finish.

    • Wellllllllllllllll personally…
      I do a lot of work at my computer, and get really easily distracted and bored. Having people trail off talking about things that interest them is absolute glory for me; it completely and totally satisfies that part of my brain. So I end up listening to podcast type stuff for like six hours a day probably. So I can’t get enough of Digi’s casts.

  2. No, actually I listen to each one from start to finish.
    But then again digibros an old friend, so this is like hearing him ramble on to my face for hours again. Good ramble, though..

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  4. 26:00
    Hm, I’m not sure if voting disposition can determine too much of the culture of a state.

    For example, CALIFORNIA was a red state, and TEXAS was a blue state, for most of their existences, aaaallll the way up ’till Bill Clinton.

    So if they can switch so drastically like that, I’m not sure how much weight you can put in it.

  5. 46:00
    True, ‘show don’t tell’ is a rule, but in art, finding ways to break rules is art in and of itself.

    Wreck-it-Wralph’s plot is 80% exposition, and its jokes are 99% references and puns.

    And yet, the plot is interesting and exciting, and the jokes are great.

  6. Man I love your guys’ songs at the end. My brother and a friend of ours do a very similar kind of production. I just eat up ‘bedroom-made music’.

    Where can I go to download your guys’ albums? I might be too lazy to find it myself.

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