Disneycast Episode 1 – Snow White, Pinocchio, and Fantasia

Hey, it’s another podcast! Brandon Tolentino and I have decided to tackle the entire Disney canon, covering every three movies over the course of a great many podcasts. The inspiration came from a combination of hearing about Disney all the time while watching Game Grumps, and the fact that Brandon likes Disney a lot, but I haven’t seen virtually any of it in my adult life.

In this episode, Brandon and I talk about Snow White and Pinocchio while actually watching Fantasia, which we talk about along the way and especially at the end.

What’s in this ep:

0:00 – Introduction
1:40 – Brandon’s way of watching Pinocchio
3:06 – We are watching Fantasia?
5:06 – Discussing Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
12:58 – Mickey Mouse and my past
20:17 – Back to Snow White
26:35 – The phrase “for its time”
28:18 – Snow White’s ending
32:54 – The dwarves
42:19 – The queen’s death
44:36 – Discussing Pinocchio
51:10 – The moral fiber of Pinocchio
(At some points we get distracted by the best scene in Fantasia for a few minutes)
1:00:00 – Plot and characters in Pinocchio
(Continued admiration of the best Fantasia scene)
1:05:56 – Fanboying over the pony scene, and moving on to Fantasia


9 thoughts on “Disneycast Episode 1 – Snow White, Pinocchio, and Fantasia

  1. I’ve always been a bit anti-Disney myself. I remember arguing daffy was cooler than donald..on principle. funny how these things work. snow white ride at disney world, one of the best.

    Disney Robin Hood rocks though. seen it two trillion times, i swear.

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  6. WHOA.

    Digibro’s Disneycember???


    I would have bought this, if I could have paid like a quarter for it. I totally believe in supporting you and would LOVE for you to be able to do this as your career indefinitely. In fact, 25 cents is what I’m set with on your Paetron. So like, I’d totally buy this whole series for one dollar.

    I’m trying to break into a similar career; I’m designing a video game and hoping to make money mostly by ad revenue at first, then work out how to get people to hand over money for my games. So I’d say, for me personally…

    I really, really love passionate analysis podcasts. I listen to them CONSTANTLY to keep me working fast and efficient at my computer. James Rolfe is doing this with his ‘audio slaughter’ series as well. And you put out tons of podcasts like these.

    However, I can only re-listen to them so many times in a certain span of time, so their value gets juiced out pretty quickly. Your extremely short videos on MLP are very juicy and rich and thus have almost as much value.

    So given the amount of entertainment/passion that is given, plus the amount of work that it would take, I think twenty-five cents is about the right amount for each individual piece.*

    I like to imagine going up to an analysis machine, slipping in a quarter, and inside a transparent case, watching a mechanical representation of a dark haired 21-year-old flapping its plastic lips, passionately dissecting art and culture for an hour.

    *However, I would pay a dollar for another ‘Footwear and Digibrony’ cast, if they were as orgasmic as the first two.

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