Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 10

Pretty much all about comics this time, with a couple’a Tadanobu Asano flicks at the end.

What’s in this ep:

0:00 – Introduction
0:44 – Revisiting the cultural exchange (also Biomega)
5:05 – I am the master of recommendations/breaking into fandoms
12:12 – Hellboy
19:16 – The New 52
22:24 – How much did we spend on comics this week?
26:24 – Shelf candy and collecting
46:48 – Electric Dragon 80,000v
49:59 – Bright Future
53:20 – wrapping up

6 thoughts on “Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 10

  1. I’m guessing the “chronological Haruhi for US market” decision went down something like this: the Japanese want to maximize profit, of course, but then one of them said: “Wait, the Americans will get confused with all the skipping, and so they won’t buy it as much” and so they switched the episodes around. Never underestimate the ability of Japan to underestimate other countries. Much like the Lain creator saying he was shocked that Americans could actually relate to his story and actually understand it or something.

    BTW, master recommendator, any good anime this season?

    • I’ve only watched three opening eps, but Tamako Market was seriously excellent. It’s Kyoto Animation and it looks exactly like K-On, but the story is actually really fresh for them (talking birds and mochi and shit), and altogether it’s beautifully constructed. I might do thorough analysis of the series if ep 2 is as good as ep 1.

  2. I remember ED pretty well, that fucking komodo dragon. Hearing this makes me want to rewatch it, but I also remember it being real slow at times.

    • It’s only 50 minutes long, but a good amount of it does consist of Dragon Eye Morrigan walking around in alleys looking for lost lizards. Nonetheless I think it’s too short and bizarre to really lose my attention.

  3. Was that the same night we watched “Happiness of the Katikuri’s?” (sp?) Both those movies felt like they took forever. Honestly I liked ED a lot more than HotK.
    I been wanting to go watch the new Tarantino flick, just haven’t mustered up the cash for it yet. I hear good things and bad things about it – nothing horribly negative, but enough to make me only want to pay 5$ on Tuesday to see it vs the regular 10-12$ charge.

    • Django is awesome, definitely say it. I don’t think we watched ED together, though whether we did or not, it wasn’t a tteh same time as Katakuris. ED isn’t NEARLY as much of a drag as that movie.

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