Drunkcast (DBNSU 11?) for Chrontos

After weeks with no interest from Brandon Tolentino, I forced my brother Victor and my BFF Dang-san to do a podcast with me. It took some doing to get them to calm down, and then Dang-san and I got drunk and spent most of the time replying to Chrontos’ comment about alcohol on my January Media Journal post. It’s gonna be that kind of thing.

What’s in this ep:

0:00 – Drunkcast
28:50 – Victor on Battlestar Galactica
29:38 – Victor and Dang-san’s special Dark Souls run
36:50 – A brief arguement about tumblr, stuff about The FP
38:00 – Wingardium Leviosa (I have no idea why this happened) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWtO0cfgewY
39:00 – About Con Air and ghostlightning’s comment
41:00 – I get mad about Brandon Tolentino
41:45 – Eating habits
46:30 – Message to Chrontos

4 thoughts on “Drunkcast (DBNSU 11?) for Chrontos

  1. I cracked up when victor came in.
    The moonshine in the jar thing is just a tradition thing.
    Jello shooters are ok. OH MY MOTHER FUCKING GOD, I literally yelled that when you said victor smoked a cigg. I literally face palmed so hard I knocked my hat off.
    Lol, notsowonderwoman. Lol, bombarding dangsan with glitter. VICTOR SAID FUCK. LOL victor was Nicholas cage, thats hilarious as fuck. Nice, Andrew w.k. LMAO Dang son black guy.
    Brando is drinking too? Hahaha. Dang-san goes hard with the shooters. MIKE DRANK!?!?!?! I HAVE TO GO SEE THIS. OH MY GOD> MIKE MADE OUT WITH THE HERPES!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
    Haha, mike & Meemaw. Hookah’s are fun to enjoy socially, smoking tobacco’s pointless. HAHAHAHA PEOPLE ASKED DANG SAN FOR WEED. Damn. Your parents still hold the bombest parties, huh? Mike is the best drunk. He intentionally sucked it like a dick? That says something lol. This is just too hilarious.
    Thank you, fuck beer! Never had hard cider, should try. And quick question, but can you tell me if your drinking real moonshine? LMMFAO “Thats what black people drink.” Whiskey is harsh, but the point is to be sophisticated with it. Ice makes it a little softer. It’s the gentleman’s drink. Put’s hair on your chest as they say. I cracked the fuck up when you called me out. I just realized my spelling errors in my comment as you read. HAHA, I only got drunked and screamed someones name like twice. I was a shitty drunk then though. And yea double shots can suck when your treading new waters. Jager bombs are bro drinks. Good for a round with friends, but thats it. HAHAHAHA, tranny to suck off Conrad.
    I cracked the fuck up at “mom smoked weed in bathroom” hahahahaha. Ill send you some fucking ooze, but the show’s just the most awesome show imho.
    Victor is hilarious describing BSG.
    LOL the harry potter shit had me geek.
    You guys are hilarious, I can see you being brothers when you bicker.
    Chicken tenders are the shit.
    I’m incredibly happy actually ya’ll made this. I don’t even log on my yahoo account. It’s connected to my email, so when I log on it pops yahoo im to me. I’ll come out there soon, we gotta throw a party. Maybe my 22nd bday. I don’t play wow anymore, I have gotten really into League of Legends. Not super obsessed, but I l play a lot of diff shit,. Isn’t terra korean grindfest? Can’t play those, they bore me. I don’t use skype, but I have an account I can give ya.
    You guys are free to take my phone number. Ill send to dangsan and you can grab from him so I don’t have to post it here.

    • It’s so weird that you haven’t heard Vic swear, because he swears CONSTANTLY now. Also Mike is best drunk. He always gets absolutely smashed. At a party a year ago he did over 30 different shots and ran around the house (and outside) speaking Russian the whole time, for hours.

      Tera is Korean grindfest, but it has an actual combat system that involved dodgind and blocking instead of just standing there pumping skills like an asshole. Also, it has giant monsters that make you feel intensely badass. Talk to Dang-san about it, he’s playing it like crazy.

  2. Beer is awesome.
    Whisky is awesome.

    You might need to add one other detail to the podcast outline, noting where random screaming takes place, so that listeners can prepare to turn down the volume. Like:

    13:34 Discussion of XYZ

    and so forth..

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