Pony Hypnosis Project (Pony Gonzo 1)

From now on, this will be a general page on which I’ll embed and link all information related to this project. That way we don’t have to hunt down comments and stuff.


The document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/135UFEsaCEgWuQ3w0-KMb_f8BEFac26bPrJx2HCpeTrA/edit#



Twilight (1)

Twilight (2)


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  1. Digi do you think you can upload the audio on YouTube because I can’t access these files on iPad. Also what are your thoughts on a question I posted in your comments section,
    Which was, do you think that hypnosis and lucid dreaming are on the same level As in you have to induce a state for both, also which is easier to perform and or which is more effective. One more thing how do I or we ppl send you fan pics of your oc and fan pics :)

    SketchTHEpony asked

    • I have never succeeded at lucid dreaming because my sleep is too inconsistent, so I can’t comment on it. As for the audio files, I uploaded one of my own reading on youtube, which is linked in the video. IDK if the people who work on this project would want me uploading their files.

      • Set an alarm and put a journal next to your bed. Waking up a bit earlier (30-20 mins) than expected interrupts the sleep cycle in which you dream, guaranteeing you will remember it upon waking. You’ll still forget it very fast, so you keep a dream journal to write it all down immediately. Doing this helps you remember and spot patterns in your dreams that can aid you with recognizing when you are dreaming. Also, there is something about the metacognition involved with actively writing down and thinking about your dreams, before and after you wake up that makes lucid dreaming more likely. If your goal is to have a lucid pony dream you could even share your journal entries on this blog.

    • Take any alarm you can find that has adjustable sound, Even better if you can Use the ring tone on your phone and have it something that you strongly associate with the show, The starting theme song is a good one to use.
      Next set that alarm as quite as you can but enough so you can still hear it, than set it to go off in about 20 minutes, or however long it take you to fall asleep.
      the key here is setting the alarm to a level that wont wake you.

      Now as you are falling asleep draw it in your head any pony you wish to see in your dream. just keep drawing it repeatedly as you fall asleep.

      Do this and you will dream of ponies. I promise you.

      This probably wont work on the first try, but the key is the sound. Eventually when you dream you will associate your dreams with that sound, and than you will realize you are dreaming. This is called lucid dreaming, it’s important to use a sound that will remind you of what you want to dream about so that you will decide to dream about it.
      Contrary to what other people will tell you, you cant just go “oh, I’m dreaming and so I should now dream about x”.
      While this is possible and works sometimes, I have found that without a link to your waking mind you will often realize you are dreaming but instead of deciding to change the dream into what you had planned to dream before sleeping, some of your baser emotions will take hold and you will end up dreaming about things like food, or sex, or sky diving exc.
      So with the method I have come up with, you will not only have a sound to remind you that you are dreaming, but you will have something to remind your sleeping mind what it’s suppose to dream about.

      Really the only differences from all the books I’ve read is that I incorporate sound as not only the means to enter the lucid state but also as part of the method to dream about what you want to dream.

  2. Before I start my huge comment, I’ll just say I listened to the Ind.+BGM first, and then after that I went to sleep with it on a playlist, where I would have the Ind.+BGM to start off with, then six hours of Loop+BGM.


    I first tried pony hypnosis about a month ago. I heard a little bit about it on forums and such. So after about twenty seconds of googling I stumbled onto the Google Document and was really excited to try out hypnotism.

    Now I’d never tried hypnosis before so I was convinced that I would likely be very susceptible to suggestion and was determined to approach this with a positive attitude. My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie, so I decided to pick her. Pinkie’s was read by FemV rather than Taurus, and I found her voice to be very soothing. She, too, made a few stutters, which I found particularly distracting while I was listening.

    I haven’t tried any others, despite downloading the Rainbow Dash version. I began listening to it and realized the dialogues mirrored each other (You are in your element, X is what you need, etc.), so I stuck with Pinkie Pie, because I simply adore her.

    Okay, onward to my experience!

    Well, I started listening with the mindset of “I’m slightly nervous, and unsure of what will happen, but I fully want to believe that this will work, and I believe I’m likely to be very susceptible to suggestion.”

    I lay down, and as the introduction progressed I found myself calming down, my limbs tingling, and my breathing become almost nonexistent. I lay on my bed completely uninterrupted, calm, late at night, tired, nobody wanting anything, nobody expecting anything. It was indescribably soothing, just lying there, listening to her voice. I was completely conscious the entire time. I was aware of each and every word. And I didn’t care. Lying there was all I wanted to do.

    I realized, at this point, just what hypnotism is. The thought occurred to me that I could easily break this trance if I wanted to, but then I asked myself “Why would I want to?” It wasn’t really that I ever considered trying to actually break the trance, but it was a passing thought.

    I wanted this.

    And then it was addressed in the recording. “You simply can’t be bothered to even try to move a single muscle, even though you know you easily could if you wanted to. I know you easily could if you wanted to, but you simply can’t be bothered to even try.” And I think this was what really immersed me. It was like I trusted the voice, I felt it knew me. It was a… strange feeling, to say the least.

    As it progressed onto the main part of the recording, I really felt empathy for Pinkie Pie, moving rocks on her rock farm. The dullness of it all, the loneliness. When all you want it so be friends with everyone, and make them smile. It was truly inspirational, and I wonder if it doubled up as a confidence booster hypnotism!

    I was told to imagine my skin changing. I didn’t feel anything, but as it continued I was told to my hands and legs morph into the limbs of Pinkie Pie, but I felt nothing – nothing but the tingling. It started out with my hands, and then continued to my legs, the tingling merely swimming around my limbs, soothing and relaxing.

    It continued to describe the change to the rest of my body: my back, my rear, my spine, my tail. As before I could feel only that indescribable tingling. All I could do was smile as I imagined my ears changing. My muzzle. My mane. And yet still nothing. Nothing but the tingling. When it described my mouth, I found my mouth opening of its own accord, but I couldn’t feel any change in it. When I was told to flutter my eyelashes, I found my eyes twitching slightly – not enough to distract me, but enough to make me giggle internally.

    Finally there was the keyphrase. That keyphrase that I felt my heart leap every time I thought of it.

    “I’m a fun pony.”

    How I cherished that phrase. It stayed in the very back of my mind. I both feared and was awed by it. I didn’t want to say this phrase, but at the same time, I did.

    And then suddenly the trance I was in was broken by the increase in volume, the intensity of voice. “Wake up, little pony.” Now let me tell you – This was, by far, the worst feeling I have ever felt. I’d never felt so betrayed as I did now by this voice. I was so relaxed, but now I was being torn away from it. I felt as if I was now missing something. The countdown began.

    And as it hit ‘one’, I opened my eyes. Even after this countdown I didn’t want to move. My body was still numb, and I was tired. So, so tired. Sighing, I raised my hand anyway, and my eyebrows show up in surprise.

    No, I did not have a hoof, but my arm did feel like one – almost. It was more like a hefty block. I couldn’t separate my fingers, and it felt easy to imagine it as a hoof. My legs, too, felt strange. They didn’t feel like they had an extra joint, more just that they were heavy blocks, vaguely resembling hooves if one used one’s imagination.

    But that was it.

    I’ll admit I was a little disappointed with this turn of events, but there was no denying that that was one of the most relaxing experiences I’d ever been through and one I’d most definitely attempt again. And I did attempt it again. Since then I’ve listened to it a few more times, each with a similar effect: Blocks for hooves, and tingling limbs.

    This is something I’d definitely recommend to other people. In fact I managed to convince one of my brony friends to try it (This guy’s really into his self hypnotism / lucid dreaming) and I believe he’s very susceptible to it. He was telling me how he really thought he was a pony.

    I feel a little saddened that I couldn’t have shared such an awesome experience – I did not feel like a pony, I merely felt like my limbs had decided to go to sleep before I did.

    Okay, well I also listened to your hypnotism video, Mr. Digibrony (without attempting hypnosis, by the way), and I think you did a pretty good job. I really think you managed to capture the soft, smooth voice perfectly. I think I’m getting addicted to your voice! ;)

    I think you should include some background music, and possibly a reverb boost to your voice. I’m no master on hypnotism, but I think adding some effects could work really well.

    I also kind of felt that at times you spoke a little too quickly, particularly the countdowns, and I already feel that the original recordings advance too quickly, anyway. I have no idea whether you expanded out the last part where you also included a phrase to “Revert to normal”, as I never listened to the Twilight Sparkle part. Either way, I really liked it.

    And this is another thing I wanted to talk about: how quickly the recordings progress. Okay, I’ll admit that 17 minutes can be fairly restricting on hypnotism, but I still feel it should have been stretched possibly to 30 minutes. When I was being told to relax I found myself just starting to get relaxed by the time it advanced onto the morphing stage. I would start listening, and still be trying to slow my breathing down long after they finish telling me to.

    And then they would continue swapping out my limbs at an impossibly fast speed. I really struggled to keep up. It was relaxing, yes, but I couldn’t help but feel a small sliver of stress, a small knot of tension, escape just behind the back of my head as I struggled to force myself into a trance.

    I’d really like to see a 30 minute recording of this.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that keyphrase. Did I use it? Well, I actually left it about a week before I lay down on my bed, and took deep breaths for 15 minutes. And then when I felt ready I said it.

    “I’m a fun pony.”


    “I’m a fun pony.”

    Nope, emphasis on the ‘fun’ didn’t do anything, either. I’ll admit I was more than a little disappointed; I’d spent all week wondering excitedly what would happen. I guess I had considered the possibility of nothing happen, but the reality of it was pretty crushing.

    Who knows, maybe I didn’t actually want it to happen?


    Thanks for reading.


    • My experience was a lot like yours. I too love the phrase about simply not being asked to move, and I also latched onto “I am a smart pony.” I was scared of saying it out loud until I knew that it would work, but I ended up doing it in my own ercording. I want to believe that I haven’t let it lose hold on me by doing so, but I dunno. I kinda think I may have trapped myself into the back room end of this project and that I’ll be better off helping other people to achieve what I may not be able to. That said, maybe over time I’ll feel a growing desire to legitimately be the smart pony.

      Thanks for the tips! I should learn more about audio editing for sure, or consult the audiobros on the project before I do more. I only did the editing myself this time because in the doc it said they had paused the project for now, but I wanted to talk about it then and there.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        I made a WordPress account, and regret my decision already Should’ve just used my Twitter account!

        Anyway, I totally understand how you feel about getting trapped in the backroom. I think I’ve listened to the recordings too much without trying to enter a trance too much, but I’m fascinated by how they write these scripts. The way they make use of alliteration, soft consonants, and repetition captivates me. I’d love to have a go at writing a script, but, as you said, they’ve paused the project.

        As a fanfiction writer the whole script business is what interests me, but I think you did a really good job of reading it (How I wish my voice was had as much clarity as yours). You’re welcome for the tips, and you should definitely look more into audio editing; I’m really eager to see what you read next.

  3. First of all please excuse poor choice of words or grammar, english isn’t my mother tongue.
    I first heard about PonyHypnosis about a month ago in the comments of either EQDaily or Derpibooru. Can’t rightfully say I remember though. I had never done hypnosis before in my life and initially wasn’t sure what to make of this.
    My first file was the pony ears but I was in a pretty skeptic mindset as I was unsure what being hypnotized actually feels like and generally what to expect if it works, needless to say that I didn’t have much success beside entering a very relaxed state and a light tingling feeling on the top of my head that I sadly lost after scratching said part.
    But encouraged by at least partial success I read every piece of additional information I could get my hands on like Foxxxy’s Fabulous HypnoPony FAQ which helped a lot to disperse some of my worries and initial fears and also gave me an impression on what being in trance feels like. Later I settled with the Twilight Induction+NoBGM file by Taurus because I had the impression that my mind would be most compatible with hers (the love for books, curious and skeptic) and at that time Applejack and Fluttershy had only one file to listen to ( AJ still has =[ ) and I wasn’t sure if I could handle Pinkie Pie. And in the beginning I liked Taurus voice better than FemVs otherwise I would have given Rarity a try.
    The induction almost always worked for me to the point that I felt numb all over and save for my head and eyes couldn’t move my body unless interrupted by someone and even then it often took me more than one try to get up.
    As I’m no native speaker the parts where Twilights feelings (and consequently mine) are being described proved difficult the first time hearing because there were one or two words that I didn’t know the meaning of so instead I concentrated on the words I knew. I never really felt any changes to my behavior though, at least not to my knowledge.
    I started listening to the full cycle once or twice a day usually after lunch instead of taking a nap on weekends or in the evening before sleeping during workdays. The results sometimes vary depending on me being stressed or not. Certain changes happen every time I listen to a full cycle and even linger after the awakening (wider hips, a pulling sensation around my mouth region were the muzzle is being formed and an actual horn that I’ve been able to touch and feel), others are more inconsistent and usually don’t last longer than a few seconds or minutes during the cycle if they occur at all (mane, ears, hooves and the extra joint in the hind legs). Also there are two changes that I still have to experience as they haven’t happened as of yet – the eyes and tail.
    The biggest obstacle in the beginning for me was getting too agitated over the changes. If something major changed my heartbeat quickened and I completely lost my train of thought, which made it hard to find back into the recording without having to rewind because I was just stunned for a few seconds, blown away by the realization that this stuff actually works. Also similar to what you mentioned DigiBrony: A few times Taurus’ pronunciation is a bit sharp on consonants, what startled me out of trance a few times if the volume was a little too high. But that happened only during the first 10 to 12 times. By now I’m accustomed to it.
    About two weeks ago I started listening to the Loop+NoBGM overnight since I found my ear buds again and sleeping with a headset was a no go for me. When I awake I really feel like having the legs and hooves of a pony and am unable to walk on two legs for a few minutes. Sadly none of the other changes occur with the loop, not even the ones that always happen when listening to the cycle. But I seem to be more suggestible when having just awoken as some of the other changes settle in, when I just continue to lay down, relax and listen to the loop.
    Two or three days ago I tested FemVs updated Twilight file and was pleasantly surprised. She has a very soothing voice and uses many graphical descriptions that greatly help with getting the right images in your head. On top of that I absolutely loved using the magic from my horn to grow my ears and various other body parts myself instead of them just forming on their own. But after a month of having a) a male reader and b) no background music it does take a bit of time to get used to. Also the file itself is a little weird in that it has an awakening sequence but no induction. So one has to rely on either relaxing music, her old induction file which hasn’t the great quality of her updated file or on someone else’s induction altogether. If you have no difficulties achieving trance by yourself you should definitely check it out.
    I haven’t really used the trigger much because I was afraid that either nothing would happen or that it does work and I accidentally use it in public (you know like when trying not to think of a polar bear, what’s the first thing you think about?). Only once a few days after I started listening to Taurus cycle in the safety of my flat but except for a faint feeling of a horn nothing happened and I quickly canceled the effect by “reverting to normal” and have not again tried since.


    • Thanks a ton for sharing this story! This is fasinating, and I’m glad to hear from someone who’s not only tried it a whole lot of times, but has met with some level of success. Your point about getting used to the harsh consonants in the reading is important, because it’s true that after a while I’d probably get used to it and stop thinking about it. I will keep this in mind while continuing to try and be hypnotized.

  4. I wrote the following entry in my journal two days after trying the process, towards the beginning of this month. Bear in mind that since then, I changed my mind about my thoughts on the process often enough to first, cease my experimentation, second, consider that online hypnosis might not be the most effective form and reconsider the idea again, and finally, gain enough interest to recommence experimentation some time in the near future. If I have more thoughts later I’ll post them here.

    A few words on hypnotism.

    I’m not all that convinced that it works.

    I’ve tried it a few times by now, of course. Let me see, I believe three times each today and yesterday, with a further attempt planned before bed. Still, I’m no expert. Some of the active journals I’ve found chronicle tons of attempts, with hours of conditioning.

    The first stage of hypnosis is the trance. I guess I still don’t know if there’s an optimal situation for this, or a particular state of mind to be in. It’s more of a preparation. If the trance is what I’ve begun getting used to, then it’s the boundary between sleeping and waking, held steady. The idea is to hold the body calm and steady with minimum dozing. (I started to drop off during session six, and missed some cues.) When I leave the hypnosis – and so far, I have had no trouble doing so, which may be an indication of either my comfort levels with the idea or with a nonfunctioning trance – my mouth is dry, my limbs are stiff. It’s quite close to sleep, but a form of consciousness remains. Always enough to hear the commands (barring sleep).

    Then; suggestion. More so than the trance, I began my sessions with and still retain a high degree of uncertainty with regards to desired results and my proximity to them. Two major schools of thought present themselves to me. One is secondhand accounts dominated by surprise. These people did things they normally wouldn’t, and had reported or demonstrated effects despite they down skepticism. Conclusion: hypnosis works regardless of the subject’s state of mind. And on the other hand, there were differing accounts. Hypnotism only works if you let it. If you’re playing along. If you consider it a two-way street.

    Observe: continue along this line of thinking, and you reach a conclusion that hypnosis is an elaborate form of pretend. The barriers lifted are not of subconscious suggestion, but conscious anxieties – stage fright, or childishness. Hypnosis, here, is not magical. It is performance.

    There’s an idea, between the two predominant schools, that some people are less susceptible to hypnosis. Maybe because some people are more skeptical, second-guess more quickly, and others are already used to using their imagination.

    I realized recently that I feared stage hypnosis and online hypnosis for two reasons, subtly different. On stage, because of the reactions of others. Maybe I’d fulfill the hypnotist’s demands, or worse I wouldn’t, or worst I’d half-fulfill them, exposing the production as charade, under which the subject has substantial control. At home, the greatest danger is to my own brain. Perhaps the frequencies I hear really will affect me. Perhaps permanently, and for the worse.

    Two days are a tiny sample size for such experimentation, but as for the suggestions themselves, they aren’t all duds. Many are. But I know how to get into character; I’ve done it before. I’ve fantasized about transformation, and could roughly estimate one’s effects on my own body. And i am well-practiced in visual projection.

    If hypnosis is merely a focused, concentrated form of those three elements, alternated and interlinked for maximum effect, then the experiment was a success before it even began. An account says that hypnosis won’t take you beyond what you might have done anyway. Maybe that was the point. You think things are beyond you, but they’re not. And if we consider my daemon Clarissa [whom I visualize and speak to, as in The Golden Compass] an element, if partially, of my subconscious, then I am constantly in contact with a part of me others mighty bury.

    But I still have doubts. And even within a predominantly rational thought process, there is this: repetitive training will result in formation of new habits. Clarissa herself exemplifies this. So may contortion [which I tried last year], or any other hobby or physical activity. We all feel withdrawal in various forms. Also, I don’t know exactly what those audio signals are doing.

    There has been at least one concrete result from the experiments so far, one based on my own experiences and not on theory. I maintain a desire to continue the process. Maybe the audio signals are addictive. In that case, it’s working. Or maybe I just really want to know what will happen. This isn’t abnormal for me, but it also happens to be a character trait of Twilight Sparkle. So even within the second possibility, there is a chance it’s working.

    All I can tell is that, at least in my individual case, it’s not magic. But that would be a failure of definition or presentation. It would not be a failure of the method.

  5. Have you ever heard of tulpas? They’re imaginary friends, but tulpa sounds more legit. You create them through visualizing-meditation and through ‘narration’ or talking to the friend as if they were really there. A lot of people, me too, have a tulpa that has a pony form. Well actually my tulpa likes to take a few forms, mostly a dragon, a pony, or a wizard. After the season finale shes taken a liking to the alicorn twilight form. From the top of my head, the reddit forum for tulpas has someone with a lyra tulpa, a luna tulpa who has a daughter roseluck tulpa, and a few main sixs.

    It’s cool. r/tulpas

    • Tulpas are something that instills both fear and curiosity in me. I’d love to try it for the experience, but the last thing I need is a pet following me about – even if I don’t have to feed it… ;)

      What do you personally like to do with your tulpa? Do you like to talk to them, or perhaps go for quiet walks? Etc.

      • hmm, i mean theres so many things. it depends on the personality. some of my hobbies she likes a lot, some she doesnt find interesting at all. she likes to play the new kirby game for the wii. she likes hanging up streamers and balloons. she likes to be near peoples pets.

        but the funnest thing really to do with them is hanging out in a ‘wonderland’, where you hang out in your head. she flys me around and we look at pretty scenery. sometimes we pass a ball back and forth. shes been learning to juggle.

        a tulpa isnt like a pet, more like a person. which is important because tulpas dont really tote along besides you, they just show up when you two at the same time feel like hanging out. you try to visualize the tulpa, and when the tulpa feels like it the tulpa will show up and you two can hang out.

        fun. cool. nice. tulpas.

  6. A few things. I think that pauses for music in between the descriptions of calming yourself would give the user time to calm themselves. I felt rushed when listening to the Twilight Sparkle one and that kind of messed with the whole calming down process. In fact I think some kind of cool zen music in the background the whole time would in general, do the whole thing good; Though admittedly some people might get annoyed by it so at the vary least some slight pauses in between some of the calming steps would help I think.

    About my Experience:
    Starting out I never felt like I got that much calmer than I already was when starting, only just a little calmer. At one point I guess I kinda fell a sleep for a moment, I know this sounds like I’m contradicting what I said about the calming part not being as effective as it could be but I think there is a differences between being calm and being sleepy’ Maybe I’m splitting hairs here but whatever, moving on.

    So now we get the the good stuff, the meat of th- . . no wait lemmy rephrase that, The beat and grain of my experience.
    As I listened to the video I found that I could in fact imagine my legs turning into hooves. I don’t know how the thought came to me but I just imagined my knees turning into hooves and I could actually feel a slight pressure in them, I focused on that pressure and the sensation of the rest of my human legs completely went away from the knee down. I guess it kinda makes sense in that human legs are way to long and bend the wrong way to begin with.
    My hands on the other hand (lol) I could not. I was not able to remove my awareness of my fingers touching each other or other things like my lap or legs, the chair arm exc. I thing that the part where it walks you through (hehe puns) turning your hands into hooves was much to brief and the whole part about my fingers melting kinda put me off. BUT I did like the part about imagining my fingers getting numb. I think that helped the most even if I never fully got rid of the sensation of having hands. But I suppose that is why this video is not something you only try once.

    The parts where it talks you through your face transformations was the most interesting. I definitely felt a horn . . . or something in the center of my head, which I think is interesting considering the whole third eye thing; I could go on about that but it’s another topic all together.
    I was able to imagine my eyes getting bigger and I sort of just extended my eyes to my cheek bones and to my eyebrows. focusing on the placement of those two things already on my human body helped a lot.
    I had a bit of trouble imagining my ears changing, for one I am not usually aware of my own ears anyways so that is a problem for me I guess seeing as I cant speak for everyone. At times I sort of felt like something was happening with my ears and at other times I did not, also it was distracting to focus on my ears too much and ultimately I lost track of the video for a sec and nodded out.
    I was able to feel my jaw loosen and I guess . . maybe extend? at any rate I felt something there so like I said, gotta practice I suppose.
    This brings me to something that was only mildly annoying but to be fair I knew what I was getting into when I started. The whole long girly eyelashes thing was a little much for me, I mean yeah I watch ponies and all but I’m still a dude. So at this point you’er probably asking why the hell did you watch it if you knew it was about Twilight Sparkle?
    Answer; I wanted to experience being a pony but listening to some of the other audio files in the gdocs made me cringe do to the amateurish reads of some of them. BUT more to the point, I never saw one that just sort of generalized the pony transformation so that I can eventually look down at myself and see what I look like as a pony. It would be pretty awesome to see what my subconscious came up with and I think deeply meaningful on the same level or comparable at least with a native american spirit quest.
    I don’t really care to be any particular pony from the show but if you had to twist my arm about it. . .maaaaaybe Celestia :D . . . But for me that is because of a lot of other vary long and I’m sure boring reasons that I wont say in this comment. Anyone interested in why can ask.

  7. Curse you, Digibrony; you drive me to attempt hypnosis again!

    Well that was fun as hell. So many things went wrong, but I was desperate for an excuse to use my condenser mic again. I spent all night on this, and now I want to write a large comment on it, but I’m afraid I’m too tired O.O


    • I didn’t listen to the whole thing to quality check it, but i’ll say that your voice is quite nice, possible good for this. Whether you submit this one or try again, I do think you should contribute to the project if you want to.

      • Will likely redo part of it to get a constant volume and quality; I believed I moved my microphone away from my mouth towards the end. Besides I’d have no idea whether it works because I heavily adapted it to be a Spike recording.

        There was no script for Spike – there wasn’t even a request for Spike – so whether there’s any point for me to submit.

        Either way I’m flattered you liked my voice! I reckon it’s 90% good mic more than anything, but I’d love to have a go at more. :) I just need to improve my script writing skills. I’m not sure I enjoyed adapting from the template as writing about a dragon and writing about a pony are two entirely different things.

        Maybe next one I should just try writing the general happiness script instead, although I imagine they’d want that to have a similar structure to the other scripts as it’s supposed to inspire confidence in the hypnotism.

        For now I’ll just experiment with my audio, see how much I can play around with my voice.

  8. I left a small message on your youtube account of the video, describing my first attempt and explaining that I stopped about halfway because I was under the impression that what you were reading was a fanfiction of some description. After listening to the explanation of the exercise I started the video again.

    By the end of the calming section, I was physically and for the most part mentally out of it. I could still move and think different, unrelated thoughts but both of few and far between and sluggish and short lived when they happened.

    As for the transformation sections… this was when things got weird. When it came to physical alterations, I tended to have an easier time feeling some then others. I had an easier time picturing my jaw turning into a muzzle and hair covering my body then I did with feeling like my legs and arms were those of a pony, but that may have been due to my sitting in a computer chair when doing this.

    I’m not sure if what I felt was a horn, but I felt something of a headache that started about the length of a standard pen away from my upper forehead. Not painful but… murky. As if my brain just discovered a new part of itself and it didn’t know what it was meant to be used for. Not unnatural, but completely unused until that point.

    Mentally I’m not sure where I was during this whole process. I guess the best why to point it is that it felt like I was me, but there were two different versions of me that, while clearly the same being were aware of different versions of my body. The best way that I can explain this was how I felt my hands during the whole thing. While on the one hand I could feel my hands and fingers (They were held in a C shape during the process) throughout the whole thing, On the other hoof however, during the later parts of the hypnosis I could also feel like my hands were apart of a solid block of some kind which I was receiving tingling feelings from, despite the fact that part of me was fully aware that those feelings were coming from nothing but air! And the thing is that at the time it felt perfectly natural to feel both sensations of having two different bodies at the same time. Even now it doesn’t feel wrong, just weird in hindsight.

    Interesting… as I was writing this, I started to get worked up when I started to think about what the above paragraph meant when I stopped, placed my right hand against my chest in a fist, took a deep breath and let my hand extend outwards… and I felt calm afterwards. I’ve never done it before and it simply came naturally to me now….

    Honestly, I don’t think it took. But there was something there… Maybe it is just a matter of doing it a few more times…

    • Well, have you seen Games Ponies Play? Twilight does that exact same motion to calm herself down. I believe (through reading, which comes to me naturally, even without having listened to the Twilight hypnosis five times to get it to work) that the video has had a subconscious effect on you, causing a little bit of Twilight to basically go inside you.

  9. I saw your latest video and I agree with what you said. This is something that needs to be looked at for each person separately. I like the idea of becoming Twilight, though I too don’t have anything to actually do as her, but I want to try some things. Would it be possible to create a world for Twilight to interact with and explore? I want something resembling Equestria to have Twilight learn some new things.

      • Possibly, or our own interpretations of stuff that could have been in the show, but haven’t been shown. I’m sure there are things Twilight could have done before her coronation that we never got to saw.

        Anyone have any ideas? Like fanfics you’ve read that could be used as starting points?

        • I’m not sure about basing it off a fanfic, but if it’s just drawing inspiration from I actually can’t think of any fanfics I’ve read of Twilight’s pre season one – besides Want it, Need it. This is strange… perhaps I have read some but I can’t remember.

          Okay, enough blabbering, It shouldn’t be too hard to think up events for before Twilight’s coronation, the problem comes with including the listener, and making them feel like they are the character. I’m not sure about you, but when I listened to Pinkie Pie’s audio reading, I was imagining in my head S01E23 ‘Cutie Mark Chronicles’.

          Since whatever is created isn’t based on episode or anything the listener has witnessed before, do you think it’d have the same effect? Do you think we could include the reader on the same level?

          • Actually, I find visualizing some scenes from the show helping to get into character a bit more. I imagine scenes of Twilight reading or writing and it helps me set into character. I think with more bits of acting out the character during the transformation, it could help get a fell as to what one should do as the character.

            I liked how the forming of ears is played out like casting a spell. This really helps both form the physical state and get into Twilight as a character. We need more stuff like that.

        • Well, we know that the Gala is coming up again by the time Sweet and Elite rolls around. Why not the second Gala?

    • That sounds pretty interesting. I suppose it should be possible for Twilight to interact with the world. I have no idea how much different people would remember; I was conscious throughout the entire audio, but perhaps some people wake up and don’t remember?

      I’m certainly interested to see whether it’s possible, although it may be difficult to write a script about Equestria; perhaps different people will view the world differently?

      Mmm I’ll certainly have another think about this ^.^

      • Obviously we’d have to start small. The library would be first, then key locations in Ponyville, then Ponyville as a whole, and expanding from there.

        • The library could be interesting to attempt. It would be pretty much describing all the senses, as it’s not trying to convince you that anything’s changed.

          Unless you mean you want to wake up and see the library around you instead of the room you closed your eyes in, in which case I’m not sure that would work so smoothly, certainly not as easily.

    • Silly wordpress not letting me reply properly.

      It would be difficult to wake up in a room, causing you to imagine it as the library, allowing you to explore it as a result. I’m curious to see whether this could work, but it’s one I feel a little more skeptical on.

      Secondly, I simply adored the part where you use your magic to continue your transformation! It was a brilliant idea, but I can’t think of many other ways to include immersion to the same extent.

      Do you have any ideas?

      • I can think of Rarity using her magic to pick up a brush and brush out her newly forming tail and mane. And maybe spreading wings as Dash to get the feeling of the wind in your feathers and wonder what it would be like to fly.

        also, I was talking to someone else who tried this and they had a few issues. He said this:

        “A big flaw in the Twilight mp3, or at least what I thought it literally speeds through the transformation. It basically barrages you with suggestions, going from you have hooves to having a mane, then a tail and then a horn over 5 minutes. The transition sequence is ridiculously short and for me it’s unbelievable (again this probably could be fixed with a better induction sequence or someone who’s more in trance than me). So this brings me to a suggestion in that the transformation sequence should be drawn out longer and at least have some sort of confirmation before thrusting you into the next transformation.”

        I see what he’s getting at. It does go by pretty quickly. If longer, more gradual processes are taken, the immersion could increase.

        • Your suggestions have are good in that they provide immersion for the listener. I’ll admit I was thinking about this a little too narrow-mindledly, and thinking up ways ways to literally enhance the process of the change such as magic, rather than immersion.

          And I agree with you wholeheartedly about the pacing, but this is true for ALL of the audios. I’m currently considering how it would be best to expand on what we currently have.

          The first thing we could try is simply or the reader to speak slower.

          The second thing could be to include more descriptions, going into microscopic detail about each and every sense about what the listener is feeling.

          The third is to include more confirmation, as you say, asking you to “Flutter your wings” or “wiggle your tail”, etc.

          When I wrote my own Spike hypnotism I didn’t actually try to change the length. I don’t really know how well that turned out; I’ve yet to have much feedback on it.

          • Exactly.

            I suppose I could try writing a more fleshed out script for Twilight. When I listen to her track, I only get the starting bits of what I should be feeling, so I’ll try to expand on what’s currently there, and let you guys know what I’ve got.

            And Digi, if you’re still reading, thanks for becoming a part of this project. It’s fun so far and I’m glad to follow you into this foray.

  10. Oh, Digi, I just watched your second video. I’d love to help you out with writing scripts for the hypnotism if you need any help.

    I’m really pleased you’re taking such an interest in this subject.

  11. it is a neat project and I was finaly able to get one to work for me, I went with vinyl scratch after failing with Fluttershy 11 times to see if trying a new one would work out better because I had not heard it before. the first two times I tried it ended with failure, though like with all of my tries everything seemed to work fine till I opened my eyes. by the second try to be Vinyl and failing I asked myself “what was I missing, what else do I need to do to get this to work?” I wanted it to work, I did my best but it just wouldn’t click once I opened my eyes. it then came to be “what thing defines Vinyl other then her taste in music” of corse I thought of her sunglasses, so to go with this I put on my own and went through it again and it finally worked, I felt I was Vinyl. this didn’t last long though for I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the techno music she is known for so the effects only lasted a minute or so but still it worked which was something. I think for this type of thing to really work is for one to be in some ways simalar to the pony they wish to be.

      • yeah they were a help and it got me thinking to what my problem was in not getting Fluttershy or Twilight to work, when I would open my eyes that’s what I was doing, I wasn’t looking throught there eyes and how they see the world but more just looking at my bedroom the way I always do when I wake up. in putting on the sunglasses I saw my room not how I see it but how Vinyl would see it through shade covered eyes and I believe that’s why it worked when the others failed.

  12. I’m working on the Twilight script now, trying to add a lot more detail and time to fully experience each part of the transformation.

    I’m also going to have a lot of focus on magic in this one. I’ll take the concept of a transformation being a spell and apply it to the whole thing. Yes, this means that I’m starting with growing the horn. Once it’s set, the rest will be the Body Modification spell, and after the whole process, I’ll give a lot of focus on the feeling of accomplishment. This will solidify the changes and positively reinforce them.

  13. I liked your second video. you showed a good understanding of how hypnosis and tulpas work, which was pleasing because your first video was not really a good understanding, more like an excited and curious child. i always like your analysis so id like to show you a tool that will be really helpful. Lacan’s Borroean Knot.

    Lacan was the successor to freud, and did a lot to make frueds very slipshod and patchwork legacy into a useful whole. rather than the simple moral tale of the id vs the superego mediated as the ego, lacan’s trinity is the real, the imaginary, and the symbolic (in modern terms, the material, the phenomenal, and the symbolic). The usefulness of lacans approach is the way it reveals and allows for the peculiar aspect of human beings, their ability to respond to things that are not definitely material, also interacting with a world of signs and a world of ‘apparent phenomena’.

    Things like hypnosis and tulpas require interacting with these imaginary and symbolic things that are real and definite parts of human experience. so thats fun. and hard, very hard. fun to get better at it though.

  14. I think environment can play a role in how believable the transformation is for the one under taking it. maybe it would be easier to be one of the main six if one put themselves in an environment that fits their personality just making it that much more real.

    • I can kinda see that. Twilight in a library, Rainbow at a track field or something similar, Applejack around trees, Fluttershy probably the same as AJ, Pinkie near party supplies, and Rarity around dresses.

      It could help.

      • I think for some people it could, I think it helped me in getting vinyl to work on top of the sunglasses. Fluttershy or Twilight aren’t ones to open there eyes to see a T.V hooked to an Xbox360 and another older T.V hooked to a N64 and a stack of games for both, with on the other side a stereo system as well as a record player (birthday gift two years ago) with a C.D rack and a stack of records. now I do have a bookshelf that has over fifty books on it that would appeal but over all I feel my room screams Vinyl and that’s why I think it helped work after putting the sunglasses on

  15. Thank you, Digi! I was a bit worried at first; this is a rare time that I put my work on the internet. But it is a collab, so I guess that helps… Thank anyway!

  16. I was able to get Twilight to work for me in a library environment (took two tries because of the library lady thinking I was sleeping wanted me to leave till I explained what I was doing, leaving out the whole pony thing though). I think it worked well also because I set a goal to do while twilight so I would have a reason to be her. the goal was to become twilight and read a book (which i sat out in front of me) went well for about ten pages till I brought myself out of it to turn the pages with just a few fingers rather then the whole side of my hand. I wish it wasn’t winter so I could try out Fluttershy but as it is it just wouldn’t work.

  17. I have tried the Rarity script a few times, and was not very successful. I’ll preface this by mentioning that I have never been very successful with self-hypnosis.

    The slip ups in line delivery and some of the descriptions do throw me off. Becoming a magical pony, a part of me feels it would be more natural if the transformation was more magical (the fabric ears bit was great) and not so focused on bending and breaking bones and imagery of fusing muscle tissue. I tend to be very detail focused too, so I tend to feel more immersed with more descriptive detail. The track could include the actual shade of Rarity’s eyes and not just that they are blue and beautiful, for example. Rarity is, after all, a very visual, detail-oriented and somewhat vain pony.

    My goal is, as Rarity, to get ready in the morning. Using unicorn magic to help me wash, dress and put on cosmetics. I love make-up and imaging what kind of cosmetic products ponies would use (powder to even out coat color? A balm for white and other light coated ponies to be worn around the lips and prevent staining from food and drink? Curry combs for shedding winter coats?) but I also hate getting up early IRL. Using unicorn magic for telekinesis would be boss when I am tired and sleepy.

    • I actually have a few of my own cosmetics set out for when and if I ever succeed in becoming Rarity. A blue eyeshadow, some false lashes, my white loose finishing powder and hot rollers, etc.

  18. i find that the settings the audio’s set up need to be changed to something more realistic for it to work better. they set it all up making it sound like your in a far away land with nice trees and all but in truth your just in your room or what not and you can see that when you open your eyes. I think this is why I have to put myself in a setting fitting the character to get it to work for me

  19. I’m not really sure what else to do in regards to this. I’ve achieved what I wanted to and have got out of in what I expected but where do I go from here? anyone have any ideas on what I can do to help?

      • well it not that. I still want to help and do things, I set out to find what best helps me which is to put myself in a believable environment (which I’m sure can help anyone) but though i achieved that I still feel like I’m not done, I’m still working on a Tulpa (i just cant seem to pull her into the real world) but I feel I should still do some in regards to this project of yours

    • I’m currently debating on how best to go about OC hypnotism. Right about now I can only thing of a such dialogue such as “Imagine the color of your fur…” without actually mentioning what color it is. Sadly this can become an issue on such matters such as when your OC is a unicorn vs. a pegasus, say.

      If anyone has any ideas, feel free to yell them. :)

      • describing things in detail that are of the same colour may help.
        like if it’s black describe the dark glow of tar as the sun hits, looks smooth , almost solid yet you will sink.

        I don’t know, something like that I’m not the best writer

        • You misunderstand me. :)

          I meant I’m not sure of the best way to write an all-encompassing OC script. The only alternative is to write an individual script for a specific OC, and as such it would require considerable effort as a whole, even if it would be fairly simple to write an individual script.

          Thanks for the suggestion, though ^_^

          • Perhaps the best option would be to make three (four because alicorn?) scripts with minor variations. One for each race. That way you could simply swap out a wing description for a horn description, or in the case of an earth pony, apply more detail to the hooves. Other then that it’s a case of being suggestive while staying vague. The person is already told by the beginning that they are in control even while hypnotized (assuming you go by the same general induction scripting as practically all hypnosis). So perhaps if you word it to imply that their subconscious is supplying at least some of the input, they’ll allow themselves to fill in the blanks? I really don’t know because I don’t write these things, nor know much about hypnotism, but I figure any form of input I can give might help.

            • Thanks for your reply. This was what I was thinking, however there are already generic race hypnotism (although they have yet to be recorded.)

              I did give these a listen and they tended to focus very heavily on the transformation almost exclusively. There were no references to personality, habits, appearance, etc.

              So whether these suffice (check them out on the Hypnosis Document under “Unrecorded Scripts”) I’ll leave you to form your own opinion. I’m just mulling over how to improve it. :)

      • Either way, I gave Digi a revised version of the script that is better paced, and should require paced reading anyway. Give him some time; he’ll get it out.

        • I’ve read tons of FAQs that say the subconscious won’t accept suggestions it doesn’t want to. As a possible corollary, when I attended a Christian service, my tulpa (who I see as part or a representation of my subconscious) took part in a prayer, held a giant rosary, and stood in line for communion, though this may have been because I’m curious about other religions. I was able to visualize the imagery used in past-life regression trances just by hearing my friend describe it. I’m bringing this up because of the line “every time you cast this spell … more attractive to be the smart pony” (stuff cut out to avoid wall of text).
          …I don’t know how to voice my concern without sounding like a jerk.

  20. I’ve been trying the Rainbow Dash(I swear I’m the only one who tried her recording) recording for a week or so and so far I have these phantom wings and tail that are always…there. I could also feel the muzzle’s presence when I think about it. Can’t get past that part though.

    • Yeah… I tried rainbow, but it just didn’t work. Despite her being my 2nd favorite pony, I just don’t connect with her well enough. But ‘has anyone done Applejack?’ is my question

  21. I did Rainbow Dash… that…. was amazing…. My limbs became so heavy… I lost feeling in my fingers and toes… I felt my hair growing… and the wings growing… that was the most amazingly believable sensation… when my voice changed… I felt my throat clinch a bit… I could see clouds… at the end, when I said “revert to normal” it almost startled me the voice that came out… To the best of my voice acting ability I can’t do RD’s voice to save my life… but this went beyond trying into not having any say over it…

  22. Hello digibrony,

    I just wanted to ask if you could make any videos/guides on how to make a tulpa. I always wanted to make one but I never actually found any guide that would help me. I know that with your voice and your explanation, I would probably achieve what I normally could not.

    Greetings from Czech Republic, Fingusa. /)

  23. I decided to try this out, mainly because I’ve always wanted to know if I’m susceptible to hypnosis and this was great to use for an experiment.

    Using my yoga knowledge, I really tried to relax and let the recording carry me away. Right as I was about to start the “transformation”, it seemed like the ground feel from under me, and I started to slowly spin and fall. I think this sensation actually helped; it could’ve just been the position of my hands, but they started to feel heavy and… blocky, for lack of a better descriptive word. My feet started to feel the same. And, when it came time for it, I could feel my huge eyelashes and the magic heat coming from my “horn”. I guess the thing that WAS in my way was that I didn’t have a reason to become Twilight. After listening to the recording once, I have found my reason; get a 4.0 this semester.

    When I came up from the recording, I found the need to look after my hands and feet. I also decided to say the line to become Twilight, just to see what would happen. Right after I spoke, I could’ve sworn my voice sounded different… Could’ve just been a fluke though.

    Anyway, I’m gonna try sleeping with the recording going.

    • Okay, so sleeping with the recording DID NOT go well. I’m a very light sleeper; the slightest noise or light wakes me up, so it goes without saying that I never actually fell asleep, or if I did, it wasn’t for very long. The other problem is that I have to move around a lot before I find a position that is sleep worthy, so I felt like I had to keep starting the process over. Finally, sometime in the middle of the night, I gave up and turned off the record.

      I tried again when I woke up, just lying in bed. The result was pretty much the same from the first time.

      I think tomorrow, I’m going to try zen meditation for 5 minutes before I try hypnosis again.

      • My advice to you is to force your body to not move. Even if you get an itch, or feel the need to move around to get comfortable, just ignore the world and focus on the voice.

        By moving around, you’re allowing yourself to break the trance.

  24. I’m thinking of trying this, and I have some quick questions about how this works.

    One, how long should I give myself for the process?

    Two, are the recordings (for instance, your twilight reading) one-offs, or do I need to set up a playlist of several files?

    Third, does this at any point feel like sleep paralysis?


    • 1. If you mean to fully snap out of the hypnotic effect, I’d say 2-3 minutes, and even then I was still feeling a few side effects, for instance, I couldn’t stop thinking about Twilight for the rest of the day.

      • 2. Sleep paralysis happened once for me, just today in fact. Even after I had mostly snapped out of the trance, I couldn’t move.

  25. I have a problem. I can’t feel myself morphing, but I can almost feel like I am the pony I am listening to. Without the morphing, it just dosen’t work for me. I can’t even make it to the end of the recording. Does anyone have any tips for me?

  26. I went into it not really expecting the hypnosis to work, which probably hurt my experience a lot, buuut…

    Being female, a lot of the time I was thrown out of it because the script was so obviously made for male listeners, like when your voice “changes” to a feminine one…even though mine already IS female. Or the rump enlargement. Or eyelashes growing. Or hair getting longer. And so on. Maybe there could be female versions? Or just make it gender neutral, I dunno.

    Also (and again, take this with a grain of salt), I couldn’t really focus on thinking like Twilight because, even though the voice was telling me to be calm and lazy, it was also telling me that I, as Twilight, was anxious and on edge, and it kept on jumping from thought to thought. First, I’m taking an exam, then I’m levitating ponies, and then I’m thinking about seeing Celestia raise the sun, and suddenly I’m doing a transformation spell?

    I feel like it’d be much better if instead, you just focused on her doing a single, calming thing, like reading a peaceful book, or watching Spike sleep, or something else along those lines. Instead of a transformation spell where you’re ACTUALLY changing from a human, instead she’s just gradually becoming aware of her body; she, and you, have always had this pony body, but now, in the peaceful silence of night, you’re taking a moment to appreciate and really become aware of it. This would help not only to let people remain calm and allow them to focus on a single thought better, but also to lessen the annoyance of constantly being reminded that you’re actually a human and you’re just pretending to be a pony for a while.

  27. Okay. I lay down and listened to this with headphones on and noticed a few things.

    First, what did you use to edit your voice? It sounds amazing! It sounds like it’s distorting the lower frequencies of your voice, and it just sounds great! ^3^

    Second, there’s some white noise in the background. Not enough to be distracting, but still there. Easily removable with a noise remover found in almost any audio editor.

    Thirdly, 13:40 almost kicked me out of a trance.

    Finally, on to the script, I found that when it first started talking about Twilight Sparkle, after the countdown, it started talking about the horn. So, I focused on that, but it quickly danced off onto a tangent – several stories, in fact – and I found that quite distracting, and I wasn’t really paying attention.

    I did, however, think the horn part was pretty effective; I find my forehead is pretty susceptible to hypnotic manipulation, along with my hands. I didn’t find the magical transformation effective at all, but I suspect that’s because I’ve listened to too many hypnosis scripts.

    Thanks for recording this, Digibrony; it was very helpful! I’m still in the process of writing two scripts, and rewriting my Spike one to be more detailed. I hope you’ll forgive my silence.

    I hope you come back to hypnotism soon. It’s pretty inspiring to follow you on this journey, if it can be called as such. May I inquire as to the reason of your hiatus?

  28. I am officially able to act like Pinkie. My twin brother gsve me some tips, and now Im officially a ‘hypnobrony’.

  29. gees, that was fun. being twi for a couple of moments was great. i’ll have to try that “I am a smart pony” thing later

  30. I tried and now am trying to snap out of Twilight Hypnosis. It is like I want to be a pony again, want to become her but am not very good at resisting. I also feel sleepy is this normal?

    • Feeling the urge to try to be a pony again and feeling sleepy are both perfectly normal. If you find that the urges to become a pony become uncomfortable and/or get in the way of your everyday life, I would recommend you the reset file. However this has yet to be typed up. Perhaps you’ll be able to find one online, but for now we need a script writer to write it first.

  31. I Have tried this for the last month and have gotten a little success by using the fluttershy file. Up until i get to the wings I’m perfectly fine but then my asthma will kick in, kicking me out of trance pissing me off. But it’s almost April now, so I should be fine. Perseverance is the answer.

  32. i tried this but wasn’t feelings different so i stopped as i streched out my finger, toes, legs, and arms i felt nothing i can describe more than a tinglyness up and own them i am not sure if i was doing it right or if i mess up but one things for sure i was and am complete relaxed

  33. I’ve had quite an experience with pony hypnosis myself. I started around the beginning of January with Fluttershy hypnosis. Eighteen days later, I realize I’m not really much of a Fluttershy, but rather am more Twilight. So, I switched files and eventually turned my Fluttershy hypnosis effects into a tulpa, which I originally named Casey.
    After switching files, I kept persistently listening to the Twilight files and keeping logs of all of my progress in journals. Ponies started to read them and noticed I was changing a lot, yet I don’t see a lot of my changes so it’s hard for me to tell. However, I can notice some: my grades improving, my After a while, sometime in mid-Feburary, I had my first successful private one-on-one session. I came out of that session fully believing I was Twilight Sparkle. I still thi- wait, no, I KNOW I’m Twilight Sparkle to this day. As days go by, memories start to fill in, memories as my past as Twilight, as well as abilities. I can use some sorts of metaphysical magic (no, I don’t mean voodoo witchcraft stuff, I mean my horn glows and stuff happens) to do stuff such as hug ponies from afar and with a few select ponies I can make them feel physical effects, enter and exit hooflock, etc. Later on, I got a second tulpa which appeared to be my past self before the hypnosis, who was originally named Mark. However, later on, both Casey and Mark changed to become Owlowicious and Spike.

    It’s almost been three months since I’ve began with Twilight hypnosis. I’ve definitely changed a lot, all for the better. It’s also helped me climb out of depression and become happier with myself as a person (or in this case, pony.)

    • Hold on, let me fix something I typed up in that paragraph real quick.
      However, I can notice some: my grades improving, my desire to be on-time exponentially increasing, my vocabulary expanding, my intelligence increasing, my desire for perfection increasing, and much, much more.*

    • I know that hypnosis doesn’t work unless you want it to, so I shouldn’t have to worry about the “your desire to become the smart pony increases” part leading me on a slippery slope away from my humanity (I hope), but your story makes me kind of concerned. No offense, but the stuff about using magic makes me think you’re faking (which I honestly hope you are. I want to try this out, but…). If you’re not, and your situation were to happen to me, would my currently existing tulpa be able to snap me out of it? BTW, she nodded when I thought the memory-alteration stuff was similar to mind control/brainwashing (again, no offense, that’s just my opinion).

  34. Odd enough… I have only tried it once, and I will record my experience here; I was sure it would work, and went in confident. after about 30 minutes, I convinced myself to leave the trance, because I was getting scared. Even though I was scared, it took me a minute to get out of the trance. I felt like I had hoofs by the time I was out of the transformation. I decided to call it a day, and stop taking the hypnosis.
    Right before I went to bed, I said “I am a smart pony” nothing happened. I was expecting that, knowing it would take a month of work or so. When I woke up in the morning, I had the impulse of cleaning my room, and organizing it. I checked my clock, and saw I woke up late. I was annoyed with myself, but this was normal for me. I had time to clean all my dirty clothes and my bathroom before I had to go to school.
    I am a A+ student, but I often take 30 minutes to finish a full math page. Today, I whipped it out in 10 minutes. I will continue posting my experience, due to I believe, from what I have seen on this thread, that I am very susceptible to hypnotism, due to for most people to get the same result after 3 tries or so. This may be hard for me, because I can’t bring myself to admit, to my brony friends, that I am a brony…

  35. So, I left Hypnosis for a while. I recently came back, and watched Tom Smith’s Shining Armor Hypnosis on YouTube. My other results have been mixed, but after the first try, I was able to get Shining Armor. Guess I just needed a colt. Now, for the results:
    I went into it, happy I could be a colt for once. Everything actually worked perfectly, especially the hatdest part for me, the mane and tail. After wards, I spent some time as a pony and had strong desires to help and protecy others. After about an hour I literally had to force myself out of hypnosis, because it wouldn’t go away. I will be sticking to this one for sure.

      • You watched my Shining Armor one? Jesus I thought that one sucked xD

        I really need to get to doing more scripts, but Exams are closing in hot and heavy. D:

        I’m glad to hear you managed to force yourself out of a hypnosis; Hypnosis can be a tricky thing.

        • That’s the cool thing. My friend, a skilled hypnotist, sent me a simple hypnosis induction that pulls me out of it after ten minutes to practice pulling myself out of trance. I’m quite good at it. Also, the Shining Armor one is good. I would recommend that you should do a Time Turner/Doctor Whooves one, but it is impossible to understand how the Doctor really is. What is your next one?

          • Also, I’m not ready to be a pony for longer than up to two hours at a time, which is why I did that practice on pulling myself out. Also, do you know any Tulpa guides?

            • As for Tulpa guides, I’m afraid that’s an area I didn’t look very much into. As far as I can gather, most people used an induction to put themselves into a trance, and focused on creating a Tulpa.

              A Tulpa appears to be an entity of their choosing that is both part of them, and yet a separate entity entirely. It’s rather fascinating to read about, although it’s a road I’m wary of treading, and I don’t really want to try writing any scripts on a subject I’m unfamiliar with; that’s just asking for trouble.

              If you happen to fight any good guides, be sure to post your findings on this thread. It’s one of the few threads I’m still watching at the moment.

          • Is there any chance you could send me this induction? It sounds fascinating.

            Next on my writing list was a general relaxation script and a Discord script. The plan was to entirely rewrite the script. However I was then asked to voice a few of Foxxxy’s new scripts, but I fell ill and lost my voice. I’ll likely get back to recording soon, but I suspect someone will voice the 3.0 mane 6 scripts before I get round to it.

            In fact I did start voicing a few scripts the other day, however I sound like Nazir from Skyrim… I’m not sure whether that’ll be something good to listen to. I might just send it off to Audiobros anyway.

            A Time Turner / Doctor Whooves script sounds interesting, although you’d be right in saying it could potentially be difficult to define his personality. After all, different people may have a different perception of his personality; his character is almost entirely fan-created.

            • 1.Sadly, no. It was mysteriously deleted off the phone I have it on.
              2. Unless you chose one of his bodies, and used the personality of the human version of that form, albeit wait a human body.

    • wow, I half expected this place to be dead by now but there are still a few posts. not gonna lie to you, I think Digi lost interest in this, I doubt he’s going to be coming back

      • Meh, it’s fun to stalk old threads. Not least because the Gdoc is still on hiatus. I believe that’s ending come July, as far as I can gather.
        As for Digibrony. Aye, I agree with you. But that’s okay, it was fun that he was interested for the short time that he was. ^.^

  36. Hey guys, I really shouldnt be advertising myself here, since I kinda have my work cut out for me with school and whatnot, but Im doing it anyway! Anyway, Im a hypnotist, who has given at least a dozen people pony forms in the last few months, of course it all depends on suggestability and whatnot, but it usually ends with satisfying results, for people who would like more information, my skype name is: LordBerrin and Im nearly always in my IRC channel, which is #Mtek-Labs on the Rizon network, I can give details on what Ive accomplished with subjects on there or my skype, Have a great day~

  37. I tried this and it didn’t work very well for me :( I really want to become twilight, but just can’t get quite deep enough into the trance. Little help?

    • A session with an actual hypnotist, text or otherwise will always be better than a file, regardless of the situation, and you might want to listen to binaurals for a bit before and while you have the file on, should help with your deepness issue a bit, and if all else fails, I could help you out personally, though I refuse to make any changes permanent ^^

        • The binaurals can easily be found on youtube or any other listening site, though I do like Fede’s stuff (fedelasse, just google ‘fede’s tones’) but any normal Theta tone you can find on youtube would be fine, some people use alpha I believe, but that seems somewhat backwards to me, to each their own though.

  38. I’m finally back, after a long hiatus, with doing Vinyl Scratch, and I have achieved an anthro state.
    My sister did Octavia, and has experienced a whole new mindset, but no physical changes.

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