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  1. so how did you get into My Little Pony, you just come across it one day, a friend sugjest it or did you see a fan made video(s) like Friendship is Witchcraft?

  2. All right, here’s a few to think on. Answer whichever you like.
    – What is your favorite location in the show and why?
    – What are other non-pony things you’d recommend to fans of the show during the drought?
    – What are your thoughts on the combination age-gender gap between bronies and the show’s target audience?
    – What is your favorite face in the show?

  3. Is there a character that you would have liked a little more insight or some kind of backstory on?

  4. Are you going to write/ perform new songs/ponified songs? I was impressed how well W/out Luna turned out.

  5. Do you think their should be an episode in season 4 that revolves around princess luna and princess celestia, and how do you think that they can portray the princesses relationship with each other?

  6. Hey Digibrony,

    I’m a huge fan of your show and I have a question for you. How do you think Cadance became an alicorn? If Sombra is her father? Do you think that if a unicorn and a pegasus had a baby that it would be an alicorn baby? Or did Cadence “become” an alicorn like Twilight. Also in Season 1, Prince Blueblood who is Celestia’s nephew is also a unicorn. Is Celestia and/or Luna married or is he just adopted?

  7. And there are a lot of questions about you analyzing FiW, which leads me to another two questions. Will you be doing those analysi and/or can you reflect over the PONY.MOV series.
    Sincerely, one of your loyal fans,

  8. What do you think of the undertones of the show, would these seem intentional or be something the writers have put in for the audience to figure out them selves? thanks!

  9. who is best pony?
    How old are you?
    Fanfic suggestions?
    Do you like video games?
    what is your favorite episode of each season (1 per season)

  10. Are you sure you will make it trough this Q&A? there’s going to be a lot of questions from people that love your videos,

  11. Was the DigibronyAfterDark channel created solely for the pony hypnosis or what else do you plan to post there?

  12. You’ve mentioned working on a Tulpa in one of your videos in the past. How did you find out about Tulpa? Is your Tulpa still around? Do you believe it was essentially sentient by the time you were “done” with it?

    • I’m actually rather curios about this too. Tulpas tend to get lonely if they don’t have anybody to talk to for too long. (Other than their respective host of course.)

  13. I notice in the show that aside from Sherrif Silverstsar in Over A Barrel and Celestia’s Royal Guards like Shining Armor, we don’t really see many law enforcement ponies. I’ve read fics where the Royal Guard handles most Law Enforcement, and one where the seperate cities have their own. I don’t remember the name but it was about Family Day in Ponyville and Applejack wanting all her friends to have a good time with their parents. Fluttershy’s dad turned out to be a brutish, abusive police officer in Cloudsdale. Since we rarely see L.E., could that mean crime is generally low in Equestria? What R your thoughts?

  14. How did you create your pony “avatar”? I have been wondering about it for a while now and I think yours seems very unique.

    • In my opinion it’s definitely a negative trait, but no one trait makes up a person. Two people could share that trait, and one could be an absolutely terrible excuse for human life, and one could be a creative and interesting human, whom I would be pleased to make the aquantence of. This is just too much of a generalization to give a definite answer to.

  15. In your winter wrap up vid I saw that you had some touhou figures. While i am not a fan of touhou my best friend is and he recently became a brony. My question is “Do you think that the brony fandom and the Touhou fandom are similar?”. My friend said that he asked this question at a touhou panel and had the whole room get into an argument.

  16. ~Season three finale review?
    ~I also would love to hear more of your thoughts on the Pony-verse, especially your fascinating ideas on destiny! I know we’ll get some of that with the video I requested above, but would you be willing or interested in doing a longer series on it?
    ~How would you feel about joining a site like ThatGuyWithTheGlasses or similar dedicated to reviews? Not just of Pony material, I’d love to hear about some of your other passions as well! Your grasp of character and staging is second to none and makes for fascinating listening!
    ~Branching off of that, do you have other reviews? Where would be the best place to find them?
    ~Where should I go/ who should I talk to if I want to get more involved in the fandom? I can sing, but I have little talent for arranging or producing music… where would I go to offer my abilities to someone who can make use of them?

    Other than that, I just wanted to say good work, and reiterate on what a pleasure it is to listen to you!

  17. What is your best advice for dealing with people that hate the show, yet have never seen it? Some of my IRL friends laugh at me when I say that MLP:FiM has good animation and writing, and they chastise me for simply liking the show, saying it’s creepy for me to watch a show for “little girls.”

  18. Have my first question emerged or?
    Because I did not see it.
    If it did not arrive so I said the season four is the last seoson or what? please say no: (

  19. Okay, here are a bunch:
    -Which ponies, besides the main 6, would you like to see more development on?
    -Favorite Cutie Mark?
    -Whose destiny do you think is the most interesting to watch for development in?
    -If you were to make an episode, what would it be about
    -What do you use to record?
    -How many seasons would you think to be a good ending point for MLP, since shows do go stale after awhile, you got to admit that, and it can’t go on forever.
    – Earth Pony vs Unicorn vs Pegasus, which do you prefer?
    -Any other favorite series (of any medium) that you would recommend to us viewers?
    -If you heard any of the foreign dubs (actual episode, or just some songs it doesnt matter) of MLP which are your favorite/least favorite?

    And obligatory stupid questions:
    -What is your favorite color?
    -What is the meaning of life?
    -Would you like to talk about Homestuck? ;)

    Keep on being awesome Digibrony!

  20. What is your favourite part of the community?

    Who is your favourite background character?

    What is your favourite part of writing, producing and uploading videos?

    Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or one hundred duck sized horses?

  21. I really love your videos! I have a few questions:
    1. Who is your favorite pony and why?
    2. Do you think that Scootaloo’s or Fluttershy’s family will ever be revealed?
    3. Do you have any concerns for Twilight now that she’s an alicorn?
    I would really appreciate it if you could answer my questions!

  22. Do you believe that their are currently very old unicorns that are better at Twilight in magic right now? Cause in the episode with Trixie returns twilight stated that age spells are only able to be performed by the top level of unicorn and twilight could not perform the spell. Also, do you think that shining armor can cast better shield spells than twilight even with her being an alicorn.

    • Yes, I think we’d all like to see a Starswirl/Gandalf-esque character, preferable in a faraway land full of strange and wondrous things.

    • And by that I mean any folk metal bands, doom metal bands, or black metal bands or a combination of any of those.

  23. Have you ever read/listened to “my little dashie”? If so what are your thoughts about it? And are you excited for double rainboom?

  24. 1. Best car brand?
    2. Best car model?
    3. Best fanmade YouTube thing?
    4. Top five beers?
    5. Old or new YouTube?
    6. Whiskey?
    7. What do you know about Sweden?
    8. What is your current studio setup? (Pc screen mic camera etc)
    9. First best pony?
    10. Best pony?
    11. Best Va?
    12. Best crystal pony?
    13. Best stallion?
    15. Global warming is a joke?
    16. Best filly?
    17. Where is 14?
    18. Future plans?
    19. More ponies soon?
    20. Love you’re videos man, never stop making them… Ok?

  25. who is your favorite background pony?
    would you rather be a peguses, unicorn or a earth pony?

  26. What’s your opinion about high-class dessert vs. snack food? As in for example Game Grumps vs. Sequelitis, or over 9000 episode anime vs regular 13/26/52 episode anime, etc.

    So, what do you like more, endless medium quality products as something consistent to look forward to, or high quality products for something to seriously enjoy and flip out about but only have a this experience once and never again (or only in the distant future).

  27. what is your opinion of the urban art and graffiti? and do you have any favorite one or at least someone in wich you´re insterested to look about? also your awesome

  28. i have a couple of questions

    1: Have you played any of the Call of duty games?
    2: Ever thinking about making your own animations?
    3: Have any pets?

  29. You’ve inspired me to start my own line of analysis on the show and other subjects, and i was just looking for some advice from someone who’s been doing this for a while. I’m also resisting the urge to put one of my text posts in here because i realize you’re busy and they’re not that great yet anyways.

  30. I really like your videos! I have a few questions,
    1. Who is your favorite pony and why?
    2. Do you think that the will ever reveal Fluttershy’s and Scootaloos’s family?
    3. Do you have any concerns for Twilight now that she’s an alicorn?
    I would really appreciate it if you would answer my questions!

  31. What did you think of the baby pony form? Do you like it how it is or would you change the form in any way?

    What did you think when they gave Mr. and Mrs. Cake a baby pegasus and a baby unicorn for kids?

    Who is your favorite twin Pound or Pumpkin?

    Do you think Pound and Pumpkin will still have their powers of flying and magic or do you think they will lose their powers at some point and they have to relearn flying and magic?

    Do you think flying is something that can be taught or is more of an instinct that they have?

    What do you think of the comics? Both regular and the mini one.

  32. Would you rather lose your sense of taste or never be allowed to look at anything pony related, that includes watching the show, and talking with bronys about ponys.

  33. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    Too non-personalized? How bout….
    How much wood would you chuck if you were a woodchuck who could chuck wood?
    How old was Clockerbarrel when said Jargon was clocked?
    Last but not least, do you read Homestuck?

  34. 1.What is your favorite pony out of the mane 6?
    2.What’s your favorite mlp song?
    3.What’s your favorite food?
    4.If you were one of the staff members for my little pony, what would you improve?
    5.Do you play any valve games if so what’s your favorite?

  35. Congrats on your 8k subs!

    I’ve always loved writing and reading poetry, as well as songs! Since I’ve discovered the Brony community I’ve wanted to start publishing my work online, but I have no real idea about how to properly get started and promote my work. Ideas?

  36. – Do you think King Sombra should get more exposure in season 4 to develop his character more? Like, maybe he comes back and they have to defeat him again, or something?
    – Do you like any animators on YouTube/Newgrounds?
    – When did you first discover YouTube, and how old were you?
    – Why are your family members so awesome? I wish my family liked MLP…
    – Lastly, who is your fave background pony?

  37. 1. What hell hath you unleashed?
    2. Are you expecting any other fandoms similar to this one to pop up anytime in the future? Explain.
    3. What’s your favorite color? Explain.

  38. This is a long shot but I’ll ask it anyways since I have nothing to lose.
    I create worlds and stories in my spare time as a hobby. not on paper but in my head since I’m surprisingly good at keeping track of all of the lore I add to my worlds. But what I have always wanted to do was to write a story based inside one of the worlds I created (one of them is actually a completely non cannon mlp branch off but that’s not important). My question is if you would like to write a story, any story based in one my worlds. I wanted to ask you personally because I think you’re an excellent writer and as a fan, would love it if I could actually have a story and it was written by you. If you’re not interested or just don’t have the time, I would still consider it an honor if you would look at some of the work I have done on one of them and give me some creative criticism. If you don’t feel like doing that then I might as well have an extra question just in case and that is do you have any headcannons on princess Luna’s lifestyle?

    Keep up the great reviews! /)

  39. I have two question I would like to ask, but if that’s to much trouble I understand:
    1. What do you think about the idea of season 4 and other seasons after focusing on new ponies, rather than the original six?
    2. What do you think about the theory that alicorn twilight isn’t real, that shes still looking into Sombra’s door, and that shooting it with love or what ever type of magic that was) didn’t open the way, but instead made her see what she wanted the most. I know this would never happen, but I saw it floating around, and wanted to know what you think of it.

  40. -Do you like clopfic? (Don’t have to answer this one.)
    -What’s your favorite fanfic?
    -Best Ship Evar?
    -Opinions on the global economy?
    -Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Books?
    -What would you rather fight: 100 duck-sized ponies, or 1 pony-sized duck?
    -Favorite Word?
    -Favorite Youtube Brony?

    That’s about all I got…

  41. I have a fan-fic I’d like you to read. It’s the first time it will be looked at by a professional. It’s not MLD but it’s not as bad as Cupcakes. I’ll be glad to pm you the link. Will you accept and post a reading?
    Ask to pm the link in the Q&A btw.

  42. Do you like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games? If yes, what do you like about both series?

  43. Hi! What’s your opinion on the cutie marks representing the moment in which a pony discovers his/her destiny rather than a literal representation of what that character is meant to do. The former seems to make a wee bit more sense when you look at some of the mane6’s cutie marks, such a Rarity. I’ve heard fans say time and time again that Rarity’s special talent is finding jewels/gems due to the fact that her cutie mark is three diamonds (or so it seems). But… that would make it a pretty mediocre talent due to the fact that we learn in A Dog and a Pony Show that all it takes to find said gems is a simple spell, which Rarity taught Twilight how to perform. I’ve aways believed that Rarity’s special talent has always been the ability to bring out beauty. Whether she is making a bird’s nest or a dress; And gems are just the cherry on top (she doesn’t even use them that often). I like to believe that Rarity’s cutie mark represents not gems, but sparkles, the very same sparkle that were present on the eyes of Rarity’s teacher when she looked upon Rarity’s beautiful dresses (As seen in The Cutie Mark Chronicles); thus validating Rarity’s talent to bring out beauty.

    I realized this question was a tad long… sorry about that.

    P.S: The Luna rap is <3.

  44. Well I am a closet Brony, and I wanted to know how to deal with those who are in real life. I have friends who I know who are Bronies/Pegasisters. I have kept it quiet my year and a half of being a brony, my sister however knows. Should I tell my Brony friends that I am a Brony or should I protect identity?

  45. So, in your video about Starswirl the Bearded you argued that Celestia had been grooming Twilight to be her successor. You said that this is the result of SW not being able to grasp the magic of friendship in the past. Do you think that it’s possible that Celestia artificially extended her own lifespan (and maybe Luna’s) after SW’s failure in order to find the right successor to the throne? Sorry, I know I’m probably reading too deep into this.

  46. How did you come up with your cutie mark design?

    Do you find it weird that Canada is starting Season 3 of mlp this Saturday?

  47. Hi there, Digibrony! My question to you is:

    Seeing as Pinkie Pie is my favorite pony, I would love to know how you think her history went down. How did she find ponyville, do you think?

    Personally I think:
    After receiving her cutie mark everything went back to the dull rock farm that Pinkie described. So, seeing as her new destiny, she set out of the rock farm, leaving her family behind. Upon finding Ponyville, she became homeless, seeing as she had no mone- I mean…bits…and was found by the cakes. The cakes agreed to care for her, and allow her to work there until she raised enough to buy a house of her own.

  48. So what would be your take on the equastian military force if there were ever approached by a threat from a another race. Like when the changelings attacked in the season two finally. How do they think it would function.

  49. Just out of curiosity, you mentioned the Touhou series in one of your videos. What do you like about Touhou and which would you consider your favorite character in chase you had one?

  50. 1. What’s your favorite aspect of the brony fandom?
    2. Have you ever written pony fanfiction?
    3. What, exactly, is your ponysona’s special talent? Do you think he would fit well into the established society of Equestria?
    4. If it’s not too sensitive, what are your religious views and do you think they’ve affected how you see MLP? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want.
    5. What’s your favorite pass-time, besides MLP stuff?
    And, of course:
    6. Will you marry me?

  51. MLP FIM is one of the most well animated cartoon I ever seen (The firs time I watch it i drop a tear of joy and emotion. I mean even now watching top animes like evangelion 1.0,2.0, I’m surprised by the quality and effort animators put in each episode. Just amazing!). The question is. Are you really into mlp because of it’s quality animation or by other aspects like story telling, plot, etc? Thanks

  52. 1) How would you start to become a reviewer in your footsteps if you only can show your face, no media and try to do it in 5 to 10 minutes?
    2) What would your reaction be if you met a brony who watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from the very beginning (I’m one of those “Rarity”ies)
    3) What would your reaction be if you met a brony who calls himself a Brony yet his only reason be a Death Battle (Rainbow Dash v Starscream) and not even know the ELEMENTS OF HARMONY?
    4) Do you believe this would be a wonderful idea for a fanfic (A brony who has accepted ponies in his life go through the conflicts of his life and suddenly a gate to Equestria opens in front of him. Once he enters, a weird phenomenon occurs. He is vaporized by the light. In his place in Everfree Forest is a unicorn, dragon, a changeling (Maybe yes or not a griffon too)? They were landed in different times and locations of the show’s running. The unicorn awakes in the very beginning with no knowledge of who he was previously. Each Equestrian represents an attribute of the vaporized human. An ancient evil shows up and proves to be the ultimate force behind the attacks on harmony these last few years. The Equestrians soon grow talents unlike Equestria has ever seen. Only when the Equestrians unite is when the evil will be released in fullest potential.)? Give any thoughts. Make even a separate video if you enjoy the concept to a huge extent.
    5) What would be your future career on Earth/Equestria (if your OC has a job there)?
    6) What would the solution be for a brony’s OC who has so many talents (an ever-changing cutie mark, blank flank, or a multiple talents cutie mark)?
    7) If there was another battle with the Changelings, what would a lesson be for the audience if aired as an episode?
    8) Are you a Pokemon fan? If so, do you believe Pokemon Bronies should be their own group with Keldeo (legendary swordman pony) as their mascot?
    9) Is Keldeo possibly BETTER than Ponyta/Rapidash as a Pokemon Pony and if putting Vic (Edward Elric’s VA)’s voice in the smallest swordman in the 15th Pokemon Movie a smart decision in Pokemon’s part?
    10) What is your favorite ship?
    11) If you dreamt of the concept of changelings while being a brony in Season 2 before the finale and seen the finale, did you predict the future, mere coincedence, or you have a deeper connection to pony than you thought?
    12) If you put writers with the Mane 6 pony they work well with characterization, who would go with each Mane 6 and how good are they in each role?

  53. Oh, and I came up with a longer one.
    Do you think cutie marks are, as Magical Mystery Cure seemed to indicate, just marks that don’t give talent, or do they actually bring some sort of ability to the pony like Cutie Pox indicated? I know that case was a little different, but the entire cutie mark plot (pun not intended) of the show seemed to point to the second one until the most recent finale.

  54. If you had a super power or more than one what would they be and what would your costume look like? Also if you were a writer for the show what kind of lesson or moral would you want to teach and what pony from the mane 6 would you focus on if not on the whole cast working as a group? unrelated note play world of warcraft? lol

  55. Hi! What is your Jung Personality type? How does it relate to INTJ? You can take it for free here.
    Thank you for hopefully answering this question, and if not, thank you for reading and making videos. Have a great day.

  56. If you were to give Digibrony a personality separate from your own, what would it be and describe why you chose those characteristics. Thanks!

  57. Who is your favorite princess, and second and third and fourth, with a good reason for each?

    ~schoolruler2 on youtube

    PSS: Thank you for your time

  58. What are your top 5 games? Also, can you please go into a short, but somewhat in-depth, explanation as to why using your powers of analyzing?

  59. What are your major ideas, thoughts, or feelings on the Fallout Equestria universe?

    Also, do you have a favorite Fallout Equestria story, beyond the original and Project: Horizons?

  60. 1. Do you think season 4 will have something to do with the games that “Games Ponies Play” mentioned?

    2. Will you ever fix your OC’s leg? Also, what’s his name? :3

    3. What do you consider your special talent.

    4. If you were to make a MLP episode, how would it be?

    5. Did you know that hooves are actually the nails of a horse’s middle finger? :D

    6. Ok, that was gross. Will you forgive me? :3

    7. What do you think the CMC’s cutie marks will be? How will they be acquired?

    8. If Celestia rules Equestria, and Cadence rules the Crystal Empire, what does Twilight will rule?

    9. Do I have such a bad grammar?

    10. Favorite games?

    11. Song style?

    12. Play any instruments?

    13. Will you answer this with a negative statement?

    14. The end?

    15. Since you have a higher level of influence than me, how about spreading the project of a huge pony Harlem Shake, just like BronyDanceParty did with the Smile project?

  61. what is your name?
    what is your quest?
    what is the air-speed velocity of an un-laden swallow?
    why are there so many songs about rainbows?
    why did you choose the name digibrony?
    what lead you to becoming a brony and why did you choose this method for interacting with the community?

  62. -Thoughts on Conversion Bureau.
    -If you got to guest write an episode of MLP, what would it be called and about? Be Specific.
    -Why do bronies keep making Princess Celestia evil?
    -Using evidence solely from what the show has given outside of one off jokes, answer this question: Is Rainbow Dash a lesbian?
    -What are your favourite non MLP fan fics?
    -Who do you watch on the internet?
    -Thoughts on Adventure Time.
    -Am I the only one who wanted Discord to have a mariachi band when he came out of the statue in “Keep Calm, and Flutter On”?
    -With five minutes to prepare, come up with a pitch for a Doctor Whooves spin off series.
    -Do you read comic books, and if so, What are you reading right now?
    -What are your favourite books?
    -Who would win in a fight to the death: Rainbow Dash or Applejack?
    -What is the worst episode of MLP?
    -Is The Simpsons still funny?
    -Do android dream of electric sheep?
    -Thoughts on Invader Zim.
    -What is the worst cartoon series you have ever seen and why?
    -Why do people hate Johnny Test?
    -If SOPA was passed, how bad would it have crippled the internet?
    -Who is your least favourite of the Main 6 and Why?
    -If you were stuck on a desert island with only one movie, what would it be and why?
    -Would you like a jelly baby?
    -Thoughts on Doctor Who.
    -What is the best portrayal of Rape in fiction and why?

  63. so In your opinion , who is mlp fim is best villain thematically and execution in retrospect with main cast? also what do you think about the whole Derpy thing?

  64. just 2 questions
    how expensive do you think are the gemes in MLP? I mean, looks like are not so big thing the most of time, but sometimes looks like are even a pay form
    can you put lyrics in your song without Luna? just if you can, not an order, only a request

  65. I’ve been following your Pony Hypnosis project videos on digibronyafterdark, and you talked about becoming your Digibrony Pony is your second update video, I think it would be very interesting to become My OC, do you think you could help?

  66. I left a huge comment about why i find fluttershy interesting in the MLP’s Establishment Arc comments, but here it is again, just skip it if you read it on youtube.

    Fluttershy is my fav. pony from the start and alot of the reason to that is that I could see that there was something sturring behind her obvious traits. Small scenes like the one where she tells pinkie that she is a year older than her after pinkie skips away from her. look at that now and tell me that there is no hidden irritation and maybe even resentment. When this manifested itself in putting your hoof down, I thought “they actually went there!”.

    And the hulk reference in that episode is fitting, because she gains incredible psychological destruction if she ever get in a rage.

    But dont think I like Fluttershy just because she observes and have the biggest problems with how other ponies behave. She keeps alot of her feelings hidden because she knows that they will hurt her friends. Is that manipulative? is it kindness? both?

    This pony can see everyones flaws, but does not want to.

    As she says herself, “I am the monster”

    My questions are these:
    Do you think any of the writers agree to this headcanon?

    If so wich one?

    would/can they explore this deeper?(moral lessons to be had?)

    Can fluttershy be the most intelligent pony, but do not wish to show it?

    Am I way overthinking the psyche of a animated, yellow and pink pony?

  67. QUICK!!! Who would win? Flareon with a Portal gun, or Pinkie Pie with a flame sword?!

    • +1 Are we assuming that Pinkie can use her power over space, time, and the multiverse? Other wise Flareon would win because Flarion has fire and can think with portals.

  68. Sketch the pony here again wanted to know

    ALSO (whispers) has any pony ever sent you any fan pics of ur pony in Hentai if not can I be the first ^_^

  69. I noticed in one of your videos, you used Virginia Beach as an example as a place not known for fashion. Since that’s not a place specifically known for not being known for fashion, did you pick it cause you live in the area?

  70. 3 questions;

    1. favorite pony

    2. which pony (all backround, villians, and mane 6) would you most likely be personality wise

    3. suppose you wake up one day to find out you were accidentally tramsported to ponyville via twilight, what would u do 1st?

  71. Wow. Look at you, Mr. Popular.

    I just wanted to know if you have been watching Tamako Market, and if so, what you thought of the show – particularly the character Dera Mochimazzi.

    Don’t look at me like that, at least I didn’t ask you how big your penis is.

  72. What’s the situation on dramatic readings from you, as in:
    Will you be doing dramatic readings?
    Will you be doing any more fimfic reviews? (fckin loved ur university days review)
    and last, there’s a new chapter of university days (shit is getting real) you said you might reconsider a reading or whatnot whenever the next chapter was released. That’s the power of jinxing…sorta

    Bonus question: How is your life these days?

  73. What video games do you like?
    Who are your favorite pony designs?
    How do you feel about the older gens?
    What’s your favorite movie?
    Favorite book?
    Current favorite pony?
    Do you like musical theater?
    Do you own any pony merch? If so, what do you have?
    What’s your favorite shirt that you own (not necessarily pony related)?
    Do you like Harry Potter?
    What’s your shoe size?
    Will you ever shave your hard to describe facial hair (not that it’s bad, just wondering)?
    Would you want to get married in the future?
    How do you feel about grimdark fanfiction/art?
    Do you have a deviantart? If so, who are your favorite deviants?
    What shows do you watch besides ponies?
    What’s your real life first name?
    Favorite band/musician?
    Just to clarify, are you going to Bronycon in Maryland this year?

  74. If you had to Jump into a fire that couldn’t kill you, but Could infinitely hurt you to watch MLP:FIM, or NEVER WATCH IT AGAIN!!!!!!!

  75. Okay, two questions. First off, what’s your brony story? (or, how did you discover and/or become a part of the fandom) And second, What got you into making analysis videos on youtube?

  76. sooo why does your OC’s mane and tail look like sweetie belle was that a personal thing or did you just really like her….um mane?

  77. Two Questions
    1) When was it that you realized that Bronies seriously started to pay attention to your videos and that you were growing a fanbase?

    2) Will it blend?

    • +1! Mega plus one! Those are the best. He should also do the Mentally Advanced Series while he’s at it.

  78. How did you get your channel to be so successful and do you have any hints for up and coming mlp YouTube channels.


    My question is simple: What are your thoughts on this interpretation of S3?

    Now for the complex part:

    I have always wondered if anyone else had noticed a small trend running through Season 3. I had wondered if this season would be reserved for an intermediate stage where the ponies can develop their talents and substantially move towards their destiny.

    I started to notice this trend materializing after Sleepless in Ponyville and Wonderbolts Academy. The episodes have great parallel for being chronologically adjacent. Surely this juxtaposition isn’t merely coincidental! We see the development of Scootaloo’s character as she tries to win the affections of Rainbow Dash.

    She attempts to prove herself to Rainbow Dash by being fearless, but finds that she goes too far. In the end, she must converse with her idol and eventually flies with her idol (Moving toward her destiny).

    Similarly, Rainbow attempts to prove herself to the Wonderbolts by being fearless and fast, but after Lightening Dust coerces her to accidentally endanger her friends, she realizes she has gone too far. In the end, she must converse with her idol and eventually becomes a lead pony (Moving toward her destiny).

    I’ll make a small mention of Apple Family Reunion (AFR) and Keep Calm and Flutter On (KCFO) as well. AFR and KCFO may have been weak episodes this season (Especially after such a strong opening), but they continue this theme of each pony pushing towards her destiny. Applejack may already have met her goal since it has been established that she simply wants to take over the farm, but AFR still shows she is moving towards being a family leader.

    She attempts to prove herself to Granny(? Her parents? her family?) by organizing the reunion, but finds that she goes too far. In the end, she must converse with Granny and 1,2,3,4 brings the family together.

    KCFO follows a similar trend (especially since Fluttershy has very few goals). Fluttershy must prove herself to Celestia by reforming Discord, but finds that she may be in too deep. In the end, she must converse with Celestia and realizes that her kindness has earned her a housemate.

    Finally, in Magical Mystery Cure, Twilight attempts to prove herself to Celestia by finishing Star-Swirl the bearded’s spell. In the end she goes too far by casting the spell without considering the ramifications and works to fix her mistake. She writes the end of the spell and must converse with Celestia about her destiny (Surprise! The spell she finished was an Alicornification spell!).

    If you’ve been paying attention you may have noticed that I wrote each character’s episode with a similar format. Each character attempts to prove herself to their idol, goes to far, and converses with her idol to work towards her destiny. For many of these ponies, this means that they’re working towards their hopes and dreams. For Fluttershy, it means that she has a new and interesting development in her character (and perhaps a new character arc as Discord’s roomy). Finally, for Twilight it means that she will begin a whole new character arc as a princess. Each character moving towards and perhaps even meeting their destiny. A brilliant season that exceeds expectations by not only proving that MLP is full of dynamic characters, but also proving that the series is more than just a story of how Twilight become’s an alicorn. It’s a story about the struggles of friendship as ponies move about their lives. Loving eachother and GROWING together.

  80. 1. What gave you the idea to do this “Ask me anything”… thing?

    2. What are your thoughts on fan fiction?

    3. Do you like Kingdom Hearts?

  81. So, hmmm… Oh! Im a brony (obviously) but i dont wanna tell my friends about being one, in case they tell their friends, who tell the populars who will call me things like “gay” or “baby”. What should i do? Also, whos your favorite pony? Mines 50% Rainbow Dash and %50 Flutters

    • I kind of think that you’re not allowed to say Rainbow, otherwise everyone would say that she’s their favorite. Suddenly it’s not an interesting question. Fluttershy is best pony, but I think most people (including myself) relate to Twilight the most.

  82. Hi Digibrony, would you make a movie about the educational system in Equestria? I mean Earth ponies go to regular school like the one Cherrilee teaches, but for pegasus they have their own flying school and in the case of unicorns they go to a totally differente school where they learn magic spells and stuff like Twilight, right? So would you do a review about that please?

  83. Who is your favourite writer and are you open to more writers being brought on to the show in the future?

  84. Would you want the CMC to get their cutie marks during the show, at the end of the series, or completely ignore the idea of ever getting their cutie marks?

    • I dislike the CMC. I like to think that the only fitting punishment for their occupation of valuable MLP time is to have them all to wake up one morning with cryptic minimalist modern art cutie marks. They don’t know what they’re supposed to mean or how they got them. Hah!

  85. Who is your top 5 ponies? This includes the main six, important characters,(Princess Luna,Celestia, ect.) and Background Ponies (Vinyl Scratch, Pinkie Pie’s parents, ect.) Thanks DigiBrony, keep up the great Brony content.

  86. how would you feel about a NEW main 6?
    personally I hope this would never happen..but just maybe
    huge fan of yours keep up the good work please!

  87. What is your favorite TV show outside of MLP?
    If you could write an episode for the show, what would it be about and why?

  88. I have a few questions really.
    First is how emotionally attached to the mane 6 are you?
    As Twilight has now had her development arc, do you think there should be smaller arcs for the other mane 6? I can be the only one who would love to see a Fluttershy development episode about her family.
    Finally…What do you think to the headcanon that Scootaloo is actually Fluttershy’s sister? My basis is on the fact that Scoot is not confident and flying, has a similer colour palete to her (Pink/Purple manes, Orange/Yellow fur) Scoot doesn’t talk to Fluttersy much however because she is also a weak flyer, and wants a sister who she can learn from to fly off. (Rainbow Dash)

  89. Digibrony,
    Is there any reason why your OC is a unicorn? Mine is too and that’s because I tend to do a lot of “information and writing” in the south american part of the fandom. My actual question is: Does your OC have a background or story (this includes your Cutie Mark :D)?
    Greetings from Argentina.

  90. You keep mentioning an anime blog that never took off. Why do you think that is, and why do you think your pony analysis videos are more popular?

    Also, did you choose your cutie mark, or did the person that designed your pony also design that?

  91. 1. What do you think the Cutie Mark Crusaders’s cutie marks should be/look like?
    2. Did you know that tomatoes were thought to be poisonous a long time ago because everyone ate them off aluminum plates?
    3. Who is your favorite background pony?
    4. Have you seen/liked the new LPS series?
    5. Were you obsessed with anything as a kid?
    6. Do you like secret agent and sci-fi books and stuff?
    7. What do you think about the rumored Equestria girls show and do you think it’s real?
    8. How many times do you visit my little pony related websites each day and which ones?
    9. How many hours of sleep do you get?
    10. Who are you subscribed to on YouTube?
    11. Do you have any favorite video games?
    12. What is your favorite school subject and which subject did you get the best grades in at school?
    13. Do you like cats?
    14. Are you superstitious?
    15. Would you rather have more Rarity or more Scootaloo episodes in season 4?
    16. If you ran my little pony what would you change/remove/add to the series?
    17. Do you own a lava lamp?
    18. What is your favorite kind of cake?
    19. Would you rather eat pickled bed bugs or swim in a red lake with a zombie?
    20. Do you have any fears and have you ever almost died?

  92. I have been watching you since you released your too many pinkies video. now my question is: what is your thoughts on the Mare to stallion ratio(i believe 4:1) and how it effects/might effect equestrian society?

    Extended questions if you want to answer:
    How would this effect: marriage laws, the sexual orientation of most of the populous (and equestria’s tolerance to it?)

  93. Hey Digibrony! I got 3 questions.

    1. Have you seen My Little Investigations? What are your thoughts on it and what do you hope to see from the game?

    2. Have you played any Sonic games? If so, which one is your favorite? Do you have a favorite level?

    3. Who would you personally love to see ponified that hasn’t been yet?

  94. I saw you had homestuck in a part of your viedo, so what was your reaction when you saw that dirk was a brony

  95. How did you originally come up with digibrony? Why the sweetbell like OC? What is your take on the return of Derpy? What are your Expectations for season 4? What is your favorite fan made Brony song? And finally, who is your favorite Brony besides yourself?

  96. Hey, I’ve been wondering, how did you achieve to finally get your tulpa? I can’t seem to be able to have one, and I really need some help. I find it really tough and I’ve had a little pony trotting in my mind for a while and I really need you to help me! All the “tutorials” I found online were no help :'(

  97. First of all, I love your YouTube channel and blog, I think they’re very insightful and interesting. Here’s my question: I know some people have asked how you got into the mlp fandom but what I want to know is if you had anything happen to you socially when you came out with it, were all of your friends bronies too or were you the odd man out, if other people were negative towards you about it how did you deal with it? Do you have any advice for those of us who want to be open about it but are too afraid of what others might think?

  98. Do you like classic rock? Alright scratch that. What genre of music do you like? Any brony musicians that you find any good? Any good rock brony musicians you know of?

  99. 1. What do you think of my little pony being shipped?
    2. Do you watch “mystery diagnosis” or anything similar?
    3. If there was a my little pony episode where one of the ponies dies (mane 6, CMC, apple family, Twilight’s parents, a princess, etc) what would you think?
    4. Do you know anyone named Soak, Potato, Cash or Shark?
    5. Have you ever played Poptropica?

  100. How are you catching up with me so fast? <.<

    I probably already know the answer though. :P Probably has to do with the fact that I haven't been active lately and you've been very consistent with posting videos, and I commend you for that. You've done a great job of it! :D

  101. What was the first video game you ever played (or the first one you remember playing). Also do you like Doctor Who? If so which regeneration of the Doctor is you’re favorite

  102. What character would you like to see developed the most? Mane 6 and other. And what character needs to be developed more?

  103. I became a fan of you after Hasbro shut down your video on “Boast Busters”. You mentioned that you’ll redo that video at some point. When will this be, and can you give a quick summary of wha you think of it right here.

  104. to me it seems that Luna gets a lot more attention from the fandom then Celestia i think the reason is the fact that Luna got an episode developing her character were Celestia is around allot ya but its always because of an important event we’ve only really seen Celestia in a casual setting twice (that i can think of) and during those time it was very brief we see Celestia but i feel we don’t know her as well as Luna do you think an episode focusing on Celestia or both princesses is likely and how could they pull it off

  105. Gonna come right out and say my favorite pony is Rarity, but she gets a lot a flack from the fandom for being vain, selfish or otherwise a bad match for the element of generosity. I have noticed that you have touched on this before but was wondering if you had any more thoughts on why the fandom would give her so much crap.

    I have my own suspicions that part of why some fans are annoyed by Rarity is that she is the most blatant and unapologetically feminine pony of the mane six, while at the same time being very confident and outspoken. Fluttershy is very “girly” in some of the same ways Rarity is -like enjoying the spa and not caring for rougher hobbies, but despite some of her more manipulative moments (that you also keenly point out) she is shy and submissive. Fluttershy is also one of the most popular of the mane 6 ponies. Is some of the dislike for Rarity a carry-over from some people’s real life dislike for the kind of femininity Rarity represents, that double-standard that values attractive women but shames them for caring about being attractive?

    Rarity is beautiful but not effortlessly so. She wears make-up and spends a lot of time perfecting her appearance, while it is implied that Fluttershy is naturally graceful and with little flaw. Rarity is beautiful and knows and flaunts it, while Fluttershy does nothing of the sort. Rarity flirts to get what she wants at times (although rarely to the point that she is making false promises of any sort) and Fluttershy, at least not in any obvious way, does not use her cuteness to manipulate others. Fluttershy is the traditional feminine ideal for some men, beautiful but outwardly submissive, while Rarity is the modern, unapproachable, vain beauty that wastes time caring about make-up and crap. (Okay, you know, like when people say that that they don’t want a high-maintenance girl or a girl who cares about how she looks, to the point of shaming women like that, but they still want a girl who is thin and attractive?) While I can see Rarity’s interests in beauty and design and such as all valid reasons for not relating to her as a viewer, I’m not sure if the argument that she is truly a vain, manipulative and self-serving pony hold water and thus justifies some of the flack she gets.

    While it strikes me as odd that this kind of perspective and attitude towards these two ponies would exist not only because I see and adore the very progressive nature of the brony fandom, a part of me can’t dismiss it entirely. Many anti-Rarity arguments seem to focus on her being self-centered, manipulative and shallow, all the same kind of insults I see lobbed at modern women who dare to wear make-up but also be confident and *gasp* sometimes talk about their hygiene and beauty routines. Not only that, but I don’t see these arguments holding up as true in the show. When Rarity’s vanity is at its worst and causes her to neglect her friends or family it’s always within the context of an episode in which it is a behavior of her’s that needs to and does get corrected.

    So what are your thoughts on why Rarity’s attitude causes a significant portion of the fanbase to dislike her and consider her shallow? Is it a result of varying portrayals of her femininity and confidence in the show? After all Rainbow, while still popular, gets crap for being overconfident too and Faust at one point mentioned that Rarity as a character was a difficult balancing act of sorts. Can you have a character is who is vain and self-confident while also genuinely caring and generous, and not in a condescending way?

    Okay that was a kinda wishy-washy TL;DR of a question. I guess a less murky and more fun one might be: What are your theories as to why some fans like AND dislike each of the mane 6?

    • You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into this, and you make an interesting point. I’ve never heard of anyone having a strong dislike of Rarity, and in fact I think that it’s her flaws which make her one of the most entertaining characters. I think that people (including myself) prefer Fluttershy simply because she’s just a little more entertaining.

  106. There’s a rise in rumors on the new toy set that features a unicorn by the name of Sunset Shimmer. People are saying that she’s going to be the next Twilight Sparkle, replacing her as a mane 6 character. Thoughts?

  107. 1.) What is your favorite movie in each of the following genres: comedy, horror, adventure?
    2.) What is your favorite MLP fanfic in each of the above genres?
    3.) Are you a “clopper”, and if so, what is your favorite clopfic?
    4.) What is the most frequent activity that you have done, excluding work, school, and working on YouTube content, over the past month?
    5.) How old are you? (Apologies if this is easily accessible information on your channel that I just missed.)
    6.) What is your favorite food?
    7.) What is your favorite drink?
    8.) What are your opinions on the following fanfics: My Little Dashie, Anthropology, Cupcakes, and Know Your Mare? (You know, if you’ve read them.)
    9.) Can you identify where the 10th question is quoted from?
    10.) Can anybody find me somebody to love?

  108. I’ve always wondered, have you ever written a novel? if so, what’s it called? who or what inspired to writeand so these analysis videos? have you ever fully believed you were twilight or anypony else? thank you,

  109. What is your list of mane 6 ponies from least liked to most liked?

    Who is best background pony?

    Do you like Friendship is Witchcraft or The mentally Advanced seris more?

    And finally, do you own an Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii?

  110. You get to have lunch with one person. You can ask them anything during this lunch. They can be from any time, past, present, or future. Who is it and why?

  111. Teehee. C: Here are 10 questions.

    2. Now that you are reading this, which is your favorite lesbian (nohate) mane 6 couple- if any?
    3. Marry me maybe? <3
    4. Can you ignore question three?
    5. How old are you, and if you've already mentioned that somewhere – FORGIVE MEH
    6. You sounded WAY to upbeat on the ASK ME ANYTHING video – are you on glitter?
    7. If you are on glitter – Don't tell Pinkie …. this isn't a question. THIS IS A ORDER
    8. Who is your favorite princess? (Luna/Celestia/Cadance)
    9. You don't happen to know the name of Fancy Pant's wife/girlfriend/fiance do you?
    10. What are your feelings on the Discord and Celestia shipping?

    Thanks! XOXOXO

  112. Should Discord, King Sombra, the Flim Flam Brothers, and/or Queen Chrysalis come back in Season 4?

  113. Do you think if the main characters were transferred to our world and saw our movies and video games, that they’d think fans of violent entertainment were desensitized to real violence, due to the wholesome nature of Equestria? How would each of them react to gory media? And would your answer to this question just be a reflection of your own opinion on the matter and liking to think the characters would agree with you?

    What sort of fiction do you think Applejack would enjoy? I mean she seems to be the flattest main character in terms of knowing what her interests/likes/would be.

  114. You wake up aboard a spaceship set to arive at Equstria, what do you do?

    Option 1: Panic. Run around the ship like a headless chicken.

    Option 2: Pinch Yourself.

    Option 3: Cellerbrate. Bust out some sick dance moves while listening to your favourite song.

  115. Are you serious? One episode?
    That seems highly unlikely.
    However, I do have actual questions.
    How many TV series have you watched, anime, cartoon, or otherwise? How many have you analyzed?
    What is your day job?

  116. 1. Will you ever do more “Eminem/MLP crossover songs”
    2. Favorite Villain from the whole series
    3. how can you go about getting a picture of your OC such as you are sporting on your channel
    4.My favorite of: The Mane six, the backgrounds, and the princesses: are Pinkie Pie, Derpy, and Luna, what are your’s?
    5. If you had to make next season’s starting Villain, what and who would it be?

  117. Seriously? A free for all and everything and all questions get answered? Mister, since you offered a nice view on your person already and also gave me much to think about a series and fandom I like a lot, I happen to be very intrigued by you. So I’m jost gonna ask a whole lot of things that I happen to like with the mlp fandom but have as of now not heard much about in your videos. Let’s get the sexy roling :D (wall of text ahead)

    Let’s use the Pony Hypnosis as a starting point. This is something you are talking about in your other channel called Digibrony After Dark. Since 3 out of 4 Videos there are about this topic I so far assume that you chose that name considering Hypnosis. “After Dark” to me suggests more ‘grown up’ and adult them in a somewhat raunchy and naughty sense (just how my mind works). And to me this is fitting the Hypnosis topic for me since that is the corner of the MLP fandom where I got to know Hypnosis – people trying to feel like and actually be a pony since it is arousing and sexually fulfilling for them. Thing is, you never touched that part and handled Hypnosis purely as further indulgence to the MLP fandom – people who just want to be even closer to their object of desire simply because they like it so much – non sexually. And I love that. But I was wondering. Either you did not want to/chose not to talk about sexual aspects of this topic or you did not know about them. That second option I will simply not believe ;)
    And instead of simply asking “so why not mentions it” my interest is a little broader. See, this whole sexuality in the MLP fandom is kinda important to me and I am interested in your position towards it. Im all for anything safe and consensual that gets people aroused, excited and sexually satisfied. And MLP does all that, so I seriosly love myself some Pony Porn. And as much as MLP recieves hate in general I feel that anything that combines MLP with sexuality receives double the hate… you know for beeing perverted or whatever idunno. I would love to hear you point on aaaaaall of that. But I guess that is a little broad so instead of leaving it up to you I simply offer a number of questions you can answer and anything up till now simply serves as an intro and an explanation.

    1. Are you aware of the sexual context that Pony Hypnosis can have?
    2. Do you consider it to be relevant to the general topic of Pony Hypnosis?
    3. Do you like/dislike MLP beeing sexualized (in the sense of it beeing a more diverse fandom that way)?
    4. Do you personally enjoy sexualized content of MLP as porn, art, storytelling?
    5. Is plot worshipping cute, silly or just sincere?
    6. Are you a follower of the great plot? (
    7. No seriously, I discovered that tumblr ony recently for myself and like it for a lot of things, the plot is just a tiny part of that. (Mostly it’s that Molestia is a suprisingly unique Domme, since she abuses her position of power without falling too much into all these stereotypes for dominant females.) So have you read it, do you like it, and what is your state of mind on this rather well known character?
    8. In case you you didn’t guess already, I’m kinda into BDSM and consider myself a sexual deviant in hell-I-don’t-know-quite-a-few ways. Is that something you ever considered for yourself or you have any opinion on?
    9. I ask specificially because your comments on how you like stories about insomnia kina made my kinky sense tingle and I don’t even know why. ^^ So is that related or am I just plain wrong?
    10. From sexual deviancy to another form of MLP that is very strongly present but not everyone can get behind. Cupcakes and grimdark in general. Again, you like/dislike?
    11. Either way, why?
    12. From Cupcakes let’s go straight to ask pinkamina diane pie, which does not exist on tumblr anymore, but can be found elsewhere. Have you read that and what are your thoughts on it?
    13. And back to sexual deviancy. An Ask Tumblr that I like and enjoyed a lot when it was new (less so now) is Little Miss Rarity. It features a Rarity that becomes addicted to pain after a incident with her cat and a little shout out to the pinkamina pie tumblr. Again, do you know it, and is it something you (would) like/dislike? And why?

    14. Why does twilight have to earn her wings when Cadence is shown to be an alicorn as a kid already? D:
    15. In your Mane Six Ages Videos you said that we never got to see a teenager pony. But is the Cadence in Twilights flashbacks not the very stereotype of a teenager – a baby/foalsitter?
    16. Can we expect Twilight to grow as tall as the other princesses now that she got promoted? Maybe not in canon. But else she kinda lacks in presentation.
    17. Is she going to live longer than her friends now?
    18. Why the f*** did I decide to research alicorns a day after episode 13 got released and spoiled the episode D:?
    19. Was there a plan or story for Peewee that got canceled? Cause those few photos in Just for Sidekicks sure where disappointing.

    yeah I think I’m gonna stop there.

  118. How did you get into YouTube?

    Any chance you’ll be or are you currently partnered with YouTube?

    If you can make your own MLP video game, what do you think it should be called and what game company do you think would be a great match to develop the game.

    Also, if the MLP writers were to make a movie, do you think it would land in theaters or just be an average TV movie on the Hub.


  119. Apologies if any of these have been asked, or if you’ve answered already in a video. There’s like a few hundred people above me, so. xD

    – Are you currently in school? And (unless you haven’t graduated high school yet), what are you studying?

    – Who’s your favourite CMC, and why? Who do you think will earn their cutie mark first?

    – What are your favourite MLP ships (canon or non-canon)?

    Are you really going to answer all of these? Celestia be with you. And thanks! :D

  120. What are your thoughts (in ponyverse, and not in the extent of real life) on the quite obvious gap in the ratio of pony gender? Do you have any headcanons about it?

  121. Will you do a series of reading videos on fallout equestria?
    And Do you clop?
    If so, Who is your fave pony to clop to?

  122. 20. Isn’t the spell Cadance casts at around 10:00 in Canterlot Wedding Part 1 to stop the argument of two ponies kinda creepy? I mean, arguing is not inherently bad, she just brainwashed them into believing everything is okay. How is that good behaviour worthy of a princess? D:

    • I don’t think she brainwashed them, she just gives them a little dopamine with a touch of forgiveness.

  123. First I love the videos. Second my question is if you were transported to equestria for life and could bring one person and one thing with you but never return and forget everything about being a human would you do so and why?

  124. Do you think that Doctor Whooves, Lyra, Derpy, and any other popular background character get their own episode in season 4? My other question is, do you think that Twilight will still live in Ponyville (even thought that she is an alicorn)?

  125. How deep into analyses can you go?
    Something has been bothering me about Lesson Zero. I believe that in a movie/show/book, they don’t focus on anything unless it has some significance, so why did the camera(?) focus on Big Mac putting down the bucket? Does it have any relevance? If not, why would they focus on it the way they did? Why was he carrying it? What happened to it? Am I crazy?

  126. How do you feel about the NSFW artists?
    -Do you feel like some of the dislike they get for what they do is justified?

  127. How deep into analyses can you go?
    Something has been bothering me about Lesson Zero. I believe that in a movie/show/book, they don’t focus on anything unless it has some significance, so why did the camera(?) focus on Big Mac putting down the bucket? Does it have any relevance? If not, why would they focus on it the way they did? Why was he carrying it? What happened to it? Am I crazy?

  128. I have a few: What are your thoughts on pony shipping? Do you ship any pairings yourself? Also, what do you think about all the spells such as want-it need-it, reforming, etc. that seem to be perfectly legal and okay in Equestria but are actually pretty morally dubious? And am I the only one who had a bit of a fridge horror moment about how Twilight is a PRINCESS now, giving her room to abuse her power?

    Best of luck to you if you actually plan on answering all of these. XD

  129. I find that you are very fluid in your speaking skills. I’ve had a speak impediment all of my life and I still struggle with it on a daily basis, even at the age of 21. Do you have any advice in terms of speaking clear and fluently with confidence?

  130. hey digibrony love all ur videos. im 16 years old and in highshool. none of my friends or family know im a brony and im finding it hard to find a way to tell them. any suggestions? also what is your favorite mlp song from the show?

  131. Do you have any future career plans or hopes? And which anime would you most recommend to someone (based on your tastes)?

  132. It’s probably been asked before, but – how did you get into MLP:FiM?

    If you could change one thing about the show (characters, world, whatever), what would it be and why?

  133. How do you think the Alicorn Amulet in Magic Duel relates to the fact that, if he or she has enough power, a unicorn can transform into an alicorn? Do you think the pony who possessed it originally wanted to use it to become an alicorn?

  134. 1. If you had to fight one of the characters from the show in a fight to the death, who would it be and why? Do you think you would win the fight?

    2. What do you think will be the best thing to come out of Twilight becoming an alicorn and of Discord’s reformation?

    3. Do you have any professional experience as a reviewer?

  135. 1. How’s your beard doing
    2. Do you have any siblings, if so, do you share interests?
    3. What did you study in college?
    4. What’s your fastest WPM? (maintaining ~90% accuracy)
    5. Have you written any fanfics?
    6. What timezone are you in?
    7. Give me your top three brony musicians
    8. How well did the content of S1 and S2 fit into the Grand Old Arc of FiM? (i.e. Twilight becoming a princess)?
    9. Which upcoming cons will you be in?
    10. Two elephants and a mantas ray are trapped inside a box. The walls are painted bright orange and the ceiling is yellow. Three taps knock on the door, followed by a doorbell. What is your favorite catchphrase in the show?

  136. Which fan music do you listen to? and wich bands do you listen to in real life? Arcade Fire Perhaps?

  137. Do you thinks starswirl will be further mentioned or even get an episode?
    Do you think the others in the mane 6 will have their final destinies fulfilled like twilight?
    are you going to bronycon 2013?
    Do you believe there will be more seasons than 4?
    What do you think celestia’s use is for discords magic?
    When do you thinks (in estimate) season 4 will air?
    Do you think sombra is gone? what about chrysalis?
    What is your favorite food?

    sorry for the excessive questioning, an by the way your awesome :3

  138. I would really like to hear your opinion on Celestia’s leadership. In 3 seasons we’ve had the return of discord, return of nightmare moon, Canterlot was over run with changelings, pony ville was conquered by a lone crazed mare with an magic pendent, pony ville was nearly destroyed by para-sprites, 5 ponies nearly fell to their death in the sonic rain boom episode, and the CMC are bullied in school. If I were living in Equestria I would be writing letters demanding change and accountability!

  139. actually i had more questions, like: Whats your opinion on all the parasprites that absoloutely refuse to watch the show because they claim its a girls show? What does your cutie mark represent? why did you choose your alternate pony persona to be a unicorn? which pony species is best, unicorn, pegasi, earth, or alicorn? Which is best pony from the mane six? which is best pony from NOT mane six? Do you view the pony fandom as the parasprites make it look? what do you want to be when you grow up? Who is your favorite american president? are you fanfic maker? if so, where can i read them? and finaly, Do you plan on making videos forever, or What kind of legacy do you want to be remembered by when you leave youtube?

  140. If you had to make a top (insert number here) best and worst MLP episodes so far (obviously MMC being #1), which ones would you choose? Also, do you have any feelings about all the Doctor Whooves spin offs, fan made AND official? (Doctor and Ditzy have their own official MLP comic book at Hot Topic!)

  141. How did you feel when you first realised you loved MLP? Who did you tell first? Did they judge you?

    Random question: Do you think tardigrades are awesome?

  142. Well I was wondering where you got state why you made your show and how it became popular, also I was wondering do you plan on making more music?

  143. when do you think season 4 will come out?
    how big do you think the fandom will get?
    have you watched anything from PWaaMLPfim,PierceSmoulder or SqueakAnon?
    how many of your friends like the show?
    do you know how to fix computers?
    wants my favorite pony?
    want did you think of cupcakes?

  144. 1. if you are a pony in mlp what kind would you want to be and what pony on the show would you want to be in a relationship?

    2. who is your favorite geast star on mlp?

    3. do you have/like cat(s)?

    4. if you could write a episode for mlp what would it be about?

    that is all and thanks for doing this :)

  145. The scene in Magical Mystery Cure where all of Twilight’s friends bow down to her. I personally hated this scene as it made it look as if Twilight had trascended her friends. After all, bowing is meant to say “I am lower than you and respect you”. How do you justify this scene? And I say justify because “in [your] eyes this episode was utterly perfect.”

        • You argument is that Twilight’s friends act subservient to her by bowing to her, but Celestia also bows. Celestia obviously isn’t submissive to Twilight (unless you’re saying she is), so bowing must not be a submissive act in this context. It’s deductive reasoning.

          On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 6:20 AM, My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull wrote:

          > ** > Trigonometrize commented: “How does that change anything?” >

  146. Hey DigiBrony! I’m OutaMana and I would like to hear more about DigiBrony, I know your Digibrony but what about the actual pony you speak to us through? What is he actually like, how did he get his cutiemark, What are his flaws and his strong suits, does he have his own story, if he was in the show where would he stand in society, how old might he be, but the most important question would be how does he differ from you. How is DigiBrony different from DigiBrony. You mentioned in your Pony hypnosis update(part two) that you could maybe record an audio file for US to become DigiBrony if we so desired but if we were to do that I think it would help if we had a connection with the character and know a little bit about, him. Thanks for reading and if you can’t put it in your Q and A video I would still love to hear these answers!

  147. 21. in S3E13 Celestia says that Twilight did something extraordinary by creating new magic. But isn’t that what every Unicorn does, since their respective talents lead to them having a unique approach to magic?
    22. What exactly did the spell she wrote in that book? Was the spell what unleashed her princessness and Celestia just zapped her into that twilight dimension (no pun intended) before the spell could take effect? Or did the spell transport her there and Celestia bestowed the wings upon her?

    23. Do you know about Laci Green? (proper sex ed is always relevant, in case you were wondering why the shift in topic ;) )
    24. After watching a few episodes, do you like what she does?

    25 What is your take on how MLP is being marketed? Is Hasbro pushing it into the “girls stuff” corner by using to many stereotypically girly tropes, like color schemes, princesses themes, and girls only in the commercials?
    26. Is Hasbro doing the fandom a disservice that way?
    27. Or do you feel like MLP is at heart still a “girls thing” that just happens to have become more popular with another demographic. I mean, the creators, actors, writes etc. of the show embrace the entire fandom, yet none of that is being reproduced with the toys imo. Or am I just not seeing the entire picture?

  148. Wow Digi…8000! That’s awesome! Well I guess I’ll ask a question or two while I’m here. Hopefully it won’t be a repeat of any previous ones. What made you decide to start reviewing and how did you get started? What program(s) did you have access to and what do you use now? I’m asking because I want to start making my own videos too. Huh…I wonder if you get that often?

  149. In your “Season 3 Overview” video, you listed “Magic Dual” as one of your top favorite episodes, and even went as far as to sing Trixie’s praises. This surprised me seeing as in many of your videos you go on record as saying that “Boast Busters”, Trixie’s premiere episode, is your all time least favorite. If Trixie wasn’t your problem with the episode, as many claim to hate her even after her redemption, then what makes you go so far as to wishing to forget the episode’s existence? What made the second Trixie episode so much better than the first? Was it simply the inconsistencies with Twilight’s abilities in magic being reduced to a simple list of tricks, or was there another element that continues to elude me?

  150. How long did each pony take to go back to their normal cutie marks in “Magical Mystery Cure”? (We saw how fast Fluttershy was, but it seems like Applejack might have been much longer, and how long?)
    Also, how long did they have switched Cutie Marks?

  151. Do you think that other one-episode supporting characters (like Gilda) will show up sometime in Season 4?

  152. I’m sorry if this is a question you’ve already answered but, who is your favorite Cutie Mark Crusader?

  153. In episode 1 season 1 when nightmare moon first appears the camera points straight at the CMC all huddled under a table. What is your reaction to that? as the CMC were not formally introduced to each other until much later in the series.

  154. What’s is your favorite video game?
    If you had the chance for one of the ponies in the show to become manifested into a living creature, while still retaining their personality and such from the show, who would you pick, and why?
    Congrats on 8000, Digi!

  155. What’s your favorite fan-made pony creation? Song, parody, ytpmv, whatever. What’s your least favorite?

  156. Are there other cartoons that you like(and not just USA made cartoons)?
    P.S. I think your show is awesome and i can whet to see your over the summer projects.

  157. You mentioned your tulpa Holy on your after dark channel. Care to talk about her, or your process in creating her? I’ve been interested in the subject for a while now and you seem like a reliable resource.

  158. I love you. Will you Marry me someday? We could have a beautiful honeymoon in Hawaii where we could watch the sunset while laying on the beach together… Doesn’t that sound nice? C’mon. Please? <3

  159. If you could live anywhere in Equestria where would you live, what would your house look like, what would your job be, and could i be your neigh-bor? ^w^

  160. 1. What do you think lurks outside Equestria? The map confirmed it’s a land, not an entire world.
    2. Which subspecies of ponies intrigues you the most, and why?
    3. Which race would you most likely be based off of your personality, and why?
    4. Who is your favorite background pony?
    5. If you were to build a spaceship to fly to the other side of horsehead nebula and reach Ponyville, what would you do next?
    6. Minecraft? Roleplay? Minecraft Roleplay?
    7. What are some other cartoons that you really like?
    8. Do you celebrate any other MLP:FiM holidays?
    9. What is your favorite video game?
    10. Console, PC, or both?

  161. are you a boy or girl… just joking I know your a grown colt and all, but if you were change into a mare for a day what will you do what will you eat, who you be eyeing ;D you don’t have to do the last one.

  162. What do you think about anime and such difference between anime and cartoons ?
    Congratulations ^_^

  163. What are your thoughts on the Battlefield vs CoD controversy?

    Where do you get your information from in your videos?

    Why are you so amazing?

    Will you ever collab with any other youtubers?

    Who is best pone?

    Who are your role models?

    Which backround ponies do you like and why?

    Who is worst pone?

    Thanks ^U^

  164. You mentioned in your “Mane six ages” video that you’ve been writing for aprox. 7000 hours, I was simply wondering, what do you write and how did you get into writing?

  165. Is “Love and Tolerate” is a bad motto for Bronies, some people think Tolerance is important while others think many people are intolerable and the show doesn’t promote tolerance. What do you think?

  166. What do you think will change in the season 4 opening? (Considering Twilight’s new situation)

  167. Being one myself I need to ask
    -Who is your favorite brony musician?
    -What is your favorite pony related song?
    -Who is your favorite pony in or out of the show?

  168. How much do you think Celestial really knew/knows about everything that went on throughout everyone season of mlp? Also, how much of the events do you think were orchestrated by her?

  169. 1. Are you really going to answer every question?
    2. Will we be seeing that epic beard again?
    3. Where do you live? (I need it for my (stalking) notes)
    4. Kamina, Simon, or Kittan?
    5. What do you do for a living?
    6. Favorite song from MLP:FiM?
    7. How do you make the slides with words on them, like the ones at the beginning of the video that announced this questions video?
    8. Who DA F is Hank?

    Well, 8 questions should be enough. I like the videos, keep it up.

  170. Hmmm. You said you will awnser every question. Well. Here is the obligatory rule abuse:

    What is the password for your Youtube account?

  171. tell me good sir, do you think this 7th star thing is going to be utilized in the show? if so are you looking forward to it or loathing the possibility of adding another main character this late in the game?

  172. I have two questions.
    1. what is your personality type on the myers brggs test.
    2. can you tell me more about your tulpa?

  173. A few questions:

    Favorite game?
    Favorite book?
    Would you rather 100 duck sized or an entire?
    Metric or imperial?
    What mic do you use?
    What editor do you use?
    Any other hobbies beside videos?
    What are these weird things on my back?

  174. I have 2 big questions

    1. What are your thoughts on the .Mov series? I understand it can be rather adulterated at times, but I’m truly curious as to your opinion on the series.

    2. How do you go about your Thorough Analyses? By this, I mean, how do you pick apart the episodes, and make these, surprisingly accurate, predictions? I try, but often lose myself in the episode before I get the chance to actually dissect it. Curse my ADHD.

  175. What are your opinions on the season one episode “Bridle Gossip.” It is personally my favorite episode of season one.

  176. for starters a couple faourites should be nice (color, pony, youtube channel, song, movie, book, game, pokemon, anime, fanfic, background-pony, etc..) and then:
    do you like role playing?
    does your OC have a (fictional) background story?
    if so, wanna share it? ;3
    if not, did you ever create a backstory for an oc (not needing to be pony)
    if so, wanna share that?
    how would you keep yourself entertained, if power went out for 2 weeks (as in electrical.. not sure if that’s clear, not native english sry xD)
    have you ever tried pen and paper?
    if so, do you have a story from there to share?
    have you seen ‘gosick’ if so what is you oppinion on that?
    do you prefer day or night?
    what would YOU want your rl name to be if you were a girl? (no parent’s would’ve called me x if I were born a girl story your own opinion.. aand I realize that that one is reaaaaly personal so if you don’t want to answer it then fine xD)
    if any: which animes managed to give you teary eyes?

  177. If a human was going to be integrated into the show, how do you feel would be the most successful way DHX would go about it? Villan, ally, one time appearance, recounting character? Overpowered or wimpy bitch? Should they get any special powers being in a world of magic?

  178. I don’t know if I’m allowed to ask more than 1 question, if that doesn’t follow the rules, please just answer he first question.

    1.) We already know hat MLP FiM is your favorite show, what are other shows you like?
    2.) What kinds of video games do you play/are interested in?
    3.) Do you want to know more about StarSwirl the Bearded? I have my own theories about him… What about you?
    4.) Last but not least…. Are you vegan, vegetarian, or normal?

  179. I was thinking if you ever wanted to make a contest where one of you lucky followers could get to discuss the season 4 opening with you, and if you would like to do a blind comentary when new episodes are out and then anylise them,or would that be to must work?
    Also, how do you think the mytology goes in the pony world, could thay have other old leagens then nighmare moon?
    Also they say Celastia is the princess of a contry, not the world, beside the crystel empire how many other kingdoms do you think is out there and how high is Celestia in comparenc to the other princess?
    These are my Q, i hope you stay as awsome as you are now or maby even more awsome /)

  180. 1. How did you first come to know and love the show MLP:FiM? (Very generic question :P)
    2. Out of every single pony there is (including non-canon ones) which is/are your favorite pony (ies)?
    3. Which animes would you recommend to people? (Non-mainstream if possible pls :D)
    4. If you were magically transported to Equestria, what would the three most important things on your “to do list” be?
    5. What motivated you to make and upload these amazing, insightful MLP analysis videos?
    Well I can think of many more to ask you, but I don’t want to ask you too much at a time. I found you only recently on my recommended video list and I think you are AMAZING! Please keep up the great work and most importantly, have fun!
    A fellow brony subscriber /)

  181. You said ask anything, so Homestuck it is. Aranea being my favorite character, followed by Vriska and Mindfang, as well as Rose, in addition to my self analyzed class and aspect to be the Mage of Light, I can definitely say that I have a strong preference for the light aspect. Do you have anything similar? Which characters do you like the most, and for what reasons?

    I myself spend time thinking about the titles of players, and how a player with a theoretical title would be. Have you done any of this at all?

  182. Have you herd “proud to be a brony”, “this is war; by 30seconds to Mars”, “join the herd”, “fluttershy’s lalment”, “awoken” “rainbow factory”, “discord”, or anything else by wooden toaster, living toumbstone, h8_seed, black Griffin, Forrest rain, or 30 seconds to mars? Have you also ever seen friendship is witchcraft? Have you read rainbow factory, my little dashie, or cupcakes? What wereyourr opinions on them? What does your OC’s cutie mark mean? What’s. Your OC’ name? Who is your favorite pony? If it is a background pony; who is your favoriteof the mane 6? What is your opinion on pinkie pie? Have you ever seen “non-brony commentary”? What’s your favori color? Do you know any famous/semi-famous bronies? How good at brony trivia? Which con are you going to? What do yog to do with your life? If you’ve read mld, how.many times did you cry

  183. What is your real life job? Does it interest you?
    Who is your favorite writer of MLP:FiM? Who is your favorite pony? (Mine is fluttershy)
    Do you enjoy playing video games? Why did you want to start analyzing MLP in the first place?
    How does this success on youtube and in your life make you feel?

    Well thats all I would like to enquire about. I love your videos. You keep them entertaining, to the point, clear, and concise.

    Have a swell day!

  184. is part of the reason that Fluttershy was the one chosen to reform Discord, because he couldn’t make her turn on herself and in the end had to resort to changing her himself

  185. Sorry for any typos from my last comment. I’m using my phone, and its really slow on this website for some reason. Continuing on… what is your favorite episode? What did you think of alicoen twilight? Shave you ever herd of saber spark? What’s your opinion on discord? How do you deal with haters and trolls; as in you personally? Do you have any hater friends? Who is your favorite vilian? What did you think of those hourses from “sadle-arabia”? How do you think Hasbro is going to do.with the 4th season? Who is your favorite princes? How long have you been a brony? What is your favorite cannon mlp;fim song? What do you think of Dr.whooves? a flopped?

  186. What is your opinion on the Anti-Brony Brotherhood? I personally feel they have accomplished nothing.

  187. Well I was wondering if you could please analyze Luna, why was she so out of date in “Luna Eclipsed”? Didnt Celestia taught her how to behave after a 1000 years?

  188. Question 1: What’s your favorite porn vid?

    Question 2: Why does everyone think Rarity’s a bitch?

  189. What is your opinion on cloppers? Do you like any other shows like Dr.who, invader Zim, or adventure time? Which of any of these questions from all of these people is your favorite question? Do you ever read fanfictions in in your spare time? How.many fan fictions have you read? Which of the mane 6 are you most alike?what’s your favorite fan made song? What is your opinion on a background pony episode what’s the next topic of.your explanitory “rant”/examination thingy where you explain obsqure ideas about the show? What’s your favorite video game? Do you have any whovian friends? Have you herd of Dr.whooves and assistaint? Or even Dr.whooves adventures?

  190. I feel like this isn’t sophisticated enough, based on the other questions I’ve read, and can’t help but think that it must have been asked already, but I got about a quarter of the way through the comments and decided I’d leave reading them to you. What web browser do you prefer, because I feel like Chrome is the best but I’ve got friends that are still on the Firefox band wagon which doesn’t even make since to me, considering I’m the fur in the group and my fursona is a fox. How does that work?

    Oh and what’s your opinion of clopping, and do cloppers have the right to bash furs? (not as in constitutional rights obviously more like the right given to individual from a folkway based perspective)

  191. Considering how wildly popular Friendship is Magic has become with out mature fandom, do you think it’s plausible that we’ll see a high quality adventure game set in Equestria? Either for console or PC?

    Like an Legend of Zelda type adventure game, but of course different in story, art, characters and setting. I’d buy that.

  192. how would you like it have there was more dragons in the show and if they show luna some more along with her sister even maybe make a episode about those 2

  193. Where does your analyses come from? (I hope I worded that right) In high-school I had to study Freudian and Marxist criticism, which was actually really fun. I’m curious if you follow anything like that or if you’re just a deep-thinker in general.

  194. As odd as it is to say..your inspiring me. I say this because your doing what you truly enjoy (at least i am speculating), and you write fan-fictions, stories. You publicly speak your opinion, and analysis on what you are truly passionate about. Im an aspiring writer myself, yet ive lost a lot of self-confidence lately and just seeing you putting your two cents into the hat of speculations on MLP:FiM (and all of its wonder), Animes like Muramasa The Demon Blade just reminds me that, well..even the littlest sounds can be heard in the loudest places, i guess you could say.

    • I should probably ask a question, um would you rather own a male version of samus’s suit? or a gundam of your choice?

  195. What do you think of my O.C. name (considering his special talent is blacksmithing)? Also I am aware that others have asked similar questions regarding clopping mostly about your thoughts on cloppers, if you clop or your favorite clopfic but I wonder: If you clop which pony/ponies do you clop to and whether there are scenarios which you think while you clop to said pony/ponies? Last question: Can I be your new bestfriend?

  196. What do you think of my O.C. name: Shadespark Ironhooves (considering his special talent is blacksmithing)? Also I am aware that others have asked similar questions regarding clopping mostly about your thoughts on cloppers, if you clop or your favorite clopfic but I wonder: If you clop which pony/ponies do you clop to and whether there are scenarios which you think while you clop to said pony/ponies? Last question: Can I be your new bestfriend?

  197. Sorry apparenly I lied about that being my last question. Probably last question from me: What do you think of cousins along the second degree of blood relations (second cousins or first cousins once removed and soforth) dating and of being in a relationship that has sexual aspects and what would you do in a situation in which your cousin (second or first once removed) who is ten years your junior had a sexual attraction and actual feelings of love for you? It is an ask anything after all, can’t just stick to normal topics.

  198. If you could switch bodies with anyone in Equestria, who would you switch with and what would you do and how long would you go before you switched back?

  199. who is your favourite scootaloo

    how many times did you stop while recording this

    whats your favourite muffin flavour

    what is your opinion on dynamite

    if you could punch a star would you

    im in love with your avatar

  200. I found a Thor-Pony in the applecider episode, and i think i never saw it again. This could not rly be a question but i rly would like to know what you think about this pony and if you have seen it (more than once)? I wanna know everything about it. Has is a name? (i named it Donna) What job does it have? Whats it destiny? WTF does this earthpony DO with a Thor-related cutiemark? Its a mystery to me, and as you analyze every episode i hope you can help me to reach satisfacion in that case.
    Picture of the pony and proof:

    Thank you for your time (if you skip this Q because its not rly ONE question im fine with it, just let me know so i can stop waiting)

  201. Would you quit youtubing and gain about 3 thousand dollars every month or keep making videos and gain 1 thousand a month?

  202. If you were to go live in Equestria for the rest of your life, would you rather stay as a human or become a pony.I would like to become a pegasus

  203. Ponies and mechs: good combination? Agree or disagree.

    Also, will you change the picture at the top of this page? It’s just a little hideous.

  204. Hey Digibrony, You speak quite often about how each different writer has a different feeling/style to their episode. Who is your favourite writer?

  205. What are your thoughts and opinions on the Equestria Girls spin-off coming out this spring? Is there anything you’d like to see? I personally don’t mind it and I’m actually looking forward to it, Hasbro/Studio B said it won’t affect the main series at all so even If does end up being awful it won’t affect the show we’ve all come to love.

  206. Dear Digbrony Do you Condenser Maryland and Virginia a part of the South Because They are very Different from other “Southern” States (Like Alabama or South Carolina) yet the US cenus make both a part of the south?
    From a Marylandbrony
    Pierce Jones.

  207. Recently my sister and I crossed and compared Yu-Gi-Oh and MLP, I stated that Yugioh is just MLP for boys, since the friendship is powerful lesson is prominent in both shows, and then we proceded to make a list of which Yugioh characters lined up with which ponies, like Yugi being Twilight and Joey being Rainbow Dash, it was totally weird XD So my question is, do you like Yugioh? If so, which pony do you think compares best with Yugi? ( And that’s little Yugi, not the pharaoh, some fans don’t see the difference so well) And if not, what anime would you cross MLP with in this way?

  208. You mentioned in a video that you dropped out of college, so I’m wondering where you’ve learned how to analyze as well as you do? Are you self-taught?

  209. Do you have anyone special in your life and if you’ve had anything in the wold what would it be?

  210. do you know want the A True, True Friend song in the last ep of season 3 sounds like it sounds like a old song but i cant place it

  211. Okay, I’ve got something of a laundry list here. I’d advise grabbing a quantity of your favourite beverage and being prepared to sip it.

    What’s your computer setup? Additionally, describe your typical workflow.

    What types of games/games do you play, if any? If you would care to, share your experiences.

    Fancy Doctor Who?

    Vinyl Scratch is best pony. Defend or attack this statement.

    Ever try your hand at programming? If so, do tell.

    What’s your educational background? College, majors, etc

    What do you typically do when not discussing the finer points of evwrybody’s favourite children’s show?

    What kind of music do yiu listen to? Favourite song(s)?

    Looks like I’m out of reasonable questions. Have fun, and good luck with your stuff. And stuff.

  212. I’d like to see your thoughts on the Spike and Rarity thing that went on throughout the show. A lot of evidence suggests it’s a proper shipping, and they’re a couple, while others say they’re just good, or maybe best, even close, friends, in Rarity’s eyes. Obviously, Spike has his huge crush on her, bending over backwards for her a lot. Some say it’s Spike going through a ‘young love’ phase, like a lot of kids do, being a baby dragon and such, plus being probably too young for Rarity, while Rarity is possibly seeing Spike as a sweet helper. But there’s a good few questions about this. With your perception and knowledge, i’d like a video of your thoughts on this. So i guess this might be more of a headcanon video, than 1 for ‘ask me anything’.

  213. -So what is your opinion on people who are leaving the fandom because of Princess twilight,the loss of Lauren,or some other reason?
    -What are some anime’s that you can recommend, that DOESN’T have a lot of fan-service?
    -Is AJ a support character or Lead character?

  214. Do you speak any languages other than English?
    If so, which?
    And, can you pronounce this sentence? It’s Dutch :D
    “De Nederlandse bronies zijn geweldig.”

  215. I haven’t seen any comments/analysis of Fall Weather Friends from Season 1 (probably my favourite season 1 ep). Any reason why? Planning on doing a video on it? If not, can you give me a brief rundown of what you thought

  216. Hee digi!

    Im a big fan of your work. You are awesome!

    With that out of the way i would like to ask you some questions:

    In S4 would you like nicole oliver to sing more?
    In a world run by opressing pony overlords, would you, when given the chance, sacrifice you favorite mane six pony for the freedok of mankind?
    And last but not least: bacon or oreo’s?

  217. What would you like to happen in season 4 MLP FiM?
    How much do you earn, money wise, on your yt channel?
    Do you collect mlp items?
    Do you want Twilight to still be the main character in season 4?

  218. Top 5 fanfics?
    Favourite MLP ships?
    Looking forward to the more intimate questions that will no doubt appear/already have appeared? ;)

  219. I happen to know you like PTH after I commented about how you look like a fusion of luke and tim from the band, my question is, what is your favourite PTH album and how do you think their 4th album with turn out? Also, who’s worst pony? (The answer is objectivly twist)

  220. Sorry if some oe already asked this but
    Favorite pony
    Most interesting pony
    Pony you most relate to.

  221. While I was watching your video on “Suited for Success” (Loved it) but I was curious, because you mentioned “Sweet and Elite” but only very briefly, so I was wondering if you were planning to do a video analysis on that episode sometime in the future? Rarity happens to be my favourite Mane Six, and I got the feeling from others that this episode made them like her less because of her selfishness in it. It’s one of my favourite episodes though, because it shows that within a kids show, a good character can make bad decisions but that they have the power to fix it as well (with the pretty damn good moral to never forget that your friends are the most important thing you’ll have, even if that means giving up your own dreams). Unlike in other episode where the other ponies did bad things from outside influences, it was Rarity herself, which I felt was a more mature move for the writing. So I’m just wondering as a fellow Rarity fan what you thought of it.

    Also, have you heard of/read the fanfic “Flight of the Alicorn” by Ponydora Prancypants (which is based on the events of “Sweet and Elite”) which is a wonderful adventure (with a sprinkling of romance [but well done]) featuring the fabulous Rarity? If no, I would definitely suggest it!

    Third, how fucking awesome would it be if the pillows could do the music for an episode of the show? (Duh, fucking awesome!)

    -Sweet and Elite video analysis?
    -Flight of the Alicorn (very good fanfic)
    -the pillows in FiM

  222. PrincessFireSpark(my youtube account is a bit different name cause someone already used spark) here!

    I just wanted to say I really love your videos it gets me thinking about mlp more and more then just a show that has deeper meaning to it! Thank you for helping be a pagasister/brony!

    Anyways I like to ask you….
    1. Whats your hobbies?
    2. Whats your Favorite Movie?
    3. Did you know on mlp wiki there gonna make mlp:fim movie? Its animation is gonna be similar to strawberry shortcakes and winx club movies CGI ponies What you think of that idea?
    4. How be a true pagasister/brony in fandom?

    Well I hope someday ill get you coming to my channel so we could do a video together :)

  223. What are you looking for in something like a fan comic? If your answer is specific to what, what are you looking for in a My Little Pony fancomic?

  224. Digibrony. I would like to ask why YOU think Fluttershy’s Character is heavily popular in the Brony Fandom as a whole

  225. You’ve talked about headcanons that you believe in, Is there any popular headcanons in the fandom that you really hate?

  226. Why do you feel that so many people freaked out the whole Alicorn thing in the first place? I’ve never understood that, how one change affects so many people like that. It kinda reminds of the whole Derpy situation back in season 2.

  227. What is your favourite:
    -Pony (Mane 6)
    -Background Pony
    -Non Pony
    -Species (Unicorn, Pegasus or Earth)
    How many seasons do you think MLP:FiM will last and what do you hope to be the outcomes of all the ponies at the end of the show
    Do you plan on doing more work on DigibronyAfterDark like Tulpas as mentioned in one of your previous episodes
    Will you marry me?

  228. how old are you? also you have an amazing beard (i noticed from the Hearth’s Warming Eve video)

  229. How old do you think Celestia was when she became a princess? Some people say she always was an alicorn or that she was born as one, do you think this is the case?

  230. What are your thoughts on Spike as a character? Do you think he’s well rounded/interesting, and of not, why not? Do you think that he plays an important part to the series, or is he just a bit part thrown in as Twilight’s assistant? And on that point, what do you think of his relationship with Twilight?

  231. I you could make any other 2 ponies into alicorns, who would it be? (one from mane six, another from the public)

  232. Hi Digibrony,

    I was wanding, can you please do a reaction video of yourself watching the first episode of season 4 ep. 1 wen it comes out?

  233. Best pony? – Are Pinkies actions justified in cupcakes ( fanfic ) – Favorite mlp quote? – True or false? Gypsy Pinkie is best pony. – To clop or not to clop? – Do you like the Pokémon game series? if so favorite pkmn game? – ( not a question but… ) please analyse FIW ( Friendship is Witchcraft. ) – Do you think naughty thoughts when drinking apple juice? – blah blah blah fav pony propaganda blah blah – Cats or Dogs? – Modern gaming or Oldschool gaming? – Religion? – And my closing question When does the Narwhal.

  234. How long do you plan on continuing to make DigiBrony videos?Cause if you can keep up the same quality, I could watch them forever :)

  235. would you play a pony oriented game that was war-hammer type table top game with custom made models .

  236. What’s the cutie mark of your OC?
    Have you watched any of the G1 or G3 show?
    If so do you think you could do any thorough analyzing of them?
    What are some of your favorite movies?
    What are some of your favorite video games?

  237. Hey digibrony!

    What I was wondering was what your thoughts were on the advantages of earth pony’s.

    I mean pegasi can fly and unicorn can use magic I know that they have talk’t about this in the show (they say that earth pony’s can fertilize the ground or something like that), but they dint talk about it in depth.

    And i have noticed that allot of oc pony’s are unicorn and pegasi! (there are a few earth pony’s though)

    So basically i was wondering what would be the motivation to be an earth pony?
    Is being able to fertilize the ground really the only thing they can do?
    Or do you think there is more we don’t know about?

    I hope you take the time to answer my question, and good luck with all the other questions.


  238. Alright. I’m not sure if you meant it to be about pony questions, so I’ll ask one about ponies and one unrelated.
    One. Cloppers
    I believe it is alright for a few reasons. The ponies although referred to as much, they aren’t truly animals in the sense of the word. Technically yes, but so are humans. What divides us from calling ourselves animals, is usually just our intelligence. Seeing as these ponies have civilized society (restrooms, monetary system, other technology) they are obviously intelligent. Sentience is also key to this, I’m not sure if a creature would be able ton get that far without it, but let’s just say it did. They wouldn’t have much of an opinion on such things, and may reject it due to their just wanting to reproduce. Having sentience makes them able to make decisions to odd questions such as inter species relationships (spike and rarity for example). One argument would be that reproduction would be impossible. That could be said the same about homosexual couples, gender swapping, and some people are just unlucky and are unable to.
    If they aren’t animals in a sense different from humans, have sentience, and reproduction not being possible among some people is already a normal occurrence, what does that leave us as to what is wrong about it?
    Their body shape, possible inability to speak the same language, and we are destroying the innocence of the show with such things.
    If incompatibility is solely based on body shape, a lot of guys and girls would be single, and everyone would be shallow.
    Inability to speak the same language? This is a bit different, even if we can’t produce the same syllables, it would still be possible to communicate. The first step would be to find common ground and writing it down, most language would be written down to understand at first, and while unable to speak the language, if we took time with audio recordings and text, we would be able to understand what they said, although they would have to do the same, as both would speak only their respective languages.
    Finally, the innocence of the show being corrupted. Well this is true to an extent, but only because of what we have seen. If you had seen pinkie pie or applejack taking a dump or a piss in that bathroom, would it feel as innocent? Maybe you would like to remember where the baby cakes came from? The funeral of that pony in the cmc episode. Rarity not wanting to be seen while getting dressed (ehh that ones weak though). It only corrupts your vision of what you have seen and focused on.

    That concludes my argument. Now for my question unrelated… Hell name that was way longer than I expected I ain’t typing nothing else.

  239. Would you be intersted in reading the visual novel, Umineko no naku koro ni?
    After seeing your videos on destiny and your season 3 overview i think you would enjoy it. The way it describes the differences between truths is incredibly intesting

  240. If you could make a character that would appear in the show, how would you like it to be like? Look like? What should the cutiemark and name be?

  241. 1.How did you become a brony?
    2.How do you analyze the show, do you have a structure?
    3.What do you think about the fandom?
    4.How long have you been a brony?
    5. Who is your favorite pony
    6.Who is your least favorite pony?
    7.What are your theories on starswirled?
    8.How long do you think the crystal empire has been around
    9.Do the windigoes have anything to do with Sombra?

    10.Do you watch gravity falls?

  242. Why does everyone site “Boast Busters” as the worst episode of Mlp? I’m a fairly recent subscriber and I’ll be honest I can’t remember everything you said in your analysis of this episode before it got pulled, but I do recall Twilight’s magic trivialized, mane6 out of character and it being “paced like a hard shit.”

    I feel as far as a good story is concerned, the protagonist is only as good as the antagonist they face, and from what I can tell everypony enjoys Trixie a lot more than Gilda. I know I’m being trivial and glossing over a lot here, but I’m just trying to be brief for the sake of this post. Also, idk if anyone else has made the points and claims I have about this episode as a whole prior to myself, as I said I’m new and not well integrated with the community at large.

    But seriously why this one? I can think of several others just as “bad” if not worse.

  243. 1. Who made your current ponysona ?
    2. Who is your favorite pony ?
    3. Do you have any pony OC’s ?
    4. What is your favorite pony species ? (i.e Earth, Unicorn ect)
    5. What is your opinion of changlings ?
    ~Echo/Edgewhisper (Echo is Fursona Edgie is ponysona 8D )

  244. How does Slenderman eat? I mean he’s got like no mouth!

    Also why is Scootaloo best pony? (Answers not accepted: She is not, she is equal, or any statement that would lead us to believe she is not the best, or equal to other ponies.)

  245. Are you still considering dramatic readings?
    That hypnosis one was very well done and good for relaxing even (though hypnosis itself isn’t really my cup of tea, coffee, or other beverage of choice). I stand by my statements that you have a VERY apt reading voice that would be WELL suited for public readings, and University Days is an excellent story as well. To top it off you seem to have some of the better sound production and i know you would but in the effort such a project would require.

  246. Digibrony if a Dragon could get to the Crystal Empire do you think it will eat every crystal building and object there? Also are you a changeling?

  247. If I keep doing the pony hypnosis for Twilight will eventually have some effect on me? If yes if I keep doing this will the effect rise!?

  248. Have you ever heard of SaberSpark?
    If so, how and when?
    I’m curious, because you and him seem to have the same approach when explaining your opinions.
    If you were slightly confused of what I said, I don’t blame you. I’m terrible at explaining things.

  249. Hello, DigiBrony!
    I only recently discovered your channel and it took 2 videos to make me treat it as something worth subscribing to. Well done! So, my question is: why did you start making what you’re making? Like, what was your motivation? I am really curious to know so may the subscribers pile up quickly for you!

  250. Do you like mudkipz?
    Do you like garlic toast?
    What’s your favorite fanfic?
    What’s your favorite game in the n64?

  251. (Non-serious question) What’s the meaning of pony-life?
    (Serious question) What’s your planning before the season four is released?

  252. yo bro!
    i got two questions
    1. how do you get in to the flow?(work flow, from concept to realization)
    2. can i animated your OC?

  253. If My Little Pony were to have a CrossOver with anything (Videogames, books, comics, etc.) which do you think would work best or be most entertaining?

  254. 1. why do you sound significantly younger than you look?
    2. what pony or combination of ponies do you resonate with the most?
    3. do you think it’s fair only Twilight is an alicorn?
    4. what are some of the “so many ways they can go with this” that you were talking about in relation to Twilight’s being an alicorn?
    5. Do you think the CMC will ever in show get their cutie marks?
    6. if so, what is the likeliest mark for each?
    7. do you think luna will ever play a major role again, either as a villain or a huge plot point?
    8. do you ship anyponies?
    9. if so, who?
    10. have you ever hoped to have your OC on the show as a background pony?
    11. do you think Twilight will adapt well to being a princess?
    12. do you think she’s gained any new powers now that she’s an alicorn?
    13. lastly, what do you think about Homestuck?

  255. Where do you get the episode title art that shows up in the video thumbnails? they look really interesting and i’d like a better look. thank you

  256. Do you clop?
    (You said ask ANYTHING so I did, I don’t clop but I thought it would be an akward question for you :D) Have a nice day ^-^

  257. So, Digibrony, I have a question that may or may not be answered in a future video. Here goes: What is your opinion on the mental state of Pinkie Pie? To understand what I’m looking for more, here’s my view on it: Pinkie, while being happy and bubbly on the outside, really feels broken and depressed on the inside. She lacks and value of self-worth, but is able to maintain her life through her friends. Her friends are what keep her happy and sane; the only way she can feel joy is to see her friends happy (evident by the smile song). Since she doesn’t want to make her friends feel bad in anyway (and this includes worrying them) she keeps on the happy mask constantly, never breaking it until no one is around. The only time she outwardly shows her depression is when she feels rejected or unloved by her friends (extremely evident in Party of One, and to an extent, Wonderbolt Academy). However, I don’t see the “Pinkamena” part not as a psycho, just one who really only lives for other people; although not suicidal (as shown when she created new friends in Party of One) she is definitely dependent on the people (or ponies) that love her.
    Wow, that was a ton. Anyways, I think you mentioned this before that you won’t touch on Pinkie’s psych until A Friend in Deed, so if you don’t answer the question I won’t mind, I’ll just be anticipating that episode even more. But I ain’t leaving empty handed, so I got on more question. In real life, do you have any idea how to start living for yourself? I think the reason why I see Pinkie in this way is because I see myself in her. I always try to act happy as her around my family, friends, and peers. Half because I don’t want anyone to bother worrying about me and half because I hope the act will one day turn into my real feelings if I keep at it enough. However, I still can’t get over the fact that I hate everything about myself, and the only thing stopping me from doing the world a favor and ending my wretched existence is my friends and family. I’m living for them; although not ideal I guess it’s something. So maybe the question isn’t really as much how can I live my own life as it it “How can I actually love myself?” Just one thing, if you answer this question can you please not use religion as a means to success. I’ve had some bad experiences with it in the past, I’m not going to look to it again. Thanks a ton Digibrony, hope the best for everything coming up. Congrats on the near 10K subs.

    • Sorry if I stole a question from anyone, I didn’t bother to read all of the questions so far :D

  258. Are you a furry?
    What do you think of the griffon statues outside the library in the crystal empire, what purpose do you think they serve?
    Who was your 8000th sub?
    If Gilda made a return in season 4, do you think she would be redeemed in the same way as Discord, Trixie, Babs, ect.?
    Who are your top 10 ponies, not just #1?
    Favorite antagonist?
    Favorite background pony?

  259. What do you think season 4 will be Like? Do you think there will be new main characters?

    Also, I can’t seem find the answer to this. Is Lauren Faust dead? Hotdiggedydemon said at the end of SWAG.MOV “In memory of Lauren Faust, but knowing him, I didn’t believe it. But the you said, “since Lauren Faust is no longer with us,” when talking about Hasbro and syndication.

  260. Dear Digibrony.

    What do you believe is the actual purpose of Starswirl’s the Bearded’s spell. Was it always meant to be a spell to turn one into an Alicorn or do you think Starswirl was trying to figure out destiny and how to control it?

  261. 1.) What is your all-time favorite video game?

    2.) What is your all-time favorite movie?

    3.) What is your all-time favorite TV show?

    4.) What is your all-time favorite book?

    5.) What is your all-time favorite song?

    And finally:

    6.) When are you going to do another “Thoroughly Analyzing Video Games” video?

  262. Do you draw your pony for your vids or does someone else either way could you or the person draw my pony because i just suck at drawing

  263. How did you get your ideas to do these analogy videos?
    Any fandoms besides this one that you recommend for others?
    Finally your attention to details in your videos is excellent but how exactly do you know how to spot it and how can you spot them so easily?

  264. There’s certainly a lot of passion from a huge Audience for this show but as a new found Brony I’m wondering is there such a thing as too far? If so where do you think that line is?

    My first thought when relaizing that Twilight will probably replace Celestia is that Celestia might die soon after. She and Luna are 1000 + years old, and looking pretty good too, but you’d think that their time is almost up. My instincts tell me that Celestia simply wouldn’t go off somewhere and retire.
    Do you think MLP would ever do such a thing?
    Do you think that they could and or should?

    If you could dedicate an entire episode to tell the complete life story of a single character who would it be?

  265. 1.What do you think about alicorn twilight?
    2.What’s your favorite episode of season 1, 2 and 3?
    3.If you could remake any episode, which one would you remake and what would be the plot?

  266. 4. Did you ever expect to be successful on YouTube?
    5. Do you listen to any brony songs (such as the living tombstone)
    6. Did you pronounce my username properly the first time you read it? ( i hate waiting, iH8W8ING)
    And finally 7. Can you do a top 10 mlp characters video ?
    Ty 4 answering!

  267. Friend or foe?
    Do you like ska?
    Do you know Jesse Carlson(aka jcarlson04)?
    Gandalf or Dumbledore?
    Mac or PC?
    What is your favorite Pokemon?
    Who were your inspirations in reviewing and the brony community?
    Do you play Minecraft?
    Have you checked out JanAnimations’ Ask The Crusaders tumblr yet and what did you think?
    What country do you live in?
    Will you do the other Pony Hypnosis vids?
    If you had to pick between giving up anime or giving up ponies, which do you choose?
    Cat or dog?
    Do you like wrestling? If so, favorite superstar?
    Favorite pasta?
    Straight edge?
    Hulk or Fight Club: which is more like the modern Jekyll and Hyde?
    Did you also enjoy watching JoshScorcher’s change from non-brony to reluctant admirer of the show to a full blown brony?
    Who would win in a fight? Both members of Acousticbrony and MandoPony Vs dustycatt and Saberspark.
    Why is your sword so unbelievably dull?
    Can you make your face look like /)^3^(\ ?
    LoL, DOTA, or Newerth?
    Do you watch Phoe-Kun’s videos? What is your favorite of her series?
    Do you like Koroshi-Ya or does he rub you the wrong way?
    What is the hardest part about putting together your vids?
    How do you feel about the pony meat found in burgers?
    Would you rather have world peace and poverty or world wealth, the end to world hunger, and never ending war?
    What is your day job?
    Do you even lift, bro?
    Which pony are you most like and which would you like to be more like?
    Are you married?
    Favorite show?
    Do you like Scott Pilgrim?
    Do you read webcomics? Which would you recommend?
    Have you played Ponymon yet? What did you think?
    Do you just use Audacity for your audio?
    Will you review FiW, the Mentally Advanced series, or .MOV?
    Why are we here? Are we just the byproduct of some cosmic coincidence or is there really a God, watching us, with a plan for us and stuff? I don’t know man, but it keeps me up at night.
    Would anything make you leave the fandom?
    Do you clop?
    Do you hate me for asking so many questions?
    If you were a female, what would you like most? Dislike most?
    Twitter or Facebook?
    When have you failed? Describe what happened and what you learned from it. Letter to Celestia style!
    What qualities of the characters do you like most? Like least?
    Would you rather piss off your boss or piss on them?
    If you were limited to just one brony to get advice and help from, which person would you choose? Why? Pony?
    Are you a SPY!?
    Who do you play on (if you play) TF2?
    Are you self aware? Should we sentient lifeforms be worried? Or are you well grounded?
    Favorite MLP writer?
    Favorite book writer?
    Why does Twilight tp around for no reason in some incidents, but doesn’t use it consistently?
    Does it have to do with the writers?
    Would you say that S3 has surpassed earlier seasons as a whole?
    I know you hate Boast Busters, but do you agree that Trixie’s amazing appearance as herself (rather than the more evil one in Magic Duel) redeems it in some way?
    Favorite band?
    WHERE IS DISCORD (in your headcanon)?
    Where do the Changelings live?
    Do you play guitar?
    Iron Maiden or Metallica?
    Nintendo, XBox or PS3?
    If Rainbow Dash really was 20% cooler than other ponies, what is her core body temperature?
    10,000 subs? Don’t you think this would be better with lollipops? Balloons? Do it!
    Why doesn’t Rarity know what ponies wallow in?
    Can you explode twice?
    What is your muse?
    Are you going to any cons?
    Is the reason that RD is the only one to Sonic Rainboom because she has the rare rainbow mane? What would it look like for another pony to break the sound barrier and create a photogenic flash?
    Do you ever get nervous recording your vids?
    Pinkie’s reaction to rainbow makes me think it taste like alum. It is a ingredient in homemade play dough that taste sweet, then sour, then salty, then bitter. Try some for science! Do you agree with my comparison?
    Have you heard Discord Days? What do you think of it?
    What one-time characters would you like to return?
    What non-pony race would you like to be enhanced upon?
    Seaponies: do you want to see them? Why or why not?
    Will you crush, kill, or destroy swag?
    Is there a way to make Sombra make sense?
    Is there a way to make Shining Armor and Cadence interesting characters?
    I told Saberspark on his stream that Twilight would become an alicorn after the S3 premeire: should I brag and rub it in, or just let it go?
    Would you like to cool off with a little Crystal Empire Nectar?
    Does Equestria have soda?
    Can you make a face crazier than this?
    Have you read “Pinkie Watches Paint Dry”? What do you think of it?
    Do you like fics? Will you review them?
    Who is best CMC member?
    What brony has been most supportive of you?

    Sorry for the wall of text.
    I tend to ramble….

  268. I have a few things to ask.
    Why do you think there are four princesses? What could be the purpose of having four rulers?
    Speaking of rulers, how do you think alicorns came to be? Do they all become alicorns as Twilight did, or are they born into it?
    And last but not least, what are your thoughts of clopping/rule34? Do you look down on cloppers, or do you think it’s a normal part of any fandom? What are your thoughts? c:

  269. What would your opinion be on seeing PHYSICALLY disabled Ponies within the show, or at least the fandom too. A wheelchair and orthotic user myself, I think it would be nice to see one IN the show.

  270. Hello, Digibrony, my name’s Kim and I love your critique analysis videos, especially the one about MLP; FiM Season 3 episode 1 and 2 (Crystal Empire). I was wondering if you (IF POSSIBLE) do an analysis video or just an analysis on where Apple Bloom came from, because I noticed in MLP; FiM Season 1 episode 23 (Cutie Mark Chronicles) When Apple Jack was a filly she leaves Ponyville for Manehatten to live with her aunt and uncle Orange she leaves behind Granny Smith and Big Macintosh. When she returns back to the farm she is greeted by Granny Smith and Big Macintosh. Apple Bloom is no where in the sight. So where did Apple Bloom come from? Unless she was a new born at the time, which I doubt by 50%. Thanks for the consideration! Have a nice day.

  271. I would like to know your opinion about the debate of Equestria being a planet, country or some other form. In season 1 episode 7 (Dragonshy) Twilight Sparkle writes a letter to Princess Celestia stating that “the dragon has departed our fair country.” Also if Equestria was a country where would Ponyville lye (such as state) for example Manehatten is probably in New York which would mean that it is in the United States which could be Equestria. I would also think that Ponyville is on the country Equestria (US) because the ponies in Ponyville can travel to Manehatten on a train. You can’t travel to another country such as Saddle Arabia on a train. Unless Equestria was like Pangaea. The thought of Equestria being a planet seems a little bizarre especially since Celestia controls the sun and Luna controls the moon, they would always have to be working and not get any time off (unless Celestia says “hey sun come up and never go down” same goes for Luna) however they seem to be immortal since they both have been alive over 1000 years.

  272. Do you think all the Princess are immortal? Celestia and Luna seem to be since they have been alive over 1000 years. Is Cadence immortal? Is Twilight? Are Celestia and Luna exception because their considered god like?

  273. 1 If you could go back and reanalyze any episode of any season of MLP, what would it be?
    2 Are your jimmies rustled?
    3 If you could do anything ever mentioned or thought of even once by anybody, what would it be?
    4 Do you hate pears?
    5 Can anything escape a black hole?
    6 If the Speed of Sound is 1,484 m/s, and The Speed of Light is 299,792,458 m/s (Which is 202016.481132 bigger than the speed of Sound.), what would your theoretical hypothesis be for Breaking the Time Barrier? (So fast you accelerate past the law of time which is 1 second per second, even if for a split second.)

  274. Persona (aka: Acaroa, Ignolian, Delldrian, Mr Tartan and many, many more personas that live in my head) on said:

    1. If MLP was to do a parody of another show, movie, or something else from pop culture, what would you want it to be? E.G.: An Adventure Time Parody, It’s a Wonderful Life Parody etc…
    2. Out of the supposed 26 episodes in season 4, how many would you want to see dedicated to Twilight mastering her new powers / flight?
    3. Since we can expect at least one, or possibly two new “mega” villains in this next season (Discord, Sombra, Nightmare Moon), what KIND of villain (s) would you want to see in this role? What evil schemes, what kind of designs, what race should they be, their motivations, etc…
    4. With the group technically unbalanced with one Unicorn and one Alicorn, do you think it’s possible for the Mane 6 to become the Mane 7, and if so, who would you want to see fill that spot? Trixie perhaps?
    5. Would you want to see any of the characters develop ‘personal relationships’ with other ponies, tackling the whole boyfriend / girlfriend issue in season 4 or any season after that?
    6. Are you looking forward to “Equestria Girls”, and would you want elements of that show to effect the main series?
    7. Do you like Bananas?
    8. How do you want the Cutie Mark crusaders developed in the next season? Same old antics, or perhaps they get their cutie marks this time? Or, even more interesting, what if only one of them got their cutie mark? What do you think would happen then?
    9. Do you think that the writers should adapt a MLP Fanfiction into a fully fledged episode, like Adventure Time did? And if so, which Fanfiction would you want to see as an episode?
    10. Would you want to see Derpy come back? More Importantly, SHOULD Derpy come back, even as just a silent comedic character?
    11. Do you think it’s possible, and would you want to see an episode involving Elements of Disharmony, or perhaps 6 new ponies wielding the elements, like some of the fan favourite characters such as Lyra, Bon Bon, Octavia and Vinyl Scratch?
    12. Fluttershy as a Dragon. Yay or Neigh?
    13. Perhaps not next season, but do you think one of the seasons in the future will involve a lot of exploring equestrian and having the mane 6 dealing with problems outside of Ponyville, or even Equestria, seeing new locations and meeting new characters? What possibilities could that open up?
    14. More deities like Celestia, Luna and Discord. Yay or Neigh? And if so, what would they represent?
    15. What is your opinion on the recently cancelled MLP: Fighting is Magic game?
    16. If the Fan Made Episode “Double Rainboom” does well, do you think the future of the show could lie with the fans once the current creative team moves onto other things? And do you think that level of fan involvement could get other shows back into the public eye, or even back from the dead, such as Invader Zim?
    16.5. Could it be possible for a small time fan made show, whether it be based on someone else’s IP or not, to make it to television? And if so, what would they have to do in order to get it broadcast?

    Well, that’s all I’ve got. Sorry if that was too long winded… or if I repeated a question someone else asked. I’m just curious as to how you think the show will progress, even after it becomes discontinued. Let’s hope they make good use of Good Discord in the next season. That should be a barrel of laughs, or perhaps the show will choose to go a bit darker? Only time, love and tolerance, will tell.

    Bro-hoof, from one of your newest fans, Persona.

  275. what got you started watching MLP FIM and when do you think season 4 will be released

  276. what do you expect twlight and her buddies to be doing on season 4, since now she’s an alicorn ?

  277. If you could would you become a pony instead of a human and live in the world of my little pony instead of Earth?

  278. Can you see the creative team of FiM using Twilight as a vessel to tell us a bit more about the Princess Alicorn Master Race?

  279. Which pony do you think Season four will be focused on now that Twilight is an Alicorn?

  280. What trait from a Character do you wish would be fleshed out more for the purpose of being able to analyze that trait to come to a conclusion on psychological patterns within the individual. (E.G Twilight’s anxiety problems)

  281. If you could decide upon one aspect of the world of FiM that would become reality, what would it be (creatures, social structures, rules of physics, etc.) also why would it be that and how do you think it would change the way we currently live?
    You stated before that you believe in the concept of destiny, does that imply free will doesn’t exist or is inconsequential?
    Do you think there is an implicit correlation between being a princess and being an Allicorn?
    What are your thoughts on the format of the show? Do you think the show should have multi-part-episodes for more than just the beginning and end of a given season?
    How many seasons do you expect there to realistically be for FiM? Do you think it’s likely for the show to jump the shark in the future be it because of Hasbro mandates or otherwise?
    What are your impressions of Hasbro’s impressions of Bronies? Do you think Hasbro will capitalize on the market of adult fans with disposable income interested in their IP or do you rather think it will disregard the market as not viable enough in the long run?
    What’s your favorite piece of fan made content of the show and why?
    Pegasus or Unicorn?

  282. There are so many to read through, I don’t know if this question was asked already but. What do you think of equality of the sexes in Equestria? I’ve noticed that it appears to be a matriarchal society where Females are the dominate sex but unlike other societies like where the submissive are treated like second class citizens it seems that males just don’t apply themselves as much as their female counterparts, A key example is when Rainbow Dash is excepted into Wonderbolt training camp, the main figure in charge of the whole operation was SpitFire and Soarin was nowhere to be found. Please use your analytical powers to confirm or deny my analysis.

  283. If the MLP team wanted you to write an episode, who would it focus on, what would it be about, and why?

  284. What new angles should be explored to develop Applejack’s character so a good solo Applejack episode can be made?

  285. What do you think is was specifically that turned Twilight into an alicorn? Was it her new spell? The Elements of Harmony? Celestia? The celestial dimension? Something else entirely?

    • Sorry, let me correct myself here: What do you think it was that specifically turned Twilight into an alicorn? Was it her new spell? The Elements of Harmony? Celestia? The celestial dimension? Something else entirely?

  286. In your season 3 overview you said that you thought “Look Before You Sleep” was a good episode. How? Twilight is so out of character in that episode, Applejack and Rarity act incredibly immature, and there’s nothing but fighting all the way through. Just curious to see if you found something that I missed.

    • That was season 1 you know….when they weren’t fully realized characters and were trying to grow up….and their personalities hadn’t been set in stone….

  287. Do you follow CR, and if you do, what are your feelings on his hostility towards the show and the fanbase as of late?

  288. Hey Digibrony, big fan here! I have some questions for you!

    1) If a new villain were to be introduced in Season 4, what attributes and characteristics would you like for he/she/it to have? What should their backstory be? What power should they have, and how should that power be overcome by the Mane 6?

    2) The S3 finale showed us that Alicorns can be “created”, even after being born as a Unicorn (and we can assume Pegasis and Earth pony). However, Cadence was an Alicorn when she was younger (as we saw in the S2 finale). What do you think about this? Do you think Celestia and Luna were born Alicorns like (we are led to believe) Cadence was? Do you think there were Alicorns before Celestia and Luna?

    3) Do you think that Alicorns are guaranteed to be royal? We know that all royals are not Alicorns, but so far all of the Alicorns in the show are royal and hold very high roles and status’s in Equestria.

    4) In the episode “Dragonshy”, Twilight asks the question: “What would a dragon be doing in Equestria?”. This implies that there are places outside of Equestria (which is expected, but now it’s canon that Equestria doesn’t make up the whole world). Countries and even other cultures could exist outside of the region. If these “places” were to be officially introduced, what would you like see in them? Would Equestria be looked upon as a world power/capitol, giving that the rulers of it (Celestia and Luna) control the day and night cycle of the world?

    5) What do you think the population of Equestria is? Of Ponyville? Canterlot? (Not really looking for something specific, just a generalization.)

    6) What is your opinion on time before Celestia? Was there even time before the Princess was there? If not, do you think she can be considered a Goddess figure?

    7) Do you think Alicorns are immortal or just live for a long time? Either way, how do you feel that Twilight will most likely outlive all of her friends? Do you think to avoid this topic, the writers will only have Twilight be an Alicorn temporarily? (Which brings me to my next question for you…)
    7a) Will Twilight be an Alicorn for the rest of the series or just for a season or two? If temporarily, how would she be transformed back into a Unicorn?

    8) In the S3 finale, Celestia says that Twilight has displayed honesty, generosity, loyalty, kindness, and optimism. So… Is she now like better than the other Elements? Is she actually on a higher level of “being” than her friends? Tara (or one of the writers) said that Twilight will be staying in Ponyville, but still. Alicorns aren’t perfect, but is Twilight now better than her friends?
    8a) How can the writers keep Alicorn Twilight on the same level as her friends?

  289. Do you hope for discord to become a major character in season 4, or because of your keep calm and flutter on review, do you want him to die off when the season starts?

  290. So, what are your theroies on Applejack’s on where Applejack’s parents are?

  291. Many questions that will be sorted.

    Serious questions
    Do you think that she will ask a lot of questions about her wings to Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy
    Now that Twilight is an alicorn is she immortal?
    If so, what will she do when her friends and family die of old age?
    Would you do a random headcanon video on where Luna was in the Canterlot Wedding?

    Random questions.
    Have you played Halo 4?
    Have you played Lost Planet 1 or 2?
    If you answered yes to the previous 2 then what would win in a fight Super VS or Mantis?
    Is DustyKatt really the manliest brony in the world in your opinion?

    Stupid questions.(Optional to answer)
    True or false on a scale of 1 to 10 what is your favorite color of the alphabet? (mine is potato.)
    Did you know that 70% of stair accidents happen on the stairs? I believe the other 30% happens on escalators.
    How would you want to die?

    • And are you a fan of Adventure Time too or just MLP? If ‘yes’ or ‘no’ then why?
      (No intention to insult or open a can ‘o worms, I’m just curious ;3)

  292. So, in the Sonic Rainboom episode, there are those 3 stallion pegasi who bully Rainbow Dash, and each of them has an athletic-ish cutie mark, but they either A) work in the weather factory, where nothing pertains to their supposed destinies, or B) play sports in the sky, which maybe they can do, but it seems weird. Are all of the sports held in the Cloudeseum? Anyways, maybe in one of your analysis videos, you could mention how ponies sometimes have jobs or play roles that have nothing to do with what they’ve discovered about themselves? Honestly the only example I can think of is those guys in Sonic Rainboom, but maybe you can think of a better central theme and just tie that in. This seems pushy … I was just curious, is all. Have a nice day!

  293. Hey mate,
    season three is over and I couldn’t give a dam about season four because of a bomb shell I would have thought rock the fan-dom.
    Next spring (your fall) a huminized version of mlp is due to be aired.
    What in the name of celestia do you think will go wrong/right with it?

  294. Do you believe that the Changelings and their motives are genuinely evil or more on the morally bigamous side?

  295. Also, 1 quick thing. Any ideas how to write a fanfic that doesn’t suck?

  296. What’s your opinion on clopping. I personally don’t see why it should be bashed the way it is, and I feel it’s slightly hypocritical how much hate it gets when there is such a huge similarity between the way bronies are treated by “trolls and haters” and the way cloppers are treated by everyone else.

    • Shit, ignore this one. It’s all about the one below this reply you should be paying attention too.

  297. What’s your opinion on clopping? I personally don’t see why it should be bashed the way it is, and I feel it’s slightly hypocritical how much hate it gets when there is such a huge similarity between the way bronies are treated by “trolls and haters” and the way cloppers are treated by everyone else. Also, thanks for reading this.

  298. love your vids, heres my question: since twilight is now an alicorn and always sort of had the potential to cause other ponies, monsters, great harm do you think she’ll be put into a scenerio where she will have to “”””””defeat”””” another evil pony or monster intent on destroying lives and cities, and do you think she will do it?

  299. What is your opinion of Sethisto?

    Are you okay with the fact that Sethisto has become more or less the spokesman of the brony community?

    What is your opinion over the fact that there is no major brony website that rivals Equestria Daily? Unless someone gets on Equestria Daily, it becomes extremely hard to get your channel, writing, etc out to the other bronies.

  300. Thoughts on clop and clopfictions?
    When it comes to side/background ponies, which is your favorite?
    What’s your thought on people saying that a background character is their favorite?
    Fighting is Magic?
    Do you believe that bronies have overstepped their boundries as fans and have begun to abuse their fandom and becojme spoiled?
    Do you believe that bronies are annoying at times by constantly pointing themselves out.
    Do you think that being a fan on ponies also makes you a. Furry?

    Thanks for the videos and hope you have a wonderful day.

  301. Theres obviously been some speculation that since she’s a princess, Twilight is now immortal. (Since Celestia and Luna are definitely over 1000 years old, and if Cadance was the actual original crystal princess it’d mean she’d be about the same age). This would mean Twilight would be fated to outlive her friends by many years, your thoughts on this?

  302. Will you be applying for a position in BronyCurious’s “Recovery” project ?

  303. what is your oc’s cutie mark suppose to be? it looks like the pieces to trivial pursuit plus a magnifying glass but i could be wrong, also what’s it suppose to mean?

    • Sorry if this has been asked already;

      The animation on the characters in the show has improved so much and the expressions have become more varied as time has gone on. There are now certain extreme expressions that are exclusive to certain characters. Have you ever thought about adding some of these extreme expressions to your own pony in your videos? Or perhaps created your own?

  304. Have you ever attempted to bite off your toenails, grind them up, and then inject the toenail juice into your veins?

  305. What is your OTP for MLP?
    What is your opinion on Harry Potter?
    Have you seen Fairy Tail?
    Are you a Nerd Fighter?
    Do you Like Panic! At The Disco?
    What age and Gender do you want to be?
    Do you like Sorin?
    Have you seen Ponyinabox?
    Do you like Axolotls?
    What is your Favorite Book?
    Do you think the female Bronies or Pegasisters are under spoken for?
    How old do you think you have to be to like the show the way Bronies do?
    If you do like Harry Potter do you like Drarry or Drmione or Albius?

  306. what is your head canon on Fluttershy parents?
    What is your head canon on Princess Cadence?

    which is more dangerous a parasprite or a fruit bat?

  307. What in Luna’s name did Starswirl’s Spell do, exactly?

    Twilight made a point of telling Spike that the spell doesn’t alter their memories and yet Rainbow doesn’t know how to kick clouds, and Fluttershy “doesn’t know anything about taking care of animals”.

    Even the writers don’t know what Star Swirl’s spell was trying to accomplish, so what’s your theory?

  308. 1) favorite book in the apocrypha?
    2) what do you think of “drink the sea” album by glitch mob? how many triangles are in the picture?
    3) favorite faction from heroes 3 of might and magic?


  309. If you had to Spend an entire year (365 days) in Equestria
    1) What would be the first thing you would do?
    2) How will you spend the rest of the year?
    3) Which pony or ponies would you hang out with the most (if any) and why?

  310. Two questions,
    One, what has been the best part of season 3?
    And second can I add you to my skype?

  311. im so lazy to read all, but what is twilight going to do now that she has wings?

  312. Well I think I should ask the most obvious question. Who is your favorite Superhero?

  313. Will you ever do a special cartoon review other than My Little Pony? Like Ruby Gloom…maybe?

  314. Who do you want to see do a guest spot on MLP?
    What’s your favorite TV show? If it’s MLP then what’s your favorite non-MLP show?
    What’s your favorite country?
    What’s your favorite brand of clothing?

  315. How many millimeters in diameter are your nipples?
    What is the distance between each of your nipples in kilometers?
    Is there any chance that you will love me?
    Do you hate my questions?
    Can I have some money?

  316. what is you’re say in on the boys are bronys and girls are pegasisters vs everyone who likes the show mlp is called a brony argument

  317. If I’m repeating anything, I apologize in advance for my utter laziness.

    1) Thoughts on Littlest Pet Shop? …assuming you’ve watched it, of course. If not, I’d certainly recommend it. It’s not anywhere near FiM in overall perfection, but it’s certainly a bar-raiser in terms of children’s cartoons as of late.
    2) I’ve never been able to sit well with Pinkie representing “Laughter” and Twilight representing “Magic.” These don’t seem like elements somepony can bring to a group of friends: these are products /of/ the friendship. As of S3Ep13, Pinkie’s been redefined as Optomism (I still say self-confidence), but they still haven’t given better clarification to Twilight’s contributions to the Mane 6. I’d say Faith, but I always enjoy hearing your abolutely-nothing-like-my-own twist on this sort of thing.
    3) Opinions on the story and functional legitamacy of the short comic Discordantly?
    4) Are you into video games at all? If you wouldn’t mind listing off your favorite a. franchise, b. individual game, c. protagonist, and d. anagonist, that’d be most appreciated.
    5) Still on video games, would you like to see a decent MLP game made? What, in your mind, would it involve and entail to be considered “a decent MLP game”?
    And lastly, 6) Batman the Animated Series, or Brave and the Bold (and why)?

  318. Which fan made personalities of background ponies do you like and dislike the most?

  319. Have you ever played minecraft? And if you have, have you ever tested the mod mine little pony and joined the server they have made an scale 1:1 replika of Equestria on thath server.

  320. i have got some more questions:
    1. when will you answer all of these questions?
    2. how many questions were there in total?
    3. how long time did it take to read and answear them all?
    4. which non pony character is your favourite?
    5. why have you not made an trughly analysing video of every episode?
    6. Are you really going to answer every one of these questions?

  321. Hey, I know this is going to sound kind of gross and disturbing, but I’m actually genuinely curious to know. Theoretically, if you were trapped in an inescapable room with the dismembered body parts of your two favorite ponies for 5 days, and the only way you could stop yourself from dying of dehydration/starvation before escaping was to eat them, would you, and which would you start on first? (God this sounds horrible)

  322. Hey Digi, a bit of a personal question. Did you ever receive any crap from people for chasing a career in writing and the arts? You know what I mean the typical,” get a job hippy” bullshit. I know it may sound like a weird question, but I want to make sure I’m not the only one.

  323. Another 2 questions, what universe would you feel a pony crossover would work best in? And what do you imagine the rest of the equestrian world looks like? Any fan maps you think are accurate?

  324. What do you think are the strengths and flaws of each of the mane 6? How does these make them such interesting characters? What are you favourite traits of each other the mane 6?

    • As well I would love to say that I really enjoy you work and its some of my favourite pony related content :)

  325. Seems like you have quite a bit of work ahead of you in answering all of these questions, so I’ll limit myself to one.

    I just started watching your videos, and I have heard you really don’t like Boast Busters. I want to see your full review, because I find the episode to be okay (there are much worse episodes), but as you already know its been taken down. Is there any possibility that you may repost it on Youtube by the time all of this copyright mess is done?

  326. If you could spend a day with anypony from the series, in it’s entirety, given all the previous generations, who would you pick? Also, if you were to spend the day with said pony, would you want it to be just the two of you or would you be in a more public atmosphere like a carnival or the such?

  327. You seem to know a lot about MLP, and your feed is filled with videos I haven’t even seen! Where and how do you find them?

  328. Do you think Starswirl will have a long-lost unicorn descendent , and if so what do you think his personality would be like? (I think he’d be insane mad scientist who never sleeps… assuming its a boy),

  329. Well, all of the good questions are taken, so will you shave off a piece of your beard and send it to me? I’ve tried a dead raccoon, but the shrine just wasn’t right.

  330. If you were to recast Rocky Horror Picture Show with MLP characters, which ponies would you put in each role?

  331. Since I’ve got nothing else to do with my life, I’m just about ready to make about 30 more google accounts to help digibro reach his 10K (almost there). Anyone wanna help?

  332. I do not know if you will answer this (this is after the 10,000 subscrib

  333. I do not know if you will answer this (it is just after the 10,000 subscriber point), but here it is; After you put out the video that said you would answer everyone’s questions, you wold post an answers video after 10,000 subscribers, the number of subscibers you had skyrocketed from 8,000 to 10,000 in a matter of days. Do you suspect that some people just created extra accounts (or used their alternate accounts) so that they could subscribe multiple times? After all, that would mean you’d post the video sooner and be more likely to post their question (fewer questions to choose from).

  334. (1) How often, in all honesty, do you think alicorns use their wings? I mean, they can teleport!
    (2) How likely do you think a zombie episode is (including cutsie zombies, like masses of ponies constantly trying to hug ponies, infecting them with the hugging curse :D)

    (3) I once heard “Weird” Al Yankovic was planning on doing something for the show. Is there an credibility to that?

  335. Why is your OC so cute?
    Can I hug you?
    What is your opinion of all forms of shipping?. ( m/f, f/f, m/m, etc )
    Favorite stallion?

  336. Are you a fan of any other shows? i.e. spongebob, regular show etc.

  337. I just noticed that you reached 10k subscribers. Are you going to post the video soon on YouTube? :)

  338. If you could give a name to any unknown (not currently named or talked about) background pony which would it be, what would the name be, and why?

  339. Could you watch the movie “Arashi No Yoru Ni?” It gave me very similar feelings MLP does and it’s one of the reasons I continued watching MLP. Both the dub and subtitles are available on YoutTube. Thanks!

  340. Since you where a anime blogger before doing these reviews, what animes did you find yourself going back to the most? Also, What voice actor/ celebrity would you like to show up in MLP?

  341. Have you watched a fan-made parody called “Friendship is Witchcraft”? If so, have you ever though about analyzing it like you do with the normal episodes?

  342. If Pinocchio said “My nose is going to grow”, would it grow or not?

  343. Ok here’s a good one would you have hard ass sex with applejack or have sex with Luna and celestia cause I just have to know lol

  344. Did you ever recycle those cans and bottles you put in that garbage bag during your “Winter Wrap Up” episode when you showed yourself cleaning your room? Did you ever vacuum? You better have recycled…

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