Digibrony Q&A Part 1-A (Text Version + Links)

Links mentioned in the video:

MizuTakishima’s Deviantart: http://mizutakishima.deviantart.com/

My post about Dragonshy and Dragone Baby Gone: https://myswordisunbelievablydull.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/analyzing-dragonshy-and-dragone-baby-gone/

Text version of questions and answers:

Embershard: What are you hoping for in season four?

What I’d really like to see in season four is more changes to the status quo, such as what happened with Twilight becoming an alicorn. I love the mane six, and I think they’ve still got plenty of adventures left in them before the show starts to become stale, but at some point the show is going to run out of new things to do without moving the characters along. Dash can only be out of the wonderbolts for so long—Rarity can only get scouted by fashion experts so many times before she hits it big. But what I want is not just for each character to realize their destiny by the end of the show, I want the show to keep running after they’ve done so. I’m not nearly as interested in the idea of a narrative beginning and end, as I am in a narrative that keeps going after the supposed end is already over. As long as MLP keeps going with the same amount of energy that it’s always had, I think it can go to all kinds of awesome places.

Techranamon: So how did you get into My Little Pony, you just come across it one day, a friend suggest it or did you see a fan made video(s) like Friendship is Witchcraft?
TheRkmonk1: How did you get into the MLP fandom?

The answer to both of these questions can be found in my video, Celebrating One Year Of Bronydom.

Berkeleian Lion: – What is your favorite location in the show and why?

I’ve always loved the designs of the big playset locations, like Carousel Boutique and the Library, because I love the gigantic architectural wonder of them. I’m very fond of buildings in general, especially cool ones like these.

– What are other non-pony things you’d recommend to fans of the show during the drought?

This would have to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. I take recommendations very seriously, and I like to personalize them a lot, even though I’m totally jaded after years of people not watching the stuff they ask me to recommend. So anyways, if you’re off of school for the summer and you don’t have too much work, I might tell you to go read Homestuck, since that’s the only way you’re gonna have time to do it. If you have work, but you still want to take on something really rad, read House of Leaves or Akira, or watch The Venture Brothers or Steins;Gate. If you need something shorter and lighter, check out Hourou Musuko.

– What are your thoughts on the combination age-gender gap between bronies and the show’s target audience?

I think it’s awesome, and not really as surprising to me as it is to a lot of others. I think internet culture has started to bring a certain air of authenticity, and I realize how absolutely insane that sounds when there are so many inauthentic dipshits on the internet, but hear me out. I think that the internet has desensitized us so much that things which used to seem crazy seem less so. After all, when some insane new fad starts up, you can’t exactly be surprised all over again by the next insane fad, can you? At least for me, that’s why I’m impossible to surprise anymore.

But more than that, I already had out-there tastes, so I kinda like the companionship of other people who are standing up for their rather obscure taste. A lot of people even within the brony fandom would probably attack me for a lot of what I’m interested in, but there is an ever-growing number of people who would be there to back me up.

– What is your favorite face in the show?

Oh god that’s difficult. There are so many. I don’t really keep track of these things, sorry. I will say that I think Rarity has the best expressions, the animators but a ton of work into making her face very animated in subtle ways.

Boisterious: Is there a character that you would have liked a little more insight or some kind of backstory on?

Pretty much every one-off character could stand to be explored a little more. I’d like to know things like, what are Gilda’s real passions? What is Trixie’s real talent? But I guess the one I want to know about the most right now is Starswirl the Bearded, just because he’s so mysterious. We’ve never even seen him, yet he’s been mentioned so many times in passing.

Tf2Brony: What got you into making reviews/videos?

Well, this is going to be a LONG story.

When I was about eight years old, I got really into Pokemon. I was big into the games, the cards, and everything, and if my memory serves me right, this is how the story went. My mom had gotten really into the game Pokemon Snap, because she’s a big fan of photography, which she later majored in in college. She picked up a Nintendo Power magazine one time which had tricks for beating the game, and I believe it was in this magazine that she found out there was a free Pokemon Trading Card Game cartridge for Game Boy that came with buying a subscription. So, in the interest of my brother and I, she bought it.

Now, growing up, I almost never read anything, so I didn’t really “read” Nintendo Power per say. However, I was fascinated with the reviews section, and with the list of community-voted favorite games in the front of the magazine. If I had to guess, this was something to do with an obsession with listing and putting things in order which I’ve had since I was a baby, when I used to organize sets of toy cars by size.

So anyways, in my late elementary school years, I got really into the idea of making a magazine. I would draw covers in colored pencil, usually featuring Bomberman because he’s easy to draw, and I would fill the magazine with info mostly copied straight out of Nintendo Power because that was all I knew. I was a big Nintendo fanboy just because of NP’s programming, too, so there was some inflammatory anti-Playstation and Xbox shit in there, even though the console generation hadn’t arrived yet.

When I was eleven, I actually hand-wrote a ninety-five page magazine on lined paper, with pictures traced out of Nintendo Power issues and everything. And of course, the biggest sections were the reviews and list sections, since they were my favorites.

This obsession with magazines and listing continued into my early teens, with focus shifting over to anime, since I was into that now. And of course, once I got onto the internet, I started sharing these kinds of opinions on there, though I was mostly active on forums where it wasn’t really convenient to write reviews. I still read assloads of reviews on sites like GameFAQs, Gamespot, and RPGamer, though.

My first review site was called Digital Boy Reviews, which I started in 2007, and it was meant to cover all kinds of mediums, though I mostly ended up talking about music, which I was into at the time. After that, I opened my anime blog, which went through a lot of names over the years and now is known as My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull. I started writing anime reviews here.

Over the course of 2007 and 2008, I started to grow really tired of the kind of reviews in which people shared their opinions about something, because they always ended up being the same kind of things. I liked it because blah blah, it sucked because blah blah, and people never really got into the bones of the matter. I started to become frustrated when people would say that a show had “bad writing,” but would never clarify what their basis was for what writing had to do to be considered good. Moreover, I became increasingly obsessed with understanding myself, and trying to clarify why I felt the way I did about things.

Over the years of running my anime blog, I met a lot of other people who wrote analytical posts a lot better than I did, and I befriended and learned from them. My writing style and personality continued to change for the better, until I became what I am today.

Anonymous: Is season four the last season?

I have no idea. We will have to wait and see!

Celebrinborn: Can you do an analyses of Friendship is Witchcraft?

Actually, yes! When I started doing episodic analysis in text form on my blog, I intended to talk about each Friendship Is Witchcraft episode in the same post as the episode it was parodying. I wrote a post about Dragonshy and Dragone Baby Gone, which you can find linked in the description, but that was the last episode I covered before I switched to video, and I haven’t yet covered Dragonshy in video form. I’m still not sure if I’m going to talk about FiW on its own, or in my videos for the episodes, but I will most likely talk about it eventually because it was the first MLP fan work that I got really interested in.

FaintLlama: Are you going to write/ perform new songs/ponified songs? I was impressed how well Without Luna turned out.

I would definitely like to do more of them. I actually wrote about eight pony songs around the same time as Without Luna last year. Most of them were parodies, but I couldn’t find instrumental versions of the original songs. A couple of them were totally original, and there was one that Forest Rain was actually working on turning into a full song, but as far as I know he only ever made a thirty second clip of it which he never released, and then scrapped the project.

TuniPeace: Can you read my fan fic and tell me how you liked it?

Sorry to disappoint, everyone, but I will not read anyone’s fanfic. I just am not interested and don’t have time.

angusrangers8: Do you think their should be an episode in season 4 that revolves around princess luna and princess celestia, and how do you think they can portray the princesses relationship with each other?

Well, it would certainly be interesting. I don’t think there’s a high likelihood of it though. There’s yet to be any episodes of MLP which aren’t centered around either one of the mane six or Spike, and I don’t think there ever will be. As for the relationship between the princesses, I like how they’re often portrayed in the fandom, with Luna being sort of clumsy and Celestia being sort of mean. Probably because it reminds me of my brother and I.

Anonymous: How do you think Cadence became an alicorn? Is Sombra is her father?

I really highly doubt that Cadence wouldn’t have said something if Sombra was her father. As for how she became an alicorn, no idea.

Do you think that if a unicorn and a pegasus had a baby that it would be an alicorn baby?

Magical pony genetics are pretty complex. It could be anything.

Prince Blueblood who is Celestia’s nephew is also a unicorn. Is Celestia and/or Luna married or is he just adopted?

Maybe there’s a third sibling to Celestia and Luna that we just don’t know about. Someone must be raising and lowering the stars…

FaintLlama: There are a lot of questions about you analyzing FiW, which leads me to another two questions. Will you be doing those analysis and/or can you reflect over the PONY.MOV series.

Yes, I actually have the .MOV series on my shortlist of things to talk about. I will probably only do one video about the series, but I do like it, and I think Max Giliardi is one cool dude.

Andreas: What do you think of the undertones of the show, would these seem intentional something the writers have put in for the audience to figure out themselves? thanks!

Undertone is something that happens naturally in writing. After all, writing relies on the audience to come in with an amount of experience and social cues to understand what’s happening. MLP has more subtlety than you might expect out of kids show because the writing is handled very naturally, and isn’t dumbed down. When a show seems to have no subtlety, it means that the subtlety was deliberately removed, which is why it feels so jarring.

Jared Cameron: Who is best pony?

Haha! Here we are! THE most frequently asked question in the AMA, so congrats to Jared for being the first to ask it. After grappling with the decision between AJ and Twilight for a long time, I’m gonna put my hoof down here and now, and say that Applejack is my favorite pony. I love everything about Applejack and I could just watch her all day, even if she’s in some stupid episode like Apple Family Reunion. I don’t care. Feed me AJ.

Fanfic suggestions?

Vinyl and Octavia University Days, The Day My Beard Turned Into Pinkie Pie, and The GAPT Falls In Love With A Pine Cone. This doubles as a list of my favorite fanfics, by the way.

What is your favorite episode of each season?

Applebuck Season, Sweet And Elite, and Magical Mystery Cure

Ped O Bear: If you could ship yourself with another pony/creature in Equestria who would they be and why?

Applejack. She’s dependable, she’s lovely, and she’s blonde. Double points for the voice. Best of all, even though she has high moral standards and I totally don’t, she’s respectful and usually not too judgemental, so I think we’d get along really well. Also if I hook up with her, I get an adorable little sister, and a total BRO, plus I could probably share stories with Granny Smith all day. I don’t think I’d ever get bored with AJ.

Touching Everything: If you were to change a character, who and how would you change them, and how far would you go with it?

I’m really not a fan of the idea of altering canon. I like to take what I’m dealt and run with it, instead of trying to change what’s there, since the possibilities of where to go are always endless.

kyderra: Are you sure you will make it trough this Q&A? there’s going to be a lot of questions from people that love your videos.

Better than having a lot of questions from people who hate my videos!

MrOMGaHotpocket: Was the DigibronyAfterDark channel created solely for the pony hypnosis, or what else do you plan to post there?

Okay, so the whole idea with DigibronyAfterDark is that I wanted to be able to post whatever I wanted without having to worry about if it was meeting the same quality standard as the rest of my videos. Obviously I’m not going to release a bunch of shoddy stuff on there, but I wanted to be able to cut loose and do stuff that wasn’t really deep or analytical, without ticking off the people who just came for the analysis.

I got the idea to do this after my Suited For Success video, because there were a lot of people who were bothered by the singing in the video, but a lot of people who also asked me if I could do MORE singing. So, I thought I’d compromise, because I definitely wanted to do more singing, but I didn’t think it would be fair to force that on the subscribers who came expecting analysis.

So, the ultimate goal of DigibronyAfterDark, is that I can do whatever I want. I can sing, I can do readings, I can talk about dark, weird shit, et cetera, and whoever is subbed will know that it’s coming.

WriterPon3: I notice in the show that aside from Sherrif Silverstsar in Over A Barrel and Celestia’s Royal Guards like Shining Armor, we don’t really see many law enforcement ponies. I’ve read fics where the Royal Guard handles most Law Enforcement, and one where the separate cities have their own. I don’t remember the name but it was about Family Day in Ponyville and Applejack wanting all her friends to have a good time with their parents. Fluttershy’s dad turned out to be a brutish, abusive police officer in Cloudsdale. Since we rarely see L.E., could that mean crime is generally low in Equestria? What are your thoughts?

I think it’s likely that crime is just very low, but there probably are law enforcement officials here and there. We saw a security guard in Read It And Weep, for instance, so there’s probably people like that around just to take care of the occasional rough houser.

Zachary.W: How did you create your pony “avatar”? I have been wondering about it for a while now and I think yours seems very unique.

My pony avatar was drawn by Mizu Takishima, whose Deviantart page is linked in the description. I told her that I liked purple, pink, white, and grey, that I had blue eyes, that I wanted to be a unicorn, that my favorite pony design was Sweetie Belle, and that I wanted an analysis cutie mark. What you see is the result. By coincidence, Mizu also managed to make the eyes look vaguely intense, which is why I feel the pony reflects my real presence very well.

artsyrosey: If you were to magically wake up in Ponyville, what would be the first thing you would do?

Um, probably freak the fuck out. Then terrify everyone around with my encyclopaedic knowledge of the last few years of their lives. Then start analyzing them and telling them how to help get their lives on track. Then ask if there’s some kind of job I can do and idk, probably start flirting with Applejack.

Zoren: In your winter wrap up vid I saw that you had some touhou figures. While i am not a fan of touhou my best friend is and he recently became a brony. My question is “Do you think that the brony fandom and the Touhou fandom are similar?”. My friend said that he asked this question at a touhou panel and had the whole room get into an argument.

I think that the culture surrounding the background ponies in MLP is very similar to that of Touhou. In both cases, the fandom took characters with only the faintest hints of who they are, and turned them into fully fleshed out beings, with shitloads of fanart and stories and different interpretations.

Anonymous: ~Season three finale review?

I already sorta did a review, but as for an analysis, I’ll get to it… soonish?

~I also would love to hear more of your thoughts on the Pony-verse, especially your fascinating ideas on destiny! I know we’ll get some of that with the video I requested above, but would you be willing or interested in doing a longer series on it?

I don’t know about a longer series. I definitely intend to do another video to clarify my thoughts on the matter, and to tie in Magical Mystery Cure. I’ll probably just make a stupidly long video and try and say everything in one go. That said, I think it’s cool how much discussion was sparked by my ideas on the subject.

~How would you feel about joining a site like ThatGuyWithTheGlasses or similar dedicated to reviews? Not just of Pony material, I’d love to hear about some of your other passions as well! Your grasp of character and staging is second to none and makes for fascinating listening!

If a site like that offers to take me, and they pay decently, I’ll happily oblige. Hell even if they pay poorly, it’s probably better than having youtube deny me for monetization all the time. Plus it would be really cool if I got to know some of those people and sorta join those cliques.

~Branching off of that, do you have other reviews? Where would be the best place to find them?

The very site you asked this question on! My main blog, called My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull, contains most of all the analytical writing I’ve done in the past six years. Anything from the last two years or so, I can vouch for the quality of. Anything older than that, and it’s a matter of luck.

~Where should I go/ who should I talk to if I want to get more involved in the fandom? I can sing, but I have little talent for arranging or producing music… where would I go to offer my abilities to someone who can make use of them?

I wish I knew. If I did, I’d be shoving my own vocal tracks down their throats. That said, if I ever meet someone who’s looking for singers, I’ll let you all know. Alternatively, if you’re looking for singers, let me know! I’ll spread the word, and also send you my vocal tracks!

Phantom02: What is your best advice for dealing with people that hate the show, yet have never seen it? Some of my IRL friends laugh at me when I say that MLP:FiM has good animation and writing, and they chastise me for simply liking the show, saying it’s creepy for me to watch a show for “little girls.”

I say, if you can’t reason with these people, ignore them. I would probably explain to them how ridiculous it is of them to criticize something they have no knowledge of, but if I can’t get through to them, then I’d just give up on them. If it was a friend of mine, I’d probably also tell them that I know what I’m talking about and they don’t, so fuck off.

Gedarliz Pena: Who is your favorite OC? (It can not be yours).

I’m gonna go with Cat Milly’s OC. She’s got this awesome frizzy mane, glasses, and sometimes seen with a cigarette. Out of all the ponies that are made to look like the person they represent, her’s is easily tops, and also just generally great.

Touching Everything: Odd question: If you could choose an existing pony to be, Who would it be and what’s the main reason why?

I think that if I suddenly became one of the ponies, it wouldn’t matter to me any more which one I was, because I would be them and not me anymore, so I wouldn’t be thinking of it as me being them, I’d be thinking of me as me, as them. So yeah I’d pick Applejack, she seems to have her shit together.

8bitpheonix: What villain would you want to see in the future?

I would love to see some kind of horrible world-crushing Lovecraftian hell-beast. There wouldn’t be a fight or anything, it would just sort of appear, maybe devour a small town and move on or something.

rainbowdashiefan: Have you played luna game?

No, but I watched some youtube videos of it way back. I like the concept of it, but the execution wasn’t very impressive.

Kay: – Favorite Cutie Mark?

I’m gonna have to go with Rarity. It’s very clean and pretty, and whenever I see fanmade stuff that uses cutie marks, hers looks really great. I’ve seen a PC and an Xbox with glowing plates shaped like her cutie mark, and I was full of want.

-Whose destiny do you think is the most interesting to watch for development in?

Probably Rainbow Dash, if only because her destiny is the most visible. Like Twilight, I had no idea she was going to become a princess and all that, and I’m just waiting to see where the show goes with it. But with Rainbow, we’ve had the expectation right from the start that she’s going to become a Wonderbolt, and she wants it SO badly, it’s always cool to watch her progress.

-If you were to make an episode, what would it be about?

I’d probably adapt my own fanfiction, which is about Pinkie Pie having really atrocious teeth, and having to go on an adventure to find a mysterious element which Dr. Colgate can use to repair them. Basically I never brushed my teeth growing up so I have pretty bad teeth, and I think if there’s one lesson I want to teach to little kids, it’s that they should brush their teeth. It’s kinda fucked up to show Pinkie snacking constantly and never brushing, so I’d like to bring that hammer down.

-What do you use to record?

I use an Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone, which ran me abot 130 bucks on Amazon. It’s hooked into a very basic preamp which was about fifty bucks, and that preamp has a USB converter. This, for me, is about the minimum setup for having good quality audio.

-How many seasons would you think to be a good ending point for MLP, since shows do go stale after awhile, you got to admit that, and it can’t go on forever.

Even if MLP gets stale, I won’t mind if it runs for a really long time. Even if there gets to be a point where there’s a lot of bad episodes, they can’t all be bad, and for me personally, I don’t feel that having weak later episodes cheapens the appeal of the earlier episodes. I’ve seen long-running shows that had shitty mid-sections only to come back and have strong final seasons such as the case with Ranma ½, so even if MLP goes downhill, I’ll still hold out hope.

– Earth Pony vs Unicorn vs Pegasus, which do you prefer?

Space Unicorn

-If you heard any of the foreign dubs (actual episode, or just some songs it doesnt matter) of MLP which are your favorite/least favorite?

I’ve actually watched a ton of videos that compile all the different dubs, and I’ve watched a few episodes dubbed in French and Polish. The Polish dub is easily the strongest non-English one, although take that with a grain of salt because I don’t actually understand Polish, but I’ve seen it praised by Polish viewers as well. I’m currently really looking forward to the Japanese dub because they’ve got a pretty cool cast lined up for it, and I’ll probably be able to understand most of it wihtout subs.

matthewcon965887973: What is your favourite part of the community?

Obviously I’m gonna say the analysis part of the fandom since that’s the part of it I’m a member of! The thing about MLP fandom is that it’s kind of really scattered. There’s an illusion of everyone really knowing what’s going on, because of the fact that the information is really centralized. For instance, everyone in the fandom is obviously watching the show, so we can reasonably count on everyone we talk to in the fandom to have seen each episode. This is very different from something like anime fandom, in which you can’t expect other people to be into the same shows that you are.

So we have a lot of connectivity in what we know and care about, but in terms of where we get our information, and who we talk to, it’s a lot more scattered than people think. Like for instance, I mostly keep up with the fandom through Reddit. On reddit, most people seemed to really enjoy the season three finale. I was under the impression that it was well-liked, but I’ve gotten a lot of comments on my video from people saying that they’d seen nothing but negative opinions and bitching about the finale. It was a weird moment of dissonance because I’d comparatively seen a more positive take, but on the same token, reddit usually celebrates each new episode with lots of content production and screencaps, so it’s kind of just a reddit thing.

So, basically what I’m saying is that the fandom seems strangely broken up into sections, and it’s hard for me to really say what each section is like, and know how they are. I really enjoy the r/mylittlepony subreddit and I really enjoy this little section of the youtube community that I’m a member of, so my vote goes to each of those.


One thought on “Digibrony Q&A Part 1-A (Text Version + Links)

  1. It’s really cool to see you go through all these questions in so much detail. I think your non-pony recommendations are really good, though I agree that in order to give a better recommendation some information on that person’s likes and interests are needed. You have a very unique “getting into reviewing” story. I love your pragmatic and down-to-earth answer for what you’d do if you suddenly woke up in Equestria. You should definitely contact SoGreatAndPowerful and make some music. He’s such a humble guy; I’m sure he’d be fine working with you. Pinkie Pie should really fucking brush her teeth. I hope the Japanese dub of the show is good. Since I’m much more a part of the anime fandom than MLP, I thought your comments about the fandom were very interesting. Even though everyone is watching the same show, their particular interests and how they interact with the fandom can be completely different. In anime, it can be hard to find people who are even watching the same show as you are. So, the sense of community is a lot stronger for MLP than for anime.

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