Digibrony Q&A Part 1-B (Text Version + Links)

Links mentioned in video:

Luna (Lucid Mode): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G49bLZ2nAmE

r/mylittlealcoholic: http://www.reddit.com/r/mylittlealcoholic/

Text version of questions and answers:

Who is your favourite background character?

Alright! We’ve reached the second most-asked question in the AMA! Grats on being the first to ask it.

I like a lot of the background ponies, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Berry Punch is one I identify with a lot because she’s supposed to be a drunk, and I really like to drink. Spend a little time on r/mylittlealcoholic, and you’ll really see how magnetic she is. I also like Colgate because she’s cute and had this whole dentist thing going on, which I like. But honestly, my favorite has to be Lyra. Her portrayal as this wacky, human-obsessed, semi-insane pony cracks me up to no end. I’ve probably laughed the most at and favorited the most Lyra fan comics out of any pony, just because I find her hilarious.

What is your favourite part of writing, producing and uploading videos?

Out of those three, the writing. I really enjoy the conceptualizing process as well, and then when I get to flesh that stuff out in writing, that’s the really fun part. I love it even when I’m having difficulty with it, when I really have to think shit through and determine what I’m trying to say. The recording process is pretty fun too, because I really love using my voice, though I think I’m ultimately somewhat lazy about pacing it well. I record these things in one take most of the time and then edit out the mistakes.

The nightmare part is always turning it into a video. Doing the Digibrony expressions isn’t so bad, though it can be really tedious at times. It’s when I have to add in pictures and video that it starts to become a chore. Especially if I jump around a lot in talking about the episode, and have to go hunting for the right clips and moments to use. Part of me would rather just do this whole thing as either a written project, or as an audio only thing, but I don’t think I’d be able to maintain the level of popularity that I have that way, and I do strongly value the visual element when it comes to talking about an animated show. The whole reason I wanted to do this as a video series after all, was so I could show off the show’s brilliant animation and moments without having to dryly talk about them.

Sauvison: Do you think that Scootaloo’s or Fluttershy’s family will ever be revealed?

I think it would be nice if they were. I’m very curious about what kind of ponies Fluttershy has, so it would be nice to get a whole scene with them like we did with Rarity’s parents.

Do you have any concerns for Twilight now that she’s an alicorn?

I don’t know about concerns, but I’m definitely interested in seeing how she’s going to handle all of this. I don’t really want to see her having trouble with the pressure, I’d rather see something a little more complex, like she actually holds up really well, but has this niggling feeling like she’s fucking up or is going to fuck up soon. That might be me projecting, too.

Zoren: Do you believe that there are currently very old unicorns that are better at Twilight in magic? In the episode where Trixie returns, Twilight stated that age spells are only able to be performed by the top level of unicorn, and Twilight could not perform the spell. Also, do you think that shining armor can cast better shield spells than twilight even with her being an alicorn.

The whole concept of some unicorns being stronger than others sits awkwardly with me, which is the one thing I didn’t like about Magic Duel. If unicorn powers are supposed to be unique to each unicorn on some level, then how can we quantify their power levels? It’s possible that this is a ranking among unicorns whose talent is magic, and it’s also possible that Twilight really means that it takes a particularly huge amount of training to learn the spell. It’s hard to tell. I like to think that if there are more powerful unicorns, they are either very few, or dead. If there are any wise old powerful unicorns left, I DEFINITELY want to see them make an appearance in the show.

As for Shining Armor, I do think that barriers are probably his forte, given that he is a guard pony. With Twilight’s talent being magic, I think it’s probably possible for her to learn any spell that she wanted to, but she probably would avoid spells that were uninteresting or not useful to her.

Ze brony: Have you ever read/listened to “my little dashie”? If so what are your thoughts about it?

Back when I first got into the fandom, I guess My Little Dashie was still a pretty big deal. I remember my first real experience with it was that someone had adapted the first chapter into this little sim game based on a Tomagotchi interface. So basically, it would tell you part of the story, and then go into a sort of “raising Dashie” minigame.

I think I saw bits and pieces of the story in other places too, and also a lot of references to it. Basically, I didn’t like it at all. The main character was basically just like the protagonist of a visual novel, in that he generally wasn’t happy with his life or society, and I can’t relate to that. I’m not a misanthrope, and I’m very optimistic, so characters like that just tend to get on my nerves. I also generally hate sadfics, so there wasn’t a lot of strong reason for me to want to read it. I still have no intention of ever reading it all the way through in any form.

Anonyous: Best fanmade YouTube thing?

I think my favorite fanmade video is still going to have to be Luna (Lucis Mode) by Cats Millionaire. It’s a song and video, and it’s basically a mashup to end all mashups. The song takes parts from Luna (Dream Mode) by Eurobeat Brony and a verse from Pony Swag by Swagberg, and combines them with this awesome and really emotional song by Cat Milly and Circuitfry. The video is mixed media, using drawn stills and also parts that appear to be hand-drawn cutouts moved around on popsicle sticks. The video itself tells a story of Luna having an existential crisis which is clearly meant to extensively mirror End of Evangelion. But around that, there’s also a framing device of Cat Milly and Circuitfry playing the song in a bar, and generally fucking up a whole bunch, while the drunken crowd debates on whether not they suck. So yeah, it’s dense and meta as fuck, which I love, and the song is amazing, and I’m a huge fan of End of Evangelion, so it’s like a perfect storm for me.

Best Voice actress?

That’s a hard one. They all have their on and off moments. I think Andre Libman as Pinkie Pie has the most amazing lines, but I’m also really partial to Ashleigh Ball both as Rainbow and AJ. It’s funny too because her voice as the singer of Hey Ocean is so sexy, but so different from how she sounds in the show… which is probably a good thing because honestly, I don’t need that kind of sexual tension while I’m watching MLP.

Best crystal pony?

I guess the Hermes pony?

Best stallion?

Fancy Pants. That dude is a fucking BRO. If anyone wants me to voice fancy pants in anything ever, I will do it. I might even read your fancy pants fanfic.

Best filly?

Gotta be Sweetie Belle. She’s so god damn adorable!

Derpy Whooves: Would you rather be a pegasus, unicorn or a earth pony?

I would rather be a unicorn, because I can move shit with my mind, and that’s just insanely convenient. I’d get a kick out of using all those powers, too.

George Motherfrekin’ Goldsmith: You’re stranded on a desert island with the mane six and there’s a major Earthquake leaving a very large crack in the ground. You can only save one pony and the rest of them will indefinitely die. Who do you save?

Everyone in the world will indefinitely die. If they’re not definitely going to die then I’m not that worried about it. And honestly, how am I going to save one of them? I’m pretty weak, I can’t even do a pull-up, I don’t know how I’m going to lift an entire horse. Um but that said, Applejack.

Flydie: What is your opinion on equestria girls? I’m sure you will have heard of it by now.

Am I just now getting to the first Equestria Girls question? This AMA is going to be SO LONG. Anyways, my thoughts on Equestria Girls are simply, we’ll find out when we find out. I’m really not one to pass judgement on things before I’ve seen them with my own eyes, so I’m going to be keeping quiet about this one until it’s actually upon us.

Daniel Wiecek: What pony would you bring into the real world, and what specifically would you do with him or her?

I don’t want to be too careless about this answer, because the way I see it, I’m basically uprooting one of these ponies from their life and everything they care about. If I have to chose one, it has to be one who would most want to take the journey, or best be able to handle it. I’d either choose Lyra, so she can learn about humans, or Berry Punch, so she and I can sit around and get wasted all day.

Anonymous: What did you think of the baby pony form? Do you like it how it is or would you change the form in any way?

I think it’s insanely adorable and I wouldn’t change it in any way.

What did you think when they gave Mr. and Mrs. Cake a baby pegasus and a baby unicorn for kids?

I thought it was funny and proved that ponies can mate across type.

Who is your favorite twin Pound or Pumpkin?

Based on the webcomic Slice of Life by Egophiliac, I choose Pumpkin.

Do you think Pound and Pumpkin will still have their powers of flying and magic or do you think they will lose their powers at some point and they have to relearn flying and magic?

Again, based on Slice of Life, I’m going to say that they probably have to train still.

Do you think flying is something that can be taught or is more of an instinct that they have?

Could be both. It’s a thing which could come naturally to some pegasi, whereas others have trouble with it.

What do you think of the comics? Both regular and the mini one.

The main line of comics is excellent. The dialog is entertaining and the artwork is fantastic. The mini comics, I haven’t read, because I flipped through and the artwork is atrocious. It’s like a joke compared to the main comic.

Archimedes Pegasus: Can I pet your luxurious mane?

If you catch me at Bronycon, you can give it a try.

ema: Would you rather lose your sense of taste or never be allowed to look at anything pony related, that includes watching the show, and talking with bronys about ponys.

I would not choose either option. And don’t say, “you can’t choose neither,” because I just did.

Anonymous: what sondash

Okay I googled “sondash” and it apparently refers to putting Sonic and Rainbow Dash together. Since I generally don’t like Sonic the Hedgehog, I do not approve.

Anonymous: What motivates you to make videos?

The feedback. I started doing videos because I thought it would be a better way of getting my points across, and getting to reach a larger audience. When I got positive feedback for doing it, I was inspired to do it more.

thepunksclub21: What’s your favorite mlp song?

My favorite is At the Gala. It’s my favorite to sing, and I’ve been extensively practicing a gender-reversed version of it for a long time.

If you were one of the staff members for my little pony, what would you improve?

Probably the continuity. I’d just tighten it up a bit, make sure I threw out lines that contradict the information presented in other episodes. Other than that the staff does a great job and I can’t even pretend to be as good as any of them at anything.

UnstableBrony: I’ve always loved writing and reading poetry, as well as songs! Since I’ve discovered the Brony community I’ve wanted to start publishing my work online, but I have no real idea about how to properly get started and promote my work. Ideas?

I don’t know how to promote your work, but I think a good way to get started it to start a tumblr where you’ll post your work, and then follow other tumblrs who talk about ponies and do similar stuff. Share your work with people, and post it on places like reddit and hope for the best. I wish I could offer more help here, but if I knew more, I’d be doing it myself, too!

Sussermus: – Do you think King Sombra should get more exposure in season 4 to develop his character more? Like, maybe he comes back and they have to defeat him again, or something?

I wouldn’t mind seeing more Sombra, especially if they can expand on the story of what happened with him and the crystal empire. I’m always up for gaining a better understanding of the history and inner workings of Equestria and its characters.

Tugglewugs: What hell hath you unleashed?


Are you expecting any other fandoms similar to this one to pop up anytime in the future? Explain.

I think it would be great to see more fandoms like this. I’ve seen other big, expressive fandoms, but it’s rare to see one that does so much to adopt the spirit of what they’re a fan of. Seeing that kind of wide-spread self-modification is definitely fascinating. I read somewhere before that one of the reasons for brony culture being what it is is probably a backlash against the sarcasm and disingenuousness that pervades the internet, and as someone who’s always hated those things, I have to agree with that sentiment.

Bobby Waldman: Do you think any idea, with enough time and effort, can be a great fan-fic?

I don’t see why not. Anything can be good if it’s done well. See: MLP.

Monarilla: This is a long shot but I’ll ask it anyways since I have nothing to lose.
I create worlds and stories in my spare time as a hobby. not on paper but in my head since I’m surprisingly good at keeping track of all of the lore I add to my worlds. But what I have always wanted to do was to write a story based inside one of the worlds I created (one of them is actually a completely non cannon mlp branch off but that’s not important). My question is if you would like to write a story, any story based in one my worlds. I wanted to ask you personally because I think you’re an excellent writer and as a fan, would love it if I could actually have a story and it was written by you. If you’re not interested or just don’t have the time, I would still consider it an honor if you would look at some of the work I have done on one of them and give me some creative criticism. If you don’t feel like doing that then I might as well have an extra question just in case and that is do you have any headcannons on princess Luna’s lifestyle?

With regards to the whole writing thing, the truth is that I’m kind of an atrocious fiction author. Just like you, I’m really great at creating worlds and lore, but I’m awful at actually coming up with stories and things to do there. Most of what I write outside of analysis is non-fictional or meta-fictional flash fiction. As for looking at your work, send it to me in a PM, and I’ll give it a look.

As for Princess Luna, I don’t have any solid headcanons for her. I like a lot of the things the fandom has come up with, but I don’t consider any of them the best.

Kar-gath: What do you think about the idea of season 4 and other seasons after focusing on new ponies, rather than the original six?

Well, season four is definitely going to be focus on the mane six, and it’s hard for me to imagine that the show would ever really break from that. If they made a spinoff or a special starring different characters though, it could be interesting.

What do you think about the theory that alicorn twilight isn’t real, that she’s still looking into Sombra’s door, and that shooting it with love or whatever type of magic that was) didn’t open the way, but instead made her see what she wanted the most. I know this would never happen, but I saw it floating around, and wanted to know what you think of it.

I’m not a fan of these kinds of theories, where everything’s a dream or whatever. They don’t add anything to the story or change the way that I the story can be analyzed, so I see them as pointless.

zargy: -Best Ship Evar?

I have to go with Vinyl and Octavia, just because of University Days.

-Favorite Youtube Brony?

I’m going to go ahead and cut out musicians and animators, and focus on people who make their video explicitly to be watched on youtube. I like my fellow youtube reviewers, such as AnY Pony, who really deserves more attention, and Bronycurious, whom I’ve become good friends with since starting my channel. Shout outs to Strebiskunk and Golden Fox as well. Out of all the people who do youtube poop and PMVs and stuff like that, I’ve always been a fan of JHaller the most. I still remember hanging out in one of his streams for like five hours watching him mask shit. I also think it’s great that he’s taken over the monthly Top Ten videos, and kept them running.

Swiftnotes: Digibrony will you marry me?? and will you put up a video of you singing and rapping just for the fun of it? XD

As I said earlier, I will require a picture, two forms of ID, and also we should get to know each other first. As for singing and rapping for fun, I want to do a bunch of videos like that. I just get too self-conscious about not doing a perfect performance.

Anonymous: Why did you name your channel Digibrony?

Okay, so this is going to involve a lengthy explanation of my username history.

In late 2006, I decided to change my online identity. I had been listening to the song 21st Century Digital Boy by Bad Religion a lot, so I chose that as my username. However, because that name is too long, and because the name Digital Boy was taken on most sites, my name was 2006digitalboy across most websites. Every year, I would update my username on all the sites I use to reflect the current year.

I ended up clinging to this name, because I’ve always been more into stuff that’s current than I am into older stuff, and I spent all my time around digital media, plus I saw myself as being younger than other people and very immature and childish. So I held onto that name for years, and it stuck. However, 2011, I started to feel uncomfortable with the name, because I didn’t feel like I should still consider myself a “boy.” Partly because I was a grown-ass man, and partly because I was way less immature, and at this point older than a lot of people I know.

I had thought about changing my name to SchizoidMan, after the King Crimson song that the Bad Religion song is based on, but this didn’t sit well with me because I’m not a schizoid, and I don’t identify with conventional meanings of manliness. Instead, I went with Digibro, which I’d been called as a nickname a number of times, and dropped the entire rest of the name. Digibro was surprisingly available on a lot of sites, so I haven’t had to do the year by year thing anywhere except for twitter.

It just so happened that a month after I started using the name Digibro, I became a brony, and it just seemed obvious to tack on those extra two letters. I initially did it on twitter as a joke about how I was so into ponies now, but I ended up using it as a username every time I became a member of a pony site. So, my overall online identity is still Digibro, but Digibrony is the pony version of that username.

S’ree: Hi! What’s your opinion on the cutie marks representing the moment in which a pony discovers his/her destiny rather than a literal representation of what that character is meant to do. The former seems to make a wee bit more sense when you look at some of the mane6′s cutie marks, such a Rarity. I’ve heard fans say time and time again that Rarity’s special talent is finding jewels/gems due to the fact that her cutie mark is three diamonds (or so it seems). But… that would make it a pretty mediocre talent due to the fact that we learn in A Dog and a Pony Show that all it takes to find said gems is a simple spell, which Rarity taught Twilight how to perform. I’ve aways believed that Rarity’s special talent has always been the ability to bring out beauty. Whether she is making a bird’s nest or a dress; And gems are just the cherry on top (she doesn’t even use them that often). I like to believe that Rarity’s cutie mark represents not gems, but sparkles, the very same sparkle that were present on the eyes of Rarity’s teacher when she looked upon Rarity’s beautiful dresses (As seen in The Cutie Mark Chronicles); thus validating Rarity’s talent to bring out beauty.

I agree with the idea that Rarity’s talent isn’t finding gems. The gem cutie mark simply represents the same thing as her name—Rarity. Everything she does is like a diamond in the rough. I think cutie marks are meant to be metaphorical representations of the talent. After all, Pinkie Pie’s talent isn’t balloons.

Anonymous: What does your cutie mark mean?

My cutie mark is a magnifying glass analyzing a pie chart, and it’s meant to represent analysis.

Brony of Galifrey9: Well I am a closet Brony, and I wanted to know how to deal with those who are in real life. I have friends who I know who are Bronies/Pegasisters. I have kept it quiet my year and a half of being a brony, my sister however knows. Should I tell my Brony friends that I am a Brony or should I protect identity?

That depends on your circumstances and the type of person you are. For me, self-identity is a really big deal. I like people to know what I’m all about. Suffice it to say, EVERYONE knows I’m a brony. Everyone knows that I make videos based on the show, and everyone has had to listen to me talk about it at length. I wouldn’t even know how to keep a secret like this anyways.

Steel Shimmer: So, in your video about Starswirl the Bearded you argued that Celestia had been grooming Twilight to be her successor. You said that this is the result of SW not being able to grasp the magic of friendship in the past. Do you think that it’s possible that Celestia artificially extended her own lifespan (and maybe Luna’s) after SW’s failure in order to find the right successor to the throne? Sorry, I know I’m probably reading too deep into this.

I don’t really know how a lifespan can be “artificially” extended. If she extended her lifespan then it’s officially extended right? Sorry, wordplay, I’ve been drinking. Anyways, I think Celestia just lives forever.

cobalthailstorm: Do you find it weird that Canada is starting Season 3 of mlp this Saturday?

That is pretty weird. Also weird is that Canada apparently airs a censored version of the show where they cut out certain words.

Dream: Seeing as Pinkie Pie is my favorite pony, I would love to know how you think her history went down. How did she find ponyville, do you think?

This is actually one of the show’s mysteries that I’m the most curious about. When did she leave home? Why is she with the cakes? What exactly is her job? Pinkie is a weird character. I haven’t made any headcanons about this myself, I’m just intensely curious.

Anonymous: Do you have a least favorite episode of MLP, if so which one and why?

I can’t say for sure until I’ve rewatched the whole show, but for now I’m gonna go with A Bird In the Hoof. It’s just really hard for me to look at that gross-ass bird the whole time.

Levi Price: So what would be your take on the Equastian military force if there were ever approached by a threat from a another race. Like when the changelings attacked in the season two finale. How do they think it would function.

I imagine they’d react like any other military, with a cautious guard, ready to defend themselves. I don’t really know anything about how a military functions so I can’t add to that.

cinderautum: What is your opinion on Derpy?

I think she’s adorable.

WeepingPegasus: Have you ever written pony fanfiction?

Yes! I wrote two chapters of a fanfiction called Pinkie Pie’s Toothache of Destiny, which you can find on FiMFiction. I stopped writing it because I very quickly ran out of ideas. It’s way too fast-paced and consists mostly of alliteration, puns, and constant dialog. Still, it had a lot of watchers, so it’s probably worth a look?

What, exactly, is your ponysona’s special talent? Do you think he would fit well into the established society of Equestria?

Digibrony’s talent is analysis! I’m sure he’d get along great with smart ponies like Twilight and Princess Celestia.

If it’s not too sensitive, what are your religious views and do you think they’ve affected how you see MLP? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want.

I don’t have any religious views, so they haven’t affected how I see MLP at all!

High Fidelity: MLP FIM is one of the most well animated cartoon I ever seen (The firs time I watch it i drop a tear of joy and emotion. I mean even now watching top animes like evangelion 1.0,2.0, I’m surprised by the quality and effort animators put in each episode. Just amazing!). The question is. Are you really into mlp because of it’s quality animation or by other aspects like story telling, plot, etc? Thanks

It’s a lot of everything. I talked a lot about what got me into the show in my Celebratign One Year of Bronydom video, but the animation definitely has a lot to do with why I’m into the show. It’s easily the most impressive-looking cartoon on TV right now.

UnovaBrony: How would you start to become a reviewer in your footsteps if you only can show your face, no media and try to do it in 5 to 10 minutes?

Um well, I’d just do that. I’d cut out the media, and try to do it in 5 to 10 minutes.

What would your reaction be if you met a brony who watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from the very beginning?

I would say, awesome!

What would your reaction be if you met a brony who calls himself a Brony yet his only reason be a Death Battle (Rainbow Dash v Starscream) and not even know the ELEMENTS OF HARMONY?

Well, brony is a self-identity thing, I don’t really want to go around telling people they are or aren’t bronies.

Do you believe this would be a wonderful idea for a fanfic? (cut the description for time)

I think anything can be a good fanfic if you present it well enough.

What would be your future career on Earth/Equestria (if your OC has a job there)?

Hopefully, making youtube videos.

What would the solution be for a brony’s OC who has so many talents (an ever-changing cutie mark, blank flank, or a multiple talents cutie mark)?

Pick a cutie mark that represents their jack of all trades nature.

If there was another battle with the Changelings, what would a lesson be for the audience if aired as an episode?

I have no idea. But there is another battle with changelings happening in the comics right now.

If you dreamt of the concept of changelings while being a brony in Season 2 before the finale and seen the finale, did you predict the future, mere coincedence, or you have a deeper connection to pony than you thought?

I dunno but I’d be pretty stoked if I managed to predict that one.

If you put writers with the Mane 6 pony they work well with characterization, who would go with each Mane 6 and how good are they in each role?

I would have to put a loooot of work and thought into that one. If you remind me about this question six months from now after I’ve done a lot more rewatching and analyzing, I might have an answer for you.

Weeping Pegasus: Do you think cutie marks are, as Magical Mystery Cure seemed to indicate, just marks that don’t give talent, or do they actually bring some sort of ability to the pony like Cutie Pox indicated? I know that case was a little different, but the entire cutie mark plot (pun not intended) of the show seemed to point to the second one until the most recent finale.

I think the former.

Anonymous: Do you think Stephen Magnet will get a reappearance?

Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. The writers have shown by now that they like bringing back minor characters, and I’m sure that Lee Tockar would be ecstatic to get to play that role again.

Simon: If you were to give Digibrony a personality separate from your own, what would it be and describe why you chose those characteristics. Thanks!

The biggest difference between me and Digibrony would be that he’d have pony tendencies. He’d also be aware that he’s a pony version of me, and have all of my knowledge, even though he’s in the pony world, allowing himself to experience his reality as a meta-reality. Because, fun.

schoolruler: Who is your favorite princess, and second and third and fourth, with a good reason for each?

My favorite princess is Twilgiht Sparkle, because she was already my second-favorite character anyways, so she kind of wins by default.

Number two goes to Luna because she’s adorable and fun to watch and has one of the best episodes of the show.

Hard to choose between Celestia and Cadence, cause I like them both and they both have great moments, but I’m also altogether indifferent to them both.

Anonymous: Ever see Turnabout Storm?

No, though I think I’ve seen fifteen minutes or so at random in streams. I’ve never played any of the Phoenix Wright games, but more than that I just find it hard to watch something quite so long.

Anonymous: What are your major ideas, thoughts, or feelings on the Fallout Equestria universe? Also, do you have a favorite Fallout Equestria story, beyond the original and Project: Horizons?

I haven’t read any of Fallout Equestria, for similar reasons to Turnabout Storm. I haven’t played Fallout, and also the story is extremely long.

Anonymous: Do you think season 4 will have something to do with the games that “Games Ponies Play” mentioned?

It would be nice if we got an episode or two showing those games, since the staff could dream up all kinds of imaginative ways for the ponies to compete. You know what would be really epic? If they brought in a bunch of recurring characters like Trixie and Iron Will to compete in the events.

Will you ever fix your OC’s leg? Also, what’s his name?

I didn’t draw my OC so I can’t fix him personally, and I also am not sure he’s broken. His legs are positioned the same way as the legs on my old Sweetie Belle avatar, which was a show vector as far as I know. It’s ultimately up to MizuTakishima if she wants to change anything. His name, of course, is Digibrony!

What do you consider your special talent?

Analysis! It really comes more naturally to me than any other kind of writing, and is far more natural. When I try to write fiction, it’s a struggle. When I write analysis, it’s fun.

If you were to make an MLP episode, how would it be?

I know I answered this question already, but I thought of a great episode concept earlier when I saw a picture on reddit. The picture was called guy’s night out, and had Spike and Shing Armor leaving the treehouse together. I think it would be pretty awesome to have an episode about Spike, Shining Armor, and Big Macintosh, possibly in which Spike finds himself really looking up to the older guys and how cool they seem to be. Shining would play a sort of dudely mentor to Spike. I think it would be really charming and fun to see.

Did you know that hooves are actually the nails of a horse’s middle finger?

I do now.

Ok, that was gross. Will you forgive me?


What do you think the CMC’s cutie marks will be? How will they be acquired?

It’s funny, because in The Show Stoppers, it was heavily hinted at what each of the CMC’s cutie marks would be, but then it’s never really been brought up again. Nevertheless, I think those are probably the marks we can expect.

If Celestia rules Equestria, and Cadence rules the Crystal Empire, what does Twilight will rule?

I think this will probably be explained in the season four premiere.

Do I have such a bad grammar?

Based on this sentence, yes.

Anonymous: Favorite SoGreatandPowerful song?

Oh man, this is a really difficult question! Altogether, I think my favorite song is still A Sorceress Girl, but it’s hard to say. For a while, I was considering Indelible Ink to be my favorite song, but I really burned myself out on it. Dashy’s Hearth’s Warming Eve is also pretty up there for me. A Beautiful Heart is top tier as well, and the part in the middle where it hits that emotional high is one of my favorite moments in music, period. In History, Maybe, is I think the best use of pony dialog in any of his songs and the “whoa” moment is another alltime great moment in musical history. On My Own is the song that got me into SGAP, but I don’t know about a favorite. Episode Thirty (Love and Admiration) is my favorite of the S2 songs, followed very closely by Episode Thirty-Eight. Sofas and Quills is also up there. The Space Pony song, when taken as one eight-minute track, is also definitely among my favorites.

So yeah basically everything SGAP does is gold.

Archimedes Pegasus: Can I scratch you behind your pony ears?

If you track me down at Bronycon, you may do so.

doctor_whooves127: why did you choose this method for interacting with the community?

Because this method works. I started with a pony tumblr, in which I made a bunch of analytical posts, and had started to cover the show episodically, but only a couple of people were reading it. I realized pretty quickly that if you want to reach the brony community, you have to do it in a visual medium. I knew that I’d be able to do a better job of covering the episodes if I had video to go with them anyways, so I got to kill two birds with one stone.

Sean Dillon: -Thoughts on Conversion Bureau?

I haven’t read any of it.

-Why do bronies keep making Princess Celestia evil?

Probably because we’ve been brought up to fear the idea of a totalitarian government, which she seems to represent.

-Am I the only one who wanted Discord to have a mariachi band when he came out of the statue in “Keep Calm, and Flutter On”?

Um, probably. Not that I wouldn’t want it, but the thought had not previously occurred to me.

-With five minutes to prepare, come up with a pitch for a Doctor Whooves spin off series.

How about five seconds? It’s Doctor Who, but in ponyville instead of London. done, print it.

-What is the worst episode of MLP?

The worst episode is probably Boast Busters. Look forward to when I make another video about it to clarify why.

-Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Sweetie Belle dreams of electric dragon 80,000 volts.

-Who is your least favourite of the Main 6 and Why?

Probably Fluttershy, not for anything being wrong with her, just because I like the other five more.

Pkelton: In your opinion, who is the best villain thematically and in execution in retrospect with main cast? also what do you think about the whole Derpy thing?

Thematically, Discord was the best villain. He was literally the antithesis of harmony, which the mane six represent. It doesn’t get much better than that, which is why so many people feel an opportunity was missed in turning Discord around.

As for the Derpy thing, I have no opinion. I didn’t think it was a big deal, and I didn’t understand why everyone was losing their shit about it.

Luzoledad: how expensive do you think are the gems in MLP? I mean, looks like are not so big thing the most of time, but sometimes looks like are even a pay form.

The gems are definitely a confusing aspect of the show after Just For Sidekicks. I’d love to get some kind of clarification about it. I don’t have a headcanon about it though.

can you put lyrics in your song without Luna? just if you can, not an order, only a request

If you mean, putting lyrics on the video, it’s more work than I’m willing to do, because if I were to do it, I’d want to make sure I did it right, probably in sing-along form. If someone else decides they want to make a lyrics video for it, they can go right ahead.

Plainlake: (Had a very long question about Fluttershy, which I’ve cut for time.)

The answer to all of your Fluttershy questions will be covered when I eventually make a video examining Fluttershy as a character. This will probably be a really long time in the making, but I hope that you’ll look forward to it.

AquaticFlareon: QUICK!!! Who would win? Flareon with a Portal gun, or Pinkie Pie with a flame sword?!

How can either of them hold their weapons?


I like to think of myself as Sweetie’s secret older brother. You can send fan pics to me either by sendign me a private message on youtube, or by commenting on my blog.

ryko89: What’s the situation on dramatic readings from you, as in:
Will you be doing dramatic readings?
Will you be doing any more fimfic reviews? (fckin loved ur university days review)
and last, there’s a new chapter of university days (shit is getting real) you said you might reconsider a reading or whatnot whenever the next chapter was released. That’s the power of jinxing…sorta

I still am thinking about reading University Days. If I decide to do it, you can still expect it to take a while for me to put out a video. I’m going to be a perfectionist about this, so it’s going to take me a bit of time to nail down the voices, the pace of the reading, and the editing. I also am thinking about where I might change things to suit an audio recording, like do I need to specify “Vinyl said” when I just read something in Vinyl’s voice? I also might add sound effects. There’s a lot to think about.

As for fanfic reviews, it will depend on me reading fanfics. After I finished Uni Days, I promised I’d read Anthropology next, and I’ve read about five paragraphs of that so far, so it’s gonna be a slow burn.

Anonymous: Who are your favorite pony designs?

I think Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle have the best, most aesthetically pleasing designs, and incidentally this is also my theory as to why Twidash is such a hugely popular ship. I think Rarity’s design is a stroke of genius as well, as it communicates her character in a brilliant way. And then there’s Sweetie Belle, SO GOD DAMN ADORABLE.

How do you feel about the older gens?

I haven’t watched any of them yet, though I’ve been primed on what to expect. I’m actually pretty curious about the original show, because I’ve heard it’s not bad, and it seems to have this magical charm to it.

Do you own any pony merch? If so, what do you have?

I’ve got the first three issues of the comic book, with alt covers for issues one and two. I’ve got the Friendship Express DVD as well, and those are all the merch that I bought myself. My aunt bought my brother and I these MLP bag things which came with a handful of blind-bag ponies, as well as two MLP-themes shower gels, and an entirely-too-small-for-an-adult-man soap thingy which I’ve had to use once and felt really wrong doing so. I’ve also ended up using most of the Applejack and Princess Celestia shower gel when I ran out of my own and kept forgetting to buy more. I have one brushable Applejack toy, which I think my aunt bought for me as well at a thrift store. She also bought me the Brony t-shirt with Rainbow Dash on it. (My aunt has been an MLP fan since the 80s, so she was pretty excited about my brother and I getting into it.)

Besides that, I’ve got the MLP shirt with the entire cast on it, and the 20% cooler throw blanket, which my mom bought me. My little brother also has the Derpy Is Best Pony shirt and the Keep Calm And Brony On jacket.

The other day I finally managed to order the Pinkie Hard shirt from Andrew WK, which is several layers of awesome for me. I really want to get the Twilicorn and Sweet Apple Acres shirts from We Love Fine that were designed by Sofas and Quills, but they’re expensive, and youtube isn’t making me very much money yet.

Just to clarify, are you going to Bronycon in Maryland this year?

Yes! I will be putting out an announcement video about Bronycon very soon. I will be doing something special there, and I will also be cosplaying.

Bright Sky: Fave CMC?

Sweetie Belle!

Luna or Woona?

Can’t I have both?

Celestia, Trollestia, or Molestia?

Can’t I have all three??

Benji234: sooo why does your OC’s mane and tail look like sweetie belle was that a personal thing or did you just really like her….um mane?

I told MizuTakishima that I was a fan of Sweetie Belle’s design, and before she made Digibrony, I was using an inverted-color version of Sweetie as my avatar, so Digibrony was deliberately based on Sweetie Belle.

David Barragan: When was it that you realized that Bronies seriously started to pay attention to your videos and that you were growing a fanbase?

About just now. No but really, it was a very sudden and surprising process. I think that most bronies who become popular have a more steady integration into the fandom. Like, if I’d become friends with JHaller and SaberSpark, and they’d started promoting my channel or something, it would totally make sense. Or if I was getting regularly featured on Equestria Daily or Everfree Network or something, I would understand. However, I’ve already passed all the bronies that I talk to by a massive amount of subscribers, and I’ve only been featured on EQD a couple of times in nightly roundups, with the one major feature being my Good Morning Ponyville video, which doesn’t represent what I usually do at all.

So yeah, it’s strange, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping Youtube analytics tells me that the biggest source of hits and subs is coming over from related and recommended videos, so I guess I have to thank youtube itself, and everyone who puts out pony videos around the same time that I do.

When I got nearly one thousand comments on my Magical Mystery Cure video was when I really knew that this thing had taken off, but it wasn’t until this AMA that the sheer gravity of the situation became clear to me.


8 thoughts on “Digibrony Q&A Part 1-B (Text Version + Links)

  1. Still waiting… still waiting… *looks at questions to see where mine is compared to where this video leaves off * oh wow, that’s pretty far.

    But thank you so much for just being such an awesome person, going through all these questions, and meaningfully answering them. The videos are great and really fun to watch, and it’s very nice to just hear you talk and go over the show and all the many questions. Your brother’s hilarious too. And in Part 1-A, I had a fan moment when you mentioned Homestuck and House of Leaves; just had to fist-pump. And I realized that you’ve gotten me further into doing analysis; I used to analysis the show with friend (still do) and go over the aspects of it. I’ve also been reading a lot of Roger Ebert (sad to hear about his hip) and I would call myself a bit of a film buff and you’re only inspiring me to write more reviews and do all this great analysis work.
    And get a wordpress or tumblr sometime.
    Thank you, so very much. /)

    • When I wrote my question for your Ask Anything, I just realized that I probably chose the wrong wording with the moral of the episode
      “with the pretty damn good moral to never forget that your friends are the most important thing you’ll have, even if that means giving up your own dreams”
      While I know that the actual moral dealt with never forgetting your roots and where you come from (also a pretty good moral in and of itself), the lesson which I got from it was what I’d written, I just felt like the sudden drop of a different moral than the actual episode without any explanation of why I’d written that was kind of ham-handed, so I just wanted to add this little bit to clarify my muddled up words here.
      I wonder if the videos will get up to 1-D from all the questions, maybe even more.

  2. Gah, I’m feeling bad that I left such a long question, seeing as how many you have to answer and the amount of time it would take to read or summarize. Apologies to you and your bro. >.>;

    • Same here, I pretty much left a smallish analysis as one question, and two more, so yeah, i’m sorry for that, to you and your bro for having to read my long-ass questions.

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