Digibrony Q&A Part 1-C [Drunk Mode] (Text Version + Links)

Links mentioned in video:

AliceMaple’s Deviantart page: http://alicemaple.deviantart.com/

Notes on channel success: https://docs.google.com/document/d/152Hmp0oFinxGPjwueGwsLKSYjmQafOxExEvtdoOmziw/edit?usp=sharing

Misfortune-Dogged on Boast Busters: http://thingsinthefridge.com/2013/02/27/pony-ep-quips-boast-busters/

Text version of questions and answers:

Anonymous: can you do a Thoroughly Analyzing on rainbow dash presents?

The Dawn Somewhere guys already do their own analysis videos on Rainbow Dash Presents in the form of commentaries, and I don’t really have anything to add to those, so I recommend checking them out!

Musicbrony642: How did you get your channel to be so successful and do you have any hints for up and coming mlp YouTube channels.

Back when I was around 3000 subs, I wrote a really extensive google doc analyzing the possible reasons for my channel’s rapidly expanding popularity, which I gave to AnY Pony and Bronycurious. I’ve gone ahead and linked it in the description for anyone curious. However, I still don’t know how to account for the sheer number of subs that I’m getting at the insane rate I’m currently getting them.

Derring Do: My question is simple: What are your thoughts on this interpretation of S3? (I’ve cut the full explanation for time, but basically Derring was saying that season three was an intermediary step on each pony’s road to realizing their destiny.)

I totally agree.

JetH7: What gave you the idea to do this “Ask me anything”… thing?

Well, there are several reasons. The first one is simply that I love to be interviewed, and it’s something I fantasize about all the time. There’s a whole reddit board called Ask Me Anything, which I based the name off of, and I thought about doing this as an actual Reddit AMA, but I figured it wouldn’t be fair to make all of my viewers create Reddit accounts just to ask me questions (even though reddit is one of the easiest sites in existence to make an account on).

What actually drove me to do this though is that I get a LOT of the same questions again and again in the comments on my videos. I answer them a lot of the time, but not everyone can easily find these answers, since they get buried in the comments. That’s why it’s so important to me that I do this QnA in video form, so that everyone will be able to see it, and easily find the answers to their questions. After this, I’ll feel comfortable either ignoring questions that I’ve already answered, or directing people to this video.

What are your thoughts on fan fiction?

In general, I think fan fiction is a very cool idea. I strongly support the idea of the death of the author, and the idea that every person interprets the same story differently. When people take their interpretation and use it to tell a story, it can lead to all kinds of exciting avenues, especially when someone else’s idea of the story aligns well with mine. That said, it’s pretty rare for that alignment to happen, so a lot of fanfiction doesn’t appeal to me, even if I think it’s well done.

Rudy: I’m a brony (obviously) but i dont wanna tell my friends about being one, in case they tell their friends, who tell the populars who will call me things like “gay” or “baby”. What should i do?

Why do you care about what others call you? If they want to think you’re gay or a baby, what does it matter to you? You know you aren’t gay or a baby, fuck what they think. That’s my way of thinking, anyways. If people want to think I’m gay and a baby, I don’t mind. I don’t care about those people, and they don’t effect me.

Benjamin: Hi Digibrony, would you make a movie about the educational system in Equestria? I mean Earth ponies go to regular school like the one Cherrilee teaches, but for pegasus they have their own flying school and in the case of unicorns they go to a totally different school where they learn magic spells and stuff like Twilight, right? So would you do a review about that please?

Yes, at some point I would very much like to do a video about Equestria’s educational system. I don’t have plans to do it any time soon, but it will happen eventually.

Anonymous: Who is your favorite writer and are you open to more writers being brought on to the show in the future?

My favorite writer is probably M.A. Larson, both as a writer on the show, and as a person in real life, because he’s a total badass. Amy Keating Rogers and Meghan McCarthy are tied for second place. I’m definitely comfortable with bringing in new writers, to keep giving new perspectives. For instance, Corey Powell was a new writer in season three, and I thought he brought something really new to the table with Sleepless in Ponyville.

Ness682: Would you want the CMC to get their cutie marks during the show, at the end of the series, or completely ignore the idea of ever getting their cutie marks?

I would love to see the CMC get their cutie marks in the show, and I’d love to see how they handle starting their careers. This would be one of the coolest things the show could do, actually.

Sam Mutch: How emotionally attached to the mane 6 are you?

Very. My attachment to the mane six is a gigantic part of why I’m so into the show, and what holds me watching it.

As Twilight has now had her development arc, do you think there should be smaller arcs for the other mane 6?

I definitely want to see a strong focus on developing each of the mane six in season four. We’re going to have a full season this time, so there should be time to give everyone a really big moment or two.

What do you think to the headcanon that Scootaloo is actually Fluttershy’s sister?

I think this would be pretty out there. She’d have to be a long-lost sister that Fluttershy didn’t know about, and that kind of far-flung dramatic situation just isn’t the kind of thing I can see coming out of MLP.

OlimpicZeuss: Digibrony, is there any reason why your OC is a unicorn? Mine is too and that’s because I tend to do a lot of “information and writing” in the south american part of the fandom. My actual question is: Does your OC have a background or story (this includes your Cutie Mark :D)? Greetings from Argentina.

My decision to be a unicorn is based both on their strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, unicorns tend to be the more academically-minded ponies in the series, and with a cutie mark of analysis, I’d say I pretty firmly fall in line with that. Earth ponies, to me, represent a deeper connection with the Earth itself, with living things, and with their own bodied. I feel very disconnected from those things, and even envious of people with those connections, so I can’t be an Earth Pony. Pegasi are a bit harder to define, but if nothing else I’d say they’re pretty emotionally driven, which I’m really not.

Luck Bites: What do you think the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ cutie marks should be/look like?

I don’t know, I’m a terrible designer, which is why I left my cutie mark in the hands of the artist!

How many times do you visit my little pony related websites each day and which ones?

I visit the main mylittlepony reddit page about twenty times a day, often just for a couple of seconds to see if there’s something new. This does a pretty effective job of keeping me up to date with all the comics, videos, news, and images that come out of the fandom. I also resubscribed to EQD recently, though I don’t read most of it. I mostly like to check to see if anything by me gets posted there.

Would you rather have more Rarity or more Scootaloo episodes in season 4?

Rarity, no fucking contest.

Anonymous: What is your opinion on fanponies- yea or “neigh”. And did you like my pun?

I always like puns. As for fanponies, I like them when they look nice. I think it would be weird if I had one made if I didn’t like them, for that matter.

zeusassassin: Have you seen My Little Investigations? What are your thoughts on it and what do you hope to see from the game?

I don’t know much about mylittleinvestigations. I remember seeing stuff about it when it was first announced, but I haven’t kept up with it. That said, I’ll probably play it when it comes out.

Who would you personally love to see ponified that hasn’t been yet?

Actually there’s a lot of stuff I want to see ponified. One thing that I want to do myself, is Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares: Equestria. I will write it one day.

GummiTheAlligator: I saw you had homestuck in a part of your video, so what was your reaction when you saw that dirk was a brony.

I enjoyed that a lot. It made sense because Dirk is the kind of character who wouldn’t give a fuck what others thought, and he clearly was into horses and stuff, so why not.

certainly: Favorite tiarawhy animation?

I thought this was going to be in the Digibrony After Dark section, but then I realized that tiarawhy made the animation Trixie: Alone, which is what made me a Trixie fan, so I chose that one. Bullet safely dodged!

Kyle: What is your favorite fan made Brony song?

My alltime favorite brony song is Born Cross-Eyed by Tarby. For that matter, it is also one of my top five favorite songs of all time

Who is your favorite Brony besides yourself?

I’m not going to count my brothers or any of my friends since that’s kind of obvious. Sticking solely to bronies who are visibly active in the community, Bronycurious is the one I’m closest friends with so far. In terms of which brony I’m the biggest fan of, that award goes easily to SoGreatAndPoweful, whom I’m an obsessive fanboy of, and I’m actually slightly upset that I have more subs than him now.

Anonymous: what are you thoughts are on the theory about discord being starswirl

I really don’t get the logic behind this theory. It’s too much of a stretch to catch my interest.

desjin: What are thoughts on how the economy works in Equestria?

For the time being, I’ve thrown my hands up regarding this topic. There’s too little information, and the available information is too all over the place. I barely understand real-world economics in the first place, so I’m not even gonna bother headcanonizing this.

Anonymous: I like to have an O.C. Pony but I am terrible at drawing. How do I get one?

Try and find someone who will draw one for you. Some artists will take commissions to draw OCs if you can afford it. I found an artist just by suggesting that I’d take an OC drawing in one of my videos, so unless you make videos, I can’t help much with advice.

Daniel: First of all, I love your YouTube channel and blog, I think they’re very insightful and interesting. Here’s my question: I know some people have asked how you got into the mlp fandom but what I want to know is if you had anything happen to you socially when you came out with it, were all of your friends bronies too or were you the odd man out, if other people were negative towards you about it how did you deal with it? Do you have any advice for those of us who want to be open about it but are too afraid of what others might think?

Glad to hear that someone reads my blog! Anyways, the thing about me, is that I’m an extremely eccentric person to begin with. I have never been considered socially normal by anyone, and I was ostracized through most of my childhood, so things like this were not new to me. Through force of self-obsession, I happen to like myself a lot, so it doens’t bother me much if other people don’t like me or talk shit about me. I have confidence and love for myself, much more so than anyone has those things in me.

To give a picture of what I’m like, I used to have hair that reached down to my knees, until I finally cut it short last year because I realized having long hair is a nuisance. My wardrobe has consisted almost entirely of t-shirts and pajama pants since 2008, and while I’ve thought about changing that so that I’d look nicer, I just haven’t felt much drive to do so. I was an anime fan for a long time, and everyone knew this, because I never stop talking, and that was what I most enjoyed talking about.

For a while, I had a room that was covered in posters of scantily clad anime girls, because I wanted to have an “otaku room,” though I eventually realized that this was kind of inauthentic since I didn’t like a lot of the posters, and I took most of them down. I have a pretty large collection of figures, and everyone has stumbled onto my doujin stash at least once.

My point is, I have a strong sense of self-identity, and I don’t try to hide this. When my little brother and I got into MLP, I did exactly what I would’ve done if I got into any other show. I talked about it in Twitter and facebook. I pretty quickly changed my facebook avatar to a pony and started spamming PMVs on my timeline, so everyone was very aware of it. I made most of my friends watch episodes of the show with me, and got a number of them to continue watching on their own.

Inauthenticity does not survive around me. I don’t like people who can’t admit what they like, and I hate people who won’t accept other people for who they are and what they’re into. When someone says something like, “you’re a faggot for watching MLP,” I say, “I’d much rather be a faggot than a hater.” I look down on haters.

Cro-Magnon Man: Any good rock brony musicians you know of?

I heavily recommend Tarby. He remains the best rock musician I know of in the fandom. I don’t know a lot of MandoPony songs, but I think he mostly plays rock music to and is quite popular. Another good rock song is For Luna by Vafruous Coyote, though I haven’t listened to any of his other stuff. Just the other day I was introduced to Caine the Destroyer, who plays some wicked cool rock songs, though I haven’t had a chance to listen to much of it yet.

aipom93: Do you have a game console? Which one? What is your XBox Live/PSN/Steam Name?

I have had all of the major consoles at one point or another. I had about four red-ringed Xbox 360s before I finally stopped buying the damn console, so I’m out that one. I have a PS3, but I don’t play it much, and I definitely don’t play online games, so I don’t have a name worth sharing.

Luck Bites: If there was a my little pony episode where one of the ponies dies (mane 6, CMC, apple family, Twilight’s parents, a princess, etc) what would you think?

I would think, “huh, this alternate reality that could never possibly exist sure is strange”

Paleo: How are you catching up with me so fast? <.<

I probably already know the answer though. :P Probably has to do with the fact that I haven’t been active lately and you’ve been very consistent with posting videos, and I commend you for that. You’ve done a great job of it! :D

Thanks Paleo. By the time this video comes out, I’ve probably overtaken you. It’s all quite exhilarating!

Sleipnir: What character would you like to see developed the most? Mane 6 and other. And what character needs to be developed more?

I wouldn’t mind seeing more TRIXIE! In fact, if Trixie could become some kind of mainstay character, I would be quite okay with that. A character who needs to be developed more is Cadence. If she’s going to keep being important, I’d like to know more about her in general.

NickyV917: I became a fan of you after Hasbro shut down your video on “Boast Busters”. You mentioned that you’ll redo that video at some point. When will this be, and can you give a quick summary of what you think of it right here.

I will probably do my Boast Busters video relatively soon, because so many people are curious about it, and I think it’s been long enough for me to formulate my thoughts. If you want to see basically what I’m going to say about it, but written by a friend of mine, check the description for a link to a great post about the episode.

solidmatthew: to me it seems that Luna gets a lot more attention from the fandom then Celestia. I think the reason is the fact that Luna got an episode developing her character were Celestia is around a lot, but its always because of an important event. We’ve only really seen Celestia in a casual setting twice (that i can think of), and during those time it was very brief. We see Celestia but i feel we don’t know her as well as Luna. Do you think an episode focusing on Celestia or both princesses is likely and how could they pull it off

I think it would be nice to get an episode about Celestia, but I don’t know how it can work. With Luna, she was able to have a very personal problem that the mane six could solve. For Celestia to have a problem like this, it might start to raise questions. I’m not imaginative enough to think of a way it could work.

Onlyinthislight: (asked an extremely long question about Rarity, and basically answered it with their own analysis of the situation, so I’m not sure how to respond to it.) Also asked: What are your theories as to why some fans like AND dislike each of the mane 6?

Thing about this is that it’s an intensely person by person thing, and the generalization that people do or don’t like one pony or another are not well-based. I’ve seen polls where Fluttershy came out on top, and polls where Fluttershy came out on bottom. I’ve seen people who think AJ is boring, yet I’ve seen Applejack-centric songs and fan videos dominate in popularity. Because the fandom is so decentralized, people often get it in their heads that popular opinion is one thing, when it really isn’t, and it becomes confusing when they talk to people from another part of the fandom. Altogether, I think it’s better for each individual to analyze their own reasons for liking and disliking each pony.

AndyManX: There’s a rise in rumors on the new toy set that features a unicorn by the name of Sunset Shimmer. People are saying that she’s going to be the next Twilight Sparkle, replacing her as a mane 6 character. Thoughts?

I do not think that anyone is going to REPLACE Twilight Sparkle, but if Sunset was a new member of the group, I think that could be pretty cool. Adding in a proverbial “sixth ranger” can sometimes be a lot of fun, though it can turn out poorly if the character takes away too much screen time and attention from the established cast. Since this can go either way, and it’s only a far-flung rumor that Sunset even might be a new cast member, I’m going to hold off on saying much until I see where things go.

Anonymous: Suddenly your favorite pony is right next to you, what do?

Calm her down, explain where she is, ask her what she was doing just before she ended up here, try my best to calm and comfort her, assure her she’s safe here until she figures this all out, try my hardest not to hug her and/or play with her hair while working her through this disorienting experience.

Anonymous: Hey, I was just wondering. What’s your theory on exactly how Princesses become Princesses?

I really don’t have a theory, I’m hoping it gets touched on in the season four premiere.

Supergrub: What is your favorite MLP fanfic in each of the following genres: comedy, horror, and adventure.

Given that I’ve read so few fanfics, I have only one for one genre, which is The Day My Beard Turned Into Pinkie Pie, for comedy.

What are your opinions on the following fanfics: My Little Dashie, Anthropology, Cupcakes, and Know Your Mare? (You know, if you’ve read them.)

I haven’t read any of them! I do plan to read Anthropology, though.

Anon: Who or what inspired you to write and do these analysis videos?

My biggest inspiration to go to video format as opposed to text was Egoraptor’s sequelitis videos. They are some of my favorite videos ever made, and I’ve watched them countless times. However, I do not have Egoraptor’s sense of humor nor passion for animation, so doing my video exactly like his was out of the question. Then I discovered Campster, who writes with a voice that’s much more similar to mine, and I decided that I could make videos.

Savannah: What is your list of mane 6 ponies from least liked to most liked?

Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack

Do you like Friendship is Witchcraft or The mentally Advanced series more?

Friendship Is Witchcraft. I’ve never really gotten into the Mentally Advanced Series, I think FimFlam’s concepts of the characters came to life a lot more when he started doing Rainbow Dash Presents.

TAB: Who is your favorite male background character and why?

I don’t know any male background characters.

Anonymous: Do you think Discord’s powers are magic based or something else entirely?

I don’t know what the limitations are on what is considered magic, so I can’ really say.

Pegasister named Gwyn C: You sounded WAY to upbeat on the ASK ME ANYTHING video – are you on the glitter?

What the actual fuck?

If you are on glitter – Don’t tell Pinkie …. this isn’t a question. THIS IS A ORDER

Holy shit I already told her what DO?!

You don’t happen to know the name of Fancy Pant’s wife/girlfriend/fiance do you?

Her name was Fleur de Lis, and I like to think that she was just some model he was hanging out with, not actually in a relationship.

What are your feelings on the Discord and Celestia shipping?

I’m okay with it, vaguely.

alchemgirl13: Should Discord, King Sombra, the Flim Flam Brothers, and/or Queen Chrysalis come back in Season 4?

I wouldn’t mind if all of them came back.


3 thoughts on “Digibrony Q&A Part 1-C [Drunk Mode] (Text Version + Links)

  1. The rumor about Starswirl being discord comes from some post on an imageboard where some one was saying they worked with the sound team and had happened upon some lines of John De Lancie as Starswirl or something.

    As far fetched as that it’s self sounds, the lines did sound rather legitimate. But I’d still rather take that with a grain of salt.

    The rumor has been expanded on the fact that Starswirl failed to finish his spell because of the whole how he didn’t understand friendship thing, and the fact that Discord said he has never had a real friend before. There might be a connection there, but it might be pure coincidence.

  2. I agree with you on Sunset Shimmer. If they’re going to introduce a new main character, they have to give her good establishment but not overshadow the rest of the cast. I’m excited for her!

    • I’m excited too, because I can see this having a lot of potential and if written in well, it could work. Also, maybe it would make Trixie jelly.

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