Digibrony Q&A Part 1-D (Text Version + Links)

Links mentioned in video:

ask-artila’s deviantart: http://ask-artila.deviantart.com/

Brony Media Overview: https://myswordisunbelievablydull.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/brony-media-overview-tons-of-embeds/

Tufts of Cotton Candy: http://thirtyminuteponies.tumblr.com/post/44107657806/prompt-272-tufts-of-cotton-candy-by-digibrony

Theories about Starswirl’s spell: by Urishima: http://urishima.tumblr.com/post/43435753421/about-starswirls-spell-and-alicorns

by thewriterkid: http://thewriterkid.tumblr.com/post/43508082366/super-fun-theory-time-with-tim-mlp-s3-spoilers-below

Fuck Shit Stack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NglaU_dZzDI

Pony Cordero’s Dr. Whooves video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1OxlP99QNc

Thor pony: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/049/f/9/greatest_cutiemark_ever_by_davionx-d5veine.jpg

Text version of questions and answers:

Jonathan: Do you think if the main characters were transferred to our world and saw our movies and video games, that they’d think fans of violent entertainment were desensitized to real violence, due to the wholesome nature of Equestria? How would each of them react to gory media? And would your answer to this question just be a reflection of your own opinion on the matter and liking to think the characters would agree with you?

I think that if the mane six were teleported into our world, there would be way the hell more culture shock than just violent media for them to get over. If we’re going to talk about this hypothetical with any seriousness, we have to remember that we’re teleporting a talking marshmallow pony into reality. The implications of this are pretty far-reaching.

What sort of fiction do you think Applejack would enjoy?

I think AJ would probably have a surprisingly classy taste in literature. I can see her appreciating action lit and stuff, but probably not the same way Rainbow Dash does. AJ would read deep and thoughtful stuff that expands her knowledge and empathy for other ponies.

Anonymous: You wake up aboard a spaceship set to arrive at Equestria, what do you do?

I immediately seek out someone who can explain to me where I am in great detail, and marvel at the shock of learning that there are alien races beyond my comprehension with some purpose to send me to a planet of talking ponies. My horizons are so thoroughly broadened that by the time I land in Equestria, I’m just enthralled, not even really shocked by it all.

Oh wait, there was a list of options attached to this question. I ignore them.

Patrick Salisbury: Will you ever do more “Eminem/MLP crossover songs”

I’ve thought about doing it, but I have to find the right combination of song and character. I spontaneously ponified an entire verse of The Real Slim Shady in the comments of Without Luna, so I might possibly do that one in the future.

Favorite Villain from the whole series

If Trixie counts, I answer TRIXIE!

How can you go about getting a picture of your OC such as you are sporting on your channel

If you’re looking for a picture of my OC, check out MizuTakishima’s Deviantart page, or if you want the full-body one, check out ask-artila’s Deviantart. Both are linked in the description.

uolbu: Why does twilight have to earn her wings when Cadence is shown to be an alicorn as a kid already? D:

I don’t know!

In your Mane Six Ages Videos you said that we never got to see a teenager pony. But is the Cadence in Twilights flashbacks not the very stereotype of a teenager – a baby/foalsitter?

Could be! But remember my theory is that the mane six ARE teenagers, not that teenagers don’t exist. My point was simply that there weren’t any ponies with a smaller body than the mane six without being fillies.

Can we expect Twilight to grow as tall as the other princesses now that she got promoted? Maybe not in canon. But else she kinda lacks in presentation.

Cadence and Luna are both shorter than Celestia, right? I’m not sure what governs the whole height thing.

Is she going to live longer than her friends now?

I don’t knoooow!!

Why the f*** did I decide to research alicorns a day after episode 13 got released and spoiled the episode D:?

I’m seriously impressed that you managed to go that long without being spoiled for that episode.

Was there a plan or story for Peewee that got canceled? Cause those few photos in Just for Sidekicks sure where disappointing.

From what I’ve heard, Peewee’s pictures weren’t actually in the script. The animators put that in as an explanation for why Peewee wasn’t in the episode.

Jordan: Any chance you’ll be or are you currently partnered with YouTube?

I am currently a youtube partner, though that doesn’t mean much. Literally anyone can become a youtube partner as soon as they activate their account. Mostly youtube has continually fucked me over by demanding I have permission to use footage before monetization can happen, even though my videos fall under fair use.

If you can make your own MLP video game, what do you think it should be called and what game company do you think would be a great match to develop the game?

It would be called Fighting Is Magic and made by Mane6! Fuck I made myself sad.

If the MLP writers were to make a movie, do you think it would land in theaters or just be an average TV movie on the Hub?

Actually, there is supposedly an MLP TV movie in the works right now!

Tyler: Will you do a series of reading videos on fallout equestria?

No way. Even if I finally get around to reading it, it’s entirely too long for something like that.

ruolbu: Isn’t the spell Cadance casts at around 10:00 in Canterlot Wedding Part 1 to stop the argument of two ponies kinda creepy? I mean, arguing is not inherently bad, she just brainwashed them into believing everything is okay. How is that good behaviour worthy of a princess? D:

It is a pretty weird scene, but MLP has a lot of weird shit like that. Remember the REFORMING SPELL?!?

cj: First I love the videos. Second my question is if you were transported to equestria for life and could bring one person and one thing with you but never return and forget everything about being a human would you do so and why?

I would probably do it, but I’d have to put serious consideration into who to take, and discuss it with each of the candidates at length. It would be a really tough decision to leave our families and lives behind to do something that we could ultimately regret. I don’t know what I’d take, probably a video camera.

DarkAgumonRants: Do you think that Doctor Whooves, Lyra, Derpy, and any other popular background character get their own episode in season 4? My other question is, do you think that Twilight will still live in Ponyville (even thought that she is an alicorn)?

I highly doubt that any background characters will get their own episode. The writers are focused on writing about the mane six, and a lot of them seem to be relatively unaware of background characters other than Derpy. The background ponies are the creation of Studio B after all, and the writers aren’t involved with them at all. As for Twilight living in Ponyville, we have to wait and see!

Anonymous: How deep into analyses can you go?

Pretty damn deep.

Something has been bothering me about Lesson Zero. I believe that in a movie/show/book, they don’t focus on anything unless it has some significance, so why did the camera(?) focus on Big Mac putting down the bucket? Does it have any relevance? If not, why would they focus on it the way they did? Why was he carrying it? What happened to it? Am I crazy?

I will have to see the moment in question again, but yes, you’re probably crazy. Every shot has a purpose, but that purpose isn’t necessarily significant to the plot. It can be as simple as a convenient screen composition.

harphoof: What do you think of the Arabian horses that appeared in Magic Duel?

I really like her… mane? No really I’m indifferent.

Legofane: How do you feel about the NSFW artists? -Do you feel like some of the dislike they get for what they do is justified?

If you are asking, is the hate that people give them justified, then no. It is never okay to hate on someone for what they like, period.

Mooglegirl: What do you think about all the spells such as want-it need-it, reforming, etc. that seem to be perfectly legal and okay in Equestria but are actually pretty morally dubious? And am I the only one who had a bit of a fridge horror moment about how Twilight is a PRINCESS now, giving her room to abuse her power?

Those spells in particular are quite weird. I feel like they get thrown into the story as jokes without much thought, but the minute you think about them they raise a lot of questions. Stuff like this is normal under cartoon logic, but it’s only when you’re trying to construct Equestria as a realized world that these things really come under question.

Lundana: I find that you are very fluid in your speaking skills. I’ve had a speech impediment all of my life and I still struggle with it on a daily basis, even at the age of 21. Do you have any advice in terms of speaking clearly and fluently with confidence?

Practice. Talk as much as possible. The reason that I’m so good at speaking is that I talk constantly, so I speak with a lot of confidence. I trip over words and slur my speech all the time, but I just keep talking and don’t pay any attention to it. Mind you that I make plenty of errors when I record my videos, but I edit them out. In live conversation, I have a habit of starting the same word several times, but again, I just keep talking through it.

ItWasUnderE: Give me your top three brony musicians

SoGreatAndPowerful, Cats Millionaire, and Tarby.

How well did the content of S1 and S2 fit into the Grand Old Arc of FiM? (i.e. Twilight becoming a princess)?

I think they fit pretty damn well, looking back. When I watched the pilot episodes again, I felt they gelled really well with where the series would eventually go.

Which upcoming cons will you be in?

I will definitely be at Bronycon, but I’m not really aware of other cons on the east coast. I definitely have time to go to cons, but it’s a matter of where they are and how much they cost beyond that. If I ever get an offer to go to a con with cost covered, I’ll do it in a haartbeat.

Two elephants and a manta ray are trapped inside a box. The walls are painted bright orange and the ceiling is yellow. Three taps knock on the door, followed by a doorbell. What is your favorite catchphrase in the show?

BUY SOME APPLES! I mean uh, shit, I don’t know.

Nash Tei: Which fan music do you listen to?

If you look in the description, I’ve put a link to a post that I wrote last April in which I listed all of my favorite brony musicians and songs up until that point. The list is missing some artists that I’ve gotten into since then, such as Cats Millionaire and Le Soldat Pony, but other than that it’s got plenty.

pearse mccan: Do you believe there will be more seasons than 4?

Yes. Unless season four somehow does very poorly, I think there will easily be five seasons of this show.

What do you think celestia’s use is for discords magic?

I don’t know but I hope the show goes into it.

When do you thinks (in estimate) season 4 will air?

September would be nice, October is likely.

Do you think sombra is gone? what about chrysalis?

I don’t think they’re gone. Chrysalis is already back in the official comic.

Alex Elliot: I would really like to hear your opinion on Celestia’s leadership. In 3 seasons we’ve had the return of discord, return of nightmare moon, Canterlot was over run with changelings, pony ville was conquered by a lone crazed mare with an magic pendent, pony ville was nearly destroyed by para-sprites, 5 ponies nearly fell to their death in the sonic rain boom episode, and the CMC are bullied in school. If I were living in Equestria I would be writing letters demanding change and accountability!

Well, if a ruler’s job is really good management of their subjects, then Celestia has done a great job of engendering a populace who can take care of these problems. After all, Equestria’s big problems are almost always thwarted in a matter of days.

Nash Tei: actually i had more questions, like: What’s your opinion on all the parasprites that absolutely refuse to watch the show because they claim its a girls show?

If people don’t want to watch it, that’s their business. I won’t force it on them. They’re missing out, but that’s their problem, not mine.

Which pony species is best, unicorn, pegasi, earth, or alicorn?

I don’t prefer any species over the others.

Which is best pony from NOT mane six?

This might sound like a repeat question, but it’s actually the first time someone asked who my favorite non mane pony is without using the phrase “background pony.” Therefore my answer is TRIXIE!

Do you view the pony fandom as the parasprites make it look?

Of course not! Why would I be a member of it if I did?

ral365: If you had to make a top (insert number here) best and worst MLP episodes so far (obviously MMC being #1), which ones would you choose?

At some point, I’m going to make a ranked list of the episodes. I haven’t rewatched season two in a long time, so I can’t feel comfortable doing one right now. However, going on memory, and in no order, here are a list of what I’d currently consider my top ten favorite episodes:

1. Magical Mystery Cure
2. Applebuck Season
3. Sweet and Elite
4. The Cutie Mark Chronicles
5. Lesson Zero
6. Luna Ecliped
7. Sisterhooves Social
8. May the Best Pet Win
9. A Friend In Deed
10. Too Many Pinkie Pies

My bottom five episodes, again from the top of my head, would be: Boast Busters, A Bird In the Hoof, Owl’s Well That Ends Well, The Mysterious Mare Do Well, and possibly Games Ponies Play or Dragon Quest

Do you have any feelings about all the Doctor Whooves spin offs, fan made AND official? (Doctor and Ditzy have their own official MLP comic book at Hot Topic!)

To clarify, Doctor and Ditzy don’t have an official comic, just an alternative cover on the official MLP comic. Besides that, I’ve listened to the first four episodes of Doctor Whooves and the Assistant and watched the animations of the first three, and I think it’s good stuff. That was what finally got me to watch Doctor Who, after all.

Dana Ford: How did you feel when you first realized you loved MLP? Who did you tell first? Did they judge you?

I felt awesome, and I told my brother, and he wasn’t really surprised.

Anonymous: How big do you think the fandom will get?

That depends on how much we keep expanding it. It’s hard to tell how big it is at any given time, but I’m pretty sure it’s not shrinking yet, and probably won’t be shrinking for a while to come. It would be nice to see it enter the public consciousness.

Have you watched anything from PWaaMLPfim,PierceSmoulder or SqueakAnon?

Only Pierce Smoulder, as detailed a moment ago.

How many of your friends like the show?

Well, not counting my brothers, my best friend likes the show a lot, though he hasn’t watched most of season three yet because he hasn’t watched any shows in a long while. I have other friends who’ve watched bits and pieces and liked it, though none of them are dedicated to the show or identify as bronies.

smiley: Who is your favorite guest star on mlp?

How many guest stars even are there? John De Lancie is the only one right?

Trigonometrize: The scene in Magical Mystery Cure where all of Twilight’s friends bow down to her. I personally hated this scene as it made it look as if Twilight had trascended her friends. After all, bowing is meant to say “I am lower than you and respect you”. How do you justify this scene? And I say justify because “in [your] eyes this episode was utterly perfect.”

Bowing does not suggest being lower, it merely suggests respect of the utmost caliber. I saw this moment as being a reflection of the scene in The Lord of the Rings, in which the entire kingdom of man bows to the Hobbits to show their respect for the Hobbits courage in saving their lives. Both are intensely powerful scenes.

princessluna91: Where do you compile all of your information and knowledge for your rant videos.

In my brain. These videos are usually written in a stream of consciousness fashion over the course of about an hour, based on general stuff I’ve been thinking about. Occasionally I will grab a  pen and paper and take notes while I’m watching an episode to account for all the little stuff.

Caitlynn: (asked a long question basically asking for details about Digibrony as a character)

The way I see Digibrony is as a meta-fictional representation of myself. Even if he existed in the MLP universe, he would still be me, with all of my knowledge, experiencing the world of Equestria while understanding that he was in a fictional universe and the laws of that universe. I’ve actually written a short fiction from the perspective of Digibrony the character, which I’m linking to in the description. It’s called Tufts of Cotton Candy, and was written for the tumblr thirtyminuteponies.

ruolbu: In S3E13 Celestia says that Twilight did something extraordinary by creating new magic. But isn’t that what every Unicorn does, since their respective talents lead to them having a unique approach to magic?

This is actually a great question. The principles behind unicorn magic are very interesting to me, and I might actually try and do a really in-depth headcanon about all of this at some point.

What exactly did the spell she wrote in that book? Was the spell what unleashed her princessness and Celestia just zapped her into that twilight dimension (no pun intended) before the spell could take effect? Or did the spell transport her there and Celestia bestowed the wings upon her?

I haven’t given much thought or interest to the actual mechanics of Starswirl or Twilight’s spell, but I’ve put links to some interesting theories in the description.

What is your take on how MLP is being marketed? Is Hasbro pushing it into the “girls stuff” corner by using too many stereotypically girly tropes, like color schemes, princesses themes, and girls only in the commercials?

Well it’s uh a show made for little girls. It would be weird to call it “too girly.” What’s important is that the show isn’t concerned about being girly, it’s concerned about telling a good story about girls.

Is Hasbro doing the fandom a disservice that way?


Or do you feel like MLP is at heart still a “girls thing” that just happens to have become more popular with another demographic. I mean, the creators, actors, writes etc. of the show embrace the entire fandom, yet none of that is being reproduced with the toys imo. Or am I just not seeing the entire picture?

Hasbro and really everyone in the show, is under the assumption that if fans liked what they saw from the beginning, then they will continue to like it, and this is true. Hasbro hasn’t capitalized on the fandom yet because they don’t need to. It might be a good idea to do so and it’s almost strange they haven’t tried yet, but altogether, it’s not a necessity.

JakefourLeaf: What program(s) did you have access to and what do you use now?

I do my recording in Audacity, which is a free program, and I do my video editing in Sony Vegas, which is an extremely NOT free program. I personally consider it the best and most intuitive video editing software, and if you want to try and find a way to get it, you have my blessing, but I won’t help you.

ShyGaladriel: How long did each pony take to go back to their normal cutie marks in “Magical Mystery Cure”? (We saw how fast Fluttershy was, but it seems like Applejack might have been much longer, and how long?)
Also, how long did they have switched Cutie Marks?

I… have no idea?

sammyruntz: Do you think that other one-episode supporting characters (like Gilda) will show up sometime in Season 4?


delta: In episode 1 season 1 when nightmare moon first appears the camera points straight at the CMC all huddled under a table. What is your reaction to that? as the CMC were not formally introduced to each other until much later in the series.

I think it’s interesting, especially because the CMC weren’t supposed to have met one-another. It’s most likely just the animators throwing them in because they knew they’d be major characters later.

Anonymous: What’s your least favorite fan-made thing?

I don’t really have a least favorite?

Shadow of the Dead: If you could live anywhere in Equestria where would you live, what would your house look like, what would your job be, and could i be your neigh-bor? ^w^

I don’t think I’ve seen enough of Equestria to pick the right place to live. I’d have to know more about what goes on in each place, where there’d be the stuff that I want to do most. That said, Ponyville seems the most like my kind of place. Lots of cool friendly people, big enough that stuff happens there, but not so big that it’s overwhelming, a lot like Virginia Beach really. Mind, I’m one of the handful of people my age who actually likes living in Virginia Beach, which most of my friends don’t. My job would be analysis of course! And sure, you can be my neighbor!

Devixicus: What do you think lurks outside Equestria? The map confirmed it’s a land, not an entire world.

Well, we know that there’s some kind of Griffin continent and some kind of Dragon continent based on the map. It would be very interesting to know if there are a lot of other species with their own kingdoms in this world, and whether or not there are other pony kingdoms, or even colonies to Equestria. This is the kind of speculation that has probably driven a lot of fanfics, and I’d have to write one to get deep into exploring it.

Which subspecies of ponies intrigues you the most, and why?

Earth ponies intrigue me the most, because they remind me of the kind of humans that intrigue me the most. People who have a really strong relationship with their bodies and with the way their bodies interact with the world. A lot of my friends are very health and body conscious, and I think they’d make great earth ponies.

If you were to build a spaceship to fly to the other side of horsehead nebula and reach Ponyville, what would you do next?

I have no idea what I’d come up with to do, but I’m sure I’d have planned it all out very carefully over the thirty years that I spent going to college, learning everything about building spacecraft, and then somehow starting a career that brought me the insane wealth to fund a batshit passion project.

Do you celebrate any other MLP:FiM holidays?

I celebrated Derpy Day in 2012, and you can find a post I did about it linked in the description. I would’ve celebrated it this year, but I slept all day and forgot about it until my friends were alerady over and we were all drunk.

snaketooth640: are you a boy or girl… just joking I know your a grown colt and all, but if you were change into a mare for a day what will you do what will you eat, who you be eyeing ;D

Well I assume that if I’m a mare, I’m going to be eating grass and shit just like any other mare, and I’ll probably still be eyeing Applejack.

teschke: If Applejack’s close family members all represent a color of an apple, then why is Applejack orange?

I don’t know where it was, but I know I saw an informational piece recently, possibly a comic, about how there are several kinds of apple that are orange.

Brandon: Where do you get your information from in your videos?

Mostly from my brain. If you’re specifically referring to quotes from the creators and stuff like that, it mostly floats down the news stream on sites like Reddit and Equestria Daily. I really should keep better track of my sources, but it’s hard because I never know what will be useful.

Why are you so amazing?

Lots of training.

Will you ever collab with any other youtubers?

Yes! Well I’ve already collaborated extensively with AnY Pony on his Crepuscular Bronies podcast. I also have plans to do a headcanon video with ToonKritik, depending on when he finished his script and part. I will be doing a very special kind of collaboration with Bronycurious as well, which will have its own announcement video in the near future. I’m also collaborating with RedCordPony on the best episodes of season three video, which I just remembered I’m supposed to have done this weekend so I better finish these questions quick!

Who is worst pone?

I don’t really think about having a worst pony, it seems rather mean don’cha think?

Robert Morgan: Is “Love and Tolerate” is a bad motto for Bronies, some people think Tolerance is important while others think many people are intolerable and the show doesn’t promote tolerance. What do you think?

I do not believe that any human being is intolerable. I very much believe in the ideals of reform and change, and the idea that in a perfect society, we would work to turn everyone around. That said, this would mean having a strongly established moral foundation, which is something that I won’t fight for, because my personal morals are probably at ends with what society would agree on to be okay. I don’t want to live in a strict society because I wasn’t born or raised in a way that would conform to it. So basically, my ideas of what is socially ideal are opposed to my own happiness. All of that said, if we’re approaching this on a simple, visceral level, I think we should tolerate one another as much as possible. That’s the best place to start.

galkife: How much do you think Celestia really knew/knows about everything that went on throughout everyone season of mlp? Also, how much of the events do you think were orchestrated by her?

I think that Celestia had a lot to do with what happened. She didn’t orchestrate everything, or even most things, but I think that she may have placed pieces here and there, such as leaving Twilight the elements of harmony in Keep Calm and Flutter On, knowing that she’d also be sending her Starswirl’s spell a little while later. I think she made use of big situations like Sombra’s return, in which she probably could’ve taken care of it herself, to see if Twilight could handle it. And I think she probably had a close watch on everything that was happening.

snivy17: How do you make the slides with words on them, like the ones at the beginning of the video that announced this questions video?

The HAY HAY EVERY PO-NAY slides were done in Photoshop, I just sorta typed stuff onto the plain background. Most of the text on my videos is done in Sony Vegas though. Incidentally, if anyone was curious, the font I use is Blue Highway.

PonyCordero: What do you think of my Dr. Whooves video?

Putting a link to this video in the description. I like the energy of the reading and the quality is good. Having a hard time with the fake British accent though.

Austin Grubbs: How do you go about your Thorough Analyses? By this, I mean, how do you pick apart the episodes, and make these, surprisingly accurate, predictions?

I just sort of think about the episode, and then I write about it. A lot of the time, I’m pulling in stuff that I’ve given a lot of thought to, like in my Observations on MLP videos. Other times, it’s mostly fresh observations, like in my Winter Wrap Up video. As for the predictions, it’s a mixture of luck, and my eagle eye for creative intent. I used to call myself a bloodhound for creative intent, and lately I feel like I’ve done a good job keeping those skills honed in MLP.

Brendan: What are your opinions on the season one episode “Bridle Gossip?”

I have somehow only seen Bridle Gossip once, when I first watched the show, so I actually don’t remember it very well. I will say that the Flutterguy scene remixed to Fuck Shit Stack by Reggie Watts was the first MLP thing I ever saw though, long before I started watching the show.

StarBloodZero: If a human was going to be integrated into the show, how do you feel would be the most successful way DHX would go about it? Villan, ally, one time appearance, recounting character? Overpowered or wimpy bitch? Should they get any special powers being in a world of magic?

Not only do I never want to see a human in the show, I think I remember Meghan McCarthy promising it would never happen, so let’s go with it should never ever happen.

Anonymous: I was thinking if you ever wanted to make a contest where one of you lucky followers could get to discuss the season 4 opening with you, and if you would like to do a blind commentary when new episodes are out and then analyse them,or would that be too must work?

I’m guessing a blind commentary would mean talking while I watch the ep the first time, which I’m definitely not interested in doing. When I watch a new episode, I like to be totally engaged and not talk over it. I wouldn’t even be able to get the video out any quicker than usual, since I usually have my analysis videos of new episodes finished on the day the episode comes out, if not the day after. As for the contest thing, same applies—I’d rather not talk to someone over the episode.

How do you think the mythology goes in the pony world, could they have other old legends then nighmare moon?

I think there have been other legends in the show, right? There are probably a lot of legends in their world, just as there are in ours.

Staticpanda: If you were magically transported to Equestria, what would the three most important things on your “to do list” be?

1. Figure out what’s going on
2. Get settled in
3. Marry Applejack

levshu: Have you herd “proud to be a brony”, “this is war; by 30seconds to Mars”, “join the herd”, “fluttershy’s lalment”, “awoken” “rainbow factory”, “discord”, or anything else by wooden toaster, living toumbstone, h8_seed, black Griffin, Forrest rain, or 30 seconds to mars?

I’m just curious how the hell 30 Seconds to Mars got in there (which by the way, I don’t listen to). I like Wooden Toaster, particularly the songs Rainbow Factory and Love Me Cheerilee. My favorite Living Tombstone track is probably still Discord, though I much prefer the original song by Eurobeat Brony. The only h8_seed song I know well is Neverending Strife, which is a good song. I’m familiar with Forest Rain though not really a fan. I was in the massive smile song, albeit inaudibly, and for some reason my OC got left out of the video entirely. He was also working on making a song out of some lyrics I wrote at one point, but he never finished it and scrapped it. These reasons have nothing to do with why I don’t like his music though.

Have you ever seen “non-brony commentary”?

Never heard of it.

Do you know any famous/semi-famous bronies?

If Bronycurious counts, then yes.

How good are.you at brony trivia?

You’d have to test me to find out.

PonyLOVER: How does this success on youtube and in your life make you feel?

I feel fucking. Amazing. Besides the fact that I’m not making as much money as I need to be making, I feel absolutely liberated that I’m getting to do what I love full time and see such a huge response to it. I have literally always dreamed of doing a gigantic interview, and now I’m doing the biggest interview that I’ve ever seen. I am totally living the dream.

lavshu: Have you ever heard of saber spark?

I’ve seen a couple of his videos, which were pretty funny. Haven’t watched much though.

Do you have any hater friends?

I don’t suffer haters. If someone I want to be friends with is a hater, I either convert them into a better person, or stop talking to them.

Anonymous: What is your opinion on the Anti-Brony Brotherhood? I personally feel they have accomplished nothing.

I’m not aware of them, but I can tell by the name that they are shit.

eduardo pedrero: Well I was wondering if you could please analyze Luna, why was she so out of date in “Luna Eclipsed”? Didn’t Celestia taught her how to behave after a 1000 years?

Well Celestia is pretty busy, and old habits die hard. Luna didn’t realize she had a problem until she showed up in Ponyville and stuff was weird. It’s also possible that Celestia wanted Luna to learn from Twilight and her friends.

Philip: Have you seen the pony thread simulators on YouTube?

I have not.

levshu: What’s the next topic of.your explanatory “rant”/examination thingy where you explain obscure ideas about the show?

I don’t know yet! If I haven’t made it obvious by now, I kinda tend to write these videos all at once when the inspiration comes to me, and I don’t plan ahead much. I only seriously plan ahead when there’s a specific artistic direction I want to video to take.

Black Puma: Considering how wildly popular Friendship is Magic has become with our mature fandom, do you think it’s plausible that we’ll see a high quality adventure game set in Equestria? Either for console or PC?

It would be really nice. It’s not likely at all, but it would be nice.

Anonymous: Is lauren faust dead because i hear she is and i hope it’s not true

She’s alive, and I’m pretty damn sure we’d all find out really quickly if she wasn’t.

spikey nah: how would you like it have there was more dragons in the show?

Actually I’m not a fan of the dragons in MLP, so I’d prefer if they stayed on the downlow. That said it might be cool if Spike met an older dragon who was totally against type, or was also raised by ponies.

RaibowDash: What do you think about flutterdash?

Flutterdash is okay. It’s not my favorite, but I like it, and I can see it, but then again I can make pretty much any pairing between the mane six work with enough logic power.

Sam Terry: Will you ever do a vid on any pre-G4 mlp?

That depends both on if I ever watch any of them, and if I find I have anything to say about them. I probably will never watch MLP Tales or anything related to G3, because I’ve heard they’re awful, and I make a point NOT to watch awful shit. That said I am interested in trying the G1 cartoon.

Alex: Where does your analyses come from? (I hope I worded that right) In high-school I had to study Freudian and Marxist criticism, which was actually really fun. I’m curious if you follow anything like that or if you’re just a deep-thinker in general.

I have read very surprisingly little critical text (i.e. none whatsoever). Everything I learned about analysis was through other anime bloggers, video game reviewers, Roger Ebert, and my own intuition. I also read most of Oscar Wilde’s thing about reviews as art, which was a pretty boss idea.

Soulless: What is your favorite my little pony fan fiction with 200 likes or less?

Of the fanfics I’ve read and enjoyed, the only one with less than 200 likes is On the Docks, so I pick that one.

TheAndrovax: Are you the kind of brony which buys the toys, or do you just watch the show?

Back when I was working at Target, one of the big reasons I wanted to work there was because I knew they had a lot of pony toys there, and I figured I could get an employee discount. However, I never once ended up going to Target after work, and never bought anything. There was even a time when my boss was going to give me a free DVD for participating in singing Christmas carols over the intercom, and I was going to get the Royal Wedding DVD, but I never ended up meeting the boss to pick up anything. I’m not sure if I was embarrassed, or if embarrassment was combined with the overall excuse that I was always tired as shit and forgetful.

Anyways, I will probably buy one of those vynil figures they sell at Hot Topic if they make one for Applejack or Twilight.

truezangetsu: What do you think of my O.C. name: Shadespark Ironhooves (considering his special talent is blacksmithing)?

Sounds like a fine name, though I’m not sure why the “shade” part is in there.

jokermort: Have you seen rainbow dash presents my little dashie?

Yes, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Zanoscar: Do you have a very special somepony?

Not yet!

Maddie8972: If you could switch bodies with anyone in Equestria, who would you switch with and what would you do and how long would you go before you switched back?

I would switch with Twilight Sparkle. I’d probably spend a lot of time being existential, and feel all kinds of changes as our minds melded together, until I was at once all that she is and all that I am. I would become part of a metaphysical existence, and spend a lot of time wondering what is the definition of myself. Then I guess I’d become princess of Equestria!

TK: who is your favourite scootaloo

The one with the scoot and the loo at the end

Dave: (wrote a paragraph detailing his discovery of a background pony in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 with Thor’s hammer for a cutie mark. Link in description.)

That is the most adorable Thor I’ve ever seen.

Anonymous: Would you quit youtubing and gain about 3 thousand dollars every month or keep making videos and gain 1 thousand a month?

Dude if I was making 1 thousand a month for doing this I’d be pretty fucking happy. So far I’ve made like a hundred forty bucks.

Alexander S: If you were to go live in Equestria for the rest of your life, would you rather stay as a human or become a pony.

I would prefer to be a pony. I think it would be way easier to connect with others that way.

Roi Almagor: Is Pinkie Pie a genius?

That depends on your definition of genius. If nothing else, I think that Pinkie Pie has a ridiculously enormous memory.

aidanofvt: Ponies and mechs: good combination?

As Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie has proven, ponies and mechs go together extremely well.

Jay: Growing up did you watch other girl shows like the G1 MLP or She-ra?

Growing up, I hated/feared all things girly, so no.

Anonymous: do you know want the A True, True Friend song in the last ep of season 3 sounds like it sounds like a old song but i cant place it

I wish I could help but I have no idea

Razznack: Vinyl Scratch is best pony. Defend or attack this statement.

I am indifferent towards this statement.

Stewie Pie: I’d like to see your thoughts on the Spike and Rarity thing that went on throughout the show. (rest of the question cut for time).

Well, the thing is I don’t have a headcanon for this, as I haven’t given it much thought. I agree with the idea that it’s probably meant to be young love and won’t come to fruition.

Onmipotent-entity GaviN: -So what is your opinion on people who are leaving the fandom because of Princess twilight,the loss of Lauren,or some other reason?

I can’t help but feel sorry for people who don’t like the finale. It’s sad in a way, that it could ruin some people’s time with the show, whereas for me it made me love it more than ever.

-Is AJ a support character or Lead character?

A lead character inasmuch as any of the mane six are besides Twilight Sparkle.

Oak: I haven’t seen any comments/analysis of Fall Weather Friends from Season 1 (probably my favourite season 1 ep). Any reason why? Planning on doing a video on it? If not, can you give me a brief rundown of what you thought

I am planning to do videos for every episode of the show at some point, so yes I will do a video on it. I won’t know how soon that will be until I rewatch the episode and decide if I’ve got something I want to say about it.

Stjonal: In S4 would you like nicole oliver to sing more?

I’m always up for more singing!

In a world run by oppressing pony overlords, would you, when given the chance, sacrifice you favorite mane six pony for the freedom of mankind?

I don’t put too much stock in freedom, so it would really depend on how shitty my own situation was.

Miyasaki: How much do you earn, money wise, on your yt channel?

I was averaging three bucks a day for a while, and now I’m averaging between eight and ten. I would be making easily double this amount, if not three times this amount, if youtube didn’t deny monetization on most of my videos. Whether or not a video gets monetized is almost a case of pure luck, and I’ve come to that conclusion after a ton of experimentation within the videos. So far I’ve made around one-fifty between the start of January and now.

Alex Da Silva: How fucking awesome would it be if the pillows could do the music for an episode of the show?

That would be incredibly strange, but I can’t say I’d complain.

TheArtFlower: would you like fan art of you?


kellypony: What do you think of the MLP:FiM official toys? Also, can you pleeaaase review Luna’s relationship with other ponies?

I don’t have anything to say about Luna’s relationships, sorry. As for official pony toys, the main reason I haven’t bought any is that they don’t look like the designs in the show, which, as I think Hasbro and related companies are beginning to realize, matters a lot to older fans of the show. I like the vinyl figures they sell at Hot Topic, but those things are expensive, so I’m holding out until they make one of my favorite characters.

Murraybot: Can I have a PO box number so I can send you things?

I don’t have a PO box, but if I ever decide to set one up, I’ll be sure and announce it.


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  1. I’m pretty sure you don’t get how monetization, fair use and copyright work.

    I could be wrong here, but it seems fairly obvious that it shouldn’t work that way.

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