Digibrony Q&A Part 1-E (Text Version + Links)

Links mentioned in video:

Jowybean’s deviantart: http://jowybean.deviantart.com/

My deviantart: http://digibro.deviantart.com/

My reddit: http://www.reddit.com/user/Digibro/

My fanfic about Pinkie’s mental state: http://digibrony.tumblr.com/post/17948356048/smile-smile-smile-from-the-diary-of-pinkie-pie

Analysis of Ponyville’s population: http://dziadek1990.deviantart.com/art/Ponyville-Statistical-Trivia-Population-293863525

Text version of questions and answers (significantly different from vid):

Doodlenugget: What are you looking for in something like a fan comic?

I’m not really looking for anything specific, I’m just enjoying what I find. I guess the real answer is great art.

Xentomi: I would like to ask why YOU think Fluttershy’s Character is heavily popular in the Brony Fandom as a whole

Beause she’s god damn adorable!

Welsh_Pony: You’ve talked about headcanons that you believe in, Is there any popular headcanons in the fandom that you really hate?

Not in particular. There are a lot of them that I think are weird or senseless, but none that I particularly hate or take offense to. I guess if there’s a headcanon I’m kinda sick of, it’s anything involving Scootaloo. I don’t find Scootaloo that interesting, but bronies just love to speculate about her.

anonymous_Brony: Why do you feel that so many people freaked out the whole Alicorn thing in the first place? I’ve never understood that, how one change affects so many people like that. It kinda reminds of the whole Derpy situation back in season 2.

I think it’s sort of a mass hysteria effect. When a few people latched onto the idea that Hasbro was destroying MLP and that Twilicorn was a big deal, it spread like wildfire through the fandom. It was the simple matter that this change seemed like something that could be blamed on a business decision and made to look disingenuous on the part of the writers. It’s strange particularly because with the exception of that Derpy thing, people never used to blame Hasbro for their problems with the series. They always blamed the writers. It was only when something happened that they didn’t like, that they saw as executive meddling, that Hasbro’s name started getting thrown around all the time.

This totally ignores that Hasbro has always injected toy stuff into the show, that every script is passed under their eyes for approval, that they have final say on everything going into the show, and that the writers were aware that this was coming way ahead of time, and planned the season around it, taking care to do what they felt was the best job that they could in presenting it. No one on the staff probably ever viewed this as the evil executive hand meddling in their show.

Gummie1404: What is your favourite Non Pony?

Surprised this took so long to come up. I think I’m gonna go with Chrysalis, mostly because she’s been been giving me doe eyes on my desktop background for a few weeks and I find it strangely alluring.

Will you marry me?

Okay, I’m going to need to ask all marriage proposals to form a line.

Arta_Shrike: What are your thoughts on Spike as a character?

I think I pretty much summed up my thoughts on Spike in my Spike At Your Service video. He’s a good support character, I just don’t give a shit about him and his problems.

Anonymous: If you could make any other 2 ponies into alicorns, who would it be? (one from mane six, another from the public)

From the mane six I would pick Pinkie Pie, just to wreck utter havoc on everything, and from the public, I would pick Vinyl Scratch, just to see how it would effect her relationship with Octavia, vis a vis University Days.

Skloosh: Favorite mlp quote?

Off the top of my head, “I sure do look funny.” I’ll get back to you on this after rewatching the show and keeping a log of all the best lines.

True or false? Gypsy Pinkie is best pony.

Aiyyo, true

Anonymous: How long do you plan on continuing to make DigiBrony videos?Cause if you can keep up the same quality, I could watch them forever :)

I will keep making them until they run their course. Once I’ve covered every existing episode of the show, episodically covered season four as it comes out, written everything about the show that I have to say, and done all kinds of big cool projects, I will eventually move on. So, rough estimate, I’d say I’ll be doing this for another year and a half to two years.

John T: Who does your title cards?

Jowybean, linked in the description of all the videos that feature them.

Do you think the episodes are being shown in chronological order?

I think that after season one, the episodes have a reliable chronology. Season one’s is questionable, but I think it’s possibly the result of the production order, or some kind of shuffling of the episodes that happened after they were written.

nathan: would you play a pony oriented game that was war-hammer type table top game with custom made models?

Yes, that sounds cool as shit, and a good way to finally get me into tabletop figurine games.

TheArchiviest: 1. have you heard of the Doubble rain boom on, if so what are your thoughts

I actually had somehow never heard of Double Rainboom until the release date video came out, and now I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t know if I’ll do a video about it, will depend on what I have to say.

Emily: What advice would you give to a youtube noob who sucks at making videos?

Practice a lot, buy decent equipment, and worry a lot about your presentation. A whole lot of people send me videos and responses, and I usually don’t finish them because they’re unscripted, or unedited, or there’s a loud hum in the background or a really shitty microphone, or something along these lines. If you’re going to bother doing stuff in video form, it needs to actually be more worthwhile than it would be in text form. If the delivery and presentation are flat, then I’d rather just read it.

The brony from Denmark: If you could make a character that would appear in the show, how would you like it to be like? Look like? What should the cutiemark and name be?

I am extremely unimaginative and have no design sense whatsoever, so if I were going to make a pony for the show, I’d get someone else to design it. Also I pick Digibrony.

Anonymous: How long do you think the crystal empire has been around? Do the windigoes have anything to do with Sombra?

I have no ideas about either of these.

Edgewhisper: What is your opinion of changlings?

I think they’re a cool idea, and I’m glad that the comic brought them back, because they were too big and cool of concept to be in just one episode. I don’t have any deeper thoughts about them, though.

Spite: Digibrony if a Dragon could get to the Crystal Empire do you think it will eat every crystal building and object there? Also are you a changeling?

The dragon thing sounds probable, and no I’m not a changeling.

Anonymous: Do you like Pony Swag?

Yes. As a matter of fact, I wrote and test-recorded my own pony swag verses last year, and had like a six minute version of my pony swag, but in retrospect the verses aren’t very solid and I probably won’t record it again.

megaguy31: can i animate your OC?

Be my guest!

Too many pieces: While it would never happen, which pony would you be least angry about if they WEREN’T in Season 4 at all? It has to be one of the Mane 6.

I’d be angry no matter what. I could totally go a whole season without Spike, though.

watermelonoverlord: Why do you sound significantly younger than you look?

Watch the video where I’ve got a shaved face, and if you still think I sound younger than I look, it’s mostly because I’m speaking in a high pitched, energetic voice for these videos. When I talk to strangers, I usually default to a low, southern drawl that sounds nothing like my speaking voice, and I have no idea why.

What pony or combination of ponies do you resonate with the most?

I think I resonate most with Pinkie Pie, especially in A Friend In Deed. I have her raw energy and desire to make people smile and be happy, which I hope is reflected in my videos. I am also just about as maddeningly eccentric around my friends.

What are some of the “so many ways they can go with this” that you were talking about in relation to Twilight’s being an alicorn?

They could go the classic route, wherein Twilight has to deal with the tough consequences of being a princess
They could go the route where Twilight totally owns as a princess, and also keeps having adventures
They could go the route where Twilight’s friends become her royal court and protect the world as the nights of the round
Twilight could be trained to fly by her friends
Twilight could join Celestia and Luna in doing some kind of epic princess shit

All kinds of stuff can happen. This is just off the top of my head at ten AM after typing 42,000 words.

Nerdweigian: Any favourite pieces of heartwarming, tearjerking, funny or otherwise awesome fanart you’d like to share?

I have seen entirely too many awesome pieces of fanart to single them out here, so instead I’m gonna link to my Deviantart profile and my reddit profile in the description. There, you can see a list of my favorites and stuff that I upvoted, all of which should be worthwhile.

Miguel C: Do you think they’ll make an episode committed to exploring Saddle Arabia?

It would certainly be a cool thing to see.

isisausername: (Asked an extremely long question about the mental state of Pinkie Pie that I cut for time.)

Back around the time that A Friend In Deed aired, I wrote a strange metafictional fanfic about Pinkie Pie, theorizing about her mental state by way of my own. It might be worth a read for you. Link is in the description.

Jake Hughes: What do you REALLY wish the show would explore, but most likely will never due to the medium (a kids show)?

Cosmic horror. Pretty much my go-to for cool stories.

Orion Delta: What do you think of the griffon statues outside the library in the crystal empire, what purpose do you think they serve?

Actually I never noticed them.

Who was your 8000th sub?

I wish I knew. Unfortunately, the page where youtube lists subscribers is disorganized beyond even the faintest ability to make sense. I’ve long given up on even trying to know who’s subscribed to me.

If Gilda made a return in season 4, do you think she would be redeemed in the same way as Discord, Trixie, Babs, ect.?

It would be really cool to see Gilda reformed, especially if they address her inauthenticity as her weakness and strive to make her act authentically. This would be one of the cooler plot points the show could explore for me.

Who are your top 10 ponies, not just #1?

Top ten, okay:

Applejack, Twilight, Pinkie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Trixie, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, and, let’s go with, Fancy Pants. Cause he’s the man.

Orcan: There’s certainly a lot of passion from a huge Audience for this show but as a new found Brony I’m wondering is there such a thing as too far? If so where do you think that line is?

I don’t think there’s such a thing as too far. I’m all for pushing the boundaries and going as far as I possibly can.

My first thought when realizing that Twilight will probably replace Celestia is that Celestia might die soon after. She and Luna are 1000 + years old, and looking pretty good too, but you’d think that their time is almost up. My instincts tell me that Celestia simply wouldn’t go off somewhere and retire.
Do you think MLP would ever do such a thing?
Do you think that they could and or should?

I can’t see them having Celestia die, but I can see them having her retire. In fact, this could be the way that season four will start.

If you could dedicate an entire episode to tell the complete life story of a single character who would it be?

Either Pinkie Pie or Applejack, though in AJ’s case I think that would get into some pretty heavy shit with her dead parents and all. Pinkie’s would help to solve a lot of her mysteries.

iH8W8ING: If you could remake any episode, which one would you remake and what would be the plot?

I would remake Boast Busters in a way that thematically makes sense and doesn’t fuck up so hard.

Did you ever expect to be successful on YouTube?

I expected to eventually achieve success doing video game analysis, and that’s the reason I bought all of my equipment for video making. I never expected the MLP videos to take off in anywhere near the capacity that they did.

Kevin T: Do you like ska?

Not in particular.

Do you know Jesse Carlson(aka jcarlson04)?

Okay, I do like SOME ska, specifically that ska.

Have you checked out JanAnimations’ Ask The Crusaders tumblr yet and what did you think?

I have not looked at the tumblr, though I’ve watched the animation that Jan did for it.

If you had to pick between giving up anime or giving up ponies, which do you choose?

I would not chose either one, because that is entirely too difficult, and I don’t have to do it.

Did you also enjoy watching JoshScorcher’s change from non-brony to reluctant admirer of the show to a full blown brony?

I don’t know who that is.

Who would win in a fight? Both members of Acousticbrony and MandoPony Vs dustycatt and Saberspark.

I think Dustycatt and Saber have a bit more weight to throw around between them.

Do you watch Phoe-Kun’s videos? What is your favorite of her series?

Looks like a let’s play channel, not interested.

Do you like Koroshi-Ya or does he rub you the wrong way?


What is the hardest part about putting together your vids?

By far the hardest part is when I have to compile clips from the episode and images to fill in the blank space on the screen. That part of the process accounts for the most time I spend dicking around and putting it off.

How do you feel about the pony meat found in burgers?

What in the even hell?

Have you played Ponymon yet? What did you think?

I tried to play it once, and I think it was still kinda buggy at the time. I was also really annoyed because in FireRed you don’t get the damn running shoes at the start so you have to walk slow as FUCK. That said it was adorable and I totally want to play it again.

Would anything make you leave the fandom?

Not likely. Maybe disinterest, years down the line.

Do you hate me for asking so many questions?


When have you failed? Describe what happened and what you learned from it. Letter to Celestia style!

Dear Princess Celestia, I learned that if you shit around in class all year, you’ll fail classes. Naw joshin, I knew that already, mostly I learned that I’m a shitty person. Your student, Digibrony, circa age 17.

Okay seriously, I’m gonna cut out like a shitload of Kevin T’s questions because I don’t have answers for them and also I am tired as shit.

Reforestka: Why do you think there are four princesses? What could be the purpose of having four rulers?

It’s hard to say, since the royal duties of a princess are unclear. However, I like to imagine princesses are kind of like watchers/protectors over the populace of Equestria more than anything, so having more eyes could only be a good thing.

Anonymous: What would your opinion be on seeing PHYSICALLY disabled Ponies within the show, or at least the fandom too. A wheelchair and orthotic user myself, I think it would be nice to see one IN the show.

From what I understand, Lauren Faust originally intended for Scootaloo to be disabled and incapable of flying. Whether or not the show intends to keep her this way remains to be seen, but I think it would be a really interesting route to take. It’s nice to see a disabled character who isn’t defined by their disability.

Kimmi B: (Asked a long question about the origin of Applebloom, given her lack of appearance in The Cutie Mark Chronicles.)

I don’t have a headcanon about this, but it is a strange moment. My best guess is that she was, in fact, a baby, and that her parents were already dead. Maybe Applejack’s desire to get out of Ponyville was partially fueled by the recent loss of her parents. Sounds like great fanfic material.

(Another long question about whether Equestria is a planet or a country.)

Equestria is a country, as evidenced by the official map that you can find through a google search. I think it’s not a full continent either, as the Dragon kingdom seems to be South on the same continent.

XXXUlt1ma5XXX: If you could go back and reanalyze any episode of any season of MLP, what would it be?

Actually, I intend to go back to a lot of these episodes eventually. I don’t consider an analysis to ever really be good, and if I find that I’ve changed or expanded my opinion about an episode then I’ll come back to tackle it again. There are some episodes that I probably won’t ever have to revisit, like Applebuck Season or Winter Wrap Up, but there are others like Boast Busters and Magical Mystery Cure that I’ll keep coming back to.

Persona: If MLP was to do a parody of another show, movie, or something else from pop culture, what would you want it to be?

I want to see MLP do The Picture of Dorian Gray, with Fancy Pants corrupting Pinkie Pie.

Out of the supposed 26 episodes in season 4, how many would you want to see dedicated to Twilight mastering her new powers / flight?

One. We don’t need a whole lot of it. Gotta leave room for ALL THOSE RARITY EPISODES.

Would you want to see any of the characters develop ‘personal relationships’ with other ponies, tackling the whole boyfriend / girlfriend issue in season 4 or any season after that?

I’m pretty fine with the ponies never having relationships in the actual series. The ponies can worry about that shit later. Mostly because I just am not interested in watching a kids’ show romance.

Do you like Bananas?

I’m a bitch who likes bananas.

Do you think that the writers should adapt a MLP Fanfiction into a fully fledged episode, like Adventure Time did? And if so, which Fanfiction would you want to see as an episode?

I’d rather they didn’t do that, and also I can’t see it happening since the writers aren’t even allowed to read any fanfiction.

Would you want to see Derpy come back? More Importantly, SHOULD Derpy come back, even as just a silent comedic character?

Derpy’s presence is no big deal for me, so I don’t care either way.

Do you think it’s possible, and would you want to see an episode involving Elements of Disharmony, or perhaps 6 new ponies wielding the elements, like some of the fan favourite characters such as Lyra, Bon Bon, Octavia and Vinyl Scratch?

I feel like this would be cheap and obvious. We already had the spirit of disharmony as a villain, we don’t need to keep rehashing it.

Fluttershy as a Dragon. Yay or Neigh?


What is your opinion on the recently cancelled MLP: Fighting is Magic game?

I’m very saddened by the cease and desist. I love good, tight, 2D fighting games, and Fighting Is Magic looked like it was going to be on the level of an Arc System Works game. The project is being continued now with Lauren Faust doing the new character designs, and I’ll still be excited to play it, and even pay for it if they decide to sell it this time, but it will always be sad to know we didn’t get the pony fighter. I hope they sneak out a skin mod like immediately for the new game.

Could it be possible for a small time fan made show, whether it be based on someone else’s IP or not, to make it to television? And if so, what would they have to do in order to get it broadcast?

Based on IP content, there’s no way, unless the company was somehow in on it. If it’s not based on someone else’s IP, then it’s not fan-made anymore, it’s original content.

JFluffy: Can you see the creative team of FiM using Twilight as a vessel to tell us a bit more about the Princess Alicorn Master Race?

I can see it happening, and I would like to see it happen. In fact, that’s what I hope the season four premiere is going to be about.

britishbronys: What trait from a Character do you wish would be fleshed out more for the purpose of being able to analyze that trait to come to a conclusion on psychological patterns within the individual. (E.G Twilight’s anxiety problems)

I think I’d like to see Applejack’s ethics examined a little. I think it’s kind of taken as a matter of fact that Applejack is the most level-headed and ethical pony, but I’d like to see some kind of examination of this, maybe a situation in which her ethics are questionable, or in which she realizes that her ethics aren’t necessarily more correct than others.

Dude: If you could decide upon one aspect of the world of FiM that would become reality, what would it be (creatures, social structures, rules of physics, etc.) also why would it be that and how do you think it would change the way we currently live?

I would copy over the pony societal structure. A system in as I described in my pony ages video, in which children are given space to realize their talents, and then given the time and drive to hone those talents constantly. Raising a populace of specialists where everyone has a definitive place in society. The problematic thing would be that humans don’t necessarily find something a nice every time, so I’d also copy the magical pony ability to have a specific destiny.

You stated before that you believe in the concept of destiny, does that imply free will doesn’t exist or is inconsequential?

Yes. I don’t believe in the idea of free will. I think the idea is mostly wishful thinking on the part of people who want to believe in accountability.

Do you think there is an implicit correlation between being a princess and being an Allicorn?

Yes, most likely.

What are your thoughts on the format of the show? Do you think the show should have multi-part-episodes for more than just the beginning and end of a given season?

I think it would be nice if they did two-parters wherever appropriate. I wouldn’t want to force them into the show, but in a case like Keep Calm and Flutter On, where the concept easily could have filled up two episodes, I’d like to see them give the concept breathing room.

What are your impressions of Hasbro’s impressions of Bronies? Do you think Hasbro will capitalize on the market of adult fans with disposable income interested in their IP or do you rather think it will disregard the market as not viable enough in the long run?

I don’t know, Hasbro’s handling of bronies is weird so far. All of the major stuff that’s been marketed to bronies is stuff from outside Hasbro that they allow to be released, like We Love Fine shirts, and the vinyl figures at Hot Topic. I definitely get the sense that Hasbro doesn’t know what to do, and is letting others who do know do it for them. I think we’ll continue to see a steady trickle of brony-oriented products hit the market, but for the time being, I don’t think Hasbro has any big plan to charge at our market yet.

Hey There Everyone: What episode got you hooked on mlp?

The first episode to make me realize I was watching a great show was Applebuck Season. The moment when I realized that shit was getting real, though, was Return of Harmony. That, followed by the next few amazing episodes of season 2, was when I started to feel the bronydom.

Anonymous: In your season 3 overview you said that you thought “Look Before You Sleep” was a good episode. How? Twilight is so out of character in that episode, Applejack and Rarity act incredibly immature, and there’s nothing but fighting all the way through.

Acting immature is something we all do when we’re being petty assholes. I get into confrontations like that with my little brothers all the time. And I don’t think Twilight was really out of character, there’s actually a slight deception to the ignorance she displays at first, which is revealed in the bed scene. I’ve been meaning to write about this episode for months now and just haven’t found the right angle to come at it, but rest assured that it’s on my priority list.

Spiral Eyed Maniac: Do you follow CR, and if you do, what are your feelings on his hostility towards the show and the fanbase as of late?

I’ve never followed CR, but I’ve heard a few times that he was pretty upset with season three. Wish I could help him, but I just love S3 so damn much. Anyways go ahead and send him my videos if you think it might spark a discussion.

australianfries: What do you think the population of Equestria is? Of Ponyville? Canterlot? (Not really looking for something specific, just a generalization.)

I’ve actually seen a brilliant study someone did in trying to figure out the population of Ponyville. Will link to it in the description. Other than that though I have no personal speculations about it.

tyler schlarm: Do you hope for discord to become a major character in season 4, or because of your keep calm and flutter on review, do you want him to die off when the season starts?

I want him to make an appearance for sure, but why on earth would I want him to die off? What good would that do?

TBB: Is DustyKatt really the manliest brony in the world in your opinion?

I don’t know, maybe? Manliness is hard to define, and kind of seems more like a gut reaction than anything. Possibly just to facial hair.

Zoe Morgan: So, in the Sonic Rainboom episode, there are those 3 stallion pegasi who bully Rainbow Dash, and each of them has an athletic-ish cutie mark, but they either A) work in the weather factory, where nothing pertains to their supposed destinies, or B) play sports in the sky, which maybe they can do, but it seems weird. Are all of the sports held in the Cloudeseum? Anyways, maybe in one of your analysis videos, you could mention how ponies sometimes have jobs or play roles that have nothing to do with what they’ve discovered about themselves?

Those guys have been pointed out to me before for that reason, and it’s definitely something I’m interested in figuring out. Exploring this whole destiny thing is quickly becoming one of the things I’m posed to do a lot of, so I will probably talk about this in a video at some point.

Jfluffy: Do you believe that the Changelings and their motives are genuinely evil or more on the morally bigamous side?

Everything is morally ambiguous. I mean, no one is gonna argue that Sombra is like the Hitler of the ponyverse, but someone like Discord, evil? Changelings, evil? From their own perspectives, they probably don’t feel that they are evil. Evil is something we have to define for ourselves, whether or not we want to feel sympathy for the morals of those who are opposed to us.

thisisausername2004: Any ideas how to write a fanfic that doesn’t suck?

Yes. Step one is to be a good writer. Step two is to have a good idea. And that’s it.

Anonymous: What is your opinion of Sethisto?

I don’t know the guy, and haven’t seen enough of him, to really know what he’s like, so I have no opinion.

Are you okay with the fact that Sethisto has become more or less the spokesman of the brony community? What is your opinion over the fact that there is no major brony website that rivals Equestria Daily?

I think it sucks. It sucks because EQD is essentially a blog, and it’s governed by the whims of the bloggers. They are going to highlight the stuff that appeals to them the most personally, which means that the stuff which gets the most audience is just the stuff that a couple of bloggers happen to like. This is why I prefer reddit, though reddit comes with its own biases in that on the main pony sub, they mostly share images and comics.

What I’d like most is to have another EQD, with the same level of influence, run by someone else, just to have that split interest.

Anonymous: Do you believe that bronies are annoying at times by constantly pointing themselves out.

I think it’s fine to be proud of being a brony and to share that you are one, but I also think that social awareness is a good thing. Having a brony avatar on youtube and leaving comments on other videos? Cool. Bringing up MLP in the comments if it’s relevant to discussion? Cool. Running in to proclaim that MLP is amazing and start crying about haters? Not cool. Telling people that MLP is a cool show that they should give a chance? Cool. Jamming the show down a disinterested person’s throat, or criticizing them for not giving it a chance? Not cool. Not everyone needs to watch MLP, and it’s perfectly fine to be totally disinterested. And even if there’s a hater, you don’t have to start a shit storm somewhere that it isn’t critical to discussion.

Tdawg: most attractive voice actress in your opinion?

I’m not particularly attracted to any of the voice actresses, but Tara Strong is definitely hot. I can appreciate that without even being attracted.

jacob: Will you be applying for a position in BronyCurious’s “Recovery” project ?

I thought about it, but I don’t know if I’m going to be dedicated enough to do it consistently for a year. I’d rather play one of the minor characters in the coming chapters than the narrator.

The animation on the characters in the show has improved so much and the expressions have become more varied as time has gone on. There are now certain extreme expressions that are exclusive to certain characters. Have you ever thought about adding some of these extreme expressions to your own pony in your videos?

That’s entirely up to MizuTakishima. I can’t draw and don’t, but Mizu periodically sends me new expressions when she finds time to work on them. I don’t know how many she intends to do, but I haven’t asked for any specifically, I just use what she sends me. There’s only one specific still I’ve asked for which you’ll be seeing in a special video on Digibrony After Dark soon.

Anonymous: Do you like Sorin?

He seems like a cool bro.

Have you seen Ponyinabox?


Do you think the female Bronies or Pegasisters are under spoken for?

Yes, actually. It seems like most of the big-name bronies are guys, with the exception of voice actress bronies, and I find it kind of disheartening. I’d love to have more women doing things like what I do, or even like what Saber and AC do.

How old do you think you have to be to like the show the way Bronies do?

0 years old.

DavidDorum: Hey Digi, a bit of a personal question. Did you ever receive any crap from people for chasing a career in writing and the arts? You know what I mean the typical,” get a job hippy” bullshit.

Yeah, no one has much faith in the idea that I’m going to succeed at this. It doesn’t help that I spent most of the last five years dicking around while saying that I was going to be a great writer, but yeah, it’s hard to make others feel as sure about what I’m doing as I am. Thankfully if nothing else, my dad thinks that I’m legitimately talented, and is willing to give me the space to work towards my ambition.

Vaster: You seem to know a lot about MLP, and your feed is filled with videos I haven’t even seen! Where and how do you find them?

I seek them out! Equestria Daily, reddit, and just exploring related videos on youtube, are all great ways to navigate the pony sphere.


3 thoughts on “Digibrony Q&A Part 1-E (Text Version + Links)

  1. “It’s nice to see a disabled character who isn’t defined by their disability.”
    Except that after applebloom called her a chicken, the entire fandom called her a chicken, and she was later called a dodo. Both chickens and dodos are flightless. Not that these names were tossed in the context of her inablity to fly (except in the fandom’s case) but it does make one wonder…

    “Based on IP content, there’s no way, unless the company was somehow in on it.”
    No, I’m pretty sure you could get away with it in satire. I highly doubt MAD for example has aquired the rights to EVERY character that appears in their various forms of media. I highly doupt that Sesame Workshop approves of Avenue Q, which disclaims any connection to them it’s self. I don’t know how copyright works and honestly people doing satire are making money off of other people’s IPs, but if the content is different enough like as is the case with Avenue Q, then I’m pretty sure they can get away with it, which is probaly why Sesame Workshop hasn’t sued.

    “What I’d like most is to have another EQD, with the same level of influence, run by someone else, just to have that split interest.”
    Isn’t there that one derpy hooves site?

    At :55 on your video
    “Taking the weekend off getting drunk and eating chicken finger’s”
    I geeked.
    How could you NOT want to watch this then?
    Trailer Park Boys:

    • Actually I did end up watching a few eps of this while I was drinking, because Dang-san was watching it. It’s a fun show, reminds me of an Adult Swim live action show but less ridiculous/more inspired.

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