Digibrony Q&A Part 2-A (Text Version + Links)

Links mentioned in video:


Game Grumps: http://www.youtube.com/user/GameGrumps

Pogo: http://www.youtube.com/user/Fagottron

Shane Koyczan: http://www.youtube.com/user/ShaneKoyczan

Tales of Mere Existence: http://www.youtube.com/user/AgentXPQ

The Gaming Brit: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGamingBritShow

JonTron: http://www.youtube.com/user/JonTronShow

Matthewmatosis: http://www.youtube.com/user/Matthewmatosis

egoraptor: http://www.youtube.com/user/egoraptor

redminus: http://www.youtube.com/user/redminus

CGP Grey: http://www.youtube.com/user/CGPGrey

Campster: http://www.youtube.com/user/Campster

HyperBitHero: http://www.youtube.com/user/HyperBitHero

SmallButera: http://www.youtube.com/user/SmallButera

My Drunk Kitchen: http://www.youtube.com/user/MyHarto

Not channels:

My canon: https://myswordisunbelievablydull.wordpress.com/digibros-canon/

Astolat’s bandcamp: http://astolat.bandcamp.com/album/the-faceless-mask

Text version of questions and answers (significantly different from video version):


Yehuda: Do you like the Walking Dead?

I haven’t seen nor read The Walking Dead so for now I have no opinion. I’ve kinda been burned out on zombies for years, though.

Rainbow Smash: Digibrony, will you be my waifu?

I need to see a picture of you and at least two forms of photo ID confirming that you are over 18, also we should probably get to know each other?

skybomb: do you like pokémon? If so, which is your favourite pokémon/type?

I have been a big fan of Pokemon since I was about eight, so yes! My favorite Pokemon is Munchlax,  after seeing the Destiny Deoxys movie. I don’t really have a favorite type of Pokemon. If you asked eight year-old me, it would’ve been fire type, and also my favorite Pokemon would have been Charmander.

Bowie-san: Do you like David Bowie?

Take a look at the lawman, beating up the wrong guy, oh man, wonder if he’ll ever know, he’s in the best-selling show. is there life on MARS?!

In all seriousness I’m not that familiar with Bowie, but I love a few songs.

Anonymous: Favourite Youtubers that are not bronies?

Technically I don’t think Egoraptor is a brony, so I’m gonna go with Egoraptor, AKA Arin Hansen. I pretty much am in love with that dude, and I swear to god I’m going to find some way to collaborate/hang out with him is it kills me. Besides him, I’m a big fan of Campster, who runs the video game analysis series Errant Signal, and I like JonTron’s videos too.

Actually here’s a list of channels I’m subbed to on my personal account: CGPGrey, TheGamingBrit, Matthewmatosis, Yahtzee, whose Zero Punctuation videos I’ve been watching on the Escapist since 2008, Nick Bertke also known as Pogo, Hyperbithero, Redminus, Agent XPQ who runs Tales of Mere Existence, SmallButera, and my most recent addition, Shane Koyczyan. I have put links to all of their channels in the description, but I’m too lazy to annotate them.

Jared Cameron: How old are you?

I am 21, and my birthday is August 8.

Siege: Opinion on DBZ’s new movie? Battle of the Gods?
I think it will kick so much ass they will make a new saga.

Never been a big fan of DBZ, though it’s uber-nostalgic for me. Probably won’t watch the new movie unless it’s somehow insanely badass.

Zoren: would you rather fight 50 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

I’m gonna steal CGPGrey’s answer and pick the big duck because he’s not likely able to walk.

DrawciaWitch: Do you play video games, and if so, what kind/what are your favorites?

The genres that I’m really big into are action-RPGs, platformers, and general action games. I used to be really into RPGs in general back in the day, but these days I lack the patience for turn-based battles and such. If you ask me what is the greatest game ever made, I will say Dark Souls hands down, even though I haven’t played all the way through it myself, and have mostly watched my friends play it again and again. Besides that though, my favorite game is Mass Effect 2. I’m a big fan of Tera Online, which I’m starting to get back into now that it’s gone free to play. My favorite platformer game is Super Meat Boy, and my favorite action-platformer is Super Metroid. I’m in the midst of playing Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams right now, which is also pretty awesome.

8bitpheonix: favorite anime?

It’s hard to say because I haven’t been watching much anime in the past year, but the one thing I rewatched in that time and reaffirmed as one of my favorites is Hourou Musuko.

Kay: -What is your favorite color?

I’ve been changing my mind about this forever, and I think I’m even close to coming full circle. As a kid, I loved blue, mostly because of the Blue ranger. And I loved the blue ranger because Billy wore glasses and was supposed to be smart, and I wore glasses and had been assured that I was very smart. In my early teens I really liked silver and dark slate blue specifically. In my late teens, I became really obsessed with the color red, because I identified a lot both with the connotations of passion, and with the visceral nature of the color. For a couple of years, all of my web pages and stuff were red, and I even dressed in all reda lot of the time.

Then, a couple of years ago, I calmed down a lot, and I started thinking that red was too intense a color for me, so I started using pink a lot. I think pink is probably still my favorite color, though I also really like purple and like to use it a lot. Last year, I basically themed everything on my computer around Twilight Sparkle, so now I’m very used to having purple all over my screen, and as a result, purple is often on the mind.

-What is the meaning of life?

Nothing has inherent meaning. We give it meaning by contextualizing it in our own minds.


Not a fan!

-Would you like to talk about Homestuck?

The thing about Homestuck, is that there’s so much to say about it, but I think a lot of what excites me about it isn’t the same as what excites others. I really love looking at it analytically, and I adore reading Andrew Hussie’s own analysis of the story. I also appreciate it a lot as a post-modernist clusterfuck, though I think Hussie has something against that phrase.

Abe: Do you like any other folk/black/doom bands besides Allagoch?

Yes! Okay, let’s do a quick run through my media player to see what stuff I’ve got. I’m fairly picky about music, so while I’ve probably heard and like a lot of bands like this, the ones I’m listing here are ones I’m a fan of.

Astolat is a progressive doom band that just released their first EP on Bandcamp, and it’s pretty cool stuff, definitely a unique sound for the doom genre, so they’re worth a listen. Putting a link to their bandcamp in the description.

Electric Wizard is probably my favorite straight-up doom metal band. Dopethrone, Come My Fanatics, and Witchcult Today are all fantastic albums. Listen to this shit while you play Arkham Horror, I promise it will be perfect.

Falkenbach is a classic folk metal band that I love. I tend to listen to them a lot in November to get into that sort of folky late-fall vibe.

I think Goatsnake counts as a doom band. I don’t listen to them as much as these others, but it’s solid shit nonetheless.

Getting into black metal, we’ve got the symphonic black metal band Mirrorthrone, which is some of the most intense music around. It’s just an insane, uber-dense cacophony of shit happening, and I love it.

Sigh is kinda sorta like black metal occasionally, and they’re one of my favorite bands, so I’ll probably say more about them later.

Solstafir is a pretty cool icelandic band that is somewhat like Agalloch, probably closer to Primordial, whom I’ve not listened to as much as I probably should.

Type O Negative is probably not popular to include as a doom metal band, but I don’t care because I like them. Bloody Kisses and World Coming Down are particularly great albums.

My favorite black metal band is probably the short-lived and little-known band called Uvall. Their album, October Turns… Ruined is extremely atmospheric, and has this feeling like sinking into a swamp on a bleak, foggy night. This is definitely worth checking out if you’re into black metal and atmospheric music.

Wolves in the Throne room is another awesome black metal band with a lot of atmosphere that I think is pretty universally liked. And I realize I forgot to mention Krallice, but when I think of one I always think of the other, especially because I saw them live together. Sick stuff.

Zoren: Do you have a steam?

Yes. I’ll probably regret saying this, but my steam name is Digibro. Note that I don’t play any online games, though.

Anonymous: Best car brand? Best car model?

I don’t know jack shit about cars, but I do know this. My dad runs a Volkswagon dealership, and as a result, I drive a 2012 VW Beetle. So, that brand, and that model.

Top five beers?

I’m still really in the early experimental stages when it comes to beers, and I also don’t entirely know what does or doesn’t count as a beer. So here’s a list of stuff I love drinking: Angry Orchard hard cider, Sapporo, most Samuel Adams beers, most Sierra Nevada beers, and most Stone Brewery beers.

Old or new YouTube?

Does anyone like new youtube over old youtube?


Whiskey is tough for me. It’s good, but it’s fuckin’ hard to drink.

What do you know about Sweden?

jag talar liten Svenska men min Svenska ar inte bra

What is your current studio setup? (Pc screen mic camera etc)

According to what it says on the front of my computer, it’s a Dell studio xps, but I don’t know much besides that. It’s from about 2010, and I really need a new graphic’s card. My monitor is also a Dell, it’s 1080p and 23 inches. I already covered the mic in an earlier question. As for camera, I just bought my brother a Canon Rebel t4i, so that’s what we’ll be using for all future video.

Global warming is a joke?

Dude, no.

Where is 14?

I truly have no idea what you’re asking.

Future plans?

My only plans are to make more youtube videos.

More ponies soon?

Of course

Love you’ videos man, never stop making them… Ok?


TheFightForSurvival: Do you know about BFDI? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

I had never heard of it until this question. Also, I wasn’t aware until recently that “object videos” was, like, a thing. I’ve been invited to do a voice in the next season of Inanimate Insanity, but I had no idea there was like a whole culture around this.

Lavosowns: What’s your opinion about high-class dessert vs. snack food? As in for example Game Grumps vs. Sequelitis, or over 9000 episode anime vs regular 13/26/52 episode anime, etc. What do you like more, endless medium quality products as something consistent to look forward to, or high quality products for something to seriously enjoy and flip out about but only have a this experience once and never again (or only in the distant future).

Well the awesome thing about life is that I get to have both. Obviously I’m a die hard fan of sequelitis and I’ve watched each of those videos upwards of twenty times, but I also watch Game Grumps every single day, so I really don’t have to make a decision here. When it comes to anime, I don’t usually have the patience to keep up with a long-running show, and it’s exceedingly rare for me to finish anything longer than 26 episodes, but in the case of anime, length and quality are also not directly related. The highest-quality anime I’ve ever seen was probably FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood which was over sixty episodes long, so there’s plenty of room for a long series to be great all the way through. I mean, just look at Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which has nearly 150 episodes when you include all the OVAs, and is widely considered to be one of the greatest anime ever made.

I realize this probably isn’t really what you meant, but I guess what I’m saying is that the dichotomy between high-class entertainment and snack food entertainment doesn’t exist or isn’t that important to me.

Jorge Weisson: what is your opinion of the urban art and graffiti? and do you have any favorite one or at least someone in which you´re interested to look about?

I don’t really know anything about urban art or graffiti, but I think it’s pretty cool from what I’ve seen. The thing about art with me is that I don’t tend to come back to it once. I look at a picture a few times, but I don’t tend to give much thought to it, unless I end up using it as a desktop or something. So with urban art, I might see it and think “wow, that’s cool,” but I don’t give much thought to it in the long run.

Littlevince: What are your thoughts on the recent PS4 announcement?

I’m sick of it. I’m pretty ready for the console industry to crash and burn. Honestly, I think the culture of games and consoles being put out to constantly maximize on graphics and flair and expensive games is shallow and starting to look desperate. More exciting games are being made on the PC on smaller budgets by indie developers, and technology is advanced enough now that even relatively cheap games from small developers look nice. More than anything, I just don’t really play any big-name tripple-A console games anyways, and the whole circus of consoles coming out and competing and games trying to push ten million copies at the outset looks bleak to me.

Paul: Have you played any of the Call of duty games?

I played Modern Warfare back when it first came out on my friend’s copy, and at the time, he was ranked in the top 100 in the country on the game. I thought it was fine as far as FPS go. It’s just a game about running around shooting dudes and then getting shot by dudes, I don’t think there’s a lot of thought to be put into it. It’s mostly a test of twitch reflex skills, and I’ve got no interest in building mine up. I haven’t played any of the twenty six clone games they’ve shoveled out since then beyond one or two matches in random places.

Ever thinking about making your own animations?

I would love to make my own animations. The problem is that doing so takes a lot of practice, and is incredibly time consuming. I don’t even have any drawing skills, so I have to build both skills as an artist and as an animator, and I just don’t have the patience for it. I much prefer to do projects where I can churn out piece after piece in short order, like I’m doing on my channel.

Have any pets?

My family owns a cat named Kilala, who is probably a little over eight years old now. She makes a point to piss me off at all times of day, and I take no part in taking care of her, so I wouldn’t say we’re friends.

Jordan Watts: What’s your opinion of Littlest Pet Shop?

Well, I just watched episode one for the sake of answering this question, so here’s my thoughts. I absolutely adore the design of Blythe, and the overall fashion sense of the show. The animation is solid, definitely above other similar Flash shows, though the thin limbs of the characters make movement look kinda awkward. Also the fact that Blythe’s head is nearly half of her mass. All of the voice acting seemed really solid, though obviously the actors hadn’t yet settled into the roles in the first episode. It’s weird to hear Ashleigh Ball play so close to her Rainbow Dash voice as Blythe. Altogether, the thing that is holding me back from getting into the show is the same reason I didn’t jump into watching it when it came out: I really don’t care about pets. I generally don’t like animals, and the ones in this show are kinda on a border between being cute and creepy looking. The dialog in this episode was weird, with parts that were really smart and funny, and other parts that were just bizarre. I’m interested enough to try another ep or two for sure.

Random-Analysis-Brony: You’ve inspired me to start my own line of analysis on the show and other subjects, and i was just looking for some advice from someone who’s been doing this for a while.

My advice about writing analysis is always, just to practice, and to find your voice. Figure out what your goals are in analyzing the work, and then set out to meet those goals. For me, it’s all about getting into the bones of why I like and care about the show so much, so there’s a big element of self-exploration. I’ve also been writing stuff of this nature for years, so I’ve had a lot of time to develop my voice.

Sussermus: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


How bout….
How much wood would you chuck if you were a woodchuck who could chuck wood?


How old was Clockerbarrel when said Jargon was clocked?


Last but not least, do you read Homestuck?


thepunksclub21: What’s your favorite food?

It’s hard to say, because I really fail at food. Lately, I’ve been sort of addicted to fast food, which I’m starting to think is pretty unhealthy. Luckily my favorite stuff is usually the medium-sized, four dollar menu items at places like Hardees and Arby’s. I could probably name my favorite food at each restaurant I frequent, but instead let’s talk about home meals.

More than anything else, I’m a die hard macaroni fan. Cheese and shells are the best, but I love all kinds of macaroni and cheese. If there’s an ulterior motive behind this question to give me food at Bronycon, I would love it if you brought me baked macaroni.

Do you play any valve games if so what’s your favorite?

Actually, now that I think about it, the only Valve game I’ve played all the way through was the multiplayer mode of Portal 2. I’ve seen Portal played all the way through though. I’ll probably catch some flak for this, but I don’t care for Half Life 2. If you want to know why, check out Campster’s video about the game, which is linked in the description. He pretty much captured my feelings about it.

– Do you like any animators on YouTube/Newgrounds?

Yes, I’m a huge fan of Egoraptor and all of his videos. I also really like SmallButera. As for MLP animations, obviously JAN Animations is pretty king, and HotDiggetyDemon is great as well. I’ve seen a lot more animations that I liked, but these are the ones whose names come to mind.

– When did you first discover YouTube, and how old were you?

I discovered youtube in early 2006, when I was fifteen. Early on, I just used it to listen to music, mostly Coheed and Cambria and The Mars Volta at the time. Back then, songs weren’t nearly as easy to find on youtube. Most songs were attached to AMVs, and other than that there were a lot of random live performances. I get really nostalgic when I go back through my favorite videos.

– Why are your family members so awesome? I wish my family liked MLP

I don’t know why they’re so awesome, it just kind of happened. My brothers like MLP because their tastes are very similar to mine, as a result of us growing up really close to one-another. All three of us watch a lot of anime, and we share a lot of favorites, for instance.

zargy: -Opinions on the global economy?

I don’t know anything about the economy. I just hope it doesn’t crash and burn on me.

-Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Books?

If you want to see a full list of all the stuff I’m a fan of, check out my canon, which is linked in the description. Also, I’m going to skip over music for now and address it later.

My favorite movie is currently Tangled. I saw it in January and it blew me away. A lot of the movies that I often consider favorites I haven’t seen in a long time, so I’m not confident about them, but a few years ago I was a really big fan of Inception and The Dark Knight, and I’ve always been a die hard fan of everything made my Quentin Tarantino.

My favorite TV Shows, not including anime or MLP, are The Venture Bros., Archer, and uh… man I really don’t watch TV. I guess I’ll sit down to watch anything with Gordon Ramsay in it.

My favorite book is House of Leaves, and I also really enjoyed A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. I really don’t read enough.

-Favorite Word?

I’ve actually been working on a list of my favorite words, after years of saying I was going to. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

and magnanimous

Anonymous: If you could be any other race (besides the one you are now) what would it be and why?

This is a confusing question, I’m not sure if you mean race as in skin color, or race as in species. Either way, I’m fine for now.

TheLionKingSimbaFan: Do you like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games? If yes, what do you like about both series?

I have not read either of these series. I mean I read the first two Harry Potter books when I was like eight, but I don’t remember much of what happens. I’ve seen the first, third, and fifth movies, but I don’t remember them well either. I’m not very interested in either franchise.

Lavosowns: Just out of curiosity, you mentioned the Touhou series in one of your videos. What do you like about Touhou and which would you consider your favorite character in chase you had one?

Touhou is awesome primarily because of the amazing design sense. I’ve played the games plenty and I think they’re awesome, but it’s always been mostly about the character designs for me. My favorites are the Scarlet sisters, because they’re adorable vampire girls and that’s just all kinds of my weakness. Also possibly my favorite picture I’ve ever drawn was of Flandre Scarlet, though don’t get me wrong it’s still not very good.

WeepingPegasus: What’s your favorite pass-time, besides MLP stuff?

I spend a stupidly absorbent amount of time on the internet. Like, it’s all I do for most of every day. I play video games, I watch shows, etc. but all of it is like a blip in the ocean of me shitting around on twitter, tumblr, reddit, and google reader.

Will you marry me?

At this rate, I’m going to become a polygamist, aren’t I?

UnovaBrony: Are you a Pokemon fan? If so, do you believe Pokemon Bronies should be their own group with Keldeo (legendary swordman pony) as their mascot?

Actually I have never seen a Keldeo before. But if you wanna start a group like that, go ahead!

Is Keldeo possibly BETTER than Ponyta/Rapidash as a Pokemon Pony and if putting Vic (Edward Elric’s VA)’s voice in the smallest swordman in the 15th Pokemon Movie a smart decision in Pokemon’s part?

I’m not really sure what you’re asking. Vic Mignona played a Pokemon?

Barricade: If you had a super power or more than one what would they be and what would your costume look like?

I want to be immortal. I don’t know if that counts as what you were hoping for, but the prospect of super powers isn’t all that interesting to me. Living forever, though, is something I’d love.

Play world of warcraft?

I used to play WoW back in 2006. I only ever played Undead, and I never made it past level eighteen or so. I played through the starting country like four times over a few years, but I’d always lose interest shortly thereafter. My friends played the hell out of the game, but they all complain now that Blizzard fucked it up. I haven’t played since probably 2009.

SmilePyrVulpi: Hi! What is your Jung Personality type? How does it relate to INTJ?

I took the test which was linked in this comment, and I got results of pure moderateness.
44% Introvert, 38% Intuitive, 25% Feeling, and 56% Perceiving.

Tonyredgrave666: What are your top 5 games? Also, can you please go into a short, but somewhat in-depth, explanation as to why using your powers of analyzing?

My number one game is Dark Souls. It’s the most deep and engrossing game that I know of, and to me the true definition of what an open-ended game is. It’s the true successor to Mega Man X as defined by Egoraptor, and one of these days I’ll do an hours-long analysis of the game.

Mass Effect 2 is my number two. It’s got the most engaging narrative in a video game, and a big cool universe to explore in fun ways. It’s beautiful and fun and I’ll be doing a gigantic epic analysis of the Mass Effect trilogy as soon as I finally get around to it.

Number three is Tera Online, because it’s addicting and gorgeous. The world is the best-looking that I’ve ever seen, and the character designs are beautiful. The action is satisfying even though it’s pretty one-note, and is enough to carry me through hundreds of hours of game time.

Number four I’m gonna go with Super Meat Boy. It’s the tightest platformer that I know of, with the most thorough exploration of its mechanics. It has a very quick pace and shitloads of content to keep the player busy forever.

And for five, I’m gonna go with Phantasy Star Online. This game is very simple by today’s standards, and when PSO 2 finally comes out it may have a chance to break the list instead, but PSO is kind of a big deal for my brothers and I. We’ve played the game like crazy no shortage of times for nearly ten years now, always offline, always with three or four players. It is, in my opinion, the best in-house multiplayer experience around.

Anonymous: What is your favorite song style?

I’m assuming this is meant to refer to musical genres. I don’t have a favorite, as I like music from all kinds of genres. I do know that I’m biased towards really dense music in which a lot of things are happening at once. Listen to songs by Shinsei Kamattechan and So Great And Powerful to see what I mean by this.

Play any instruments?

Sadly no. My family owns all the instruments to start a rock band, and then some, but I’ve never had the patience or the passion to learn to play anything. I like to consider myself a good vocalist, though, and I enjoy creating ambient noise tracks.

Will you answer this with a negative statement?


The end?


Since you have a higher level of influence than me, how about spreading the project of a huge pony Harlem Shake, just like BronyDanceParty did with the Smile project?

I’m still bitter about my OC being left out of the Smile project video, so no! Joking, but seriously I don’t know much about the Harmlem Shake. I saw the one ACRacebest did, and I saw the one that Bronyvids did, but that’s about it.

doctor_qhooves127: what is your name?


what is your quest?

To analyze the holy grail of cartoons

What is the air-speed velocity of an un-laden swallow?

W–well I don’t know that o-AHHH!!

why are there so many songs about rainbows?

Must be the rainbow connection

Anonymous: What other fandom’s have you been apart of?

I’ve been a big-time member of the anime community for a very long time. Before it became a video game and pony site, my blog was an anime blog for about five years, and I spent most of my time talking to fellow anime bloggers about all sorts of shows. Anime blogging is pretty much the only active role I’ve had in a fandom before ponies.

Sean Dillon: -What are your favourite non MLP fan fics?

Well that’s a hard question because I can’t even remember the last time I read a non-MLP fanfic that wasn’t some kind of comic or animation. I’m not really that embroiled in fanfic culture.

-Who do you watch on the internet?

I’ve been watching Zero Punctuation every Wednesday since 2008 because I love listening to Yahtzee’s voice. I’ve been watching Game Grumps every day since it started because I’m in love with Egoraptor, and I also watch JonTron ‘cause he’s cool too. Recently I started watching MovieBob’s shows on the escapist as well, which include The Big Picture and Escape to the Movies. I realize I kinda answered this question already when I talked about my favorite youtube channels, but I’m specifying these ones for this question because I watch these shows on a regular daily or weekly basis.

-Thoughts on Adventure Time

I like Adventure Time, but not nearly as much as most people like Adventure Time. My little brother is a die-hard fan, who cosplays Finn, bought the special edition 3DS game, and has bought all of the comics and spin-offs. I can’t get into it like that. I appreciate what it is, but it has this quality of being kinda too right. Like, the characters are a little too wish fulfillment, and the story just does whatever the hell it wants. These are good and bad things at once. If my opinions here seem half-formed, it’s because they are. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around why I don’t care about this show that much for a while now, but I think I need to watch the whole show chronologically before I’ll really figure it out.

I did like the comic book a bit more than the show, which has a lot to do with it being written by Ryan North. I’m a big fan of Dinosaur Comics.

-Do you read comic books, and if so, What are you reading right now?

Back in December, one of my friends and I started up a cultural exchange. He was going to teach me about comics, which he was passionate about, and I would teach him about anime and manga, which I was passionate about. He did a kind of poor job getting me into comics because he’s not as good at recommending things as I am, but it was enough to spark some interest and get me buying a bunch of stuff.

My favorite comic, without competition, is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which belongs in the upper echelon of my favorite creative works. After that, I’ve gotten pretty big into Hellboy and B.P.R.D., which pretty much covers all the non-DC stuff I’ve read. Because my friend is big into DC, and because I know those heroes better from my childhood, I’ve been focusing my attention on DC. The problem I have with comics is that I don’t care enough to get into these gigantic, exposition and crossover-laden expanded universes, so I’ve mostly been focusing on the New 52 comics so far.

My favorite New 52 series is probably Batwoman. I’ve read Elegy and the first New 52 volume, and I think it’s just gorgeous and badass in the best ways. I also really enjoyed the first volumes of Wonder Woman and Animal Man. Unfortunately, I can’t really buy comics anymore after leaving my job, but I’ll probably pick up volume two of Batwoman when the paperback finally comes out.

-Is The Simpsons still funny?

I’ve probably seen less than ten full episodes of the Simpsons, and I couldn’t possibly tell you what seasons they came from, so I have no idea.

-Thoughts on Invader Zim

Never watched it. I probably would check it out if someone convinced me I should. I know it’s not the same thing, but I enjoyed Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

-What is the worst cartoon series you have ever seen and why?

I don’t know about an American cartoon, but the worst animated work I’ve ever seen is a close competition between Loups;Garous, Kai Doh Maru, Ninja Resurrection, Bungaku Shoujo, and every single thing that studio Bee Train has ever produced.

-Why do people hate Johnny Test?

Personally I find Johnny Test obnoxious. It’s not really bad, just not really good. It’s very cheeky and self-aware in a way that kinda says, “we know this could be better, but we don’t care.” The animation is very weak, and the character designs are ugly. But more than anything, I just think it’s hard to follow. The show moves at the most breakneck speed I’ve ever witnessed, with plot and jokes whizzing by constantly. It’s sometimes headache-inducing for me. By the way, if you’re wondering why I’ve seen enough of it to talk about it, it’s because my little brother almost always has cartoon network playing in his room, and about two times out of five that I go in there, Johnny Test is on. They play the shit out of that shoe.

-If SOPA was passed, how bad would it have crippled the internet?

It would have absolutely wrecked everything, and I still fear the idea that something like this will come along again to make my life hell.

4 thoughts on “Digibrony Q&A Part 2-A (Text Version + Links)

  1. Ah yes Billy. I still like blue. Amusigly there have been plenty of blue rangers who are also nerds to some extent. Seems to go with the color, like how goofballs seem to be attracted to the green ranger position… except the first green of course.

    Personally like any techonogy I don’t think the video game industry has made any real signifgant improvements in the last 10-20 years. Oh yea, graphics improved, WHO THE HELL CARES? The only real innovation we’ve seen are things like online consle gaming, touch screens, voice commands, and motion control. All of which are severely underused.

    The six strikes law is already here, but aside from the obvious invasion of privacy it’s nothing to worry about. Now CISPA on the other hand…

  2. Hi DigiBrony,

    Great series of Q&A’s so far. A great many hours of sleep was lost this weekend :P

    One quick question: What is your opinion on NSFW content produced by the fandom? e.g. the clopper material that is produces?


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