Digibrony Q&A Part 2-B (Text Version + Links)

Links mentioned in video:

The 100 Characters for 100 Otaku series: https://myswordisunbelievablydull.wordpress.com/?s=100+character+for+100+otaku&submit=Search

My Deviantart: http://digibro.deviantart.com/

My favorite Shinsei Kamattechan song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kau4gncZaAU

Text version of questions and answers (very different from video version):

-If you were stuck on a desert island with only one movie, what would it be and why?

Gonna pick the director’s cut ten-hour version of The Lord of the Rings, because I’ve got a lot of time on my hands, and it takes a lot longer for a ten-hour movie to get old than a regular one.

-Would you like a jelly baby?

As long as you’re referring to the candy and not the sex act.

-Thoughts on Doctor Who.

Actually, I just put up a post on my blog, which I’ve linked in the description, in which I shared my thoughts on the first series, which I watched last month.

SomeRandomGeek: I noticed in one of your videos, you used Virginia Beach as an example as a place not known for fashion. Since that’s not a place specifically known for not being known for fashion, did you pick it cause you live in the area?

Yes. That is where I live.

Anonymous: Do you watch Doctor Who? And if so, who is your favorite Doctor? Favorite companion?

Because I’m really new to Doctor Who, my favorites are still Chrostopher Eccleston and Rose Tyler.

Anonymous: Will it Blend?


dai1313: I just wanted to know if you have been watching Tamako Market, and if so, what you thought of the show – particularly the character Dera Mochimazzi.

I watched the first episode of Tamako Market, and I thought it was really good, and I even thought about doing a thorough analysis of it. However, this was right at the time that I started having trouble with youtube blocking my videos, so I ended up focusing on making the MLP videos work. I didn’t end up continuing Tamako MArket for the same reason that I never end up watching any shows while they’re airing—a mix of laziness and forgetfullness.

ryko89: How is your life these days?

Completely overtaken by ponies. The month of February went by in a complete blur of watching ponies, talking about ponies, making videos about ponies, singing about ponies, etc. You see, the funny thing is that each of my viewers interacts with me individually. You see each of my videos, and you possibly talk to me through an instant messenger client, or through private messages on youtube, etc. But for me, I’m talking to ALL OF YOU, so I’m interacting with dozens of people on a regular basis, not to speak of my hundreds of commenters that I try to keep up with (though it’s quickly getting away from me). And all of this is between constantly consuming fan works and other analysis videos. It’s pretty overwhelming, but a lot of fun, too.

Do you like musical theater?

I’m fine with it conceptually, but I don’t know a lot about it. The only musical I’ve ever seen live (incidentally, the only professional-level play that I’ve ever seen live), was Jesus Christ Superstar, which is pretty damn cool.

What’s your favorite shirt that you own (not necessarily pony related)?

Hard question actually. I think the favorite of my friends is this a plain brown shirt that I sloppily wrote “SHIRT” on in permanent marker. We call it the “shirt shirt.” I also have the Dinosaur Comics “Panel 2” shirt, but it always takes forever for stuff to wash off of it, so I don’t get as much fun out of it as I should. Also I wrote “THOROUGH ANALYSIS” in it in pen, intending to wear it in one of my videos when I was filming myself, but I never got to do so, and now I’m realizing that pen doesn’t really come off.

I have a whole asslaod of band t-shirts and show t-shirts, a lot of which are pretty cool, so any of those would suffice. I’ve also got a shirt that says “You sure do got a purty mouth,” which I get a kick out of.

What’s your shoe size?

I think I wear like an eight and a half or nine. I have tiny feet.

Will you ever shave your hard to describe facial hair (not that it’s bad, just wondering)?

Actually I’ve been clean shaven since early January. In fact, it’s been cracking me up endlessly that people keep telling me they love my facial hair in those videos where I had it, because I put out a video right afterwards in which I was clean shaven. No one seems to watch that video though, so not a lot of people are aware that I shaved.

I also get the impression that people thought I’d been growing that bear for a long time. I had that beard for a grand total of two and a half months. I started growing in in October, because I knew No Shave November was coming up, and I wanted to participate. I kept the beard until January because it was cold, and I am always worried about utility before fashion (which is why I almost exclusively wear pajama pants). Once it started getting a little warmer, and the beard had started to get out of hand, I shaved it clean, and have kept it clean since.

Would you want to get married in the future?

The thing about marriage is that from what I understand, there’s a bunch of contracts and shit involved, and I find that highly disturbing. I don’t like to get involved in contracts and stuff, so I’d really rather just have a relationship without the marriage thing, unless we were going to have kids and a family and shit and I was very well-briefed on the benefits of marriage.

Do you have a deviantart? If so, who are your favorite deviants?

Yes, you can find me as Digibro on Deviantart, and see a list of my favorites there, since it would take me a while to list them all here. Link to my profile in the description.

What’s your real life first name?


Favorite band/musician?

My favorite band is Shinsei Kamattechan.

Halie: Do you like lolcats? do you have a favorite?

I hate animals.

JetH7: Do you like Kingdom Hearts?

No. I will probably end up making a video about this game on my video game channel one day, because I consider it my duty to talk about every noteworthy action-RPG, but it may not happen for years. For now, I’ll just say, I don’t like it.

Taylor: Have you ever watched Avatar: the last airbender? What did you think of it?

Yes, I have seen it, and I think it’s fucking awesome. I still haven’t watched past the first ep of Korra though, which I really ought to do.

Baka-Raptor: Since when did so many people love you?

Ponies dude. Ponies. And also, video, seriously. Baka I’m going to tell you seriously, if you turn your Unbiased Reviews series into video form, and did a good job of it, you might see some success. I’ll help promote it, too.

Waldo: You keep mentioning an anime blog that never took off. Why do you think that is, and why do you think your pony analysis videos are more popular?

Anime blogging is an interesting thing, because there is such a broad spectrum of what an anime blog is. There are anime blogs out there which rose to be incredibly popular, but most of them provide regular, fast coverage, often of a lot of random things. The biggest anime blogs very closely resemble Equestria Daily in terms of output, and I never wanted to be like that.

The next level of anime blogs, which are big but probably not enough to make money from it, usually covered a wide variety of shows on an episode-by-episode basis. I never keep up with many shows, and never ever keep up episode by episode, so these kind of blogs never appealed to me, and they had a tendency not to say much of worth about the episodes.

For me, it was always about covering shows on my own terms, with a heavy dose of analysis and observation, mixed in with my gonzo style of blogging. I had a decent following of readers, though mind you that my writing was absolutely awful for the early years of my blogging, and I still don’t like having to read anything that I wrote before 2011.

There are a lot of reasons I was never huge. I was inconsistent, I was obnoxious a lot of the time, I talked about a lot of things that people didn’t care about, I didn’t advertise very well, and I wasn’t trying to appeal to anyone but myself. I had about as many readers as I should have had.

If there’s a series that I’m disappointed hasn’t taken off yet, it’s my video game analysis, both on my blog and on youtube. I know that the problem is that I haven’t talked about any big games yet, which is why I’m focused on trying to make a Mass Effect video, even though I haven’t been working on that because PONIES.

Luck Bites: Did you know that tomatoes were thought to be poisonous a long time ago because everyone ate them off aluminum plates?

I had no idea! I still don’t like tomatoes though.

Were you obsessed with anything as a kid?

Yes. In fact, when I look back on my life, I see it as a chronicle of past obsession. In my early childhood, I was obsessed with Barnie and Whinnie the Pooh. The earliest obsession that I clearly remember was with the Power Rangers. After that, I got into Beast Wars. Next, I was obsessed with dinosaurs, because of Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Then I got big into Godzilla. The first obsession to become a long-lasting part of my life, though, was Pokemon, which I got into when I was about seven, and it kind of took over my life for the next four years. I still consider myself to be a Pokemon lifer, though I don’t keep up with it as well as I should.

After Pokemon, I became obsessed with anime, which I would consider to be altogether the biggest and most pervasive obsession in my life. There was a period in 2004 where I didn’t have cable, and streaming anime wasn’t really a thing yet, so I got really into video games. After that I went through a period where I didn’t have cable or any spending money and got really into music. Then I got obsessed with anime again, and at that point I was at the age where all my obsessions seemed to be staying with me, and balancing out.

And now, I’m obsessed with MLP

Do you like secret agent and sci-fi books and stuff?

Not really. I don’t read much to begin with, and those genres aren’t terribly interesting to me. I did think Skyfall was a fucking awesome movie, though.

How many hours of sleep do you get?

Way too many. I don’t usually set an alarm because I never know when I‘m going to pass out. My sleep schedule is totally erratic, and I probably average ten hours of sleep a day, often going up to twelve. Every month or so there’s at least one day that I sleep for like sixteen to eighteen hours. All that said, I hate sleep. I take forever to get to sleep, I have no concept of how people can make themselves sleep, and I consider it a giant fuckign waste of time. I’m really waiting for science to affordably eradicate the need for it.

What is your favorite school subject and which subject did you get the best grades in at school?

My favorite subject is none. I hated school and everything in it, and I made pretty mediocre grades in everything. My best subject was English, but I made Cs and Ds because I’d ignore all my homework and sleep through class, or write blog posts on the side. In eleventh grade, I failed Algebra 2 with like a 10 percent, because I decided I was going to sleep and read manga through class and blow off absolutely every assignment, but the next year I passed it with an A, so I guess I wasn’t bad at it after all. All in all, school was just a place I went because I was too crippled by depression, anxiety, and laziness to do something else.

Do you like cats?


Are you superstitious?

Not in particular. I like the idea of superstition, the idea that there are things seemingly innocuous things which can be dangerous, but I don’t really know the origins of most of the well-known superstitions, and I’ve seen to much evidence disproving them to buy into them.

Do you own a lava lamp?

Actually there’s quite a few lava lamps in my house, though I don’t think any of them still operate. My mom used to be a manager at Spencer Gifts.

What is your favorite kind of cake?

I’m not a fan of cake. If I have to pick, I pick vanilla.

Would you rather eat pickled bed bugs or swim in a red lake with a zombie?

Swimming in a red lake sounds pretty badass, zombie or not, so that one.

Do you have any fears and have you ever almost died?

I have one crippling phobia I’ve been struggling to get over which I will not share, and I have had a couple of faint brushes with death, but nothing serious.

FiveOFlutter: What shampoo do you use?

I use Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo, various kinds because I don’t really know what kind of hair I have.

zeusassassin: Have you played any Sonic games? If so, which one is your favorite? Do you have a favorite level?

Okay I’m probably gonna get some hate for this, but I really don’t like Sonic games. Any of them. I grew up with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and I have a lot of nostalgia for it, but I think it’s a terrible game, and I don’t like the old games either. I’ve linked a post in the description where I talk about one of the big reasons I don’t like the franchise on a conceptual level.

Nate: What is the speed of sound in a vacuum?

Nothing, according to google.

Cro-Magnon Man: Do you like classic rock?

I’m not big into what I understand to be classic rock. Most of the older rock bands I like are prog bands, like Pink Floyd, Rush, King Crimson, and Steely Dan. I do like some of the classic songs like Carry On My Wayward Son, but they aren’t a big part of my listening.

Luck Bites: Do you watch “mystery diagnosis” or anything similar?

Never heard of it until just now, but it doesn’t sound like my thing.

Do you know anyone named Soak, Potato, Cash or Shark? Have you ever played Poptropica?

No to all of those.

AngelicTurtle: What was the first video game you ever played (or the first one you remember playing).

If the Sega Pico counts as a game console, then the first games I remember playing were the Whinnie the Pooh, 101 Dalmations, and Mickey Mouse games on the Pico. Beyond that, in my early childhood, my parents were scared to let me play video games, because I have a cousin who’s around eight years older than me who was incredibly violent and aggressive, and played video games, and this was the 90s and all.

I remember playing Super Mario World and Mega Man X on a friend’s Super Nintendo, but I had no idea what the fuck I was doing and didn’t enjoy myself. The first time a video game caught my attention was when my aforementioned cousin brought over an N64 and Diddy Kong Racing in something like 1996. That Christmas, he gave us his N64 and two semi-functional controllers, and that was how I grew to know video games. They probably didn’t become a big part of my life until Pokemon Red, though.

Supergub: What is your favorite movie in each of the following genres: comedy, horror, and adventure?

My favorite comedy movie is Pineapple Express, no contest.

My favorite horror movie is Gozu, if it counts. By the way, everyone who can handle weird shit should see this movie, and should read as little as humanly possible about it before doing so.

My favorite adventure movie is Tangled, if not The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

What is the most frequent activity that you have done, excluding work, school, and working on YouTube content, over the past month?

Well, I haven’t done any work or school, but outside youtube content, I’ve had a hell of a lot of instant messenger conversations. I’ve also spent a lot of time drinking and/or drunk, smoked more cigarettes than I probably should, and spent as much time dicking around on the internet as ever.

What is your favorite drink?

I have been hideously addicted to Mountain Dew for a very long time. Lately, I’ve mostly been drinking Whiteout, which is the newish Citrus version of Mountain Dew and is stupidly good. No joke, I could easily put together a fifteen to twenty minute video analyzing and instructing on the best ways to drink Mountain Dew. The drink is a kind of big, albeit miserable, part of my identity.

Can you identify where the 10th question is quoted from?

Yes. It is from Somebody to Love by Queen.

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Idk man, I’d have to find one for myself first.

Anon: I’ve always wondered, have you ever written a novel? if so, what’s it called?

I have never finished a novel, though not for lack of trying. I actually completed 50,000 words during NaNoWriMo in 2010, but the novel was a huge fucking mess, and I gave up on trying to fix it. Since then, I’ve mostly given up on long-form literature, and I much prefer short-form flash fiction and non-fiction.

Dave Eash: You get to have lunch with one person. You can ask them anything during this lunch. They can be from any time, past, present, or future. Who is it and why?

I’d like to have lunch with my good friend ghostlightning. He lives in the Philppines, and I got to stay with him for a month a couple of years ago. I’d like the chance to visit his house and have lunch with him again and say hi to his family.

Mirne23: How many TV series have you watched, anime, cartoon, or otherwise? How many have you analyzed?

According to My Anime List, I’ve watched at least one episode of over one thousand anime series, and completed nearly five hundred of them. Outside of that, I’ve probably seen a normal number of cartoons. I’ve analyzed hundreds of anime, but the only one I ever analyzed every episode from start to finish was FLCL.

What is your day job?

I make youtube videos! For very little money!

Neonz: – Are you currently in school? And (unless you haven’t graduated high school yet), what are you studying?

I am a college dropout right now. When I graduated high school, I went to a community college with my mom for five semesters. I took multimedia classes for the first semester, then switched to online business classes in the second semester which I failed spectacularly (long story for another time), then I did one English class for a summer semester, went back to multimedia for the next semester, took a semester of core classes so I could try and transfer to a university to take more English classes, but then got sick of it all, dropped out, and spent a month in the Philippines. Meanwhile my mom graduated in photography.

Are you really going to answer all of these? Celestia be with you.


Mysteriously Handsome Mustache: If I devour your face, do I gain your powers?

Well there’s only one way to find out now isn’t there? But you better come prepared!

derpy: do you have a gf?


Mutton Lefay: Do you have any future career plans or hopes?

I hope to make a living doing analysis. One way or another, I want this to become my life.

Esorial: How often do you bring in others opinions to your works, by which I mean analyses?

All the time. There is no such thing as original ideas. I carry a heavy load of ideas into all my my analysis from years of reading and writing stuff like this. I was hugely influenced by my friend and fellow anime blogger ghostlightning, as well as better-known reviewers such as Roger Ebert and Yahtzee. I’ve been sharing a lot of ideas with AnY Pony, Byter, and the guests on the Crepuscular Bronies podcast, as well as with Bronycuriuos, and all of us have made reference to one-another in our videos.

Anonymous: Do you have any professional experience as a reviewer?

Nope! This channel is the closest to pro that I’ve ever been.

ItWasUnderE: Do you have any siblings, if so, do you share interests?

I have two younger brothers, and as I mentioned earlier, we share interests because of the fact that we’re all very close. That said, there are differences in what we care about the most.

My twenty year-old brother is very passionate about giant robots, and has a huge collection of model kits that he built. He likes anime of every genre, but is biased towards robots and uplifting stories, with his favorite being Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. He likes ponies for their uplifting nature as well.

My fifteen year-old brother likes things that are cute, fun, and lighthearted. He prefers comedy anime about girl characters, and getting into MLP was kind of a natural transition for his taste once he got over the kneejerk pony reaction.

Both of them are also much bigger gamers than I am. The older one plays a lot of the new releases and stuff, preferring action and adventure games, whereas the younger plays a lot of free-to-play online games with his friends.

What’s your fastest WPM? (maintaining ~90% accuracy)

I took a few tests just now, and my best score was 67. I probably type a little fast than that on average, because I wouldn’t be reading the thing I’m trying to type most of the time (though I do have to stop to form words every so often).

What timezone are you in?


Nash Tei: Which bands do you listen to besides bronies? Arcade Fire Perhaps?

I’ve never really listened to The Arcade Fire, but here’s a list of my favorite bands: Shinsei Kamattechan, Agalloch, Coheed and Cambria, Protomen, Silversun Pickups, Boris, Circle Takes the Square, Comus, The Dear Hunter, Electric Wizard, Fozy Shazam, Isis, Mark Lanegan, Manchester Orchestra, The Mars Volta, Mastodon, Maximum the Hormone, Mindless Self Indulgence, Opeth, Portugal the Man, Sigh, and Steely Dan.

Nash Tei: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A professional analyst! See, I’m already grown up.

Who is your favorite american president?

I, uh, don’t have one! I don’t have much knowledge of historical presidents.

Do you plan on making videos forever, or What kind of legacy do you want to be remembered by when you leave youtube?

As long as youtube remains the best, and most viable platform for video making, and as long as videos remain the best means of communication, I will be making videos. As technology and the landscape of the internet changes, I will change to keep up with it.

Dana Ford: Do you think tardigrades are awesome?

What the Fu… AAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Anonymous: Do you know how to fix computers?

Not even slightly. I rely on my computer-savvy friend to handle everything.

Zapple: I love you. Will you Marry me someday? We could have a beautiful honeymoon in Hawaii where we could watch the sunset while laying on the beach together… Doesn’t that sound nice? C’mon. Please? <3

Actually I live at the beach and I kinda hate the beach.

Scorpion_23: Miracle Whip. Yes or no?


Devixicus: Minecraft? Roleplay? Minecraft Roleplay?

I haven’t played much Minecraft. My fifteen year-old brothers has spent literally thousands of hours playing the game, running his own servers and stuff, and I’ve watched way more of him playing than I ever should. I’ve probably spent a good twenty hours in the game when I was building Glasslandia, which was going to be an entire city made of glass, with vast underground passages and a giant, magnificent tower, from which reigned a totalitarian overlord. But yeah I never came close to finishing it.

I’ve never done roleplay in video games, but I used to run forum RPs back when I was in my early teens. I also play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, but we don’t get into character or anything.

What are some other cartoons that you really like?

Not including anime, I’m a big fan of The Venture Brothers and Archer. I also like The Boondocks, American Dad, Gravity Falls, and Metalocalypse, to cover still-running shows. Others I liked are Avatar: The Last Airbender and 12 Ounce Mouse. I like some of the other Cartoon Network shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, but I mostly just catch them when they’re on and I happen to be in my brother’s room.

Anonymous: have you watched the anime code geass?

Yes, although I still somehow haven’t finished R2. I watched up to episode ten while it was airing, and then just sort of fell off the bandwagon as I tend to do. I’m very familiar with what happened, though, and I vividly remember being on 4chan’s anime board during the finale and watching it absolutely explode.

Brandon: What are your thoughts on the Battlefield vs CoD controversy?

I could not possibly give less of a fuck since I don’t like either franchise.

Who are your role models?

My biggest role model is my good friend ghostlightning, who has been my mentor for the past four and a half years. I also really look up to Roger Ebert, Egoraptor, and Campster as reviewers. In terms of prose and fiction, I look up to H.P. Lovecraft and Oscar Wilde.

theboredotaku: If you could jump in a jar of Jelly what flavour would it be?


M.A.C.: You mentioned in your “Mane six ages” video that you’ve been writing for aprox. 7000 hours, I was simply wondering, what do you write and how did you get into writing?

Well, you may remember way the hell back at the start of this QnA, I mentioned that I’d spent a lot of my childhood writing my own magazines. I probably didn’t think of this as writing per say, but it was a start. I also had a video game I’d been conceptualizing for about a year when I was ten, which was called Puzzling, and I thought that if I drew all the levels, enemies, and items, wrote a gameFAQs style guide to how it’s played, and sent it to Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo would give me two million dollars. Don’t ask me how I reached any of those conclusions.

After spending a very boring summer writing my first magazine and drawing shit for Puzzling, I started working on a written sequel to Puzzling called Puzzling Two: Golden Fantasies, which was meant to be a reference to Golden Sun and Final Fantasy, even though I’d never played any Final Fantasy games and only know about them in legend. It was an incredibly generic adventure story but, again, it was a start.

In eighth grade, I took a creative writing class, which in retrospect I’m amazed they even had, though that was probably the nicest school that I ever went to so that would be why. In this class, I learned some of the fundamentals, and was positively reinforced both by generally being better than my classmates, and by the undeserved praise of my parents. I became especially proud of my poems and wrote a lot of poems that I hope I’m never forced to read again at any point.

In my teens, I spent a lot of time on forums, and I ran some forum RPs, which probably did more to develop my writing skills than the dozens of failed stories I tried to write. It was really rare for me to write more than the first page of a story, and a major victory if I wrote like ten.

This trend continued into the years when I started blogging, and realized it was much easier and more satisfying to write about myself as opposed to fictional stories. When I figured out how to combine writing about myself with writing about things that I liked, I think I’d found my niche, even if I didn’t quite realize it yet.

I spent most of high school writing blog posts constantly. I know I’ve mentioned my anime blog a few times, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned that it was insanely prolific. The highest density of my writing was February 2009 when I published sixty posts in a month. Though seriously, with this QnA alone, I think March is going to be my new most prolific month.

Basically, the realization that I enjoyed and was starting to get good at writing blog posts was what drove me to stop trying to write fiction, and a while later I realized that the kind of writing I like to do was not only a viable career, but possibly even more viable than fiction writing. And uh, here I am!

snivy17: Will we be seeing that epic beard again?

Maybe not for a long while, but when it gets cold again, you can bet I’ll be keeping my god damn face warm.

Kamina, Simon, or Kittan?

WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?! No but for real I can’t chose, partly beacuse it’s been too long since I watched Gurren Lagann.

Who DA F is Hank?

I have no fucking idea.

hexaguin: Metric or imperial?

Imperial is a lot easier for me because I grew up with it, and I have a great sense of what five feet looks like, better than I do 130 centimeters. I wish I was better with metric though because universal standards are a good thing.

Any other hobbies beside videos?

Quite a few. You can see a collection of pretty much everything I work on at my website linked in the description. The thing I would most describe as a hobby is my band, since we mostly do improvisational music, and no one takes it very seriously. I love our music, but I’m the only one who listens to it.

What are these weird things on my back?

Idk dude see a doctor.

Yecki: Did you ever create a backstory for an oc (not needing to be pony) if so, wanna share that?

This is a complicated question, because any character which I’ve created would be an original character, and I’ve created HUNDREDS of characters for my various stories, many of which have fairly detailed backstories. So, I’d rather not get into those.

How would you keep yourself entertained, if power went out for 2 weeks?

Well it’s happened before during hurricane season, though years ago. The most recent time that our power went out for a whole day, we had about eight people come over and we played Arkham Horror by candlelight. I think we could easily sustain that for two weeks.

5 thoughts on “Digibrony Q&A Part 2-B (Text Version + Links)

  1. I’ve been thinking about going more AV lately, not so much to become popular but to break my rhythm, which has felt stagnant for a while. The challenge is building a workable system. As I am right now, I’d spend way too much planning/editing for my liking. One of the reasons I took that improv class is to help overcome that. I’ll experiment with it a bit over the next few months and see how it goes.

  2. Have you ever seen the either of the animes “Spice and Wolf” or “Strike Witches.” They are my personal favorites even though I have only seen season one of each.

    • Strike Witches is one of my favorites. Definitely check out season 2, it’s amazing! I saw S1 of Spice and Wolf way back when it aired, don’t remember it too well though.

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