Digibrony Q&A Part 3 [After Dark Mode] (Text Version + Links)

Text version of questions and answers (different from video version):


Gebriel Gattaglia: You’ve mentioned working on a Tulpa in one of your videos in the past. How did you find out about Tulpa? Is your Tulpa still around? Do you believe it was essentially sentient by the time you were “done” with it?

There have been a lot of questions about this Tulpa thing, and I kinda wish I’d never brought it up, because in the long run it has not proven very interesting to me. I don’t know if what I did is really the same as what other people are doing, especially because most accounts of Tulpamancy seem to involve having a strong bond with the Tulpa and doing a lot of activities with it.

Now, as for me, I’ve always been really enamored with the idea of existing half-in, half-out of fantasy. I have a habit of writing this really meta fiction, in which I am a part of the story, and am self-aware of this fact, or the character in the story are aware of what I am in it. So, I basically have this fictional universe that is purposely interwoven with my own reality, and all I really did was pull a character from that universe into mine, define its shape, and start talking to it.

The problem is that this didn’t really do anything for me. I had no desire really to hang out with Holy at all, and she had her own shit to be busy with in the metafictional universe where I pulled her from so, that was pretty much that. It’s not so much a question of whether she’s around and exists, it’s more a matter of if I have any purpose for her, which I don’t. She “exists,” I think, inasmuch as such is possible, but is still mostly just in a metafictional reality.

As for how I found out about Tulpas, I first saw the word in the comments of my first hypnosis video and looked it up on reddit.

zargy: -Do you like clopfic?

My opinion on clop is the exact same as my opinion on every other form of media: I like it if it’s good. I have no moral or personal objection to any kind of story, and I can assure you that I had read and enjoyed far weirder shit than clop before I ever got into MLP. I have read at least one really phenomenal clopfic, so as far as I’m concerned, the genre is worthwhile.

thepegasista: How big is your penis?

*arin’s penis song*

Sean Dillon: -Using evidence solely from what the show has given outside of one off jokes, answer this question: Is Rainbow Dash a lesbian?

Okay, serious answer? If it’s up to me, everyone’s a lesbian. Just everyone. I am massively biased towards lesbians.

-Who would win in a fight to the death: Rainbow Dash or Applejack?

Assuming they can’t use weapons or anything, and following along from their competition in Fall Weather Friends, I’m going to say neither has a particular physical advantage. Therefore, I’m going to pick Applejack, because she has more to fight for, and therefore will never give up, no matter how brutal and lengthy the battle becomes.

-What is the best portrayal of Rape in fiction and why?

Why in the hell would I have an opinion on this? I guess, objectively speaking, the most realistic portrayal of rape and its consequences would be the movie Irreversible. I don’t recommend watching this movie unless you have a really strong stomach.

Nathan: I’ve been following your Pony Hypnosis project videos on digibronyafterdark, and you talked about becoming your Digibrony Pony is your second update video, I think it would be very interesting to become My OC, do you think you could help?

The thing about OC hypnosis is that it would have to be personalized for every person’s OC, and I’m not interested in writing and recording a whole bunch of personalized hypnosis videos (which I’d have to do, because I’ve gotten a number of requests about this. In the discussion on my hypnosis post, some guys have been trying to work out a set of generic pieces that could be put together to form an OC script, so you can get involved in that discussion if you like, but I’m probably not going to do a whole ton of recordings for the hypnosis project, at least not in the near future.

Sketch: has any pony ever sent you any fan pics of ur pony in Hentai if not can I be the first ^_^

No one has sent any yet, but a few people have expressed interest, so yes, you can still be my first. I mean, the first.

How do you feel about grimdark fanfiction/art?

The same way I feel about anything else: if it’s good, it’s good. I really enjoyed the ask blog Pinkamena Diane Pie for instance, which I’ll be doing a video about in the near future.

TimeRight: I have been watching you since you released your too many pinkies video. now my question is: what is your thoughts on the Mare to stallion ratio(i believe 4:1) and how it effects/might effect equestrian society? How would this effect: marriage laws, the sexual orientation of most of the populous (and equestria’s tolerance to it?)

If the mare to stallion ratio is really what it seems to be, then I do think it should suggest same-sex relationships, and the legalness thereof. I’ve been told by people who went to all-girls schools that the rampant lesbianism fantasized to come out of them is very real. Or rather, even if they aren’t lesbians, a lot of girls will hook up just for the sake of companionship. I do think there’s something to be said for the idea that male ponies probably have to play the role of breeder to a number of females, but I also think it’s probably that there’s a lot of mare/mare couples out there. Plus, if I haven’t made it clear yet, I’m totally biased towards lesbians.

Anonymous: what colour underpants are you wearing right now?


Anonymous: Which of the mane six do you think would be most likely to smoke marijuana?

The obvious choice is Pinkie, since she’s a party animal, and already seems to be on a different plane of thought. I like to imagine that Pinkie was stoned during One Bad Apple, for instance. It’s really easy for me to imagine both Applejack and Rarity smoking pot, possibly together. In Rarity’s case, I think it’s because most of the people whom I know to smoke weed are older women, and Rarity is closest to that personality type. In AJ’s case, it’s just easy to picture her chilling under a tree smoking a blunt. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash both seem like they’d probably get really paranoid if they smoked, but Twilight could probably use the stress relief.

I don’t smoke weed, by the way, if you were curious, but I hang out with some really passionate stoners.

Supergrub: Are you a “clopper”, and if so, what is your favorite clopfic?

I haven’t read many clopfics, but the best one I’ve read was hands-down, Getting To Know him by Sleepless Brony. The first chapter is fucking hilarious, and the second chapter is perhaps the most erotic thing I’ve ever read, regardless of ponies. There was also one called Jack/Off, which had an amazing plot twist at the end.

Anon: have you ever fully believed you were twilight or anypony else?




Now that you are reading this, which is your favorite lesbian (nohate) mane 6 couple- if any?

This is very difficult, because I kinda like all of them. They’ve all got their strengths. If you twist my arm, I’ll probably go with Appledash, to match my favorite with the cutest.

Marry me maybe? <3

Everyone gets a maybe.

Can you ignore question three?

Too late.

uolbu: Are you aware of the sexual context that Pony Hypnosis can have?

Well, at least one person told me they fapped to my Twilight recording, so yes. I didn’t go into the hypnosis topic giving the sexual aspect any consideration, but I think it’s pretty obvious that there were going to be people who take it there.

Do you consider it to be relevant to the general topic of Pony Hypnosis?

Sure. It’s not a part of the topic that I’m particularly interested in addressing, but it’s fit to be a part of the conversation (which you’ve just made it).

Do you like/dislike MLP being sexualized (in the sense of it being a more diverse fandom that way)?

I have the expectation that everything is going to be sexualized, after years spent on the internet. I knew going into the MLP fandom that I was going to see that stuff, and I only avoided it at first while I was mentally preparing myself for it. I’m totally fine with the sexualization as a means of expression.

Do you personally enjoy sexualized content of MLP as porn, art, storytelling?

Yes to all three.

Is plot worshipping cute, silly or just sincere?

I have never heard of it.

Are you a follower of the great plot?

If the question is do I follow ask Princess Molestia, I haven’t followed it, though I’ve some of it and I think it’s solid stuff. The dominatrix aspect doesn’t really appeal to me, but it’s fun to read.

In case you you didn’t guess already, I’m kinda into BDSM and consider myself a sexual deviant in hell-I-don’t-know-quite-a-few ways. Is that something you ever considered for yourself or you have any opinion on? I ask specifically because your comments on how you like stories about insomnia kinda made my kinky sense tingle and I don’t even know why. ^^ So is that related or am I just plain wrong?

I have only a moderate interest in BDSM. I will say that I have a bit of a sadistic streak, but I really can’t say how this applies to sexuality because I haven’t actually participated in it. I have never cared for BDSM porn, but I don’t know if it would be different if I tried it in real life. If I had a girlfriend who was open to that kind of experimentation, I would definitely be interested in trying it, though.

An Ask Tumblr that I like and enjoyed a lot when it was new (less so now) is Little Miss Rarity. It features a Rarity that becomes addicted to pain after an incident with her cat and a little shout out to the pinkamina pie tumblr. Again, do you know it, and is it something you (would) like/dislike? And why?

I haven’t heard of it before now. I looked it up and the art doesn’t really appeal to me, though.

Tyler: Who is your fave pony to clop to?

I don’t really have one.

Anonymous: If you had to fight one of the characters from the show in a fight to the death, who would it be and why? Do you think you would win the fight?

I would pick Tank. He’s slow, he’s weak, and he has a long, thin neck. If he tried to hide in his shell, I’ll drown him in it.

ruolbu: Do you know about Laci Green? http://www.youtube.com/user/lacigreen (proper sex ed is always relevant, in case you were wondering why the shift in topic

Not until just now, gonna check her out.

After watching a few episodes, do you like what she does?

This is fucking awesome, watching all of it.

Erik: Bro, do you even lift?

NIGGA I WILL BENCH YOU BENEATH THE TABLE, no I’m kidding I can’t lift for shit.

Anonymous: What is the password for your Youtube account?


Anonymous: What’s your favorite porn vid?

Do people keep track of this? I don’t, like, know the names of porn vids, or really rewatch a lot of them. It’s all kind of a skinny Asian blur.

nicklesfoc: Do cloppers have the right to bash furs?

Hell no.

truezangetsu: If you clop which pony/ponies do you clop to and are there scenarios which you think while you clop to said pony/ponies?

I’m not going to get into detail about this, but I’ll admit that I’ve conceptualized fanfics worth of scenarios, and I’d probably write those fanfics if I was a person who ever got around to writing the fanfics I conceptualized.

Luke: What are your favorite character ships? Straight, gay, and lesbian.

Okay, my favorite straight ship is probably Rarity and Fancy Pants, because Fancy Pants is the fuckin’ man. I haven’t thought of any gay ships, but I do think the ones involving Braeburn generally feel the most sense-making. As for lesbian ships I love ALL OF THEM.

truezangetsu: What do you think of cousins along the second degree of blood relations (second cousins or first cousins once removed and soforth) dating and of being in a relationship that has sexual aspects and what would you do in a situation in which your cousin (second or first once removed) who is ten years your junior had a sexual attraction and actual feelings of love for you?

If this theoretical cousin was ten years my junior, then she would be eleven, so I’d definitely pass on that one. As for cousins dating, I have no problem with the idea. I don’t think I want to date any of my cousins, personally, but if you’ve got a really hot cousin who seems to be into you, then go for it.

Someone: How sexually active are you and/or what kind of sexual relationships do you want to have?

I am a total virgin. No idea what I want, since I’ve never been to that stage of a relationship (or in one, for that matter).

Anonymous: Boxers or briefs?


zyber: What is your most Weirdest/Darkest/Secret Fetish

If you ever want to feel like you’re definitely going to hell, regardless of your religion, check out one of my favorite manga, called Tokyo Akazukin.

colonelkusak: What do you do
If you want to do a poo
In an English Country Garden

I drop trow. And squeeze out, a Cleveland Steamer, on the grass.

Do you think naughty thoughts when drinking apple juice?

No, but when I drink hard cider I like to imagine I’m on Sweet Apple Acres.

The Dovah Brony: Are You A Virgin? If Yes Can I Have Your Babies? ;)

No one is having my babies. Not for at least another ten years. Also, why do I have to be a virgin? Not interested in spoiled goods?

Twilight Sparkel: If I keep doing the pony hypnosis for Twilight will eventually have some effect on me? If yes if I keep doing this will the effect rise!?

I don’t know, maybe, depends on how you react to it really.

the zoombie: will you do more hypnosis readings on digibronyafterdark?

I intend to read a modified version of the Twilight script that someone put together in the comments of my hypnosis post. After that, I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’ve lost a lot of interest in the project and kind of feel that it can be better handled by other people, but I may become active in it again in the future.

Orion Delta: Are you a furry?


BloodSpirit: Have you ever attempted to bite off your toenails, grind them up, and then inject the toenail juice into your veins?


PinkamenaThePuppeteer: Hey, I know this is going to sound kind of gross and disturbing, but I’m actually genuinely curious to know. Theoretically, if you were trapped in an inescapable room with the dismembered body parts of your two favorite ponies for 5 days, and the only way you could stop yourself from dying of dehydration/starvation before escaping was to eat them, would you, and which would you start on first?

Yes I would eat them. I would probably still be horribly malnourished because marshmallows don’t have any water in them, so I’d possibly die. And I’d start with AJ cause idk, orange marshmallows seem strangely alluring.

dirtydan: Hey Digibrony, have you ever played Super Contra and also does your mom have a dick?

NO, my mother does not have a DICK. I believe you knew this before you asked.

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