1 thought on “On Curating Comments and Chats (Audio Only)

  1. This is merely an opinion based on what little I’ve seen, but from my experience massive exposure always comes at the cost of lowering the overall quality of the feedback one recieves. Game grumps is one of the many examples out there on the interwebz.
    I don’t know if it’s something inherent to the exponential growth of the participating population, or if its a side effect of the lack of active participation between the content creator and the “fans”, or a mixture of both, but every time something hits the mainstream status in a given culture or subculture the amount of participation explodes exponentially, but the quality drops just as much.

    This is specially true with non-written media. Pictures and videos lend themselves to mindless (although harmless) feedback. dA is the best example. On the most famous artists you will hardly find (if any) a thoughtful comment about the deviation itself. Instead, its just a never ending chain of “nice”, “first”, “amazing”, “you’re so good” and so on. And even if these comments are WAY better than the ones often found on youtube, that is not to say they’re helpful or constructive or anything.

    Heck, now that I think about it, this is a problem mostly found on non-written media. I firmly believe that written media promotes thinking and reasoning, whereas video and picture media lend themselves to be consumed more easily, and this reflects directly on the comments.

    I still think your idea of managing the comments section by answering to the comments as much as posible is really good, but its something unrealistic in some scenarios. Maybe mods or something like that could help, but still, when you have thousands of messages to read and reply it can be overwhelming.

    I’m wondering, disabling the comments right of the bat would be a viable alternative? I mean, I’m sure that would annoy a lot of people, but would it detriment to the quality of, say, a youtube channel?

    I dunno….

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