Six Years Of Blogging Is All I Can Remember

Whoa. WordPress gave me a notification that it’s been six years since I opened this blog, at what I’m fairly certain was the exact minute of the day when I did so. Freaky! I usually celebrate my anniversaries on the fifteenth, since that’s when I made my first post, but I did create “Digital Boy’s Anime Bloggin'” on the 14th. I would’ve missed it completely this year if not for that notification because, uh… I was too busy blogging!

Interestingly, the first time I actually posted about this site’s age was on its fourth birthday. Then, I mused that I’d been running the site for a fifth of my life. Now we’re running over a fourth. And, importantly, that’s most of the time that I actually have memory of. I can’t really remember life before blogging.

Last year, I copied Ghostlightning’s third-year anniversary post in two parts. Ghostlightning has stopped blogging and watching anime since then. I have too, just less officially. I don’t think I need to explain what I’ve been doing instead.

I’ve always said there’s no reason this site should ever close, and that I’d probably run it until wordpress eventually becomes useless or shuts down, and there’s no reason to doubt that this remains true. Yeah, my youtube and even my tumblr are more active and relevant at this point, but this site still has plenty of uses and as much versatility as ever.

And more importantly, I love it <3

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