Digibro’s Media Journal (May 2013)

I’ve either hit an all-time low of media consumption, or I seriously need to change my definition of what counts as media. I spent a stupidly huge amount of this month watching MLP videos, which is why I really need to make that it’s own thing as I’ve been promising—it’s just hard to keep track of all of it. In the meantime, I didn’t touch any anime, game controllers, or comics/books this month, so I’m pretty dead to the world. It’s mostly gonna be music, which I’m absurdly current on thanks to Anthony Fantano. At least it’s a month of almost completely positive reactions!

+++ Media

Boris w/ Stephen Brodsky

Easily the best live show I’ve ever been to. For starters, Brodsky, whom I’d never heard of, was fantastic. Shoegazy acoustic with heavy use of loop pedals, loved it so much I bought the album. Boris then proceeded to bring the fucking house down with their set of drone/doom ambiance. Every song was fantastic, their stage presence was killer—but of course the main event was them playing Flood, and it was legend. Never have I been to a show where the crowd was so intensely into and understanding of the music, and I’m pretty sure everyone there was collectively flipping shit over how brilliant it was. Worth the insane drives it took to get there and back.

[That footage is actually from my show! :O]

Hokey Fright – The Uncluded

A fantastic collab between alt-rapper Aesop Rock and indie acoustic singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson. The songs are very cheeky, but in a cool way, and the friendship between the duo just oozes out of their music, even when they’re singing about some real somber shit. The level of variance and experimentation reminds me of something like the first Gorillaz album, and altogether it’s a very fun collection of songs, that comes out greater than the sum of its parts. And TV on 10 remains one of the most mind-blowing rap verses I’ve ever heard.

Favorite tracks: Delicate Cycle, TV On 10, Jambi Cafe, Scissorhands, Teleprompters


The Harry Potter Movies

Victor and I discussed this at length in a podcast recently. Three is great, four and five kinda blow, but the last three make the whole thing worth it. Damn great films.


Iron Man 3

I goddamn loved this movie. Between Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr. is probably my favorite character actor, and I never get tired of watching him. Especially here, where we get to see Tony at his weakest. It’s amazing that Tony was kept physically weak throughout the entire movie, and frequently terrified, yet managed to feel like he was still on top all the while. Plus, some of the most inventive action scenes I’ve ever witnessed on the big screen.

++ Media

Midcity – Clipping

I’ve really gotten into this album in the past few weeks, as Brando and I have gotten more and more into the ideas of hip hop and harsh noise, and regarded Clipping as a major influence on our own musical leanings. The album is a ton of fun, but if I wasn’t sold yet, their live video is enough to make them an instant favorite. One of the most infectious performances and brilliantly edited live videos I’ve seen. It’s clippin’ bitch.

Favorite tracks: bout.that, get.it., guns.up, outro

Endless Fantasy – Anamanaguchi

This album is so damn big it’s hard to wrap my head around, and with the single-mindedness of a power-metal album, as well as the overwhelming positivity. This is feel-good music of the highest caliber, and a blast to play. I was running it on repeat for days just because feel-good feel so good. Still trying to sort out favorites, though.

Favorite tracks: Japan Air, Echobo, Prom Night


Hit or Mystery – Stephen Brodsky

Bought after seeing him live, I’ve been feeling a deep love for this brand of atompheric, shoegazy acoustic music, but I’ve got slim pickings to get my fix. The album has a dense feel to it, and is great for relaxation and atmosphere. Really wish there was more, since the album is only about 25 minutes long.

Favorite tracks: Dear Luna, Your Sweet Love, Real Surreal Beauty

+ Media

The Eulogy – Cakes Da Killa

Brando has been obsessed with this album, and I’ve been infected with it’s charm, albeit I only really care for about half the tracks. Still, it’s hard not to love Cakes’ aggressive, in-your-face gayness. This guy doesn’t fuck around about fuckin’ around.

Favorite tracks: Keep It Coochie, Goodie Goodies, Fuck Yo Boifreind

And that’s it. Seriously. Done.

2 thoughts on “Digibro’s Media Journal (May 2013)

  1. Wow. I had never heard Boris before, and am I glad I gave it a try. Flood is a fucking transformative experience, and I love this kind of slow-building and carefully crafted music.

    Best yet, going to a show will be easy! They are playing in the 15, and I will try to check them out live. Thanks for the tip.

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