Who Is Digibrony (The Character)?

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TurtleSquirt76 (can’t find account)
Chayla: http://cuddle2ol.tumblr.com/
Ikasama: http://ikasamadriami.tumblr.com/
TheoryBrony: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheoryBrony
ciaracantswim: http://ciarancantswim.deviantart.com/
Kalopsic: http://kalopsic.deviantart.com/
EvedEevee: http://evedeevee.deviantart.com/
Alice Maple: http://alicemaple.deviantart.com/
DavionX: http://davionx.deviantart.com/
GoldenGlitter612: http://goldenglitter612.deviantart.com/
Nidoritos: http://nidoritos.tumblr.com/
autumnskyshine: http://autumnskyshine.tumblr.com/

Ending Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNkTLKzdhxg

Digibrony in Ponyville fanfic: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/111008/1/digibrony-in-ponyville/tufts-of-cotton-candy

Ask Discorded Digibrony: http://askdiscordeddigibrony.tumblr.com/

My OC is drawn by MizuTakishima: http://mizutakishima.deviantart.com/

Text version:

A number of people have asked me to describe Digibrony the character, and how he might be different from Digibrony as a representation of myself. I wanted to try and reveal facts about Digibrony using short fanfics, subtle hints in my videos, and things like that, but since fanfics aren’t really my thing, I figured making an analysis video about it would be much easier. I’m a lot better at just explaining these kinds of things, if I haven’t made that evident.

Digibrony is a fun character because he simultaneously is myself, as well as a separate entity. For all intents and purposes, he is Digibro, the human brony that writes analysis on the internet, but be is also Digibrony, an analytically-minded pony living in Ponyville.

Digibrony shares all of my thoughts and memories, but he also has his own, which I can interpret as my own as well. None of our feelings are independent of one-another, even if they don’t define one-another. After all, Digibrony exists inside my head, since he’s a fictional character, so he can’t have thoughts without me having given thoughts to him. If he were to have thoughts independent of me, then I wouldn’t know about them, unless they were someone else’s thoughts given to him, which were then shared with me, a la fanfiction.

Digibrony lives in Ponyville, and is familiar, and even friendly, with some of the main characters of MLP. Because he has all of my thoughts, he understands these characters both as ponies that exist, and as the cast of a TV show, so everything in his world has a dual existence. For instance, to him Ponyville is both a town designed and built by architect ponies, and a town conceptualized and drawn by the creators of the show.

I realize this is a little bit of a head-fuck, so I’ll move along to what things set Digibrony the character apart from the human that he represents. Digibrony lives in the second story of a house in Ponyville, stationed over a laboratory run by scientist ponies, who rent the space out to him. His room has one of the only computers in Ponyville, and is full of weird contraptions and half-finished experiments, similar to that of Sherlock Holmes in the Guy Ritchie movies.

The duality by which he recognizes Ponyville residents makes them difficult to talk to, and he always feels that he has to hold back in conversation, which has left him rather reserved. He likes to observe ponies from a distance and admire them. He has a bit of a crush on Pinkie Pie, which I wrote a fanfic about from his perspective (link in description), and also has a crush on Applejack, more or less by way of myself. Digibrony is a huge fan of all four of Equestria’s princesses, and finds them both fascinating and inspiring. In particular, he is a hardcore loyalist to Princess Celestia.

Beyond those elements, Digibrony’s life is still pretty mysterious, since I haven’t dreamed it up yet. It would be interesting to see what kind of life Digibrony might have outside of my own mind, as well as what kind of things I might dream up for him to do in the future.

And then we have Discorded Digibrony, who is an even more interesting character. This one will require some canon-dumping, including spoilers for the Discorded Digibrony tumblr, if that’s something you actually would worry about getting spoiled for.

Discorded Digibrony lives in an alternate universe that I’ve come to refer to as the Spiteverse, which was created at a divergent point during the events of Return of Harmony. In our universe, as seen in the Thoroughly Fanboying video, Digibrony was discorded, but was returned to normal by Bronycurious, who showed him a bunch of his old videos, just as Celestia did for Twilight Sparkle.

However, the Spiteverse is a reality in which Discord won, both in the show’s canon, and in Digibrony’s canon. The point of divergence happens right after Discord corrupted Twilight Sparkle, and Twilight was planning to leave Ponyville. In this timeline, Discord immediately travelled to Canterlot and murdered Princess Celestia and Luna, so that no one would stand who could oppose him. Twilight never remembered the friendship lessons, and the entirety of Equestria was Discorded.

However, Twilight still hated Discord for what he did, and she learned to harness the Elements of Disharmony, to create a new dark magic. Twilight remained the most powerful magic-user in Equestria, and her magic became synonymous with disharmony as opposed to friendship. She overpowered and destroyed Discord, became an alicorn, and took over the reigns of Equestria as the Princess of Spite.

Discorded Digibrony lives in this world, and while he hates Twilight Sparkle and what has become of the world, he does not remember what it was like to be Digibrony. Unlike Digibrony, while Discorded Digibrony likewise exists inside of my head and therefore has the history and personality that I give him, he does not have my knowledge or memories the way Digibrony does, meaning that he is purely a fictional character, rather than a meta-fictional one. Nevertheless, he still has a lot of Digibrony’s likes and dislikes, but approaches things in a different way.

Whereas Digibrony thinks that analysis is inherently subjective and totally dependent on the person making the analysis, Discorded Digi thinks that analysis should be based on examining objective truths and making quality judgements. Whereas Digibrony has a positive, extremely optimistic attitude and approach to everything, Discorded Digibrony has a negative, extremely pessimistic approach to everything.

Like Digibrony, Discorded Digibrony is aware of My Little Pony the TV show, but he sees it as propaganda created by the Spitecorn overlords, and he sees bronies as ignorant people with the wrong idea of what is really happening in the MLP universe. He isn’t aware that his timeline has diverged from the original one.

However, not everything in his world is darkness and gloom. While he’s usually angry in his replies on the Ask Discorded Digibrony tumblr, that’s mostly out of spite towards bronies, and because he doesn’t like a lot of the questions. While Disco Digi is uptight and suffers from depression, he still has levity in his life like anyone else. And in this universe, he is actually married to Discorded Applejack.

So, that about sums up what I’ve dreamed up for these two characters. I’d love to flesh them out more in the future through fanfics and stuff, and if you want to write fanfics about them yourself, then be my guest. It would be interesting to see just how many divergent canons and interpretations could come out of these characters, and I’m sure that the Spiteverse could be opened up into its own expansive fanfic universe over time. I’m definitely looking forward to fleshing it out more over the course of the Ask Discorded Digibrony tumblr.

By the way, if having this all come out of Digibrony’s mouth isn’t the most confusing thing ever, then I don’t know what is.

53 thoughts on “Who Is Digibrony (The Character)?

  1. Real Talk, I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t a single thing you can’t analyze.
    Analyse Game Grumps! You know you want too!

    • I could, but I’d be worried about reading too deeply into people I don’t really know. Still, every time I think that whatever I might have to say about Grumps should be obvious, I’m reminded by youtube comments on their videos that this probably isn’t true lol.

      • Many things are obvious.. doesn’t hinder most people to be oblivious about it. <.< (you should also never underestimate the power of making people feel good if they already knew the obvious and you reminding them that they did)
        And since YouTube commentators are a force to be reckoned with…….

        But seriously, if you have ideas just pose them, if you are worried about going in uncomfortable mode just make rough points and present them and then people can give you (also) rough comments about it. ^^

  2. I really love the idea of a meta oc pony, but then again I love most things meta. The latest iteration of Sweet Apple is actually quite similar to the meta-ness of Digibrony…and oddly enough also shares a house with a scientist….though only one…and a zebra, but still. Can’t wait to see what comes of this.

  3. I have ad blocker disabled for this site, but blip still isn’t loading the add, I know you’re using blip for the ad revenue and I would like to help out, but I dunno what’s up

  4. Mind Fuck. Seriously. But good video! I love the thought you’ve put into this (sorry for the anon comment) I don’t have whatever accounty thingy needed. Anyways Like the video!

      • Actually, it does make a little bit of sense. Having a third-party transport from the hypervisor into the compact virtual sandbox universe should enable level 2 communications to and from the universe, but usually with consent of the outer host, which, even though the host is also hosting other compact virtual sandbox universes, is not in conflict with the the primary mental safeguarding mechanisms present in the virtualization protocols. As long as you don’t find a way to infect the host through the transport, it should be fine…
        @Digibro: You be careful with @discordeddigibrony, it’s not fun cleaning up an unintentional mental infection from a virtual entity! We are still recovering from the last accident! ;)

  5. So DigiBrony the OC lives in Ponyville and watches MLP? Thats kind of like putting webcams on your house and watching your Neighbors take out the trash.

    Sounds Legit

  6. dammit digi! you make me want to get the pictures of my oc and make an evolution and analysis video! fuck it i’m gonna do it

  7. Dude, I can ever, EVER get over the ‘stars in his eyes’ pic. Sends me into hysterics every goddam time! Good work.

    Also, look forward to seeing more about the ‘Spiteverse’ and DigiBrony the character.

  8. W-w-w-wait doesn’t this mean discorded-digibrony is married to a liar?
    I could just imagine proposing, she would say no instead of yes. :P

  9. Hey! I’ve gotta say I love your analysis videos & I was wondering, if I have the time over summer ( tough I have many projects to do allready) may I write a FanFic wit both, Digibrony and Discorded Digibrony, where I ship the ‘good’ digibrony with my ( not yet really existin as a pony, but only as kind of a concept) Oc? or does that sound disturbing?

      • Oh my x3 thanks for the quick reply. I was thinking of only getting one tomorrow, since there’s quite a time difference between Germany and the USA ;) so, I’m looking forward to realizing my pony character and working Digi in to her story. *pinkie Pie voice* Oh this is gonna be fun fun fuuun!

  10. I dig it. I like to think that knowing about the mlp universe being real and also being part of a T.V show is part of his special talent. Like maybe one day, lil’ digibrony came across an episode of MLP and realized that it was his universe. I also really like Discorded Digi’s thought on the show being propaganda are amazing. It’s a really good idea! I love it!

  11. I really like your idea for a ‘Spiteverse’. My only criticism for it is that murdering Celestia and Luna feels more than a little anomalous, both as part of a subworld of MLP and as part of Discord’s character. While Discord is chaotic and mischievous, I don’t feel his character is inherently evil because of that. (In fact, that’s probably emphasized quite a lot in ‘Keep Calm and Flutter On’) So, the suggestion that Discord is capable of murder is quite perplexing for me.

    Perhaps it’s just me being hesitant about dabbling with death in fiction, but I do feel that fanfiction of MLP should try to extend the ideas and concepts of the show it is writing about. After all, despite the demises of each villain, it’s clear that none of them (at least none except Sombra) suffered a fate any worse than temporary banishment, emphasizing the idea of redemption.

    Finally, Discord clearly knows Celestia as she’s imprisoned him in stone originally. Isn’t murdering her a little merciful?

  12. “I admire you down to every frame of your walk cycle”
    Metafictional romance is a touchy subject. Careful not to misstep.

  13. Hi Digibrony! Here’s some headcanon for your OC.

    The reason why Digibrony loves Pinkie Pie is because she’s someone beyond analysis. She’s hard to figure out and understand and her everyday awesomeness is fascinating. How she can be kooky and yet crazy-prepared. How she loves kids and lives in one of the most popular places in Ponyville. But most of all, he loves how she can make everyone smile just by being herself.

  14. Hi Digi, so when equestria la was on i told u that someone used you to defend double rain-boom .. and now that Bronyclubhouse finally came out with the videos… i think this is where he starts talking about u http://youtu.be/7JOimnSftkc?t=43m14s (i posted on your youtube page but it dont let me post links so i am posting it here. as well.. sorry for the double post =\ )

    • ( so i was not there for that part of the panel but i guess from watching alittle bit of it now… he is more talking about what BronyCurious said about that he does not agree with.. then u i guess… )

  15. Discord having murdered Celestia and Luna seems OOC for him. Is the tumblr leading up to some big plot twist where they’re still alive and have to take down Spitecorn Twilight?

  16. I feel like I could try writing a fan-fiction, but I’m not nearly as analytical as you Digibrony. The only way I can think of coming up with good writing for your character would be to re-watch nearly all of your videos. Any ideas of what kind of stories you’d think Digibrony (the character) would be a part of?

  17. Digibrony I’ve just come up with a headcanon on clothes in Equestria. In “hearth’s warming eve” you’ll see that all ponies wear clothes, yet in modern Equestria it’s socially acceptable for ponies not to wear clothes. You’ll also see that Princess Celestia never wears clothes, even for formal occasions. So it is my headcanon that it was once the norm for ponies to wear clothes all the time, but when Celestia became princess it was regarded unnecessary for ponies to wear clothes; similarly to how wigs became popular when Charles II of England wore a wig. However, ponies still wear clothes on occasion for tradition. What do you think of my headcanon?

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