Random Headcanons: WHAT A TWIST!

Text version and youtube description:

Many thanks to DJ Calcos for writing almost this entire video. If you’re into twitch.tv streams, be sure and check out his channel: http://www.twitch.tv/calcos323

Also, thanks to PuppyDoctor who designed Calcos’ OC poses in this video! Check them out on Deviantart: http://puppydoctor.deviantart.com/

My OC is designed and drawn by Mizuki Takishima: http://mizuki-takashima.tumblr.com/

Support my channel by becoming a Patron!: http://www.patreon.com/digibrony

Listen to Hotter by DongleKumquat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2mku_2B-4A

Footage of candy canes from this How It’s Made video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OMx7xhxu70

Text version:

Digi: (singing) Nobody cares about Twist~

I’ll prolly never do a video about that–

Calcos: Digi Digi!

Digi: hm? Calcos?

Calcos: Hey Digi, I’ve got a great idea for a video about Twist!

Digi: …really??

Calcos: I’ve got a headcanon about her that’s gonna blow your mind!

Digi: …reeeeeaaally???

(camera focuses on Calcos for a second, then back to Digibrony, then back to Calcos)

Calcos: You want me to tell you or not?

Digi: …Well, it’ll give me an excuse to make another video.  Alright, let’s hear it!

Calcos: OK then, let’s get started with how Twist got her lisp.

Digi: I’d assume her lisp was naturally developed. It’s nothing special, right?

Calcos: Wrong!  We have to start with her special talent: Making candy, specifically, making candy canes.

Calcos: In the real world, candy canes are made by machines that can precisely handle the melted sugar in such a way that the cane can be properly formed.  Before machines, however, candy canes were made by skilled artisans with lots of training.  It takes a lot of dexterity to properly wrap the stripe around the cane, especially when you’re dealing with a material that melts at 186 degrees Celsius, which is over 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Digi: …go on…?

Calcos: In the world of My Little Pony, whenever the characters need to do something that requires a fair bit of manual dexterity, such as writing, they use their mouths.  Hooves simply aren’t good enough to do the job. AND, because large computerized candy-making machines don’t exist in her universe (as far as we know), Twist must use her mouth to morph and mold the sugar so the red stripe curls around the cane properly.

Digi: Wait, so you’re saying tha-

Calcos: Now, when you eat really hot food, and it accidentally burns your mouth, that food is around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can only imagine how much pain Twist is in every time she makes a candy cane.  Except, she doesn’t feel much pain at all.  Over time, calluses developed inside her mouth and lip area, which reduced the pain.  However, these same calluses completely altered how she talks, causing the infamous speech impediment she’s so well known for.  This same lisp tends to make her a complete reject in social situations.  Not only that, but the burns she suffers from on a near-daily basis probably ruined her ability to make taste buds!  She can’t even fucking taste anything!

Twist is one of the saddest examples of how your special talent can change you forever: She sacrificed her social life, her speech, and even her sense of taste…for her candy.

Digi: (speechless, with an extremely super amazing surprised-o-tron face)

Calcos: Um…is that one any good?

Digi: ….Uh, if I may backpedal a bit, you said that her lisp ruined her social life, right?

Calcos: Pretty much, yeah.  It made her sound awkward and goofy, unfortunately.

Digi: That…actually explains a lot about why Twist rejected Applebloom after she got her cutie mark!

Calcos: (small pause) It does, doesn’t it?

Digi: Social structure among the youth of Ponyville tends to function a lot like it does in the real world.  The situation with Twist and Applebloom after Applebloom discovers that Twist got her Cutie Mark in episode 13, “Call of the Cutie”, seems to play out much like it would play out in the real world.  As you grow up, you start to develop different interests and personality traits, and as such, your friends start to change too.

Calcos: A lot of the time, the friends you had in 2nd grade aren’t the same friends you had in 6th grade, and the friends you had in Elementary school aren’t the same friends you had in High School.  Sure, there might be those one or two friends that stay your friends throughout most of your youth, but generally speaking, as you change, so do the people you want to hang around with.

Digi: When it comes to Diamond Tiara’s Cutcienara, Twist has one goal: To fit in, by any means necessary.  She’s tired of being excluded from social gatherings, and she’s tired of being a social reject because of the way she talks, so she uses the Cutcienara as a way to make new friends and move up the social ladder.

Calcos: However, she goes about it the completely wrong way in the episode.  By saying what she says to Applebloom, she tells her that having a Cutie Mark makes you better than a pony that doesn’t have one.  It’s possible that being rejected socially has stunted her ability to act properly around others, resulting in even further social awkwardness.

Digi: Simply put, what we hear from Twist is “I’m better than you because Cutie Mark, so piss off”, when in reality, what Twist means is “This is my big chance to make more friends!”

Calcos: More or less.

Digi: FUCK! Twist is actually a really interesting character!

Calcos: I know, right?!

Digi: I feel like I should care about her now!

Calcos: I know, right?!

Digi: ……but I don’t. ……at all.


2 thoughts on “Random Headcanons: WHAT A TWIST!

  1. Dang it! First, Bronycurious made Rarity better, then this comes along! Thanks for making me rewrite my top ponjes list!!

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