Disneycast Episode 4 – Alice In Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Lady and the Tramp

Holy shit! After 8 months, Brandon Tolentino finally returns to get back to Disneycast! We take on one of his favorite movies of all time, as well as Alice and Lady!

What’s In This Ep:

0:00 – Introduction
5:03 – Alice In Wonderland
17:32 – Peter Pan
34:48 – The Lady and The Tramp


7 thoughts on “Disneycast Episode 4 – Alice In Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Lady and the Tramp

  1. Haven’t had a chance to listen to this yet, but just wanted to ask if you have any tips on which realm to join in Tera (PvE)??

  2. 28:00
    Yeah I watched the first one of those when it first came out a long time ago. I thought it was okay, the animation was decent (it’s great to see how CG animation can look nice with soft, rich textures on really low productions now. Like even Fruit Loops, Chuck E Cheese and Honey Nut Cherios commercials have nice CG animation), and the plot was at least functional I think.

    However, the greatest offense in this Tinkerbell reboot is that they completely up-ended her character and turned her into the generic ‘girl world’ personality who ‘wants to do good’ but ‘is shy and nervous’ and bladyblah.

    Obviously, Disney would never produce a movie series about a bratty, psychotically selfish, relentlessly sassy character to impress a generation of young girls today, but wouldn’t it have been fucking sweet if they did?

  3. This has been really great so far. ‘Disneycember’ is still definitely my favorite Doug Walker video ever (and I’ve seen at least 98% of them), and it’s so cool to have other peoples’ perspectives on the same films all over again.

    And while I said I wouldn’t want to spend a dollar to buy one of these when I could just listen to it directly, I WOULD be willing to pay just to get them into existence! Like, a commission of sorts.

    It wouldn’t be very much, but how’s that sound? It seems like really no one is as interested in these as I am.

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