Brief Notes On “Pinkie Apple Pie”

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A popular theory has been floating around that Golden Delicious is actually proof that Pinkie Pie really is an Apple family member. Notice that she takes a book from the bottom of the stack, the same way Pinkie does with a scroll at the start of the episode. Golden Delicious also has a similarly curly mane to Pinkie, and generally seems like a reasonable vision of how Pinkie’s going to live when she’s older; obsessed with chronicling the history of her family and munching on week-old gingerbread houses.

Did anyone else notice that when Applebloom sings about the map, it’s to the tune of Twilightlicious? She’s probably about to say “I’m Applelicious” before she gets cut off.
When Big Mac said “I was the pony-” and got cut off, I felt like he was gonna say “I was the pony of shadows; or some other startling revelation. did you know Big Mac’s voice also played Golden Delicious? Now that’s variety.

Continuing the trend of half-finished thoughts, we also get an idea that Big Mac was imparting some kind of high-level philosophy or spiritual message onto Pinkie. That guy’s full of mysteries for sure.

Applejack’s line about how she tries to tone down her pride in her family so as not to make non-family members jealous was actually relatable for me. I do the same thing, cause my family is amazing. AJ also plays the banjo, which is pretty sweet.

And… that’s about all I have to say about this one. It’s a good episode, just not one with any hidden depth or meanings to be drawn out from analysis. It’s fun and cute and very directly to-the-point. The song is fantastic, probably the catchiest one of the season for me. I did think the animation was kinda janky across this episode, in comparison to what other episodes have been like this season. Seriously, what the hell is Pinkie doing right here? But other than that, and some forced-feeling dialog here and there, I’ve got nothing to complain about. Seeya next week!

4 thoughts on “Brief Notes On “Pinkie Apple Pie”

    • Am I the only one who was really hoping to see pinkie’s side of the family? Or at least thought they shouldn’t stop trying to figure this out until they did? AM I THE ONLY ONE STILL BOTHERED BY ROCK FARMING/GEM VALUE/GROWTH?

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