Google Took Over the Universe (Space Dandy ep 2)

In Space Dandy, there’s a seemingly-evil, seemingly-controlling force known as Gogol. They try to track down Space Dandy using the Galactic Street View. It certainly isn’t a stretch to imagine that this is a parody of Google, and how their company is taking over the world. My friends and I have been joking forever that Google is a villainous corporation hell-bent on bringing the world into a dystopian future where they control everything, and in Space Dandy, it seems to have happened.

It certainly works with the fact that Meow is running an Android OS on his phone, even though the build looks like an iPhone 4. The Gogol member’s phone looks like an iPhone too, but I assume Google has simple overtaken Apple at this point. Twitter, apparently, is around too, seeing as how Meow keeps posting selfies.

The way Gogol tracks the Space Dandy crew’s movement using Meow’s Twitter posts is the kind of modern idea that you’d expect to see used in police procedurals that want to seem hip to the tech age, but considering this show takes place in a far-future sci-fi universe, it serves as yet another anachronistic joke in itself. It’s almost as if Space Dandy is somehow nostalgic for the present.

This show contains a ton of short moments of unique key animation, obviously meaning that they’ve brought in countless key animators and allowed them all to go nuts with their own style. I’m sure some deep-diving could get into a detailed who’s-who. For now, the action scene in this episode looks almost directly ripped out of Birdy the Mighty Decode, which is one of the shows that Watanabe did a little bit of work on, likely by invitation of Akane Kazuki, whom he’d worked with since their Sunrise days. I won’t be surprised if I find the fight animators from that show worked on this one.


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