352 thoughts on “ASK ME ANYTHING! (Non-Pony) [75k Sub Special!]

  1. 1. Have you caught up on Gravity Falls?
    2. Will you please see How to Train Your Dragon 2?
    3. Have you seen Steven Universe?
    4. Favorite Marvel film?
    5. Are you interested in The Book of Life?
    6. Have you heard of Lauren Faust’s new project Medusa?

  2. I’ve only really ever heard you talk about Animated shows and video games. So I was wondering: What are you favourite Live Action shows?

  3. How do you feel about getting a bitchin’ bionical/cybernetic foot to replace your broken one? Will it have lasers shooting out of it’s toes? Or maybe toe missles (get it?).

  4. I want to get into anime but a lot of clips I’ve seenf it are rather sexual. What nonsexual anime would you recommend?

  5. What type of humor works best for you (slapstick, parody, screwball, etc.) and what things do you think are particularly important in the craft of humor?

  6. have you read/do you like homestuck
    if yes will you ever do analysis stuff/videos about it i’d be really excited to hear what you think about any of it

    • I’ve watched all of Digi’s old Q&As and I can answer this question for you. Not only has Digi read Homestuck, but he considers it to be his favourite webcomic of all time (at least from what he said in the old videos, but it’s been a long time and his opinion may have changed). He also makes mention of it in some of his old vids, praising it for its density. And most impressively to me, he actually read the whole thing (at the time) in just four and a half days.

      In his Q&As Digi was asked if he’d do Homestuck analysis, to which he said that he considers himself more of a “passive appreciator [paraphrasing]” of Homestuck, and says he doesn’t have interest in analysing it. He also cited that Andrew Hussie himself had already done an impressive amount of Homestuck analysis of his own. I recommend that you read Andrew’s old Formspring archive if you’re interested in it. That’s over a hundred thousand words of pure Homestuck analysis and it’s all very entertaining to read.

  7. can we expect to see a “thoughts on dark souls” video or even an analysis some day? id already be fine with just some gameplay accompanied by rambling, seeing as youve quite often mentioned that its one of your favorite games and now with the focus shift and everything it wouldnt be as irritating as it mightve been before. and dont talk yourself out of this one saying you arent mlg enough, we dont give a fuck. ;)

  8. How, in your opinion, can one combat sexism/gender roles?
    What do you do for fun when you aren’t making videos? (When you don’t have a broken limb, that is.)
    Do you like to read? What is your favorite book?
    How have your friends/family reacted to your YouTube career?

  9. can we expect to see a “thoughts on dark souls” video or even an analysis some day? id already be fine with just some gameplay accompanied by rambling, seeing as youve quite often mentioned that its one of your favorite games and now with the focus shift and everything it wouldnt be as irritating as it mightve been before. and dont talk yourself out of this one saying you arent mlg enough, we dont give a fuck. ;)

  10. Topic: anime

    I was wondering about your opinion, in general, on the anime “Black Butler”, and the character within the anime that the anime is named after, Sebastian.

    I suppose If I were to refine the question further, I would ask do you feel Sebastian is the kind of character designed to have the audience not to love, hate or even love to hate him, but rather ‘hate to love’?

  11. What are your opinions on long-form action shonen anime (i.e. DBZ, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail etc.)? I’d be especially interested in hearing your thoughts on Hunter x Hunter, if you have any.

  12. there’s this sci-fi tv show that a friend of mine from Canada got me interested in, just by doing a video series called a “DVD Disambiguation”, where he talks about different DVD releases of some episodic stories that were done, and some that were not done…yet, due to the fact that some of the episodes that MAKE these stories are still lost, missing, and/or destroyed. or so they believe.

    the show is called “Doctor Who”, and the first original series, which debuted in 1963, and ended in the late 1980’s, ran for 26 seasons. the reboot series has so far run for 7 “series”, with an 8th Series that has just gotten started.

    ever since I saw his Disambiguation videos, and watched an episode of that show at random, I became part of a very different Fandom…, “Whovians”.

    have you yourself ever seen that show, and would you yourself be considered one of those?

  13. Since Tommy Oliver did a follow-up to his Equestria Games review, are you going to do the same? I realize this is pony question, but a lot of people didn’t like that video because neither you nor Tom actually reviewed the episode.

  14. Can you help plug my brony awards show? See sasamichan.
    Where is my super suit?
    What do you think of azumanga, R.O.D,Kadocha,Kaledistar,Comic Party,tenchi,and love hina?
    What do you do when one anime genre gets so predictable that new shows in that genre become predictable? For example all school anime feel like Azumanga, all harum shows feel like love hina, I’m having a hard time finding a new anime that doesn’t have all the same plot elements of ones I already know. I want my fav genres but also a fun twist.
    What is your fav anime parody series?
    Has case closed run an ending yet?
    What ate the best and worst manga and anime adaptations?
    How can fan service, references, etc be done right with out becoming pandering or dated?
    Is anime only from japan or is it any animated show in that style? For example, Korra , Teen Titans, Code Lyoko.
    Why do I laugh more at adult jokes in anime then I do at the same jokes on family guy?
    What anime is best for those not in to it yet?
    What anime if any helped you in teal life? For me its comic party and the moral that you should never give up creating so long as you have one fan.
    Do you cosply? If so or even if not, what do you prefer, a simple costume you can buy off the rack like for example dipper from gravity falls, a hand made costume, a costume bought on line or a hand made costume built from rubber, electronics , moving parts and foam? And if the last one how does one buy latex, plastic,rubber, foam, moafs, robotic parts, plaster etc when most of that stuff is not on the market? How does one build a hand made did it your self from home storm trooper it robot or animatronic puppet?
    Do you prefer a series that has a planed end or one that round forever with tons of spinoffs ? What are the pros and coins?
    What’s the best video game or games based on a show, anime or movie?

  15. What do you think makes the difference between someone you’d reply to, and someone you’d ignore now that you’re quite popular? A lot of moderately large Youtubers have this issue to contend with, and it would be great to have some insight.
    Alternatively, do you feel it’s entitlement when someone gets mad over not giving them any of your time?

  16. Have you heard of Top Gear, and if so, who between you, Tommy Oliver, and any third person you consider a close friend would fill the roles of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May?

  17. So my best friend recently got me watching Panty and Stocking with Garter Belt, and I’m curious what your take on the underlying ideas are in terms of the english swearing, hyper-sexualization, and pop-culture referencing, and general absurdity of the show. I know it very well be there for its own gratification, which is fine, but as said, just curious on your take.

  18. What do you think has been the “best” year or years for anime, the anime industry, and/or the anime community, in terms of quality, success, and not-being-butthurt-shonen-fanboys, respectively?

  19. Hey. I watched all of Madoka Magica after you mentioned it in one of your pony videos and absolutely loved it. Are there any similar anime that you would reccomend? I also don’t have so much time on my hands because of school, so anything 26 episodes and under would be ideal. If not, oh well. Thanks :)

    • I hope Digi agrees, but Princess Tutu is freaking awesome. It’s like Madoka in that it is a magical girl show with a lot of dark undertones, but the story is quite different. It draws on a lot of fairy tales and of course, classic ballets, to tell the main narrative of the story, which deals greatly with the nature of fate and assigned roles one has. It’s very character-driven and I highly recommend it. It is 26 episodes. Both sub and dub are great.

  20. What are your thoughts on Sailor Moon as both and anime and manga series? Do you think it revolutionized the magical girl genre like a lot of people claim?

    • I can’t help but reply to this. I love SM franchise! Crystal has me fangasming big time!!! Personally I think it did (even though it’s not the first magiacl girl show). Look how many MG shows came right after it!!! All with a similar formula!

  21. I remember you mentioned it in the migraine video that you thought you were capable of analysing anime pornography, but said you didn’t plan to. Have you put any more consideration into actually doing something like that, say, on “after dark”, or is it still not something you want to do? Also, do you have a NSFW tumblr like Paleo and various others do?

  22. Since I know you watch Game of Thrones, did you see the band Sigur Rós perform at the purple wedding and what did you think of the Rains of Castamere cover they did for that scene/the credits?

  23. Sorry if I asked this question before just not sure if ti actually got posted for some reason. What are your thought on Sailor Moon as both and anime and manga series. Do you believe that it revolutionized the magical girl genre like some claim it did?

  24. In various fandoms, there are a number of talented people who produce work on an exponential scale. This includes show worthy animations, cosplay, and fanfictions that later become published, hard cover books. But, in these workings, ive noticed that on many, if not all of the craftsmanship I’ve seen, there is always the “non-profit” tag on it. This makes me wonder: Is there a difference in the level of time and effort put in for a person or a group of people who are working for the joy of it vs. people who do the same but get paid, and does that show in your eyes?

  25. Hi Digi I love you my questions are about Dark Souls. How much Dark Souls did you play? How familiar are you with the souls franchise? Why was Dark Souls 2 so disappointing and are you interested in fromsoftware’s new project, Bloodborne?

  26. Alright Digibro, here is my question for you (hopefully no one else has asked this yet) . . .

    If you were given the opportunity to run/manage a big time corporation which one would it be, why, and what changes would you or would you not make to said company?

  27. Hi Digi!! Congrats on your milestone!!
    I wanted to know what are your thoughts on Zankyou no Terror and Aldnoah Zero (i’m quite sure you are not whatching this one, but i’ll ask anyway in case you are), now that they have advance on it’s plots and have developed new things
    Also wanted to ask you if you would do at the end of the summer or the year a top list about your favorite animes this season/year… that would be awesome c:

  28. What animes/games will u be uploading videos about soon, and are there any you plan to spen multiple videos on that you have in mind?

  29. Hey Digi, do you ever see that moment in anime where logically a person should be dead (like in SPOILER ALERT: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and Kyoukai no Kanata), but the character lives anyway because the creator of the show wants to have a happy ending. How do you feel about that? Do you get ever get mad at an anime for doing this, or does it not bother you?

  30. Have you ever wanted to or have you learned a martial art. If not, which one would you be interested in? Have you ever attempted to thoroughly analyze yourself (in writing)? Do you ever wish you had a sister? Can I get a what’s up?

  31. What’s your favorite social media site and why? What is your personality type? Is there anything that you have a more difficult time analyzing or could you analyze anything well if you really wanted to? Any OTPs?

  32. A general question about your channel

    Are you going to focus just in anime ,or also in west cartoons, by the way what you think about cartoons these days, people say that it isnt how it was before.

  33. First.. Congrats on 75k :D next.. What’s your thoughts on Elfen Lied? I don’t think you have talked about it in one of your vids, so why not now? :3 P.S. I love all your channels (Especially DigiAfterDark)

  34. Dear Sir Digison:

    Do you feel like there is a point at which a portrayal of sex in media goes from an open discussion on the topic to an immature kind of obsession with being as controversial as possible, and if so, where do you think the line is crossed? This is a question that I’ve been asking myself off and on ever since I read Naked Lunch back when I was 14, and I’m curious as to what your stance might be.

  35. What’s an anime that the anime community & anime critiques generally persevere as good that you personally didn’t like? (for ex: everyone loved Cowboy Bebop but you though it was meh)

  36. Tabletop RPGs! I believe in your last Q&A you said you played D&D (Forgive me if I’m wrong), but do you play anything else? Do you have any entertaining stories? Lastly, character or game master and why?

  37. Dear Digi,

    How long do you think it took you to find your “writer’s”/analytic voice? You’re definitely my favorite analyst at this point, even if I dislike the stuff you actually analyze. The thing I admire about your analysis is how confident you are in stating your opinion, in a “It doesn’t matter if you agree with me” kind of way.

  38. So digi, what’s your thoughts on the recent kaiju incursion in North America? And are you stoked for pacific rim 2, Godzilla 2017/18 and the possible pacific rim anime?

  39. Hey Digi, now I know you have seen quite a few animes, but when you decided to do a let’s watch on Psycho-Pass your reactions were a bit… Mixed.

    My question is, what did you like, and dislike about this anime?

  40. *How did you interpret the ending of madoka magica rebellion?

    *Now that more episodes have been released have you changed your opinion on persona 4 golden?

    *thoughts on raildex?

    *Who would you consider a “steph”?

  41. So in a ‘recent’ video you talked about broadening your horizon by challenging your tastes and try out new things.

    So my question is, were there ever any times, where you actually had to regret the decision to dive into something new? (For example it destroyed your view of something you thought was previously cool and you will never be able to like it again because of your new knowledge, or something you just put a lot of time into, but didn’t ever feel rewarded or satisfied by the end)

  42. Is 2 questions okay?

    1) Would you consider A1 Pictures the worst anime studio, mediocre anime studio, or something else?

    2) Have you still had thoughts on review and/or analyzing western animated shows and movies since the only 2 things you have done that are western is MLP and Frozen (and I believe another one which was Rick and Morty but text only)? Other shows you might want to check out like Steven Universe. Or a movies like Cats Don’t Dance, a very underrated one during its release and still has a cult following to this day. And Osmosis Jones.

  43. Digibro!

    I adore Nobunaga Concerto. It’s my favorite anime of the season. Have you seen it? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.


  44. I’ve always thought that if you enjoy enough of something, be it anime or video games, or anything of the sort, then you can’t have a real favorite. My friends think this is bullshit, but I think having a favorite of something you like so much is a disservice to all the other things you love in that medium, so I think they’re speaking bullshit. Any thoughts?

  45. Have you ever seen Fushigi Yuugi, Familiar of Zero (Zero no Tsukaima), and/or Pichi Pichi Pitch (Mermaid Melody)? If so, what are your thoughts?

  46. I have several questions:

    1. What is the one food you could never live without?
    2. Have you ever traveled outside the country? If you haven’t, where would you like to go?
    3. Do you like JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Games)? If so, what are your fav(s)?
    4. Funniest thing that ever happened to you?
    5. Do you like thrill rides?
    6. Besides making videos, do you have any other artistic abilities?

  47. In general, what do you think provides the creative drive behind anime? It’s mostly agreed upon that film is mainly director-driven, whereas the majority of most western TV series are thought of as being either a writer’s medium or a showrunner’s medium. So where does anime fall on that spectrum? Obviously everyone involved with a show is important to it in some way, but who is the person (or people) that imparts the majority of their vision onto the final product?
    I often see people talk about new anime as the latest from a particular studio as if this imparted particular meaning onto the context of the show’s creation (similar to the way you might think about a band’s album in the context of their discography). So is anime primarily studio driven? Animator driven? Or is it more like film, TV, music or something else entirely?

  48. Are you familiar with the Norwegian Black Metal scene and it’s history/The timeline of events surrounding the band Mayhem (Dead’s suicide/Euronymous’ antics/Varg Vikernes’ murder of Euronymous)? If so what are your thoughts?

  49. What, on a fundamental level, attracts you to reviews?

    What’s the brief overview of your Otaku chronology? [you could merge this into the answers below]

    What was so bad about your old blog posts?

    You’re playing Terra Online and it gets Log Horizon’d. What do you do?

    When did you acquire your idea of “art-media Analysis”?

    When did you realize Analysis was your one all-encompassing talent?

    What are colors you don’t like?

    In what ways do you feel your writing style has changed since making videos?

    In what ways do you feel your writing style has changed since you ended ponies?

    How do you feel about the current state of your career?

    Do you have any possible ideas on where to go in the near future? To get more Patreon, more views and more stuff?

    Have you gotten negative or dismissive reactions to your lifestyle and career from your extended family or similar people? Has your dad or someone else been pressuring you some to try some other kind of job now that you’re not making as much money?

    Think you could ever convince Dang-san to be in your Vlogs, standing out of frame or wearing a mask? Would that awkwardness be worth having a person in the vlogs who’s seen four times as much anime as you have?

    How many times have you been walked in on masturbating, or vise versa, and how did it go?

    How would you rank, or tier-list all of your mediums?

    You describe your mom and dad as very classically liberal parents; what are some things they particularly did NOT allow or discouraged against you and your brothers and kids?

    How does your family get your windows cleaned? Do you do it yourselves? Could I do them if I’m ever in town?

    You’re playing Terra and it gets Sword Art Online’d. What do you do?

    Do you still want to fully break into video games? Are you feeling for a way to make it work for you?

    We usually seem to attribute the rate at which the passage of time feels to our generation to the fast-evolving technology and internet we live inside, however I asked my dad about this once and he somewhat agreed with my suspicion that it’s really just our age that makes us feel this way. That a similar sense of two weeks ago being three months ago existed for all previous generations. That’s my hunch, but I’m not sure, and obviously I WANT it to not be true; I want my era to be special and new. What do you think?

    What song would you play to all of humanity on intergalactic speakers as the world ends?

    If writing the script, recording the audio, and then shipping it off to be edited to come back for you to upload was all you ever had to do, what would your output be like?

  50. Having watched your review of Lain it brought back fond memories of when I first saw it on VHS. I was wondering what other “classic” (probably the wrong term) anime have you seen/liked? I would love to hear your opinion on Titles like, Princess Tutu, The Slayers and Devil Hunter Yohko.
    Thank You,

  51. Have u watched Death Note? Thoughts? You said you watched Code Geass but haven’t finished it in the last AMA, plans to finish or rewatch soon? It’s a really popular anime and happens to be my favorite. Would appreciate your thoughts.

  52. Hey Digi, I had some questions about the monetary side of your work. Do you think the relationship between content creators who use Patreon and their audience is different then other content creators? I ask because in a recent video Tommy Oliver talked about how he’d rather focus on creating stories, but reviews pay the bills. Even Jesse Wood seems a bit less “Drowning”(for lack of a better term) in recent vids, which makes me think he’s trying appeal to more patrons. Don’t get me wrong, myself and many others enjoy your newer vids more than the old ones. But if you were still “That horse guy”, you’d probably be making as much if not more than Tom does. I guess what I’m getting at is does patreon ever influence your choices as a creator?

  53. Several questions! Pick one or do all, or whatever…

    1. How would you like to appear as a guest at an anime convention? Do you think you can do any of your general anime analysis videos as panels? (Like “Best Anime You Can Watch RIGHT NOW!,” “Why Good Anime is Hard to Make,” “Beginners Guide to Blowing Money on Anime Merch,” etc. How would you prefer the convention contact you to officially invite you, if they decided to do so? (I’m on staff for a convention but NOT the person in charge of booking guests, so while I don’t have the power to those decisions, I do have a good idea of what they’re looking for and can suggest guests to them. I also totally understand if you’d want to answer this question privately, so I’ve included my e-mail.)

    2. What, in your opinion, is the number one thing that makes a great anime, or rather a particularly memorable anime with a large fan base? Why? (Is it the overall story, characters, or animation? Or something totally different?)

    3. Fun question! Which Hogwarts house do you think you would be in? :D (Or are you even a Harry Potter fan? D: ) If you’re a more dedicated Harry Potter fan, how about your wand specs, or your Patronus? (Hogwarts house quiz and Wand Quiz available if you sign up for a Pottermore account, or just go to the Harry Potter Wiki and do your research and decide for yourself. :3 )

    4. If you like Sailor Moon, which is your favorite senshi and why? (I’m always interested to see how guys answer this question.) If you don’t like Sailor Moon, feel free to pick another favorite magical girl. :3

    BONUS!! If you pronounce my name correctly when reading this in a video, you get cookies. :D

  54. 1. How much money have you spent on anime merchandise?
    2. Have your read the FMA manga, if so how do you think it compares to the 2 anime adaptations?

  55. Why did you say “good” like that at the end of the video? If something’s wrong, us internet junkies can help you in anyway we lazy weirdos can. :D

    Ps. Watch Kaleido Star or Kobato and git happy u fkin scrub.

  56. I’d love to do some more artwork to be featured in your videos. Any upcoming projects you might have, I’ll do everything I can to make the deadline and provide you with some quality work. If there’s another artist you like, I will give it 100% to match their style. I don’t expect anything in return other than that you mention me and provide a link. It’ll be just like last time with the Equestria Girls analysis. I still regularly check my DeviantART if you’d like to leave me the details there. Let’s work together again. Let me know what you think?

  57. What’s your opinion, as a whole, on “mainstream” anime, mostly shounen and shojo? Because some “connoisseurs” will snub if a DBZ or Naruto fan even calls themselves anime-fan.
    What about western animation, both classical (Batman TAS, 80’s TMNT, Smurfs) and recent (Marvel Ultimate series, Beware the Batman, the new TMNT)?
    Or other shows with niche adolescent/adult appeal, like Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa or Regular Show?

  58. Any plans to do more podcasts? I like listening to them while playing vidya.
    Also speaking of podcasts, can you yell at someone to upload pubcrawl episodes? The soundcloud has been dead for over a month.

  59. Do you have a favorite analysist in the YouTube community? It was thanks to you that I got introduced to the general style, so I’d like to know who you like the most. (I recently found sexbad, Noah Caldwell-Gervais, Ramblepack and Major Third)

  60. Dear Digi,

    This is a question that has been plaguing me for quite a while. So recently, I’ve started to make a conscious effort to consume media in an active and critical fashion. I’ve really been inspired by the likes of you, Tommy, Antony, the Nostalgia Critic, and Film Crit Hulk. I feel like I’ve started to recognize what separates well-written works of fiction from poorly-written ones. This is especially important to me because I’m an author and want my work to be as good as it can possibly be. A concern rose up for me recently however. One day, my personal best friend (who also is excellent at television/film analysis) told me to watch this show called Sword Art Online. He didn’t tell me if it was good or bad, he simply told me to watch it and to tell him what I thought. Needless to say, I was personally sucked in and loved the show. Once I finished watching it, I grew pretty curious and started looking for reviews on YouTube, and was honestly kind of shocked when I discovered how critically panned the show was. I took mental notes of what made the show so awful (especially from your own hour-long review) and tried to reason with myself that because all these horrible writing flaws exist, I must hate the show. The issue is I don’t. For some forsaken reason, I still find myself enjoying this literary trainwreck, for completely unironic reasons. What’s probably even worse is the fact that after I watched your review, I immediately began watching .hack on Hulu Plus and couldn’t make it past the second episode because I found it unbearably boring. So, have I just failed as a critical reviewer? Do I just have really garbage taste? I don’t want to believe that I enjoyed the show just because I “turned my brain off” or some existential crap like that. What really worries me is that since I enjoyed SAO, I might make some of the same literary mistakes in my own writing. How do I work around this?

  61. If you where in the world of Rumiko Takahashi’s Inuyasha and you traveled with Inuyasha and his friends what do you think think you can contribute?

  62. How do you think the Japanese anime industry and the western cartoon industry would look like today if everyone involved had only your interests in mind? What genres and styles would be most prominent etc…

  63. Do you read, or have you considered reading visual novels? More specifically, have you read Katawa Shoujo?

    What are your thoughts on visual novels?

  64. Digi, what video and audio editing software / recording equipment would you say is best for someone just aspiring to get into MLP analysis?

  65. Hello, I have a and question for ya: what are some of your favorite anime series? I know you’ve seen a lot of anime so you may not have a total favorite but what are the high end ones? :) ( ps: if you have seen the anime midori days by any chance your opinion in it would be awesome >w>)

  66. Recessions hit the U.S. on average 7-8 years. Since every decade the economy goes down the tank (e.g. great recession in 2000s, dot-com bubble from the 90s, saving & loan crisis for the 80s, energy crisis in the 70s and so on), for the 2010s’ economic crisis, what do you have plan if your patrons can no longer support you? Also, do you think the next recession which should hit in 2015, if going by the average, would be as bad as the Great Depression? This based on the economy still being weak and even though unemployment is going down; full-time jobs are steadily disappearing, the jobs that are created are low pay part time jobs and the unemployment number is mostly going down b\c people are leaving the work force.

    • As a follow up question, do you think the U.S. is in a hidden depression b\c if not for on going government assistance there would be homeless people everywhere and long lines in soup kitchens.

  67. You say that no video game has gripped you on its story besides mass effect. My question is either has any other video game made you think its world/story is interesting but you don’t think its for you/ you don’t care for it. Also what is the most boring game you ever played/ watched someone play.

  68. Oh no, another Pony question (that I’m sure you haven’t answered yet):

    After seeing the animatic for the S5 opener, do you think the show has the potential to stay engaging?

  69. Hi Digi! Two questions for you:

    1. Any thoughts surrounding Neon Genesis Evangelion? I’m just starting my journey down the anime rabbit hole, and recently finished the series along with the movie. As for myself, I found it to be both downright Hitchcockian in it’s use of suspense and GORGEOUS to look at, but also very pretentious and had an all around disappointing ending.

    2. You are so well spoken and are such a good writer; have you ever thought about going into journalism?

  70. Now that you’ve got income coming from Pateron, what equipment have you upgraded/what do you use now? Has new stuff changed the way you film, record, and edit videos?

  71. 1: How old are you?
    2: What is your favorite Anime to date?
    3: Zelda or Metroid?
    4: Do you do anything as a hobby aside from Anime?

  72. Are your anime reviews ever going to become heavily edited like GR Arkada or gigguk’s vids?
    Also have u thought about Podtaku
    that’d be sweeeeet

  73. What’s your opinion on the whole Five Guys/Gamergate trainwreck? Especially because as I’m typing this threads on /pol/, and /v/ at least are getting systematically pruned for having anything to do with the topic. Fortunately it looks like the streissand effect is starting to pick up steam. Thoughts?

  74. Since SAO2 came out recently are you going to check it out? Or was the first and second arc of the first season enough that you don’t really wanna go back to it?

  75. Dear Digi Bro, have you ever seen or heard of a TV show called Watership Down. It is a good but old series based off the movie, Watership Down, which was based of a book/book series.

    If you have, I would love to know who your favorite character is, and if they where real, who you would wish to talk to.

  76. Well, I believe the European Swallow was 23knots. That aside.

    From what I gathered, you have a pretty cool relationship with your folks. That being said, would you be open to doing a review with them- a sort of Blind/Analyzed pair review on any one of the things you intend to review? Having the juxtaposition of your detailed breakdowns and another family member’s initial response would be a treat.

  77. Ever considered light novels to be a medium that can be consumed?
    How is your recent views on Zankyou No terror?
    Would you be willing to read Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria?(Light Novel)
    Any Anime you’re looking forward for Fall 2014?

  78. What are your theories on what the Haibane are and who Rakka’s bird is?
    And have you thought about doing a video analysis of Steins;Gate?

  79. Do you think you’re ever going to cover Shonen Jump Anime? If so, when and what?

    How important would you say a satisfying ending is to a show as opposed to being great all the way up to the end and then having a disappointing ending?

    How soon are you and Tommy Oliver going to do the video on Toradora?

    What do you think makes a show so bad it’s good as opposed to just being bad?

  80. Congrats on 75k subscribers!
    1.What is THE most delicious food you’ve seen in a anime that you wish you could eat right now?
    2. Do u have any pets? If not, have u ever thought about it?
    3. Have a non-manga book series your really into?
    4.soo, what’s your opinion on SSMB 4?

  81. 1. How did you get into anime?
    2. If you ever would appear on a moment with Dr.Wolf what would you want to talk about?
    3. What is your favorite type of villain (like anti-villains, psychos, etc)?

  82. 1. For your next subscriber special have you considered letting your fans vote for your greatest accomplishment and biggest fail (on youtube)?
    2. Will you eventually compare both full metal alchemist animes and find the merits of both while simultaneously finding which one you prefer?

  83. What do you think it will take for video games to be respected as a creative medium by the general public? As in, as respected as film and literature.

  84. I am never really sure how you stand with topics like feminism or social justice. To me it has been made very clear. So I would like to know the your basic opinions.

    Going a bit further, do you think that feminism is prevalent in shoujo anime?

  85. I have never been terribly fond of anime, generally speaking, but I did rather like the series ‘Zatch Bell’.

    Have you ever seen/read ‘Zatch Bell’? If so, what are your thoughts on the series, and why do you think it would appeal to someone from the West who is usually unimpressed by anime?

  86. I think it’s pretty funny that you are releasing a 75k special when you don’t have 75k subs. Guess that’s what happens when you turn your back on the fandom that brought you up. Have fun in YouTube mediocrity; it’s where you belong

    • Actually I think he did when he recorded the video and started posting the shit, it just went down a bit immediately.

      I just experienced this myself; my sub count hit 3k, then went below it, then hit again, then dropped again, then finally went back up far enough.

      I’m assuming people purposely unsubscribe when you’re about to hit a milestone, so that they can wait and RE-subscribe, to get the acclaim as the “xth subscriber”, those silly puddles in the rain.

      Also, Conrad was completely out of things to say or inspiration about MLP

  87. You said you use to be a huge lolicon, are you still one? If so who, what, where, when, why, and how did you become one? Also do you have any advice for fellow cons?

  88. What do you think of Persona 4: Golden (If you have watched it to the most recent episode) direction into the story?
    Instead of focusing on fighting and most of what the last series adaptation showed, the story is focusing on the extra character, Marie.
    Pacing feels a little weird and I think it’ll probably have only 12 or 13 episodes.
    I’m enjoying it so far cause I’m a fan.
    But I’d like to hear from a non-fan opinion.

  89. What is the best romance you’ve seen in an anime? Not the name of an anime, but a pairing within it. For instance, I wouldn’t say ‘ef- a tale of melodies’, I would say ‘Yu and Yuko from that show.’ So, who’s your favorite anime couple?

  90. I hope I don’t get penalized for submitting two, but I also wonder:

    Have you ever written your own stories, and if so, where can I read them? If not, well, why not? I think you’d be an excellent writer with all your attention to detail.

  91. So I’ve noticed that you tend to like a lot of media that is on the absurdist side of things. Serial Experiments Lain, in all of it’s philosophical and psychological glory, is quite the absurdist show simultaneously, at least on the surface. If you look some of the content that Gibbon and Jesse, who I gather are some of your favorite reviewers on YouTube, produce, it’s on the silly/absurdist kind of things.

    Is there any particular reason you’ve taken such a liking to absurdist art and media?

  92. Because you still live at home do your parents ever talk to you about you moving out and getting your own place? Or will you be one of those 30 year old men that fox new talks about that still live with mom and dad? In some Asian cultures men never move out but instead move wife and children in with grandparents. Is that what you plan on doing?

  93. I know in the past you mentioned you read Homestuck, but are unlikely to do a full analysis on it.
    In light of this i ask WHo are your favorite characters and, if you have time, why?

  94. What is your one main philosophy regarding any and all things in this plane of existence? As in, when the world is burning and the streets run with blood, what would you stick to the most? What one, mammoth, monolithic opinion is the very bottommost guideline by which you live?

  95. Hey Digi I was curious have you ever heard of or seen Assasination Classroom? It’s currently aanga and has an OVA out. While the animation is for next year I believe. If you’ve seen it what are your thoughts on it?

  96. I tried some searching, but I haven’t seen anything about you mentioning the anime Dennou Coil. I was wondering if you had seen it, and if so, what your thoughts might be on it. It seems like a underated but interesting series.

  97. Thought of another. Where did you get Vegas Pro 12 from? After seeing your video on how you make your videos, I’ve been considering starting to make videos using this program, and I was just wondering if you knew the best way to go about getting it.

    • Ah shit I just read some of your pony Q&A, where you state that you wouldn’t be able to help someone get Vegas Pro, and you mention that it’s expensive, which I’ve definitely noticed. I guess it’d probably be best if I look for something else. And after you said it’s the only program you recommend lol.

  98. Oh! One more question:
    Why does is so much Japanese music–in anime and even on the radio I believe–spoken in English? English’s superior syllable efficiency? The stress on words enabling rhymes? Westabooism?

  99. Personal Question: I love it when you do more than just pony stuff because I will honestly get bored watching the same old thing after a while, but not everyone likes change and isn’t as willing as I am to open up to new things whe it comes to their favorite Youtubers. Does it ever bother you when bronies are specifically only looking for you to MLP things on your channel?

    Weird Personal Question: I want to know how your foot is doing. Is it healing okay? I honestly would be that one person who would be your servant for free O.O and that says a lot.

    Anime Question: Would you review “The World God only Knows?” I think its a pretty good anime that not everyone has seen, but that’s just me.

  100. I’ve only ever watched five anime series in their entirety (or most of it), and they’ve all been ones you’ve recommended or talked about in depth. Two of those were Kill la Kill and Steins;Gate, and just today I marathoned all of Madoka Magica so I could watch your video on it, and I have a question:
    How much anime could possibly contain plot twists involving repeated time travel in order to save a loved one and/or a race of beings which considers itself above humans having taken over their evolution from the beginning just to take advantage of their intelligence or emotion for its own secret agenda?!

  101. Will you present all these questions in another ludicrous, suicidal project like your last AMA? i and many others loved it, to see you struggle, working your way through the merciless mountains of questions and in the end succeeding. it would probably cost you another week and a couple years of your life but hey, isnt that still fucking worth it? ;)

  102. In Lord of the Rings Gandalf doesn’t believe Saruman’s ideals of great power needed to defeat great evil. But Gandalf gathered an army and amassed great power. If he didn’t, middle earth would have been wasted long before the ring was destroyed. Do you think Gandalf is a hypocritical idiot? If not, how do you defeat great evil without great power?

  103. If your future kid ended up being a lot like you, would you find that comedic or ironic? What if he or she ended up like one of your brothers? Also, who is your “favorite” brother?

  104. Before you seal this old post off on youtube, please help me understand something DIgi.
    You have mentioned in one of your videos that you don’t like constructing images in your brain. You are a visual person. You prefer actually seeing things but you hate describing what you have imagined. Mostly, for this reason you won’t read books. What do you actively do then, in your head, when you are writing or speaking? Please help me understand.

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