Finish or Fail 1989 – Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

I picked one anime that I had on-hold from each of the past 25 years and wrote them down on lots to be drawn one after another until all are completed. (Sadly, I didn’t have an on-hold show for every year, so there will only be 21 total). The first lot that I pulled from an old shoe was Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. I started this show in 2008 at a time when I was buying a lot of random used DVDs wherever I could find them. I’d only seen the first four episodes and I remembered only basic things about them, so I started back from the beginning. Continue reading

Finish or Fail 20 – Natsume Yuujinchou – A Terrorist Plot to Infect Me With "The Gay"

NatsuYuujin is very relaxing – sometimes, maybe too relaxing, as my mind would totally wander off in the middle of an episode if I wasn’t careful. I got a sensation of ‘waking up’ after each episode, wherein I’d feel like all of my blood had coagulated in the back of my head, and my eyes were out of focus (actually, my eyes were out of focus, but that’s because my eyes are broken, and had nothing to do with the show.) No Name stated before we began that he’d probably cry at various points during the show, as he’d remembered doing so before, and indeed, I’d seen others report the same back when the show was airing, but he surprisingly didn’t cry at all during the show. Even when the series got emotional, it was less of a pressuring emotion, and more of a soothing emotion. Continue reading

Finish or Fail 19 – If Only A Certain Scientific Railgun Had Been More Like Kamichu

I’m happy about having watched Railgun, because I’m a huge fan of A Certain Magical Index. The franchise has been one of my biggest fandoms from the past 6 months or so, and it’s got a lot of great culture surrounding it. Albeit, while I did enjoy Index a lot, it’s always been true that the whole of the series is better than the sum of it’s parts, and it’s for the same reason that while I did enjoy Railgun, I didn’t necessarily ‘like’ it, as ghostlightning might say. Continue reading

Finish or Fail 18 – Durararararararara!!

I knew exactly what I was gonna get from Durarara, and I got just that. Baccano is one of my top 5 anime and enough to have me riding Ryohgo Narita’s cock, so I was excited as hell about Durarara, and it delivered on what I wanted. It didn’t do it as well as Baccano did, but I can hardly blame it for that – Baccano is one of the most tightly written and superbly produced, directed, and acted series of all time. I didn’t expect that lightning to strike twice. Continue reading

Finish or Fail 13 – K-On! Season 1 + OVA – I Can Hear The Massive Simultaneous "Finally, Damn"

K-On! is the weird case of a show that I knew I would like right from the start, but never got around to finishing. I saw the first two episodes as they aired, and I saw those two episodes several times before I saw the third one – and then when I finally finished the show in one go with No Name, we started from the beginning again (since we had 1080p blu-rays~). For a long time, I wondered why it seemed that I couldn’t finish K-On. I thought maybe it was because of the hype, but I’m pretty good at wiping hype from my mind when I watch something. I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t gotten attached to any of the characters yet, but that doesn’t make too much sense – I wasn’t really attached to the characters in, say, Ichigo Mashimaro or Hidamari Sketch or G.A. etc. right off the bat, but it only takes a little bit of time for them to grow on me. Nevertheless, I felt this sense that there was something about K-On! that was keeping me at arms length, and I knew I was going to have to finish the blasted show if I wanted to find out. So I did. And the thing holding me off was actually my other suspicion. Continue reading

Finish or Fail 12 – The Big O – I Came For Noir And Robots, and I Left With Chiaki God Damn Konaka

This ‘Finish or Fail’ series has been very interesting for me so far, because it has given me the opportunity for the first time to drop shows that I actually enjoyed to some extent. Most of the shows that I’ve dropped in the past were cut within the first couple of episodes just because they weren’t my thing to begin with. The FoF series consists entirely of shows that I have actually wanted to finish for a long time and already know that I enjoy. The shows that have ‘failed’ so far all made it for 8-10 episodes, meaning that, for one reason or another, I actually did enjoy them, but just couldn’t reconcile the things I didn’t like enough to finish. Continue reading

Finish or Fail 11 – I Still Plan To Watch 2nd Gig, But Let Me Rant About Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 1 For A Bit (Part One, Because I Ended Up Going On About the Animation Till I Had A Full Post)

I will say upfront that I did not finish SAC season 1. After 8 episodes, I gave up and decided I would just watch the Laughing Man compilation OVA before moving on to season 2. I would have probably finished the season if I didn’t realize there was a compilation movie, so it’s not like I ragequitted the show. I just figured it would be easier to get through it in a more compact version. On to the rant… Continue reading

Finish or Fail 10 – Resident Evil 4; What, You Didn't Think I Only Had Anime On Hold Did you?

As the post title implies, anime isn’t the only thing I’m great at not finishing. Before getting heavily into anime, I was heavily into video games for about a year, and in that year, despite doing lots of reading and research on video games, I didn’t get around to playing them quite as much. For a while, I would buy all of the big-name releases and obsessively poured over, Game Informer magazines, and watched a lot of G4 (back when they talked about video games.) After a while I settled into a niche of JRPGs as my genre of preference – however, my attention span was rarely so great as to complete one. There are a lot of great games that I played for about 7 hours (i.e. 1 or 2 afternoons) and just never continued, and others like Shadow Hearts Covenant that I reached the final boss on and gave up when I couldn’t beat him. Continue reading