Nominations for Anime Music Tourney

Oh look! A post about anime. Taka here! Yes I have risen from the depths to once again place a post upon Digitalboy’s humble little blog about Ponies.

Gasp! The light of the viewer’s gaze chars my flesh. I shall be with you but a moment.

In case you have been under a rock…blah blah blah…etc. Anime Intstrumentality is hosting an Anime Music Tourney. The nominations process is over by tomorrow so I submitted mine last minute this morning. Let me tell you, picking 15 songs was hard. I stripped my list of anything I thought was a guaranteed for a nomination (most modern anime music and Cruel Angel’s Thesis/Tank/Higurashi) or if I did I put them low. Mostly I stuck to some older songs I enjoy. So without further ado the list!
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Aquarion’s Critical Juncture

I’ve been on something of a self-imposed hiatus lately thanks to powering my way through Integral Calculus (aka Calculus 2 in most places) for the first time in my life ever. I mean it’s what eats up most of my time by virtue of it being the only subject I do study groups for.  Oftentimes I’m a week behind on anime which restricts me from posting much of anything relevant…what was I talking about again? Oh right, Aquarion Evol.

It's a testament to the sweetness of this coupling that 99% of the Yunoha pictures out there aren't of her getting reamed by a fat dude.

So yeah I love this show with a strange, rather unexplainable burning passion especially considering I haven’t seen the original series. As rational as I am there is something about the idea of destined lovers that always stirs up the hopeless romantic in me. The problem is most shows just have the whole OTP, generally non-canon with the show, just whoever the main character happens to meet first or met when they were a little kid. Aquarion is different, Apollo and Silvia’s (Apollonius and Cellane’s) love is fated for 12,000 years, reincarnates and returns again and again, and is rekindled aknew each time. They aren’t just fated childhood friends, they are fated lovers that even death cannot keep apart. They’d be star-crossed lovers if they weren’t so darn good at finding each other time and again. Their love is so fated that they made another anime series just to cash in on the first for them to be together again.

Which brings me to Aquarion’s critical juncture. The question must have been building up in the back of the viewers mind for some time now, but the most recent episodes epic flashback brings the conflict to the center stage. Who or what is Amata? I feel like we’ve come to the point where it needs to be addressed. Is Amata the reincarnation of Apollo or is it Kagura? Or is it some weird homunculus combination of the two? We must first bear in mind that this is a Kawamori anime and he delights in upsetting expectations. What if Amata really isn’t remotely related to Apollo? Is Kawamori going to try and upset the notion of fated love established in the Sousei no Aquarion? It seems like a Kawamori thing to do.

Who is it going to be?

However if Amata isn’t Apollo than why does he have the “Wings of the Sun”, or are those not them? Furthermore we’ve only seen Kagura manifest anything resembling wings once and they didn’t look very sunny to me. On the flip-side, were the memories that Mykage awoke in Kagura false or implanted memories? To be fair his obsessions focus mostly on Silvie (rather than Silvia or Cellane) and I don’t think once name himself as Apollo (or Apollonius). Yet, that could also be legitimate if Silvie, Amata’s mother, was also a resurrection of Silvia, or in some way carried the blood line (or fate line?) of the two. However, Silvie’s kidnapping raises the question of whether Amata and Kagura could in fact be siblings, which could give some legitimacy to the theory that they both partially contain Appolonius’ soul.  We might even be willing to cast doubt on whether Mikono is really Silvia (though I’ve seen little evidence to the contrary or to anyone else being Silvia (though how awesome would it be if it were Brownka or Zessica)). These are the facts and theories I play around with when I consider who is the true reincarnation of the fated lovers, and it’s an example of just how invested I am in the goings on of Aquarion Evol. How Aquarion built that investment with excellent execution and just fucking fun and creative as hell episodes is a story for another post. In the meantime I’ll just ponder these ten and two thousand years, and hope you all will ponder them with me.

It's fun to dream sometimes.

Wrapping up the Spring 2011 Season Pt. 1

Hey ho! I’m back to once again to make a post several posts that are way too damn long about all the wonderful and terrible shows I watched this past Spring. Despite getting up at 7AM, attending summer classes, goofing off for most of the rest of the day, and/or catching up on lost sleep, I manage to squeeze the 30, count em, 30 currently airing shows into my weekend. Oftentimes I run over and watch shows a week late but I managed to finish them all in time somehow. Quite frankly this is insanity and shame on you for supporting my slow, agonizing spiral into madness…thanks for reading.

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Deadman Dreams

As the devious nature of the inmates at Deadman Wonderland is kicked up to comical proportions there is one element of the show that remains striking and sobering. During the ending of each episode the viewer is treated to a series of tableaus depicting current inmates and officers as they once were, free from the dread and dark of the prison they have come to inhabit.

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Wrapping up the Winter Season, or Confessions of an Anime Masochist

Best show of the season; hands down.

Figured I would get this out there before we get half-way through spring, and I spent too much work on it already to just casually throw it away.

So some of you may or may not know, I watch a fair amount of anime, both good and bad. During this past Winter season I followed nineteen shows, not counting OAVs and Movies. If the number seems like a lot, that’s because it is. If it doesn’t seem like a lot, get a life. You can’t have mine because it doesn’t exist. Nine and a half hours of anime per week, and I didn’t watch it during the week, I mostly watched it over the weekend. So I’m going to attempt to list some pros and cons of each show. I say attempt because I expect the formula to fall apart pretty quickly as soon as I get to a show I want to talk about with some length. Also I am going to list notable vocal performances if applicable since I am a seiyuu nerd. I’m not going to attempt to list them in any order but alphabetical, anything beyond that would be utterly impossible for me.

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Thoughts on C – Fiscal Responsibility

Most of the comments on episode three of C: Money of the Soul and Possibility of Control have been about the varying effectiveness of the “infodump” within the episode. I personally do not have a comment on that front. What I do find interesting is a curious (to me) lack of mention for the central resolution between Kimimaro and his estranged (presumed dead) father. No comment has been made about Soichiro’s peculiar rationalization about Kimimaro’s financial habits and how they differ from the two men’s fathers.

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Who cares about Madoka, Anaru is my Goddess of Hope.

Anjou Naruko, the red-haired goddess of AnoHana has usurped all other 2D women in my heart. Others may covet Anaru inappropriately, this man is of a false and duplicitous nature. Not enough that he has blasphemed by taking a 3D waifu, he keeps a list of anime women to fall back on should he ever become unhappily single. I assure you, that you will find no such declarations of infidelity from me on this blog. I will not waver, for while I have had many 2D girlfriendos and crushes, I have only now taken my first 2D waifu.

My bride to be

Yes Anaru is poised haughtily atop a mangled pile of gothlolis, demons, robots, vampires and other such lesser 2D women from my past. She has usurped long standing anime-girl crushes such as Ryoko to take her rightful place as Queen of my heart. Striking the breath from my lungs with her hipster glasses, she is the my flame-haired avatar of love.

*Insert hipster meme here*

Words cannot express the feeling of watching Anaru doing the most mundane tasks. Lying in bed, playing Nokemon, watering the garden; her every movement is poetry of which I might be able to express had the sight of her saintly visage not burned out my cornea. To hear her voice is to understand the very essence of “tsun” and “dere”. Where has an anime-girl like this been all of my life?

It is with this post that I unequivocally declare my engagement to my anime waifu: Anjou Naruko. It is an ultimatum to all the unbelievers and adulterers (especially this guy) that Anaru shall be mine alone. You Madoka-fags and Homura-fags may have your despair-ridden DFC magical girls, Anaru is the only goddess for me. Therefore I state in the most direct terms I know and with an unwavering heart:

Anaru is mai waifu!