Put Your Money Where Your Moe Is

It’s been said before that Haruhi raised the bar for moe anime, being as it was an ultra high-budget, far-reaching, excellent TV series that was probably the first thing to be all at once so thoroughly moe-centric, so well-produced, and so successful. Haruhi came out in 2006, and since then, there have been many well-produced moe series, especially from the likes of Kyoto Animation, A-1 Pictures, and J.C. Staff (not that everything they do looks as good as Raildex or Toradora). But this post isn’t about how moe anime have gotten all nice-looking and big—it’s about how moe anime are becoming the best-looking stuff on TV, period.

I watch a lot of monthly sakuga AMVs—that is, collections of all the awesome animation tidbits from each month of currently-airing anime. Usually, sakuga AMVs are pretty dominated by shows from studio BONES, which hasn’t been true this season as their only show, No. 6, contains minimal sakuga moments.

So, what shows are putting up the strongest sakuga showings this season? The Idolm@ster (A-1 Pictures), Nichijou (Kyoto Animation), and Hana-saku Iroha (P.A. Works), all moe-heavy shows. The only action show putting up a lot of great sakuga moments is Sacred Seven (Sunrise), which is right up there with The Idolm@ster in quantity of sakuga scenes. But when you watch the videos for July and August, there’s definitely more moe shows with awesome sakuga scenes than anything else. Not to mention all those Usagi Drop scenes of Rin doing cute shit… those count, right?

How To Make Your Physical-Copy Doujinshi Readable Without Learning Moon

[Also works with any Japanese manga, but doujinshi tend to be the ones that get bought in Japanese by people who don’t know Japanese.]

If you’re like me (god help you), then you like owning doujinshi—preferably ones that’ve been scanslated—but you can’t read Japanese, and it bothers you that you can’t actually read your physical copies of those doujinshi. Today I’ll be sharing my solution to this problem, which probably isn’t the best nor the most professional (and might be the most time-consuming), but anyone and their grandma can do it.

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Steins;Gate Stands To Steal My Declaration Of “Best Dialog In Anime”

Is it just me or does it look like she's not wearing underwear?

Since 2008 I’ve been considering Kure-nai the almighty champion of anime dialog, but I’m starting to feel like Steins;Gate could steal the crown. I actually like that the show moves slowly because it means more time for this fucking brilliant dialog. Hanada Jukki deserves one hell of a pat on the back for this.

Insult of the fucking month

It also may steal Kure-nai’s spot as the fastest a show has gotten a guaranteed spot on my favorites list. Kure-nai got it after episode 6. This show will have it if the next episode stays as awesome as it’s been.

This explanation was perfect

That’s all—I don’t know what it is but this show compels me to episodically blog it.

Who cares about Madoka, Anaru is my Goddess of Hope.

Anjou Naruko, the red-haired goddess of AnoHana has usurped all other 2D women in my heart. Others may covet Anaru inappropriately, this man is of a false and duplicitous nature. Not enough that he has blasphemed by taking a 3D waifu, he keeps a list of anime women to fall back on should he ever become unhappily single. I assure you, that you will find no such declarations of infidelity from me on this blog. I will not waver, for while I have had many 2D girlfriendos and crushes, I have only now taken my first 2D waifu.

My bride to be

Yes Anaru is poised haughtily atop a mangled pile of gothlolis, demons, robots, vampires and other such lesser 2D women from my past. She has usurped long standing anime-girl crushes such as Ryoko to take her rightful place as Queen of my heart. Striking the breath from my lungs with her hipster glasses, she is the my flame-haired avatar of love.

*Insert hipster meme here*

Words cannot express the feeling of watching Anaru doing the most mundane tasks. Lying in bed, playing Nokemon, watering the garden; her every movement is poetry of which I might be able to express had the sight of her saintly visage not burned out my cornea. To hear her voice is to understand the very essence of “tsun” and “dere”. Where has an anime-girl like this been all of my life?

It is with this post that I unequivocally declare my engagement to my anime waifu: Anjou Naruko. It is an ultimatum to all the unbelievers and adulterers (especially this guy) that Anaru shall be mine alone. You Madoka-fags and Homura-fags may have your despair-ridden DFC magical girls, Anaru is the only goddess for me. Therefore I state in the most direct terms I know and with an unwavering heart:

Anaru is mai waifu!


Steins;Gate 3

It takes a brilliant script, director, and actors for a show to be this exciting while scarcely leaving the confines of a single room and spending a lot of time showing characters use the internet. Steins;Gate has me in high anticipation of each new episode and loving every minute of them.

Could this be a G Gundam reference?!

I love the way conversations play out—they flow with ease, yet the characters never leave their personalities behind. In a lot of stories, dialog is governed by the responses that play into the situation best. In this series, dialog is governed by the responses that make the most sense coming from each character. It makes them into living entities, which is why Hyououin actually feels like a realistic crazy person and not just a “crazy guy character type.”

I so hope there's art of Large Haldron Collider-tan

I especially love all the nerd lingo and references that get thrown around casually. This kind of inadvertent reference is something I find important to dialog because in real life, people make references to things. (In fact, some of us largely speak in patchworks of quotes from other sources *cough*.) Steins;Gate isn’t making references as an attempt at comedy, but just as a fact of life.

Can’t wait for episode 4!

The Big 400!

Today I reached 400 completed anime! Sure, probably 100+ are OVAs, specials, music videos, and movies; and sure, there are probably 5 or so that I haven’t actually seen every episode of (Yugioh, DBZ), but marked complete anyway. Nevertheless, it’s 400!

Since I knew I was going to hit this benchmark, I wanted to make my 400th completed series something special. I was going to make it season 1 of Gintama since it’s my favorite anime and season 2 is started now, but since I still have nearly 50 eps to go, I knew I’d end up finishing too many shows in the meantime. So instead, I went for another favorite with a second season coming out now, Seikon no Qwaser.

What can I say? I couldn’t have picked a better 400th finisher! Qwaser is the most fun I have watching anime, giving me consistent joy over the course of the entire year that it took me to complete.

Here’s hoping that s2 uncensored eps will not be in the shittiest, lowest-quality-imaginable form like the only subs for s1 were. And I’m really god damn curious about where the new series is going to start, considering the anime-original ending of s1.


When writing my last post, I didn’t really get why Urobuchi Gen thought now was the time to come out about the lie of Madoka Magica. Of course, that’s because I’m an idiot who hadn’t watched the third episode.

Part of my brain is saying ,”no way, she can’t be dead—she’s in the opening theme, on the promo material…”

But the other half is saying, “SHAFT already trolled us to begin with, they’re known for changing opening themes, and everything makes sense now.”

I’d read that there was a death in this episode, but I could never have expected this. Now I really understand why they bothered with that troll—so that our expectations wouldn’t leave us prepared for this.

Now I’ve got that Shiki 19 feeling of total despair and emptiness.

This show is a masterpiece.

Update: Now that I’ve given it more thought, I really don’t trust that Mami is dead. It seems like there was way too much foreshadowing about her character to end her time in the series. DiGiKerot also pointed out that there’s a chance Madoka could wish her back to life if it’s possible.

Why the 1st Nanoha Movie Has Made Me A Very Happy Man (A Recommendation)

It’s no secret that I didn’t much care for Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. </understatement> I infamously wrote a very negative review of the series, in which I neglected to mention that I’d watched two episodes at 1.5X speed, and then another two or three with a reduced window (streaming) while chatting on AIM and blasting Dragonforce over the show. By all means, I should’ve just dropped Nanoha like I would any other series that failed to engage me on such a level, but I didn’t because it was popular, had been recommended to me a number of times, was done by my favorite director (Shinbo Akiyuki), and was about gay lolis. All in all, the experience got chalked up to a mistake of my youth; but it was worth all that trouble for the diamond in the rough: Nanoha A’s.

Best. Scene.

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