Digi Tries To Cook, Pt. 3

In the process of thumbing through the cook book for the first time, I pretty much found myself checking out any recipe with “mushroom” in the title. I’m not sure why, but I seem to be on a shroom kick. Mushrooms and onions are basically my jam. So the first recipe I picked out was this mushroom rice bake, which I was hesitant to prepare because it makes eight servings, and I only expected three people to eat it.

I didn’t manage to get any process pics for this one. It involved beating an egg and some cream cheese together, then adding in a can of evaporated milk, then some separately-cooked onions and mushrooms, and three cups of cooked rice. I was glad that I asked my mom to assist by making the rice on this one, as she astutely recognized that “3 cups of cooked rice” does not require cooking “3 cups of rice,” as I would have done. We cooked about a cup and a half of rice, and we had too much rice.

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Digi Tries To Cook, Pt. 2

We’ve graduated appetizers class with a mere 2.0 GPA and moved on to dinners after a family grocery store trip. I’ve been given entirely too much control over what’s for dinner and picked out five or so recipes, based around my dad’s recent decision to quit eating red meat and my family’s overall general pickiness. In other words, two kinds of spaghetti and three kinds of chicken dinner. Living at home can be stupid sometimes.

For the first type of spaghetti, I’m making my own marinara sauce. It seems to be one of those formulas which overwhelmingly is based around one ingredient (tomato sauce), but has a ton of other stuff in such infinitesimal amounts that I’m having a really hard time convincing myself that they actually effect the taste. Not that I want to do the whole recipe wrong just to find out.

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Digi Tries To Cook, Pt. 1

This story will fully come together in a day or two when the Digi Bros episode comes out during which The Davoo asks me when I’ll learn to cook–for now, I present the attempts:

As of Thanksgiving, I resolved that I would learn how to cook well enough by next year’s Thanksgiving that I can cook the dinner myself. I started yesterday.

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