Albums of 2012

2012 looks to have been shit year for albums. Most of what I listened to from 2012 was My Little Pony fan music, which isn’t usually released in album form. I’m a big fan of the album as a concept, so it’s weird for me to look back on a year and see that little of what I ended up liking was in full album form. Still, I kept up a list of 2012 albums for most of the year, and I’ve done a lot of yearly music round-ups in random places over the years (never on this site before), so I wanna do one.

This will be broken up into stuff I listened to a lot, and stuff I didn’t listen to much—then further broken down by how good it was.

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Digibro’s Media Journal (December 2012)

This month’s media consumption was definitively characterized by my schedule. For the first two and a half weeks of December, my friends and I were constantly recording videos for our Gamecube Chats series; and as a result, a huge amount of the media I consumed this month was Gamecube games. A lot of them I didn’t get to play in-depth, so they’ll be falling in at the bottom section of this post.

Besides Gamecube games, there will also be an assload of Disney movies, because of Brandon and I running our Disneycast series. There are a decent number of comic books too, thanks to our continued cultural exchange, though not nearly as much as there would’ve been if not for Gamecube Chats. All of this leaves the post feeling like a big advertisement for the rest of my shit.

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Digibro’s Media Journal (November 2012)

This was my busiest month ever, with a slam-packed November holiday schedule leaving me at work or asleep way more than I’d have liked. I also did a lot of rewatching and stuff, so in this post I’ll be including media which I’ve already seen, or am continuing to watch, which I didn’t cover before. (For instance: MLP is back, but wasn’t on when I started the journal, so I’ll be talking about it here; but I won’t talk about the still-running Game Grumps, because I talked about it in September.)

+++ Media

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Digibro’s Media Journal (September 2012)

This is, and should remain, the biggest media journal post that I will ever do, on account of the fact that I decided to kitchen sink it this time. Last month, I expanded the journal from being just video games to incorporating other media, but I didn’t account for nearly everything that I took in. This month, I’m doing everything, so long as I haven’t accounted for it in previous months.

Because I’m including everything I watch regularly on this list, I won’t need to put a lot of this stuff into future lists. I didn’t go all-out with music—I only included artists whom I discovered this month. This was both for the sake of length, and because I’m pretty terrible at talking about music in general. Moreover, this list is not in any discernible order, because I’d been listing stuff as I consumed it, and sorting it would’ve been a huge pain in the ass. Ratings are next to names.

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