Digi’s Top Music of 2014

I’m way the hell late with this yearly tradition of mine to list my favorite albums of the year, but I planned it all of last year, so it needs to happen. I tried recording this as a vlog, but found I had little to really say, and the video was overly long and lame; so I’m just gonna make a text post and get it over with. Here’s the album and song lists, with links!

I recommend all of this music to everyone.

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Nominations for Anime Music Tourney

Oh look! A post about anime. Taka here! Yes I have risen from the depths to once again place a post upon Digitalboy’s humble little blog about Ponies.

Gasp! The light of the viewer’s gaze chars my flesh. I shall be with you but a moment.

In case you have been under a rock…blah blah blah…etc. Anime Intstrumentality is hosting an Anime Music Tourney. The nominations process is over by tomorrow so I submitted mine last minute this morning. Let me tell you, picking 15 songs was hard. I stripped my list of anything I thought was a guaranteed for a nomination (most modern anime music and Cruel Angel’s Thesis/Tank/Higurashi) or if I did I put them low. Mostly I stuck to some older songs I enjoy. So without further ado the list!
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Digibro’s Media Journal Year One Finale

[Bandcamp’s new embed thing isn’t working with me, so go here: http://digibronevershutsup.bandcamp.com/album/digibros-media-journal-year-one-finale]

This is it! The end of the first year of Digibro’s Media Journal, and the effective end of the current format of the series. Above is a brief podcast with my thoughts on the yearlong project, and below is the final ordered list of all media that I took in this year.

The June stuff is in bold. Note that a great number of the ratings have been changed since the items were originally listed.

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Digibro’s Media Journal (May 2013)

I’ve either hit an all-time low of media consumption, or I seriously need to change my definition of what counts as media. I spent a stupidly huge amount of this month watching MLP videos, which is why I really need to make that it’s own thing as I’ve been promising—it’s just hard to keep track of all of it. In the meantime, I didn’t touch any anime, game controllers, or comics/books this month, so I’m pretty dead to the world. It’s mostly gonna be music, which I’m absurdly current on thanks to Anthony Fantano. At least it’s a month of almost completely positive reactions!

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On Liking Weird Shit – Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 14

In tonight’s cast, I’m joined by Brando, to discuss our enjoyment of strange music, and reflect on just how small the fandoms of some of our favorite artists are.

Opening song is from Intro by Clipping: http://clppng.bandcamp.com/album/midcity
The Clipping live show we discuss is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw3rR8SwF1M

We also talk about Cakes da Killa: http://mishkanyc.bandcamp.com/album/the-eulogy

And Acid Rap by Chance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTDJmROdC0k

And of course, our album, BC: http://trialofthegoldenwitch.bandcamp.com/album/bc
And the video for like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbM_liP3_e0

Frances The Mute – The Mars Volta [Digi’s Favorite Albums, Ep. 1]

Finally getting around to album reviews, which I’ve wanted to do forever! Whee~!

Frances The Mute was my introduction to music, and as such is among the most important albums in my favorites list. Best described as avant-garde rock music, combining elements from a vast selection of genres to form a complex pastiche of sound.

Like all music, this album can easily be found on youtube. Alternatively, you could buy it somewhere.

Current list ranking: #22
My Top 50 Favorite Albums list:http://myswordisunbelievablydull.word…

Favorite Songs: The Widow, L’Via L’viaquez, Miranda That Ghost Just Isn’t Holy Anymore, Cassandra Gemini

Least Favorite Song: Cygnus… Vismund Cygnus

My Top 50 Favorite Albums!

IT’S FINALLY DONE! I’ve been working on this motherfucker for WEEKS, listening to the nearly 100 nominations for the list one by one, and I’m quite content with the results. What follows is an ordered list of my top 50 favorite albums! It’s very sparse on the details, but there’s a reason for that which should become apparent in the future~

The “listenability” score means what it says, and has a lot to do with how the actual order of this list was found. There can be an album with just five songs that are all fantastic, but if it’s hard to actually listen to, vs. an album with more variance that I listen to every damn day, the latter will likely win out. Just felt that might need explanation. Here’s the list:

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Digibro’s Media Journal (April 2013)

Did this month even happen? Where am I? Holy fuck. For real, I have no idea what happened to me this month. I guess I’d have to use my posts and videos to figure it out. At least most of what I remember was media-related, so this month should be a bit more exciting than the last two were.

Honestly, this journal is incomplete because I mostly listened to a shitload of music thanks to The Needle Drop, but most of it I haven’t had enough time with to really talk about. These Media Journals get more complicated to do every month I swear.

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