Frances The Mute – The Mars Volta [Digi’s Favorite Albums, Ep. 1]

Finally getting around to album reviews, which I’ve wanted to do forever! Whee~!

Frances The Mute was my introduction to music, and as such is among the most important albums in my favorites list. Best described as avant-garde rock music, combining elements from a vast selection of genres to form a complex pastiche of sound.

Like all music, this album can easily be found on youtube. Alternatively, you could buy it somewhere.

Current list ranking: #22
My Top 50 Favorite Albums list:http://myswordisunbelievablydull.word…

Favorite Songs: The Widow, L’Via L’viaquez, Miranda That Ghost Just Isn’t Holy Anymore, Cassandra Gemini

Least Favorite Song: Cygnus… Vismund Cygnus

My Top 50 Favorite Albums!

IT’S FINALLY DONE! I’ve been working on this motherfucker for WEEKS, listening to the nearly 100 nominations for the list one by one, and I’m quite content with the results. What follows is an ordered list of my top 50 favorite albums! It’s very sparse on the details, but there’s a reason for that which should become apparent in the future~

The “listenability” score means what it says, and has a lot to do with how the actual order of this list was found. There can be an album with just five songs that are all fantastic, but if it’s hard to actually listen to, vs. an album with more variance that I listen to every damn day, the latter will likely win out. Just felt that might need explanation. Here’s the list:

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Digibro’s Media Journal (April 2013)

Did this month even happen? Where am I? Holy fuck. For real, I have no idea what happened to me this month. I guess I’d have to use my posts and videos to figure it out. At least most of what I remember was media-related, so this month should be a bit more exciting than the last two were.

Honestly, this journal is incomplete because I mostly listened to a shitload of music thanks to The Needle Drop, but most of it I haven’t had enough time with to really talk about. These Media Journals get more complicated to do every month I swear.

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Digibro Never Shuts Up 12 – My Top 100 Favorite Songs (and Brandon Tolentino’s)

Surely this makes up for months of silence. In this five-hour epic recorded over two days, Brandon Tolentino and I break down our “top 100 favorite songs” lists, which we’d written months ago, and I’d never finished writing a post about.

This track-by-track breakdown of both lists involves lots of esoteric explanations, random singing, and a truckload of overly obvious passion for music. And if anyone asks—yes, I actually listened to the whole thing back myself.

The lists are below for the sake of keeping up/listening. Note that Brandon’s numbers are reversed for some reason (i.e. his 1. is actually his 100.). Also, as mentioned throughout the podcast, both lists are incomplete and in need of changing, especially Brandon’s because his list was written while he was depressed. These listings do not account for any changes discussed in the podcast.

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Digibro’s Media Journal (March 2013)

Yet another month has gone in which media consumption was slowed by MLP and video making, though at least now it’s pretty close to resembling a full-time job, so it’s mostly a good thing. I spent the first two weeks of March deeply entrenched in making my Q&A videos, and then kinda retaliated by spending much of the last two weeks playing video games. (In my defense, some fairly successful livestreams came out of it.)

I feel like I should also link to the tons of youtube channels I learned of and subbed to this month, but I’m too lazy. I do have intentions of doing some kind of youtube mega-posts in the future, though. Also, I think I’m going to separate MLP fanworks into their own thing.

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Digibro’s Media Journal (February 2013)

God damn, what an uneventful month for media. You’d think that leaving my job would mean much more time for stuff, but nooo, ponieponieponieponieponie. (I ended up throwing some pony on the list too, so it would at least be indicative of what actually happened this month.)

Just how serious was this pony takeover? It’s not just a matter of making so many videos—it’s also a matter of constantly reading comments, talking to people on skype and AIM about the show, looking at fanworks, and getting swamped in news and recommendations. I keep thinking I should also do something else, but it’s hard to even bring myself to, because I’m so wrapped up in the excitement of my videos rapidly increasing in popularity. Suffice it to say, I’m not complaining, I’m just overwhelmed. And it doesn’t help that the three-plus score is in seriously short supply this month.

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Digibro’s Media Journal (January 2013)

(Warning: most of this was written while drunk.) January got off to an unparalleled start in terms of media—I was handing three-plus scores out the wazoo. This more or less came to an abrupt stop when I started dedicating every waking hour to pony videos (not necessarily on purpose, it just sorta overtook my brain). I keep feeling like I’ve left something off the list, because it felt like I took in more media at the end of the month than I have listed, but it’s likely that I was just so busy with ponies and working on my upcoming Top 100 songs list and watching Game Grumps and shit that I just didn’t see that much new stuff.

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