Fall 2008 – What I Might Keep Up With Next Season

This season more or less sucks. There’s Hidamari but I keep forgetting it’s airing now. The only other good shows this season aren’t even on TV – Xam’d is on PSN and DETROIT METAL CITY is an OVA. Ordinarily when a season sucks it’s because half of the previous season is still airing. But Kanokon and Kurenai are all that mattered last season. The two solid 26-ep shows, Code Geass and Macross Frontier, are both just okay at best.

Well, maybe I’m not being fair. I’ve heard good things about Natsume Yuujinchou, Mission E, and Birdy the Mighty and I liked all of their first episodes but didn’t continue any. It’s just hard for me to get into a season when it’s lacking any truly awesome surefire hits. I was pretty proud of myself with how far I got last year having Kurenai and Code Geass as support beams, but I’m not seeing one this season. At least I’ve started Sekirei and it seems to be fun.

However, next season looks FUCKING OMG YES! So here’s my fall season excited-dar.

HOLY SHIT FUCK YES OMG WIN NO WAI WIN of fall 08 (in broadcast order)

Yozakura Quartet – you only need to know one thing: MATSUO FUCKING KOU. He directed RED GARDEN and KURE-NAI and if this show’s any good, he will give Shinbo a run for his money for the top director spot. I don’t know much about the plot, except that I’ve almost bought the first volume of the manga multiple times just because it has a girl with a guitar on the cover. Patz tells me it’s pretty good, so maybe I’ll go pick up the manga. I mean, it’s got a girl with a guitar on it : D


CHAOS;HEAD – <- how it’s always written. This one is a non-H visual novel known for violence. I’ve been told the main character is hatable but just insane enough to be forgiven. Anyway there’s grisly murders and psychological mystery. But you know that’s not enough to get me excited!! It’s being done by MADHOUSE which is always a good thing and the people working on it seem to be pretty solid, though the director has done nothing particularly good, however this might be his breakthrough anime. Here’s hoping, because this could be seriously fucking awesome!

To Aru Majutsu no Index – First of all, long-ass running series of light novels (16!), second of all, plot sounds interesting, and of course, from the director of Melody of Oblivion and Azumanga Daioh (neither of which is one of my favorites, but one of which is great, and the other of which features fuckwin directing). Lead female is adorable and ‘Index’ is an epic name.

Casshern SINS – MADHOUSE is fucking busy this season! This looks awesome. Reawakened classics with the right people working on them always kick ass and I’ve needed my transforming hero fix from something more recent (maybe I’ll watch eps of this back to back with guyver or tekkaman)

Hyakko! – Slice-of-life comedy with all female cast. Always means good things!

SHIKABANE HIME ASA – GAINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!!!!!! Also, director did Mazinkaiser and the TV version of Giant Robo as well as episodes of Lain and Boogiepop. A catalog that sounds right at home with GAINAX.

Michiko to Hatchin – Going by the looks and description, this has the potential to be the best anime ever. It’s Manglobe, who shat it up with Ergo Proxy but also did Samurai Champloo and since this seems to be in the vein of the latter, I’m getting excited! The director is having his first directing job but everything he’s been involved with kicks ass and Shinichiro Watanabe is actually getting off his lazy ass and doing the show’s music! This could be a godly combo.

MAYBE! (same order)

Toradora – The description sounds the fucking EXACT same as the shitty Nogizaka Haruka however it’s a light novel adaption and I am 100% obligated to try out all light novel adaptions.

Gai-Rei-Zero – Potentially fucking awesome and has the director of the first Kara no Kyoukai movie.

Macademi WAsshoi! – RO! RI! I! TA!

Kyou no Go no Ni – I haven’t finished the OVA but what I saw was fucking hilarious and beyond loli-tastic.

KUROZUKA – It’s Madhouse once again, and this time the director who did Death Note. The plot is totally nonsensical from ANN’s blurb, but it might be one of Madhouse’s arts forays which would be great.

Tytania – I can already tell this will be the season’s popular anime. Looks either really cool or really boring. It’s Artland who have done stellar (Mushishi) and shitty (Yugo the Negotiator and Gunslinger Girl il treano) so could go anywhere.

Kuro Shitsuji – I can’t find any info on this but the site is gothic, and the main character kid wears an eyepath. however there’s an equal chance it’s boys love. Must be cautious.

Kurogane no Linebarrel – GONZO.

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens – Did you read the name?! Also excellent designs.

Alive – GONZO does Suicide Club?! Will wait for more info since it starts late.

Let's Do This Mothafuckaz – Summer 08

Spring 08 has been one of the only seasons where I’ve ever actually kept up with any fucking shows. So far it’s slightly beating out Fall for total eps watched, if only because I was watching a lot more in the fall. I’d be tempted to call Spring a pretty weak season. Kure-nai is, of course, awesome, but not much else is even good. Amatsuki is great, but it still hasn’t done much to wow me or make it at all memorable, and the other shows I’m still watching are Macross F, Kyouran, and Twenty Faces, none of which I’m caught up on and none of which will sill be in my mind by next season. I totally forgot I was even watching Soul Eater, which has been a nonstop mixed bag and all around top-grade shounen action show. Code Geass R2 is fine, but it’s a sequel so it had an advantage already.

So anyway, a lot of shit looks promising for Summer. There look to be a number of action shows which is always a good thing. There’s also the long-awaited HIDAMARI SKETCH 360 which is fuckwin on a stick. Plus, motherfucking Detroit Metal City. I don’t even give a fuck what it’s about, it’s a fucking show with metal in the title, you know I’ll watch that shit. Since nothing else has much info, I can’t really comment on it, unless I spend an hour on some useless shit like I did for the current season.

God I can’t wait for more Candy Boy.

(I May or May Not Watch Anything From) SPRING 08!

Why am I not doing what I did for the last 2 seasons? Both times having posted a list of everything airing and talking about them? Because there’s maybe a 5% chance I will actually watch anything while it’s airing. Back in Fall I was trying to episodically blog everything, but I never got past episode 6 of ANYTHING, except for ef. So in Winter I thought I could do it right and watch everything this time, but I did even worse and didn’t get past the first episode of anything except for Hatenkou Yuugi which I had the fortune to watch 3 eps of at once.

So this season, I’m just going to list the shows that I will at least make the attempt to check out but I’m not making any promises. (stuff I’m particularly looking forward to in CAPS)

Allison & Lillia – Pretty art!

Macross FRONTIER – Actually, I’ll probably keep up with this. It’s fucking MACROSS.

xxxholic S2 – assuming I actually finish S1

kure-nai – the art looks like Chokkoto Sister all over again, which I only just started watching. However, there’s no way i’m passing up adorable little girl main characters.

Amatsuki? – I don’t know, the guy’s shirt looks cool. It’s a stretch.

KAMEN NO MAID GUY – Ultraviolence with an absurdly huge man in a maid outfit? 100% awesome.

CODE GEASS SEASON 2 – Echoing everyone else’s fear of anime cliffhanger conclusions, but if it’s as badass as S1 it’s gunning for a favorite.

Wagara no Oinara-sama – Moar furries? Wolf and Spice must’ve done well last season.

Nabari – Okay, theres a ton of pretty boys, but there’s also a rally really cool-looking girl. Okay, It’ll probably be totally homo.

SOUL EATER – Great-looking art and Andrew Cunningham like it. Must be good.


Golgo 13 – Apparently it’s legendary or something.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki – Looks funny.

Nijuu Mensou Musume – the websitedesign was realy pretentious YES I know I am way too easy.

CANDY BOY – OMG my favorite 7-minute yuri is becoming a 7-ep show!!! Yes!!!

and most importantly

HIDAMARI SKETCH SEASON 2 – I don’t think I need to tell you how awesome this is gunna be.

Winter Preview Post

For links to the Japanese sites of all shows, airdates, and info on sub groups, click here.

Table of Contents:

S1. Stuff I’m Excited About
S2. Stuff I’ll try out for sure
S3. Stuff I’m not touching.


1. GUNSLINGER GIRL SEASON 2 – So, starting with the obvious, GG season 2 is coming and I couldn’t be happier. Not only my favorite manga of all time, but a very excellent anime, there’s pretty much no way this can go wrong. It will cover the Pinocchio arc which contains THE two best fight scenes that exist in manga, one of which is so epic it’s unbelievable. Hearsay tells me the first ep will likely be a recap, so even if you missed the first season, give this one a shot!

2. Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – the question on everyones mind – will AFK actually finish subbing the damn first season before the second starts?! In any event, every part of the concept of a second season of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is positively erotic. Even though I haven’t even watched all of the episodes that have been subbed yet (despite seeing several 3 times now) SZS is definitely one of my favorite shows and one of the ones that assured my overblown love of Akiyuki Shinbo (sometime referred to as “god”).

3. Shigofumi – Zee Oh Emm Gee. So, the first time I ever looked at a piece of art for this series, from the same person who did the art for Kino no Tabi, I was instantly in love. Then I found out it was based on a light novel, which is ALWAYS a plus. Then I saw the rich, beautiful animation and the abound comparisons to Shinigami no Ballad and I was completely in love. This one will definitely be a cult favorite.

4. Ookami to Koushinryou – So, Andrew Cunningham, the guy behind translating the Kino no Tabi and Boogiepop novels (AKA best guy evar) and also one of the first to draw attention to the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei manga in America (as ‘the most untranslatable manga ever’ …go figure) did a review of the light novel this is based on. Now, I’m a huge fan of light-novel-based-anime already as it is, but that review piques my interest like no tomorrow. And the art is ****ing beautiful.

5. Hatenkou Yuugi – The shoujo show of the season, this one sounds pretty fun – it’s evidently from the same magazine as Loveless and some other popular titles that I haven’t seen, but I’ll be glad to finally catch a shoujo series for once. The art is pretty…. The biggest reason I’ll be watching is just cuz of how awesome Shugo Chara turned out to be XD


1. PERSONA -Trinity Soul- – Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 might be my favorite RPG of all time, even though I’ve only played it for around 10 hours (I don’t game >_>) so I’m excited about their being an anime, though the story is set 10 years and the future and stars 3 ungodly bishi-boys. Now, I’m none to keen on game-based-anime (especially if they start going on about ‘that thing that happened 10 years ago’ or something) but the plot is intriguing and, I mean, it IS Shin Megami Tensei. I won’t get my hopes up, but there’s a chance this could kick major ***.

2. Minami-ke
– I still need to catch up on the current season of Minami-ke (as well as, you know, everything from the fall season ^^; however once I do, I’m sure the second one will be inviting. The odd parts are how they decided to use a second studio for the new season, but it could be that they just wanted to keep it fresh? Who knows, but it’ll be interesting for a show like this to continue onto a whole new season.

3. ARIA the ORIGINATION – So, I STILL haven’t watched the first two seasons of ARIA even though everyone and their ****ing grandma hails it as a masterpiece. I should probably get it done quickly so that I can watch the 3rd season along with all the cool kids.

4. Mnemosyne – There was a 3-minute preview of this which looked potentially awesome. Some great-looking action scenes abound and tons of yuri hints. It’s very likely to contain a lot of nudity and blood, which is the only thing that kind of turns me off of it, but there’s the chance we’re headed for a badass action series (something the Fall season lacked).

5. true tears – Based on a bishoujo game, which is a shtick I’m tired of, however the character designs are so awesome that I have to watch.

6. H2O – I would have backlogged this as another bishoujo game adaption that I wasn’t going to give a chance, but then I found out the main character is blind. Interesting, to say the least.


1. Rosario to Vampire – mindless fanservice

2. Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de (They are my noble masters) – mindless-er fanservice

3. Sisters of Wellber 2 – Even though I was one of the like, 6 people to watch any of it and I only saw 6 eps since it was never finished getting subbed. and I doubt season 2 will be either. I love how everyone’s reaction to this is ‘people watched season 1?! who?!’

Fall 07': The Big List

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

hokay! This is gunna be a big list and stuff. So get ready.

Blue Drop: Tenchi-tachi no Gikyoku


Summary: In 1995, all 800 habitants of the isolated Kamikakushi Island vanished in one night, all but a single girl who lost her memory. The cause of the disappearances was never identified. Four years later, that girl, Mari, transfers to a girl’s dormitory school, Kaihou Gakuen, leaving behind her grandmother who had been her guardian ever since the incident. There, she meets Hagino. Hagino is the school idol and completes her student council responsibilities flawlessly. The moment she touches Mari’s hand, however, Hagino freaks out, straddling atop Mari, hands around her throat. Mari is afraid of and angry at Hagino, who pretends as if nothing had happened while in front of other students, but at the same time, somehow, she is attracted to Hagino too. In reality, Hagino is actually an alien who was sent to Earth in order to reconnoitre prior to an invasion. The event on Kamikakushi Island occurred when the 200-member crew of a battleship, the Blue, whose captain was Hagino and the island’s inhabitants had killed each other. The Blue was seriously damaged and hidden. Hagino had since blended into human society and continued her reconnaissance. Within her school life, while fighting with fellow students, Mari begins to come out of her shell. Hagino has been living a double life, but her encounter with Mari makes her face human beings, and gradually she begins to have doubts about her mission. While the invasion and war draws closer unnoticed, the girls begin to understand each other. (animenfo)

My Impression: If you know me even slightly, or have been reading this blog at all, you already know why I want to watch this. Yuri relationship stuff over the backdrop of sci-fi intensity and an interesting story to boot? That’s unbeatable. The plot sounds more than cool, but more importantly, it’s got character focus and yuri! What’s not to love?!



Summary: A fantastic story about two sisters. Shizuru is a high school student who can see monsters which ordinary people can’t, while her little sister, Mizuki, is easily haunted by these monsters. They are living with their grandfather’s home separately from their parents because of their abilities. The theme for each story is not horror-centric, but rather, of a heart-warming nature.

My Impression: This looks to be a fun and heartwarming yet interesting series. Probaby next in line of Mushishi, Kino’s journey, and all that good stuff. The whole one person sees them, one attracts them thing is used a lot, but I’ve never seen it as sisters. And since it’s a slice-of-life story, it’s sure to be an interesting watch. One to look forward to.



Summary: No one knows!

My Impression: I find it interesting that this series is known nothing about, and yet already being looked forward to the most by a lot of people. Of course, that’s natural when you get Masamune Shirow doing anything. I was roped in by the fact that it’s the director from Kino’s Journey. If the very few images say anything, it’s that this will be a freaking awesome series.

ef – A Tale of Memories


Summary – The story revolves around the protagonist Hirono Hiro, a poor high school boy who draws shoujo manga for his living. One cold Christmas night after meeting a very strange woman in a church, who tells him that he’s going to meet someone he has to meet, his bike gets stolen by another strange girl. He runs after her and finds her collapsed on the street. Her name is Miyamura Miyako and her bag got stolen by a man on a motorbike. Soon after, they start hanging out together, enjoying high-school life. Miyako falls for Hiro pretty quickly but naturally finds a rival in his childhood friend, Shindou Kei, who has been dictating Hiro’s life since ever.

My Impression: Well, this summary doesn’t sound particularly impressive to me, but some people I tend to agree with are lauding it, and I’ve heard great things about the game. If nothing else, it will definitely be worth glancing over.

Kodomo no Jikan


Summary: 23-year old school teacher Aoki Daisuke has a huge problem. One of his precocious 3rd Grade students, Kokonoe Rin, has the hots for him?! Yes, mischievous Rin has proclaimed herself to be Daisuke-sensei`s girlfriend and is now on a warpath to win him over or cause him to lose his job…whichever comes first! Besides Rin, Daisuke`s got other problems to take care of — one of the students in his class, Mimi (one of Rin`s friends), hasn’t been attending school recently. – (Taken from AniDB)

My Impression: I am uber looking forward to this! Not just bcause of my lolicon-ness either! I’ve heard so very many good things about the manga, there’s no way I could miss out on the series. I was very disappointed when Seven Seas dropped the manga liscence, but they can kiss my ass while I laugh at them while I watch the subs. Bastards!



Summary: Minami-ke is a manga following three sisters, Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki in their lives at home and school. It’s a funny series that depicts how these characters interact with each other and their classmates. It’s a story about ordinary girls and their ordinary adventures told in an extraordinary manner. – (Taken from AniDB)

My Impression – Who doesn’t love a good funny slice of life? I wonder if the show will live up to what this summary promises, but if it does it will undoubtably be worth a watch.


clannad.jpg picture by MetalSonic700

Summary – Clannad follows a linear plot line, which offers pre-determined scenarios and courses of interaction, and focuses on the appeal of the five female main characters. According to Jun Maeda, the main scenario writer of Clannad, the title means “family” or “clan” in Irish. Clannad is set in a high-school located in some Japanese town. Okazaki Tomoya is a third-year student who doesn’t take his studies seriously. Always late for class, he’s seen as a delinquent by the rest of his classmates who are busy preparing for their entrance examinations. Needless to say, he hasn’t too many close friends either. Tomoya seems not to mind too – until one day he meets a girl, Furukawa Nagisa, who is left alone without friends on this school, because everybody she knew already graduated.

My Impression: Oh, come on! Key and KyoAni, what more could you want?! Anyway, the plot sounds interesting enough, though if Kanon and Air are any indication, there will be plenty of surprises to be found.

Sketchbook ~full color’s~

Summary – Heroine: A very quiet high-school girl. Likes: Taking a walk, cats, sketchbooks, school’s Sui-mountain, relaxing at the art, picnic, neighbourhood cats on the way to school, strange surroundings, the art room during after-school hours, senpais that are just a bit strange, really odd creative works, rainbows, fireworks, sunsets, discovering tiny things that happens to anyone, any day, drawing quickly, quickly. Lots of laughs, just a bit of heartfelt emotion…? A faint smile, nostalgia slowly taking over. A high-school girl animation you’ve never seen before.

My Impression: That summary gives me the image of a quirky, cute show, and as many are comparing it, similar to Hidamari Sketch. And since I ZOMG LOVE Hidamari Sketch, it should be worthy of a watch. I’m putting a high rank on this one.

Genshiken Season 2


Summary: Based on a popular comic about the Japanese otaku lifestyle, this manga follows Sasahara Kanji as he dives face first into a world of anime, manga, video games, pornographic doujinshi, and the like. Kio Shimoku pokes fun at every element of the otaku world, so sit back and enjoy the ride. This is an anime for hardcore fans, with very complicated references that will test your knowledge of all things otaku.

My Impression: Recently watched all of Genshiken and have been reading the manga – awesome series that even inspired the desing of my room. I can’t wait to see more awesome hi-jinks of the Genshiken gang, especially if we get more Madarame!


Summary: The summary found on Wikipedia JP describes the story of Warrior Angels striving to receive the highest rank a Warrior Angel can receive–to be called Musou Tenshi (tl: Matchless Angel). The story focuses on a rori Warrior Angel Ryofu Housen, Ryofuko-chan. She needs to present seven gems from the battle arena to her Emperor, she also needs a good track record of taken heads from other warriors, say… ten thousand of them. With the assistance of another rori Warrior Angel, Chinkyou Koudai, the Emperor just might grant her that title.

My Impression: Completely depends on how serious it takes itself. I mean, who could’ve seen Higurashi coming? So it could be really cool.

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro


Summary: Yako’s father was murdered in a locked room. She then meets a man named Neuro Nougami who is a demon from Hell who eats “riddles.” He forces Yako to act as a detective so he can solve mysteries. Neuro longs to eat the ultimate mystery.

My Impression: It sounds like it will go the Detective Conan route. Will be interesting for a while, but after 50-60 episodes, you just wanna see the goals fulfilled. Could be interesting, but might be one of those you wanna wait for to get overseas release.

Shion no Ou


Summary: Yasuoka Shion lost her parents, and her voice, when she was young. In a murder. She was found amidst a blood-soaked room, and the only hint for the suspect was a Shougi board and one piece: the King. Now, Shion steps into the world of female professional Shougi players. As her popularity and fame slowly rises, so do the questions about her past, particularly the murder case that was never solved.

My Impression: The art alone will have me watching the first episode, plus it sounds rather interesting.

Bamboo Blade


Summary: This sports manga is about a teacher, Kojirou, who is also the Kendo instructor at a high school who decided to take on a bet by his senior, as he is totally broke. The bet requires him to send a team of five female kendo students against his senior’s team. For the sake of his empty tummy, he has to win the match! This first volume starts off by having Kojirou trying to get more female kendo students (at the moment, there’s only one female kendo student at the kendo dojo). The first female he had set his eyes on, has absolutely no interest in joining the kendo club, despite displaying great kendo skill, while welding a broom. However, he won’t give up that easily.

My Impression: Another one that I’m iffy about, but drawn in byt the awesome character designs. It has potential if nothing else.

Night Wizard

Summary: The anime will talk about a transfer student named Ellis and her good friend Kureha who’s president of a run-down astronomy club. At first they seem to be getting along well, but something happens to Ellis one day on the school grounds. Kureha witnesses how Ellis’ eyes turn blue while she starts chanting some mysterious words. Based on an RPG.

My Impression: Well, seeing the man character and reading the summary made me think ‘ignore’ until I saw that it had the director of NHK ni Youkuso and a guy who worked on Aria. That kind of team alone means ‘promising’.

Shigofumi ~Stories of the last letter~


Summary: A story about a miracle, involving Fumika, a quiet but hard working girl who wears a uniform that of a mail carrier, and her talkative staff and partner Mayama. The Shigofumi is a posthumous letter, the last resort of relaying a deceased person’s last message to his/her loved ones: family, friends, and significant other.

My Impression: Yes. Now. Plz.

Shugo Chara


Summary: Everybody at Seiyo Elementary thinks that stylish and super cool Hinamori Amu has it all: But nobody knows the real Amu, a shy girl who wishes she had the courage to truly be herself. Changing Amu’s life is going to take more than wishes and dreams–it’s going to take a little magic! One morning, Amu finds a surprise in her bed: three strange little eggs. Each egg contains a Guardian Character, an angel-like being who can give her the power to be someone new. With the help of her Guardian Characters, Amu is about to discover that her true self is even more amazing than she ever dreamed.

My Impression: Worth a shot. After all that Hitohira and Manabi stuff, I’m looking forward to what could possibly be the next spiritual successor. And this one’s got magical girls! If nothing else, the ain character looks adorable.