A 2 0 1 2 Overview


It speaks for how busy I’ve kept, that I completely forgot to make a post rounding up 2012. It only occurred to me at the last minute that I was accidentally breaking a tradition which spans the entire history of my blog. But whatever, it’s better late than never with a tradition that I actually hold pretty dear, so let’s get it together.

2012 is an odd, and in some ways difficult year to look back on. I spent the first two thirds of the year doing a whole lot of fuck-all, and then suddenly I spent the last third doing things almost constantly. It was a year largely about new things—namely, video games and ponies—with little of the good ol’ standby that started this blog, anime. In fact, I did not complete a single anime which started this year, breaking my record from 2009 of only completing one.

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