Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 10

Pretty much all about comics this time, with a couple’a Tadanobu Asano flicks at the end.

What’s in this ep:

0:00 – Introduction
0:44 – Revisiting the cultural exchange (also Biomega)
5:05 – I am the master of recommendations/breaking into fandoms
12:12 – Hellboy
19:16 – The New 52
22:24 – How much did we spend on comics this week?
26:24 – Shelf candy and collecting
46:48 – Electric Dragon 80,000v
49:59 – Bright Future
53:20 – wrapping up

Disneycast 3 (Package Films) + Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 9

The same people listen to both podcasts, right? Well it’s organized enough to skip around if you like. I took advantage of getting a hold of Brandon to cover everything I had in mind, which turns out not to be much.

What’s in this ep:

0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – Package Films intro
1:55 – Saludos Amigos
5:37 – The Three Caballeros
8:26 – Make Mine Music
9:25 – Fun and Fancy Free
11:44 – Melody Time
13:49 – The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
20:07 – Disneycast outro
21:01 – Digibro Never Shuts Up intro
22:25 – Django Unchained (spoilers start at 31:45, end at 33:23, start again at 34:25, end at 34:54)
35:27 – Brandon on Les Miserables and The Amazing Spider Man
39:48 – A really pathetic attempt to round up 2012
46:22 – I have never shut up, ever
47:54 – Fencing!
52:00 – 2012! Kind of a “huh” year!
55:40 – Cccccccomics?
1:02:00 – Outro

Disneycast Episode 2 – Dumbo, Bambi, and Cinderella

Apologies for the lack of a non-Disney podcast this week, if anyone actually cares that there wasn’t one. We had a busy week with our friend coming back from Army training and Brandon wasn’t in the mood for podcasts and stuff.

Also, apologies for him sniffling a bunch. I cut out as much of it as I could, but there’s still some in there.

What’s in this ep:

0:00 – Introduction
2:12 – Dumbo intro/history of Disney up through Dumbo
8:02 – Dumbo shows the future of animated movies
10:22 – Analyzing Dumbo
34:02 – Bambi introduction
35:22 – Analyzing Bambi
(At one point I say that I don’t remember the music of Fantasia because I don’t care about it. I forgot that we also had it turned down and talked over it. Still, I don’t think it’s an entirely incorrect statement.)
58:26 – Cinderella introduction
1:00:00 – Analyzing Cinderella
(I think Brandon and I are on two different pages re: gender roles in this part)

Disneycast Episode 1 – Snow White, Pinocchio, and Fantasia

Hey, it’s another podcast! Brandon Tolentino and I have decided to tackle the entire Disney canon, covering every three movies over the course of a great many podcasts. The inspiration came from a combination of hearing about Disney all the time while watching Game Grumps, and the fact that Brandon likes Disney a lot, but I haven’t seen virtually any of it in my adult life.

In this episode, Brandon and I talk about Snow White and Pinocchio while actually watching Fantasia, which we talk about along the way and especially at the end.

What’s in this ep:

0:00 – Introduction
1:40 – Brandon’s way of watching Pinocchio
3:06 – We are watching Fantasia?
5:06 – Discussing Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
12:58 – Mickey Mouse and my past
20:17 – Back to Snow White
26:35 – The phrase “for its time”
28:18 – Snow White’s ending
32:54 – The dwarves
42:19 – The queen’s death
44:36 – Discussing Pinocchio
51:10 – The moral fiber of Pinocchio
(At some points we get distracted by the best scene in Fantasia for a few minutes)
1:00:00 – Plot and characters in Pinocchio
(Continued admiration of the best Fantasia scene)
1:05:56 – Fanboying over the pony scene, and moving on to Fantasia

Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 8

Another regular ep with me and Brandon Tolentino. We talk about The Hobbit movie at length, and continue to discuss our ongoing cultural exchange. At the end I somehow end up giving a ten-minute history lesson about Noitamina.

What’s in this ep:

Opening: Goblins Dance by Ensiferum
0:33 – Introduction
1:20 – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
16:45 – The past 2 weeks
21:40 – The Cultural Exchange status
22:20 – Describing the Virginia Beach area/Local Heroes
32:46 – Manga issues
34:45 – The bar for entry with comics
38:35 – Shaders everywhere!
40:45 – Runaways
44:00 – Blood: Night of the Beasts
45:00 – Show, don’t tell
48:36 – Money effecting media experience
54:45 – Whole new avenues of anime for Brandon
56:13 – A bunch of facts about NoitaminA
1:12:16 – Our schedules
1:15:30 – Ending: Outrun by Trial of the Golden Witch

Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 7

In this episode I was joined both by regular guest Brandon Tolentino, and by my cousin Boyd whom I hadn’t seen in a little while and showed up out of the blue. It was recorded a week ago, but it feels like much longer since this week has been insanely busy.

What’s in this ep:

0:00 – Introduction
1:16 – The tale of my giant fence
6:27 – Spoilers for The Walking Dead comic
8:46 – Comics are so expositional
11:13 – Boyd and comics/talking about Iron Man
16:37 – What Darren Aronofsky’s working on
18:39 – Boyd’s and Brandon’s different approaches to film
21:37 – Talking about time travel
24:52 – Boyd’s favorite shows
27:05 – I have an epiphany about Scott Pilgrim/discussing the series
39:58 – What happened last night (also, Paul Robertson) (also, spontaneous beer discussion)
1:00:00 – About the podcast
1:01:09 – We come back with beer
1:01:30 – Antidepressants
1:10:51 – Boyd and directing/our plans
1:35:45 – Outro: Victor’s Room by Trial of the Golden Witch

Digibro Never Shuts Up Episode 6

Tonight I’m joined by two guests—borderline co-star Brandon Tolentino, and my best friend, Dang-san! This podcast is dedicated to the purpose of discussing video games at the request of Lucus-FariaaA.

I recommend skipping the first five minutes or so because you can hear someone eating Chinese food and it’s sort of grotesque. Also nothing of great importance is said except for the introductions. This episode is super long and covers all kinds of stuff, so the breakdown is gonna be huge!

What’s in this episode:

0:00 – Opening Song: Babs Seed (Assertive Remix)
0:28 – Intro
1:15 – We should talk about video games
1:45 – Brandon’s Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament
3:13 – Dang-san played Sleeping Dogs
4:13 – The word “gameplay”
4:46 – The phrase “game feel”
7:11 – I’m playing Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
(Part one: 7:11 – Steam Greenlight explained)
(Part two: 9:28 – The game itself)
(Part three: 12:06 – I rant on hating games about flow, loving modern platformers)
(Part four: 17: 37 – Back to the game itself)
19:16 – Dang-san never plays his Steam games
19:56 – DARK SOULS!
(Part one: 19:56 – Lead-in)
(Part two: 21:07 – Dang-san talk sabout Dark Souls, beautifully)
(Part three: 22:53 – Wake-up call bosses)
(Part four: 26:09 – How many times has Dang-san played through it now?)
(Part five: 27:42 – I brag about how awesome Dang-san is at video games)
(Part six: 30:51 – Dark Souls’ online community)
–33:34 – Here’s my Egoraptor/JonTron impression
(Part seven: 34:04 – Why I need Dang-san to help me do a proper Dark Souls analysis)
(Part eight: 36:08 – Dang-san’s Soul Level 1 run-through)
(Part nine: 38:09 – Playing blind)
(Part ten: 41:18 – So many ways to play/depth and pacing)
(Part eleven: 44:24 – Why I can’t talk about the game alone)
46:02 – My history with Dang-san
(Part one: 46:02 – His shitty writing)
(Part two: 50:20 – My whole history of knowing him)
1:04:00 or so – Meta stuff
1:06:14 – Brandon’s favorite game
1:10:13 – That one time they bought me a blow-up doll
1:12:06 – Who’s your favorite video game villain?
1:19:23 – Dang-san’s favorite game exists
1:21:31 – Playing online
1:24:42 – I have money now!
1:27:48 – Sonic sucks balls
1:32:44 – My favorite game?